Dreams of a swimming pool can come in many forms and therefore can be interpreted to mean many things. The dreams associated with swimming pools are also an indicator of your innermost feelings.

This dream generally means that you can expect some kind of change in your awake life. Sometimes you could also have nightmares involving swimming pools.  

Dream of Swimming Pool - Various Types & Interpretations
Dream of Swimming Pool – Various Types & Interpretations

What does it Mean to Dream about a Swimming Pool?

Dream of swimming pool is a reflection of your inner feelings and emotions. It indicates luxury, abundance to health and even ill-fortune, possibility of a change around the corner. Nightmares involving swimming pools indicate the need to control your emotions.

We usually associate a pool with luxury and relaxation. But in your dream a swimming pool could mean many things. If the pool is huge, it means there will be plenty.

However, the details of the interpretation will vary depending on what else you see along with the swimming pool. Here are some general interpretations:

  • Abundance – A pool is huge so one of the common interpretations is abundance. It could be an abundance of love, money, health and happiness, among others. 
  • Emotions It is also a reflection of your innermost feelings and emotions. 
  • Spiritual connections – It means your ancestors are trying to reach out to you. They may have a message for you. 
  • Turmoil – Sometimes the murky waters of the swimming pool also hint at the possibility of trouble in your personal and professional life. 
  • Transformation – Big pools are also a sign that something is going to change. The individual is likely to experience a major transformation in their life.

What Do Dreams About Swimming Pools Mean Spiritually?

Ancient scriptures have regarded water as a medium of change. The spiritual meaning of swimming pool dreams is also linked to this belief.

Such dreams are usually interpreted to be a signal from the departed souls and hint at the possibility of a major change in the life of the individual.

Scenarios of Swimming Pool Dreams & Their Interpretations

From good health to ill fortune, swimming pool dreams speak volumes about your emotional status at any point in time. Let’s take a look at some of the common dreams, their meanings and possible interpretations in real life.

Dream of Indoor Swimming pool

Seeing an indoor pool in your dream is a sign of stability. If the indoor pool is clean, it indicates love and passion. But if the waters are murky, you are set for some turbulence in your personal life.

An indoor pool can also mean that the individual is trapped and is looking for an outlet for their emotions. Keeping all your worries to yourself could be a cause of concern. This could be pressurizing you and making you uncomfortable. 

Outdoor swimming pool

If you see an outside pool in your dream, it means your business is going to grow. You will make good profits and good business. 

Private swimming pool in a dream

A private pool is expensive. It is a luxury that the rich can indulge in. If you are indulging in this luxury in your dreams, it is a sign that you are going to socialize with others in the near future.

Socializing and meeting friends is also a sign that positive things are on the cards. The private pool is also a sign that the individual will be lucky in their romantic relationships. 

Swimming in swimming pool

If you have seen yourself swimming in the swimming pool in your dream, it is a sign that you are set to finish a long pending project. The action of swimming is an indication that you are trying to overcome problems. 

Floating in swimming pool

If you dream about drifting or floating on the water, the dream means that you need to be fluid in your real life. There could be some problematic situations in your real life. If you remain fluid, you can easily adapt and overcome the challenges. 

Swimming pool without water

Did you dream of an empty swimming pool? A pool full of water is pleasing but an empty swimming pool isn’t.

Dreaming of a swimming pool without water-is a sign that you are feeling emotionally drained. This means that the individual is undergoing some kind of emotional trauma. 

Dirty water in swimming pool 

It means that you are headed for problems. Something is bothering you.

You are likely to feel anxious and afraid. The extent of the problem depends on the murkiness of the water in your dream interpretation.

Dream of swimming pool party 

If your dream involved a swimming pool party, it could be a positive sign. Some good news will come your way, the party is a way to channel the outburst of positive emotions that you are experiencing. Sometimes such dreams just reflect the desire to live a better life. 

Swimming in swimming pool

If you see yourself swimming in the swimming pool dream and the surrounding environment is suspicious, it is a negative sign. This is a hint that someone around you is laying a trap for you. Beware, do not fall for it. 

Drowning in a swimming pool

The drowning dream is extremely common. Most of us wake up with a jerk as the sudden drowning feeling starts to take charge.

