Given the fact that most of us pray to God every day, it is no surprise to have a dream of praying

While most of us will brush away the spectacle as a reflection of our real-life activities, the dream goes much deeper than that. 

So, in this article, we will discuss almost everything you need to know about praying in dreams. 

Dream of Praying - Plots and Their Interpretations
Dream of Praying – Plots and Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean to Dream about Praying?

A dream of praying is usually an assurance that all will be well. Nevertheless, some scenarios are related to feelings of helplessness. 

Usually, prayer dreams where you can’t recall the exact details are considered a positive omen. Most likely, such a dream might be assuring you that you will soon be able to accomplish your goals. 

Dreaming about praying is also a reflection of your intuitions and aspirations. However, praying in dreams has several symbols. Some of the most common ones are – 

  • You are on the verge of falling apart

We cannot help but turn to God and pray in times of hardship. From that perspective, prayer dreams indicate you are “at the end of your rope” about a particular matter.

Despite giving your best, you are still unable to resolve it and are unsure about what to do and expect next.

  • You are unwilling to undergo difficulties in life

It has a negative connotation. According to the plot, you long for a bright future but you are not in the least interested in working for it.

Instead, you rely on the divine power to provide for you a good life. 

Therefore, the scenario might be advising you to stop daydreaming and start working as your present approach to success will only lead you to misery. 

  • You feel guilty and seek forgiveness

Having such a dream implies you want to be forgiven because you have done a bad deed to someone or yourself.

Whether your dream carries this symbolism or not will be known only by you, the dreamer. 

  • You feel powerless

A dream about prayer is often a sign of your powerlessness. Maybe you have done everything in your power about a complicated situation.

Seeing that nothing has worked out according to your wishes, your last resort is God and prayer. 

  • Lack of self-confidence

It is also associated with a lack of trust and confidence in your capabilities. The dream further hints at your insecurities and doubts about your potential.

Various Plots of Dreams about Praying & Their Interpretations

Though the interpretations may not be the same, referring to the below scenarios will give you hints on how to approach your praying dream. 

Dreaming of praying to God

A dream of praying to God is a wish-fulfillment dream.

Having the dream shows everything is working out well in your life. Your loyalty and positive outlook made their way into your dream. 

Additionally, the dream implies whatever you work on will be successful.

Alternatively, the scenario signifies you are presently going through a complicated period of your life. You are hoping that God will give you a solution to your problems. 

Dream of praying for someone

A dream of praying for someone has several meanings. 

The first interpretation is you deeply care for someone in your waking life.

Most likely, you want to do a lot more than what you are already doing for him or her – you want to protect him or her from any possible harm.  

The dream also means you have a strong support system. Your family and friends care for you and your well-being. 

From another perspective, the scenario is a sign that you need to step up and help a person because most likely, someone in your circle seeks help and support. 

Negatively, the dream is associated with humiliation.

Dreaming about praying to satan

It represents problems – either in your personal or professional life or both.

Undoubtedly, it is a challenging time for you. And you might have begun doubting yourself and your capabilities.

Praying to ward off evil

It signifies you are concealing the negative emotions you have towards someone. 

Praying out of fear

It means you have committed some mistakes in the past. Intentionally or by mistake, you might have wronged people who deserve nothing but love and compassion. 

The good dream about the scenario is that you have realized your wrongdoing and are genuinely regretful.

Praying with rosary

It portends good luck in love, relationship, and professional sphere as well. 

Seeing a prayer mat

According to the dream, you are aware of the fact that you have committed some blunders in front of other people, embarrassing either yourself or your family. 

However, you are publicly denying that anything as such happened even though you have reflected on your wrongdoings secretly. 

Using a prayer book

Based on the plot you are a truth seeker. In every aspect of life, you long to follow the right path. 

Praying at Various Locations

Praying in a place of worship

For those who are presently having a hard time, the scenario is symbolic of hope.

At the moment, you may feel helpless and powerless. You will even feel like giving up. But all those will soon end, as per the plot. 

Praying in church

To begin with, a dream about praying in a church usually happens when you feel discouraged and demotivated in the waking world. And the scenario is a sign that everything will soon get better. 

The scenario does not, in any way, signify a miracle but trivial changes in your surroundings that will help you regain and restore your spirit. 

It may also represent an aspect of your relationship with the Lord. 

Praying in a mosque

It means you are not happy with what you have accomplished up until the present moment.

However, the dream scenario lets you know that you are losing hope a little too soon. 

Praying at your home

According to the plot, you have been neglecting your family and near ones because of work and other obligations. 

But due to certain turns of events, you will realize how important and irreplaceable they are. 

Praying in a cemetery

It reflects a strong desire to change your actions and behaviors.

Alternatively, having such a dream implies you have finally realized your mistakes, have reflected on your wrongdoings, and are now ready to turn over a new leaf.

Praying at a funeral

Funerals symbolize transformation in the dream world. You may undergo various changes in your overall life if you encounter this dream.

According to the scenario, those changes will be reflected in the spiritual world too.

Praying for Different Individuals

Praying for a sick person

There are various interpretations of the above scenario. 

The first means you are too sensitive to other people’s sufferings. But the dream might have happened because you tend to go overboard sometimes. 

The other approach to the dream is you want to correct the behavior or attitude of someone in your waking life. You genuinely care for that particular person and want the best for him or her.

Praying for parents

It symbolizes doubts. Most likely, you are at a fix regarding something – career, work, relationship, or even love. 

Praying for your partner

It means you still have doubts about your relationship. At the same time, the dream shows you are not ready to let go of the person so easily. 

Praying for your kids

Such a scenario signifies you want to protect your child from harm.

Praying for the dead

It has several meanings. 

The first is that you are having a hard time suppressing ill feelings for someone to such an extent that they are beginning to take a toll on your mental state. 

Another approach to the scenario is you can no longer think of any more ways to tackle a problem. 

Praying with someone

You are blessed with loyal and wonderful people in your life. And you know that very well.

As per the plot, your friends and family support you during tough times and celebrate together with you when you accomplish something in life. 

The dream says you must also give back what you receive. Acknowledge them, appreciate their love and support and show them the same love and care during their moments too. 

Why Did You Dream Of Praying?

Though most of us pray daily, praying is not a common dream theme. Some of the reasons why the spectacle might have shown up in your sleep state are –

  • You feel vulnerable and helpless in the waking world.
  • A prayer dream may mean you desperately want something. 


A dream of praying can have either a positive or negative meaning. However, most scenarios are a symbol of assurance from God that everything will turn out well. 

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