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Dreaming About Ashes – 39 Types & Interpretations

Dreaming About Ashes – 39 Types & Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Jul 11, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming of Ashes - 40 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about ashes might seem strange. But a lot of people have these kinds of dreams. 

Often ashes represent failed relationships in your life. They also represent the achievements you could not reach. 

However, it can be a sign of moving on, letting go, and new beginnings.

Dreaming about Ashes – General Meaning

Dreaming about ashes symbolizes regret, loss, past memories, nostalgia, failures, depression, etc. Positively, it can be a sign of new beginnings and moving on. 

Ashes in dreams are usually a bad sign for the dreamer. It means that the person is going through a tough time because of the failures they have had. 

Besides, it also means that the dreamer is thinking too hard about things that do not even deserve their attention. 

It also means that you are disappointed in yourself because you do not have the power to control things in your life. 

The positive side to this dream is that you are aware of the things going on with you, and you are trying to do better.

Dreaming of Ashes – 39 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

It takes more than the general meaning of dreaming about ashes to know how its appearance in some distinct situations will affect your being. 

So let’s dig into its specific meanings –

1. Dreaming about Human Ashes

Mostly the dream shows the feeling of loss, depression, and regret. You are missing someone too much.

Besides, this dream implies that maybe you were badly affected by a failed relationship. 

You could have made it work but you were too arrogant to do so. And maybe you regret doing that a lot.

2. Dream about Ashes Falling From the Sky

The dream of ashes falling from the sky affects your personal life by telling you that you are going to face troubles in your professional life.

Often it shows that you are feeling insecure. And your fear is hindering you in doing your best in crucial aspects of your waking life. 

3. Dream of Ash Rain

This dream is a symbol that something bad is about to happen to you. 

It also tells you that you have developed terrible emotions for something or someone, and that is eating you up from the inside.

4. Dream of Cigarette Ash

This dream means that you are having a bad relationship. It also means that you need to put more effort into a business that offers something to you.

5. Dream of Ash and Fire

This dream means that you expect support from people who do not care about you.

6. Dream of Cleaning Ashes

The dream of cleaning the ashes from cigarettes means that you wish to improve a situation.

7. Dream of Ash in Ashtray

The dream about the ashes kept in an ashtray means that you will give up a bad habit. It’s a sign of a healthy start.

8. Dream of White Ash Raining from the Sky

When a dream about rain has white ash raining from the sky, then it tells you that you have a lack of mental peace.

9. Dream of Holding Ashes

This dream represents that you will soon make a selfish decision.

10. Dream of Cremation Ashes

This dream is a sign of the fear you have of getting overly attached to someone.

11. Dream of Volcanic Ash

The dream of Volcanic ash falling means that you like to be in control of your life.

like to be in control

12. Dreaming of Ashes from the Leaves

This dream tells you to let your past stay in the past.

13. Dream of Burning Ashes Raining from the Sky

Such a dream of raining ash means that you will be having a hard time at work.

14. Dream of Ashes from a Burning House

The dream of ashes from a burning house means that you are arrogant and apathetic.

15. Dream of Scattering the Ashes

This dream means that you will be letting go of your terrible past.

16. Dream of Storing the Ashes

This dream means that you still regret the mistakes you committed a long time back.

17. Dream of a Child Playing with Ashes

The dream shows that sadness or lost opportunity can be turned into a new beginning if you try. 

18. Dream of Being Covered with Ashes

The dream suggests that you are still stuck in the past. It’s a call to let the bygones go and move on.

19. Dream of Eating Ashes

Dream of Eating Ashes shows depression and trauma. Something might be hurting you and instead of healing, you are revisiting it, only alleviating your pain. 

22. Dream of Gifting Someone Ashes

The dream shows that you might be trying to help someone but it may harm them instead. So it is better to let them make their own decisions.

21. Getting Ashes in a Mail

The dream shows that you might come across your past again. 

It can be for good or bad. What matters is how you handle it. 

22. Dream of Buying Ashes

The dream shows that you are putting your efforts into something that will only bring you agony. You need to be careful before making a decision.

