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Dream of Underwear – 55 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Underwear – 55 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on Jun 28, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Underwear – 55 Types & Their Interpretations

Expecting a dream of underwear to decode a secret message for your waking life definitely sounds unreal. However, let’s accept that it’ll be an interesting feed too!

The underwear dreams can have hidden guidelines for you to take cautious steps in your waking life.

But who’s gonna unveil all that?

Of course, you! Just keep your eyes walking through this think-piece, and the message is all yours!

Go ahead, we’re waiting…

Dream of Underwear – 55 Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of Underwear – 55 Types & Their Interpretations

Underwear Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dream of underwear can predict your stress levels, fear, sexual arousal, opportunities, and courage.

Underwear is a basic necessity in our daily lives and dreaming about it… specifically sexy ones… people assume it signifies sexual frustration.

But people hardly hit the bull’s eye with assumptions. So, that’s probably not true for you… not yet at least. 

So, let’s have a look!

1. You are stressed

This dream may signify that you stress too much. The burdens of your family and work responsibilities have a bad effect on your health.  Time to let loose your stress, buddy!

You can’t control your mind and body and your condition is deteriorating. You think that overworking increases your productivity, but in reality, it’s the opposite.

2. You fear getting exposed

Deep down in your heart, something constantly worries you. You’re afraid or guilty of being exposed.

This situation is embarrassing enough for you and you don’t want the world to know. While being secretive, you actually burden your heart more.

3. You’re sexually raised

The most common interpretation of underwear dreams is sexual arousal. A fire of pleasure burns inside you… and, of course, don’t curb it!

Your relationship is quite steamy. You both secretly have some that you’ll soon fulfill. Only communication can help you out.

4. You’ll embrace new opportunities

Keep your eyes and ears open because soon new opportunities will knock at your door. You waited for such exposure for a long time. Well, it’s time to fulfill your wishes.

Things around you’ll change unexpectedly yet it’ll be pleasant, so don’t lose hope.

5. You’re bold

Dreaming about underwear signifies your bold character. You never feel shy or afraid about voicing out your opinions. You demand without caring about others’ thoughts!

People understand that you’re outspoken and you’re proud of it. You’re confident and brave. Nothing can easily shatter you.

Dream of Underwear – 55 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about yourself without underwear talks about your introverted nature while slipping underwear says your secrets might get exposed.

Taken aback? How these funny dreams predict serious facts about your life!  To find your dream interpretation, don’t stop here, the list is all yours!

1. Dream without underwear

Dreaming without underwear signifies your secretive nature. You fear confronting the truths and try your best to hide them.

Normally a person without underwear grabs others’ attention and it’s the same in your waking life. People around you follow your steps and put their faith in you.

2. Dream of dirty underwear

Dreaming of dirty underwear symbolizes your desire for more pleasures in life. Your mind and heart constantly struggle to choose the best for yourself.

Like dirty clothes must be washed, similarly, you have this urge inside you to change. You want to start fresh with positivity.

3. Dream of panties

Dreaming of panties means you’re a secret-keeper. Everyone trusts you with their confidential information.

Your way of controlling situations or responsibility contains loopholes. So, rectify it when you have time. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences of your irresponsibility.

4. Dream of pooping in your underwear

Dreaming of pooping means you’re underconfident. You feel you’re incapable of certain job roles. You stress yourself excessively even before anything embarrassing happens.

Further, you fear changes and desire some stability in life.

5. Dream of underwear slipping

Dreaming of underwear slipping portends your secrets may get exposed. It can be due to your own actions or someone else might leak it. Whatever the case may be, you’ll get affected the most.

6. Dream of new underwear

Dreaming of new underwear indicates the return of the spark in your romantic relationship. You and your partner will experience something new.

Another hint is that soon you’ll receive exciting news. It can be about your personal or professional life.

7. Dream of torn underwear

Dreaming of torn underwear predicts monetary crises due to excessive spending. You waste your money rather than saving it.

You still have time to rethink your actions. If you change your habits, at least you’ll prevent a major crisis.

8. Dream of blood in underwear

Dreaming of blood in underwear says that your past mistakes will meddle with your present.

Your past will leave a mark on your present situation. Only if you rectify your mistakes and try to solve them, can you handle them to some extent.

9. Dream of blue underwear

Dreaming of blue underwear signals your serene personality. You always try to find positivity in every situation.

