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Dreaming About Ancestors – 57 Dream Types & Their Meanings

Dreaming About Ancestors – 57 Dream Types & Their Meanings

Updated on Jan 06, 2023 | Published on Nov 05, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming About Ancestors 57 Dream Types & Their Meanings

Imagine dreaming about ancestors, sharing a meal, or being in a heated conversation with your great-grandad that passed away decades ago. 

In fact, considering your presence here, it’s likely that you already saw one of them in your dream vision recently. Whether you found it super creepy or comforting, we bet you were intrigued by the plot upon waking. 

If your ancestors’ presence in your sleep piques your curiosity, scroll down because the following sections might give you a clue to the dream symbolism you seek. 

What Does Dreaming About Ancestors Indicate?

Dreaming about ancestors often symbolizes trouble and misfortune that will befall you and your family soon. Positively, it can also be the spirit guide letting you know that you are blessed with a good long life. 

Generally, dreaming about ancestors reflects how you are processing the pain of losing a close one. You might be having trouble accepting the fact that he or she is no longer with you in the physical world. 

The presence of ancestors in your sleep can also mirror the problems and situations you are facing in reality. 

And not to forget, your desire to get to the solutions to your issues. 

Based on the specific scenario, it’s also likely that one of your deceased elders is urging you to stay away from toxic habits and bad company.  

Negatively, a dream scenario featuring deceased relatives can also be the subconscious warning you about an upcoming misfortune. 

Dreaming About Ancestors – 57 Scenarios And Their Interpretations

For your convenience, we have gathered a couple of the most commonly occurring ancestor dream scenarios. 

You can use them as references but always keep in mind that it is your life, experience, reality, and your emotional response to the dream that determines the accurate meaning of the plot. 

1. Dreaming about ancestors scolding or hitting you

Ancestor scolding or hitting you is the higher realm warning you to change your decision about something.

If you experience the above, let go of your pride and stubbornness and go for an alternative. 

Because there’s a likelihood that your present choice will get you entangled in a problematic situation. At the end of the day, the subconscious always knows better than your conscious self. 

2. Your ancestors extending their hands toward you in a dream

To begin with, there’s a good chance that you are presently not doing well in one or a few areas of your life.

Taking that into consideration, the vision of your ancestors extending their hands toward you shows they feel your pain and are trying to comfort you through the vision.

3. A dream of seeing happy ancestors

Happy ancestors are a symbol of good luck. Soon, you will most probably, experience an event that will not only uplift your spirits but will also help you abundantly in the long run.

From another perspective, joyous ancestors in dreams signify an expansion of your family-either through marriage, birth, or even adoption. 

4. Dreaming that you are unable to hear your ancestors talking

If you dream of not hearing what your ancestors were talking about for reasons unique to you, chances are, you have missed something important in reality.

It could mean you have let an opportunity for development slip through. Or it can also indicate forgetting the birthday of a close one. 

5. Seeing sad or annoyed ancestor(s) in a dream

If you see your ancestor(s) sad, annoyed or irritated, there’s a strong possibility of a conflict or even a dispute breaking out in your household. 

6. To see an ancestor crying in your dream

A crying ancestor usually hints at an accident or a similarly unfortunate situation you will soon encounter in your waking life. 

7. Dreaming about talking to ancestors

To dream of talking to ancestors foretells the possibility of misunderstandings, conflicts, and lawsuits between close relatives.

8. Dreaming about ancestors caressing your head

According to the scenario, your deceased relatives are happy with you. 

Additionally, the dream shows they have nothing but blessings for you to do well and overcome any problem you encounter in the future. 

9. To dream of ancestors pulling your hands

Ancestors pulling your hands is the subconscious trying to draw your attention toward the danger that’s coming your way. 

10. To dream of walking with your ancestors

Through the dream, the spirit guides remind you that your loved ones are always there for you and will continue to support you even if they have left for the other world.

11. Seeing angry ancestors in a dream

Angry ancestors suggest the possibility of disputes over ancestral property.

12. Arguing with your ancestors in a dream vision

Most likely, the dream is a reminder that you should always strive not to forget your roots

13. Ancestors quarreling with each other in a dream

If you see your ancestors quarreling with each other, it means you have no opinion of your own and therefore, always act on others’ advice. 