23. Dream of Ashes of Your Pet

Mostly it shows that the dreamer might have lost a pet. Sometimes it might show losing your dream. 

Like, the passion project you were working hard for or something you loved. 

24. Dream of Ashes of a Loved One

The dream mostly signifies the loss of a loved one. Maybe you are not that close with them now or they have left you.

In any case, it’s time to heal. Try to find solace in mindfulness, self-care and the support of loved ones. 

25. Dream of Ashes of Your Books

Dream of Ashes of your Books shows that you are feeling useless in life. All your education, intellect, talent, and skills now seem to be unhelpful.

Be patient. Things will get better. 

26. Dream of Ashes of Your Letters

The dream often shows loneliness. It shows that you are missing someone and craving love and support. 

Besides, it can be a sign of a loss or breaking of a relationship.

27. Dream of Turning Ashes into Things

The dream is a positive sign. It shows that you have the resources to start something on your own. 

All you need to do is recognize and utilize those.

28. Seeing Ashes on Your Bed in Dream

Seeing Ashes on your bed in Dream shows you are missing someone very close to you. 

The feeling is so intimate you can’t share it with anyone. And it is hurting you every bit. 

29. Shoveling Ashes in Dream

The dream says that you might have been intentionally going through again what has been left behind. Maybe something is still daunting for you to revisit your past. 

Your efforts to relive the past might harm your present. 

30. Dream of Burning Yourself with Hot Ashes

Often it is a warning sign. The dream shows that even though the threat seems gone, you still need to be careful. 

31. Dream of Ashes being Hot Even After a Long Time

It shows that the trauma or the emotions you went through in the past are still there. And it still hurts you. 

The dream is a sign of your yearning to heal. Maybe it’s time to seek help for yourself. 

32. Walking on Ashes in Dream

Dream of Walking on Ashes shows your present decisions are getting influenced by your past actions. 

Besides, it can be a sign of facing the consequences of your past. 

33. Dream of Flowing Ashes in a River

The dream shows letting go. It’s time for you to get rid of the past that is still holding you back from moving on. 

You need to accept the truth, face it, and let it go. 

34. Using Ashes as Fertilizers in Dream

The dream shows that every ending is a fresh opportunity for you. It is a sign to learn from your past mistakes and move on for a better future.

Mostly it shows utilizing your resources in your professional life. 

35. Dream of Making a Pendant Filled with Ashes

The dream is a sign of how beautifully you can embrace the past and turn it into a memory and a gift for the future. 

Things happen. You need to get past it to see things in a positive light. 

36. Dream of Ashes Between the Pages of Your Diary

It shows that something is making you restless. And you want to express it, share it with someone. 

Take the dream as a sign to be compassionate with yourself. It’s okay to feel so. And it’s good to seek help from your loved ones. 

37. Dream of Seeing Ashes while Cooking

The dream shows that you would need to face your karma. Everything comes with its consequences – be it good or bad. 

So you need to be prepared to embrace it, accept it, and move on with it. 

38. Dream of Rose Blooming from the Ashes

The dream is a sign of a new start. It shows that maybe everything seems ruined now, but things will bloom again for a better tomorrow. 

So keep faith in yourself and have patience. Even the wrongs will turn into rights at the right moment.

39. Dream of Applying Ashes on Your Bruises

Mostly the dream shows resilience. It shows that you are trying to move on with a meaningful closure. 

Besides, this dream might mean that you will be getting rewarded for your hard work.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Ashes

The dream tells you about the negative emotions you have been holding for yourself. You always tend to blame yourself for anything. 

The dream implies that you should try to become more creative in your waking life to achieve the goals that you forgot about.

It is going to take a long time, but you will be able to gain knowledge from your experiences. And you will use this experience to improve your spiritual wellness.

Final Words 

It is rather sad that often dreaming about ashes symbolizes melancholic emotions and pushes you to the edge of grief. Though it might have a meaningful sign for your growth. 

Remember your life does not depend on your dreams, your dreams depend on your life. And that is why you should try to focus on your life instead of focusing on your dreams.

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