This dream means that you are going to face some tough situations in real life. You may find it challenging to communicate with the people around you. It is a good idea to avoid risky decisions during such times. 

Large swimming pool

If you dream of a large swimming pool, it is a sign that you are going to get an opportunity to learn. This could be an opportunity to further strengthen your capabilities. 

Swimming in swimming pool with your ex

If you have dreamt of swimming with your ex in the pool, the interpretation does not change. It is similar to the interpretation of swimming with someone in the pool. However, the accurate meaning depends on the behavior of the individual in the pool. 

Seeing bottom of swimming pool

If you see clear blue waters in your dream, so much so that you can see the bottom of the pool, it is a sign that you need to evaluate your life. 

Large concrete swimming pool

The construction of the swimming pool makes a big difference to the interpretation of your dream. If you see a large concrete outdoor swimming pool in your dreams, it usually means that there are going to be fights in the family.

But do not be disappointed. This dream represents a situation in your waking life. It is a sign that you will sail through the difficulties and emerge stronger. 

Pool surrounded by nature

If you dream of a swimming pool surrounded by trees or other elements of nature, it is a sign that you are looking for some quiet time in your real life. Taking a break is a great idea to break the monotony. 

Hotel swimming pool

If you are seeing a hotel swimming pool in your dream, it is a sign that whatever you are experiencing is temporary.  

Swimming pool filled with trash in a dream

If you saw a swimming pool filled with trash in your dreams, it is a bad sign. This dream means that you have been living an extremely luxurious lifestyle, possibly beyond your means. 

Swimming pool on roof

Dreaming of a swimming pool on the roof is a sign that you are going to enjoy success and achieve new goals in life. This is also a sign that you are experiencing some kind of spiritual catharsis. 

Dream of Swimming in public pool

This dream is a sign that you are looking to make a fresh start in life – you are looking for new friends in life. 

Swimming in new pool dream

The dream of swimming in a new pool is a sign of good luck and health for the individual in real life. 

Throwing someone in the pool dream

If you dream of throwing someone in the pool, it is a sign that you are stressed. Something is bothering you but you are unable to identify it. 

Unable to swim in swimming pool in a dream

The dream where you are unable to swim in the pool is a sign that you are suffering from some kind of disease. You need to pay attention to your wellbeing. 

Dream of Swimming Pool with various People in Pool

Men in the swimming pool This dream suggests that you could be ashamed of something in real life. 

Women in the swimming pool – It is a sign that you could be pulled into a scandal. Beware of the situation in real life, someone could be trying to malign you.

People around the swimming pool – Accurate interpretation of this dream depends on what the people are doing around the pool. However, this dream generally means that you are reshaping many phases of your life. 

Dream of swimming with someone in a swimming pool – This usually means that you have special feelings for the person – it could be a romantic relationship. But evaluate the dream in detail- if you were competing or expressing animosity against the person who was swimming with you-the interpretation will change. 

Tiger and lion by the pool It is a sign that you need to evaluate your achievements from the past and gear up for the achievements in the future.

Swimming Pool Dreams Based on Activities in Pool

Dream of diving into swimming pool

Dreaming of diving into a swimming pool is an indication that a big transformation will happen in your awake life. It implies that you are loaded with worries. Maybe it is time that you deep dive into your emotions.

Urinating in the pool

The dream of urinating in the pool means that the individual will experience a burst of creativity in real life. 

Swimming slow in a pool 

This dream means that you will earn respect from your peers. They will acknowledge your achievements. 

Swimming fast in a pool 

Such dreams are a hint that you will be able to achieve your goals easily. 

Plunging into the pool

If you dream about plunging into the pool, there can be many interpretations. For instance, if the water in the pool is cold, it means that you have a boarding guest. In some cases, this also means that your health could be suffering but do not worry, it will improve gradually. 

Closing thoughts

Seeing a swimming pool in your dreams can mean many things. Your best shot at an accurate interpretation lies is only when you have maximum possible details.

So go ahead and dream on! But make sure you capture as many details as possible for the perfect interpretation. After all, dreams are a means of communication where we get an insight into what the future could be.