You inspire and motivate everyone around you. They follow your steps and learn under your guidance. Your way of living life will also be affected in some manner.

10. Dream of losing underwear

Dreaming of losing underwear hints at the loss of possessions. Many will try to save you with warnings but you won’t take them seriously and you’ll eventually suffer the loss.

For a man, this dream suggests bad health while for a woman it suggests humiliation.

11. Dream of finding underwear

Dreaming of finding underwear is a warning for infidelity. This might even be a misunderstanding on your part. Whatever it is, you might suspect your partner’s all decisions.

For a man, this dream suggests morale and for a woman it means dishonor.

12. Dream of white underwear

Dreaming of white underwear suggests that anyone can easily influence or manipulate you.

People around you try to take advantage of you. They show support on your face but have other intentions in the back of their head.

13. Dream of red underwear

Dreaming of red underwear is a sign that your sex life is filled with passion and satisfaction. You tried to realize all of your hidden fantasies.

People have the impression that your relationship is perfect. You both define the words love and romance.

14. Dream of erotic underwear or lingerie

Dreaming of erotic underwear or lingerie signals your deepest erotic desires. You’re dissatisfied with your love life.

You want to bring more energy and enthusiasm into the bedroom. Your intimacy demands more exposure and adventure.

15. Dream of someone else losing underwear

Dreaming of someone else losing underwear showcases you’ll face uneasiness for others’ choices.

You’ll luckily see them getting the taste of their own karma. They always take you for granted just because you can hold your anger. But now it’s time to give them the taste of their own medicine.

16. Dream of men’s underwear

For a woman, this dream hints at her secret love. She is in love with a man but certain thoughts restrict her from confessing.

For a man, this dream signals competition. He’ll face challenges while impressing his partner. This might even be a competition in the professional world.

17. Dream of women’s underwear

Dreaming of women’s underwear in women’s cases signifies upcoming challenges in love life. Someone can try to snatch your partner.

For a man, it suggests he is in love. However, it’s a one-sided infatuation and left your heart in turmoil. You mostly ignore your feelings.

18. Dream of washing underwear

Dreaming of washing underwear signifies the urge of having a peaceful life. You put your problems aside just as you do with dirty clothes.

You mentally prepared yourself to move on from all the stressful situations. And, you only want positivity around you.

19. Dream of women’s underwear air drying

Dreaming of women’s underwear air drying means you’ll fall in love and get rid of singlehood.

Your crush may revert back your affection or destiny might introduce you to someone special. They’ll fill happiness in your life.

20. Dream of bestowing underwear to someone

Dreaming of bestowing underwear to someone implies you’re guilty of being attracted to someone engaged in another relationship.

You can’t resist being in love. You try every way possible to forget about them.

21. Dream of receiving underwear as gift

Dreaming of receiving underwear as a gift suggests that you’re affected by people’s opinions. Your actions gravely depend on others’ thoughts. Hence, you always prioritize others’ feelings and reactions over yours.

22. Dream of buying underwear

Dreaming of buying underwear indicates adventure and exploration. You’ll visit the places you’ve always wanted on a solo trip.

In case you get company, this trip will become memorable as many exciting events await you.

23. Dream of selling underwear

Dreaming of selling underwear hints at your overspending. You don’t give much importance to money and spend lavishly.

Future doesn’t worry you and you live in your present. You want to have everything today itself. “Money isn’t to be kept, but to be spent”: you follow this ideology.

24. Dream of someone seeing you in underwear

Dreaming of someone seeing you in underwear means you fear getting exposed. You think the world will never accept your real self.

The other side of the dream says that you don’t care about others’ thoughts and live life in your own way.

25. Dream of when you take off your underwear

Dreaming of taking off your underwear states that you’re a close casket.

You always stay on the sidelines and don’t dare to follow your heart. The extrovert attitude makes you feel uneasy and distressed.

You love being alone and participate minimally in independent actions.

26. Dream of when you see someone wearing underwear

Dreaming of seeing someone wearing underwear represents your trust for them. You blindly believe in their words and actions. They too respect your trust and try not to hurt you.

Your bond with that person is strong enough. No misunderstanding can ever last long between you.

27. Dream of seeing a man with panty or a woman with underpants

Dreaming of seeing a man with panties or a woman with underpants indicates your desire to have a substitute.

You fear doing something and expect your friend to fill in on your behalf. You don’t want the limelight.