14. Dreaming about ancestors chasing you

More often than not, a dream about ancestors chasing you either to harm or even kill you indicates you have acquired something that does not rightfully belong to you.

15. To dream of reminiscing about an ancestor or some ancestors

The scenario is the subconscious conveying the message to brace yourself as you and your family will soon be on a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs every now and then. 

16. Dreaming about unfamiliar ancestors

Unfamiliar ancestors showing up in your sleep foretells a massive transformation in your life, especially concerning family and other close relations. 

On the other hand, their presence in your sleep can also be a sign of self-improvement.

17. Getting a glimpse of your ancestors for a moment in a dream

If you dream of your ancestors vanishing into thin air after you got just a glimpse of them, the higher realms remind you to brace yourself for the challenging life phase you are about to experience. 

18. To dream of visiting ancestors’ graves

The scenario reflects your desire to explore and learn more about your roots.

19. Ancestors coming out of their graves in your dream

According to the plot, you tend to go back to your old bad habits time and time again.

20. Dreaming about ancestors calling you to join them

Ancestors inviting you to join them symbolizes your growing fear of death.

21. Dreaming of passing away and meeting your ancestors in heaven

Without a doubt, the scenario symbolizes the good long life you have ahead of you. 

22. To dream of passing away and meeting ancestors in hell

According to the dream, karma is punishing you for the despicable wrong deeds one of your ancestors committed. 

23. Dreaming of a sick ancestor

A sick ancestor suggests the probability of setbacks and challenges in the near future.

24. To dream about an ancestor who is still alive

Dreaming of an ancestor who is still alive is a sign that you will have a long life. 

Another approach to the scenario indicates you feel nostalgic about the good times from the past. 

Different Deceased Ancestors In Dreams

As the word, ‘ancestor’ is too broad, we have also added some scenarios associated with specific ancestors. Check them out for a more accurate meaning. 

25. A dream of deceased grandparents

Often, the appearance of your deceased grandparents shows you miss their presence terribly.

Alternatively, it can also mean you have a dependent nature. But you will soon grow out of it and will become self-reliant. 

From another approach, the presence of your deceased grandparents can mean they love, care for, and cherish you, even today, in their own way. 

26. To see your grandparents smiling in a dream

Most likely, your grandparents are happy with how you are living and carrying on with your life.

27. Talking with your grandmother in a dream

If you have a conversation with your grandmother, it indicates that you seek wisdom.

28. Holding hands with your deceased grandmother in a dream

This vision symbolizes a strong, loving relationship – be it with family, friends, or acquaintances. 

On the other hand, it is a sign that you doubt the progress you have made so far in life. 

29. Dreaming about your late grandmother hugging you

This dream represents your desire for care and attention. It also serves as a sign to get into a relationship if you are single and ready for it.

It could also mean you should open up to your friends and families about any challenges you are facing as they might offer you guidance and support.

Alternatively, dreaming about ancestors or your late granny hugging you could hint at potential trouble in your professional life. 

30. Dreaming of your late grandmother giving you money

Through the scenario, the higher self reminds you that nothing lasts forever, not even the tough times.

Additionally, the dream urges you to cut down on your expenses. If you find your present financial situation too challenging even after making changes here and there, seek help from loved ones. 

31. Dreaming that your deceased grandmother is angry

As per the plot, you feel guilty about saying or doing something wrong to somebody. 

Furthermore, the dream encourages you to be brave and accept the ill consequences of your actions.

32. Dreaming about your deceased mother

The presence of your deceased mother in a dream shows you miss her, and the love, care, support, and guidance she provided to you.

33. Talking to your late mother in your dream

This is a sign that you are ready to deal with the emotions that have built up from the void of losing your mother.

It could also mean you need help and assistance from someone just like how your mother stood with you when you were in trouble.

34. To dream of traveling with your deceased mother

If you travel with your deceased mother, it means you’re facing a problem and need advice and support.

35. To see your late mother cooking food in a dream

The dream stands for your acceptance of changes. Also, the scenario serves as a reminder to embrace the transformations and respond positively as a few things and events are bound to happen, sooner or later.

36. To dream of your late mother calling your name

This is an indication that fear, anxiety, and worry have consumed your life. It is worth noting that you must work on yourself to get rid of the negativity that is slowly filling you up. 

37. Dreaming of your late mother giving you money

Your late mother giving you money is a good sign symbolizing good luck, happiness, good health, and prosperity. 

