Dreaming of poop is one of the most common dream events. Various dream books associate poop with riches and unanticipated wealth. 

The stinky waste also symbolizes emotional baggage and negative feelings. 

But the accurate interpretation comes down to the settings, elements, and the emotional response to the scenario.

Dream of Pooping - What Are The Various Scenarios & Meanings?
Dream of Pooping – What Are The Various Scenarios & Meanings?

A Generalized Interpretation Of Dreaming Of Poop

Dreaming of poop is often auspicious foretelling wealth, success, and prosperity. Negatively, it may stand for diseases and a wave of unwanted emotions and feelings coming in.

Interpretations may vary, depending on the dreamer and the elements present in the dream. But these scenarios also have their stinky and unpleasant sides. Now, for a detailed interpretation, have a look at the most generic symbols associated with poop.

  • Unexpected Wealth and Rewards – Poop dreams are closely associated with unanticipated gains. Likely, the dreamer will receive an inheritance or a fortune from an unexpected person or a source.
  • Money – Most poop-related scenarios revolve around money and material gains. But note this too. Fecal matter is an unpleasant sight to encounter- be it in dreams or waking life. Its unpleasantness could point to wealth the dreamer has acquired through dirty or illegal channels. 
  • Obstinacy – Sometimes, fecal matter can symbolize one’s strong-headedness and obstinacy. 
  • Illness – Though most of the dreams associated with poop point to wealth and gains, some scenarios hint at illnesses that could be trivial or dead serious, according to the plot. 
  • Disgraceful Habits and Obsessions – Dreaming of waste also throws light on the habits and obsessions the dreamer is ashamed of. It could be anything from unhealthy and dirty obsessions to gambling and impulsive shopping. 
  • Feeling Blocked – According to interpreters, constipation dreams symbolize obstruction. Perhaps a few hurdles are preventing the dreamer from reaching his/ her full potential.
  • Anxiety – Sigmund Freud relates poop with anxiety and depression. 
  • Jealousy – Though not common, it is also symbolic of envious feelings. For instance, in the dream books of Freud, pooping inside pants points to jealousy getting in between partners, thus creating a conflict.

Spiritual Meaning of Poop 

Spiritually, poop is associated with releasing negative energies and emotions. 

Different Scenarios And Interpretations Of Poop Dreams

Let’s check out some prominent scenarios and their meanings.

A pile of poop

Undoubtedly, a pile of poop stands for a fortune the dreamer may stumble upon.

Fresh poop 

The dream indicates he/ she is in a good state with career, relationship, life, etc., working out how he/ she wants to. 

See someone pooping in a dream scenario

Likely the dreamer here took advantage of someone’s disadvantage recently or sometime in the past.

And now, the plot shows he/ she feels disgraced after his/ her shameful deeds come to light. 

Pooping in pants

For the longest time, the dreamer might have wished to get rid of something from his/ her life. 

It could be an unhealthy habit, a toxic partner or a relationship, or a job that isn’t worth much. It could also mean leaving his/ her present city for another.

That wish seems to be finally working out. What he/ she has been pining for is soon to be a reality.

In the same dream, if the dreamer went above and beyond to hide the fact that he/ she pooped in his/ her pants, it points to expenses and investments he/ she is ashamed of.

Stepping on poop in a dream

The dream of stepping on poop carries positive messages, especially if the dreamer struggled to clean the soiled shoes. 

His/ her dark days will soon come to an end & might receive a piece of news that will eliminate his/ her financial problems.

Also, it is a sign that the dreamer must start listening to himself/ herself and his/ her intuition. It can also mean the dreamer will unexpectedly get lucky in business ventures.

Many dream books associate stepping on shit with a long life full of contentment.

Stepping on human poop means the dreamer did wrong by judging work from the first impression. 

A dream about a toilet overflowing with poop

The dreamer has money flowing in. Interestingly, what he/ she is going to get around this time is unexpected money and his/ her hard work has nothing to do with it. 

But depending on his/ her current financial state, the dream could also symbolize a financially challenging phase.

It could also be reminding him/ her to flush negative thoughts down the drain.