28. Dream of wearing underwear from animal skin

Dreaming of wearing underwear from animal skin implies your kind heart and caring attitude.

You always want to give people everything and never expect anything in return. They too remember you for your kindness. Soon your good deeds will be rewarded.

29. Dream of clean underwear

Dreaming of clean underwear suggests that you’ll receive good news related to your work or personal life.

You’ll experience growth or promotion in work. Your hard work and years of effort will finally pay off.

30. Dream of underwear with plaid pattern

Dreaming of underwear with a plaid pattern portends your monetary growth.

Either you’ll inherit your family’s possessions or receive your parents’ savings. In any case, an unexpected event will make your stars shine even brighter.

31. Dream of a fancy underwear

Dreaming of fancy underwear portrays that you’re an art-loving person and interested in fine works. You’re entirely creative and appreciate artists and their artworks.

You enjoy visiting museums, photography websites and art galleries, drawing, and painting. You also love to click interesting and soothing pictures.

32. Dream of an expensive underwear

Dreaming of buying a luxury and personal item like underwear hints you’ll meet your lover or soulmate pretty soon and spend some quality time together.

It may also imply you’ll meet your close friends after a long time. This person will bring lots of happiness and joy into your life.

33. Dream of changing your underwear

Dreaming of changing your underwear implies that you must prepare for a grand party like a wedding, reception, or family gathering. You’ll interact with your favorite people in person.

It can also have a negative sign about leaving your partner or spouse permanently.

34. Dream of sewing your underwear

Dreaming of sewing your underwear denotes you’re confused. You may try to make something new or simply repair the old one.

The things you’re involved in may seem wrong from others’ points of view. Give a second thought to your decision.

35. Dream of hanging underwear to dry

Dreaming of hanging your underwear to dry is a good sign. You’ll be blessed with money very soon and your financial crisis will be over.

Your business ventures will increase incredibly and you’ll experience great profits. You must work hard and hold up to your goodwill.

36. Dream of standing in your underwear

Dreaming of standing in your underwear suggests you learn new things to improve your skill and ability. You’ll soon feel motivated and focus on your goals.

It also means that you’ll start to understand the behaviors of someone you want to improve.

37. Dream of wearing the torn underwear

Dreaming of wearing torn underwear indicates you’ll face lots of humiliation and shame in recent days, due to some mistake.

It can be due to your poor performance in your workplace or your inability at completing family responsibilities.

38. Dream of very old and worn underwear

Dreaming of very old and worn underwear is a negative sign. You’ll soon face embarrassment and indignity. Your co-workers and team members won’t support you.

They’ll charge you for a crime you didn’t commit. So, be careful and trust only selected people.

39. Dream of putting underwear on

Dreaming of wearing underwear signifies a new beginning in your life. You’ll soon begin a new project or take up new assignments.

It’s a perfect time to work on new ideas as it can earn you more profits and make you successful. Don’t forget to make new plans with friends and family.

40. Dream of wearing only underwear in public

Dreaming of wearing underwear in public can be both bad and a good sign. You’ll meet your old friends and family members at a get-together and enjoy a quality time.

Conversely, you’ll receive unexpected and unappealing news from your workplace, which will disturb you.

41. Dream of washing underwear before going to a wedding

Dreaming of washing underwear before going to a wedding and getting late due to it predicts you’ll soon get into misunderstandings with your close ones.

You planned to move in a way, but you’ll face lots of trouble and problems on your way. Make sure you choose your priorities and work them well.

42. Dream of finding your own underwear on the street

Dreaming of finding your own underwear on the street indicates shame that you’ll face as your secrets get revealed against your will.

It can be related to your past. You’ll be scared due to some recent incidents.

43. Dream of wearing red underwear in public

This dream means that you wish to erase and forget some of the unpleasant incidents from the past and restart your life anew.

You fear that your past can ruin your current relationship and mislead them, which can reduce their care and love for you.

44. Dream of seeing underwear neatly folded

Dreaming of underwear neatly folded suggests you be strong, as rumors and bad verdicts about you will circulate. But these rumors won’t turn you down and you’ll achieve your goals if you stay focused.

45. Dream of a lot of underwear

When you dream of a lot of underwear, it means you’ll soon experience health and prosperity and be free from all burdens and crises.

You’ll receive unexpected wealth and new sources of income will open up for you. You must work hard and stay honest and you’ll reach great heights.