Almost everything will work in your favor, and nothing will stop you from achieving success. 

38. To dream of your deceased mother holding a baby

The scenario represents dormant skills and abilities you need to work on and nurture.

39. Your deceased mother being happy in your dream

This is a good sign indicating luck is on your side. Expect your life to change for the better.

40. Your deceased mother being sad in your dream

The scenario symbolizes your sadness and pain. Learn to accept the agony as an inevitable part of your life but do not let it hamper the decisions you make. Instead, use them to your advantage and grow through them. 

It could also relate to your inability to upgrade yourself.

From another perspective, the dream symbolizes your tendency to put others before yourself.

41. Dreaming about your late mother being sick 

According to the scenario, you might face difficulties regarding your relationships, business, or career soon.

42. Dreaming about your deceased mother who claims to be alive

According to the dream, you have not gotten over the pain of losing your mother.

It could also signify unresolved issues you had with your mother, which still troubles you.

43. Dreaming about your late mother coming back to life

Seeing your late mother resurrect in your dream is a sign that you are on the right path. 

The dream highlights your commitment. Additionally, it implies your efforts will soon pay off, and success and glory will follow suit.

44. Recurring dreams of your deceased mother

The appearance of your late mother again and again in your dream shows you have overlooked something crucial in the waking world. 

Until you choose to face the problem head-on, expect your deceased mother to visit you over and over again.

45. Dreaming about your deceased father

The dream reflects your desire to talk out the unresolved issues with your father.

It may also mean you have not gotten over the fact that your father is no more.

46. To see your deceased father smiling or happy

The plot implies you are making the right choices and are on the right track in life.

47. To see your deceased father talking to you in a dream

The dream shows your subconscious seeks your father’s guidance as you are unable to make decisions about something on your own.

48. A dream of your deceased father hugging you

Dreaming of your deceased father hugging you indicate you miss the feeling of being loved and protected.

49. Dreaming of your deceased father giving you money

If your deceased father gives you money in your dream, it indicates you need to be self-reliant. 

Conversely, it could mean that you should start investing in projects that will give you long-term returns. 

50. A dream of your deceased father helping you 

This dream implies you will soon get overwhelmed with work and responsibilities. 

And out of nowhere, an experienced individual will show up as a savior. 

51. Deceased father criticizing you in a dream

The dream hints at an individual who has power and authority over each of your actions and decisions.

Therefore, the dream nudges you to find the courage to free yourself from that person. Unless you do that, your progress and development will remain a faraway dream.

52. Arguing with your deceased father in your dream

Most likely, you feel bothered and anxious due to unfinished business with a close one. 

It could also be related to unresolved issues you have with your father.

53. Dreaming of your deceased father coming home

Through the dream, the higher self assures you that everything will be alright. Every shattered piece will fall into its respective place in due time.

54. To dream of your deceased father being sick

The scenario indicates that you still find it difficult to accept the reality – that he is no longer with and around you on the physical plane. 

Alternatively, it could also represent financial setbacks in your waking life. 

55. Dreaming of your deceased father crying in a dream

This symbolizes the occurrence of problems in your life. 

56. Your deceased father calling out your name in your dream

This scenario indicates that you are about to make a wrong choice – something you will regret instantly. 

Let the dream serve as a reminder to think through before making any decisions.

57. A dream about your deceased father coming back to life

The resurrection of your deceased father hints at numerous opportunities that will soon come to you. As those have the potential to turn your life around for the better, the dream encourages you to grab them.

Also, be receptive to advise and constructive criticism from experienced people to progress in life.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Ancestors

From a spiritual viewpoint, dreams about ancestors could mean the soul of the deceased is trying to contact you, maybe because of some things it wants to convey to you or to offer you help and guidance.

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming About Ancestors

According to the Bible, witnessing deceased ancestors in dreams is not a good sign. 

It is not the real spirit of the ancestor, as the human soul cannot reside on earth after the physical body dies.

Psychological Meaning Of Dreams About Ancestors

Psychologically, dreaming about ancestors is a manifestation of numerous emotions you feel such as guilt, sorrow, sadness, regret, and repentance.


Dreaming about ancestors is indeed a strange and emotion-evoking dream. While they can be a medium through which some dreamers find guidance and spiritual awareness, others find closure.

Regardless, such dreams must never be ignored and must be deciphered carefully.