Dreaming of human feces

The dreamer might change jobs and social circles. 

On the contrary, it means he/ she will lose friends and acquaintances one after the other because of his/ her terrible personality. 

Human Feces could also stand for a dilemma. Perhaps he/ she has mixed feelings about some matter and is unsure whether to back off or move forward. 

Some analysts relate human feces with financial gain as a form of reward.

Recurring dreams of pooping in pants

It reflects the dreamer’s inefficiency when dealing with issues. 

He/ she often loses track of his/ her actions while taking care of them, which leads to more chaos and confusion. 

Pooping in bed

The vision points to a humiliation the dreamer suffered lately or is likely to, in the foreseeable future.

Poop in bed or bedroom also points to trouble brewing between the dreamer and his/ her partner over money matters.

Dreaming of emptying bowels in a toilet

The dreamer has a heap of negative pent-up feelings and emotions. It might have taken a toll on his/ her mental peace and health because the dream event reflects his/ her desire to get rid of the negativity he/ she has accumulated.

It could also mean the dreamer has a well-balanced, harmonious life and many other things to be grateful for.

Some interpreters have an alternate view on this. According to them, it symbolizes how honest of a person he/ she is. The bigger the dump, the greater his/ her morals and virtues.

Pooping in the public

Shortly, the dreamer will see an exponential rise in his/ her finances. He/ she will, as indicated, won’t keep mum but let people know of the wealth he/ she has acquired. That being the case, a few might approach the dreamer for help. 

It also reflects the dreamer’s likes and dislikes.

Perhaps he/ she finds the ordinary boring, and anything that binds him/ her to standard norms suffocates the dreamer. 

He/ she yearns to be the center of attention, and he/ she doesn’t mind doing outrageous things and breaking the rules to be in the spotlight.

Pooping on the road

The dreamer could be repenting a deed he/she committed recently. 

Dreams of constipation

The inability to poop stands for mental blockages and insecurities when expressing one’s opinions in public.

This dream might also be the premonition of a betrayal by a trusted person. Constipation can also mean the dreamer has overlooked a business opportunity.


Whatever the dreamer does goes unappreciated! It could have been happening for a long time, and with frustrations building up inside him/ her, the dreamer might be longing to let all of it out. 

Cleaning poop

Chances are, the dreamer will get in trouble in the coming days. Apparently, he/ she will be compelled to clean up the mess another person created. 

Some interpreters associate cleaning poop- be it with bare hands or a rag with improvements in the domestic sphere or acquiring money without much effort.

Throwing poop at someone

Someone may humiliate or abuse the dreamer over a matter. It can also mean someone is taking advantage of him/ her.

On the contrary, if someone is throwing poop at the dreamer, the subconscious warns the dreamer to pay close attention to how he/ she treats people. 

Dreams of poop everywhere

Here, poop stands for money and material gains. Therefore, one can interpret this dreamscape as having more money than he/ she would need.

Dreaming about poop on the bed

Poop on the bed- regardless of the exact spot hints at trouble concerning love relationships over financial difficulties.

Poop on the floor

Feces on the floor shows the dreamer is envious of others’ accomplishments. According to the plot, he/ she is so occupied keeping an eye on others’ achievements that he/ she overlooked what he/ she can do. 

Dog poop

Dog poop in a dream vision is associated with success in terms of both personal and professional lives. The dream could also be a warning to the dreamer not to be impulsive. 

Cat poop

Undoubtedly, there are heaps of pending tasks you need to take care of and you are not much concerned about them, as per the dream. 

Biblical Meaning of Feces in a Dream

Christians believe dreaming of poop is a message from the spiritual world asking the dreamer to go through a cleanse. 

It shows he/ she needs to let go of pent-up negative emotions, if any.  

Closing Thoughts

Dreaming of poop is not as bad as it looks. Often, it stands for money, unexpected gains, and fortune. But interpretation will differ depending on the dreamer’s past and present circumstances. 

Just because one got a hefty bonus after such a dream doesn’t mean the same will happen to another. So, the key is to consider each aspect before concluding.