46. Dream of a beautiful, silk underwear

Dreaming of beautiful silk underwear by an unmarried girl is a sign of her beautiful life ahead. Her future and her married life will be full of happiness and love.

A dashing man will propose to you and you’ll engage in a love relationship that might lead to marriage.

47. Dream of putting on someone else’s underwear

Dreaming of putting on someone else’s underwear symbolizes that you’ll discover someone else’s personal information or secret.

But the dream suggests minding your own business. Don’t get involved with others’ personal matters as it can drag you into trouble and never-ending problems.

48. Dream of underwear that doesn’t suit you

Dreaming of wearing unsuitable underwear advises you to focus on your current work. You’re too careless, and don’t pay attention to your job.

It also means you’re inconsistent and confused. You want to try new things and not continue with anything, which will lead you nowhere.

49. Dream of forgetting your underwear somewhere

Dreaming of forgetting your underwear somewhere illustrates that you missed out on less important things in life.

It also expresses your unwillingness to continue with your recent work. You fear facing difficult situations in life. Be strong and try to overcome difficult situations.

50. Dream of wearing tight underwear

Dreams of wearing tight underwear mean your consciousness about people who make fun of you and try to put you in difficult situations.

It also hints at your failure in something, so focus on things you like and are good at. It also suggests you stop paying heed to people who try to trouble you.

51. Dreaming that someone stole your underwear

Dreaming that someone stole your underwear may hint that you’ll lose something valuable or important from your life.

But it can also mean that you’ll gain something good in the future which will make you feel happy.

52. Dream of walking or running without underwear

Dreaming of walking and running without underwear predicts difficult times will arrive soon in your life. Prepare for the hard days ahead.

It is also a sign that you need an emotional bond or a love relationship.

53. Dreaming of carrying underwear to throw away

Dreaming of carrying underwear to throw away detects your patience. You’ll get out of difficult situations with patience.

You must work hard to establish yourself and your identity. Once you become successful, you’ll have fewer chances of failure.

54. Dream of someone touching your underwear

Dreaming of someone touching your underwear is a sign of intensity and your growing sexual desire. You’re willing to get involved with someone physically and meet your physical needs.

You’re searching for someone to satisfy your needs. It can also mean that you want to look attractive and want to grab attention.

55. Dream that you have no money to buy an underwear

Dreaming of not having money to buy underwear, which is a very basic and cheap thing, is not a good sign. It depicts that you’ll face severe financial losses in the future and you’ll have difficulty handling it.

The dream hints to you to invest in things cautiously and wisely.

Spiritual meaning of underwear dreams

Spiritually, underwear dreams signify that you lead a stressed life as something drains you mentally and emotionally.

The spiritual interpretation states that you’re burdened with responsibilities and feel exhausted. It’s time to look upon yourself and do the things that focus on you.

Another aspect says that you’re guilty about your thoughts and actions. Also, you don’t want the world to know about your hidden secrets.

You try hard to bury the truths. You believe it’s best for everyone. But at some point, you’ll desire to confront those and move on.

Biblical meaning of underwear in dreams

Biblically, the dream of underwear marks a reunion and your relationships will regrow and become stronger.

The biblical interpretation suggests reuniting with your lost relations. You’ve been longing to meet someone but due to some reasons couldn’t. Well, now it’s time to rebuild that bond.

The dream suggests that you’ll solve all your issues in a relationship. Your partner and you will be happy about the upcoming events in your life.

Questions to ask to interpret Underwear dream

The smallest details of your underwear dreams can switch the meanings significantly. To know the correct meaning, you must clearly get a picture of what you witnessed subconsciously.

So, for that jog your mind and answer these questions…

1. Were you with or without underwear?

2. What was the color of the lingerie?

3. Was it clean or dirty?

4. Was it yours or did you receive it as a gift?

5. Did you feel comfortable wearing it?

6. Was it new or old?

7. Did you forget to carry it with you?

8. Did something unnatural happen?

9. What was your mental state in the dream?

10. How often do you get such dreams?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Heyy… since the dream of underwear has mostly to do with your secret life, inner fears, and discomforts, I understand that the alarming interpretations probably tossed your brain.

But the good news is, it’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Often things that we take too seriously in our lives end up being husk without a grain inside. So don’t lose your calm unnecessarily.

If you find any suggestions on anything, try to stick to them. And that’ll suffice to make a whirlwind change!

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