Slapping someone in dream meaning is indeed a curious dream. 

If you happen to encounter it, then it is usually considered to be a projection of your real-life frustrations and anger.

In other instances, such dreams are a sign that you need to stand up for yourself and your rights. 

Slapping Someone In Dream Meaning - Various Dream Types With Meanings
Slapping Someone In Dream Meaning – Various Dream Types With Meanings

Slapping Someone In Dream Meaning: General Interpretation

Generally, slapping someone in a dream signifies the need to let go of something that is stopping you from progressing in some areas of your life.

Alternatively, the act of slapping another person can be the subconscious’s way of expressing your frustration, anger, or dissatisfaction about a real-life situation. 

Furthermore, such a plot can also be the higher self urging you to stand up for yourself and your rights. 

Spiritual Dream Meaning Of Slapping Someone 

On a spiritual level, the dream projects your claims to be respected. Such demands from your end could have arisen after a particular person cross his or her lines in your waking life. 

Top Dream Scenarios & Meanings of Slapping Someone 

For a better understanding of your dream, you can check out the following scenarios for references. 

To dream about slapping a family member

A dream of slapping a family member symbolizes your concern about your relationships. 

Chances are, your relationships with some of your loved ones have not been the best lately due to miscommunications and arguments. 

Dream of slapping your mother

Slapping your mother in a dream symbolizes growth, power, protection, stability, and inspiration. 

To add to that, the dream shows you now embrace yourself and even celebrate your existence. 

Alternatively, it represents inner transformation. Maybe you have realized your worth and wish to be seen as an important person in others’ eyes. 

Slapping your partner in a dream

It shows you doubt your partner in waking life. However, the dream warns you against jumping to conclusions and accusing your partner of infidelity. 

Slapping your ex-partner

The dream signals you are still not over your ex-lover. 

Slapping a friend

According to the scenario, you are a person who always seeks love, care, and attention from your people.

To such an extent that it infuriates you when they prioritize someone else over you. 

Slapping a woman

It is closely related to the complications you are presently dealing with in the waking world. Regardless of which aspect of your life, the dream encourages you to hang in there. 

Slapping a child

It represents your powerlessness. You seek respect, especially from those younger than you.

Alternatively, the dream symbolizes your guilt for behaving rudely with someone while putting an undeserving person on a pedestal. 

Slapping your enemy

Have faith in your capabilities, be confident and keep going on the path you deemed right. Victory could be nearer than you think. 

A dead person slapping you

As per the plot, negativities such as temptations, jealousy, anger, and hatred are trying to bring you down. 

To dream of slapping someone during a fight

It is the subconscious warning you to be cautious of the steps you are considering taking. Perhaps it’s best you stay away from whatever you are thinking about getting involved in. 

Slapping someone in the face

The dream hints at the need to nurture your maternal feelings, masculine energy, and primitive desires. The dream is sometimes interpreted as your denial about something. 

Slapping someone on the ass

Possibly, you are doing very well in your personal or professional lives and believe you can do much better if someone provides honest and constructive criticism about your progress. 

Slapping someone loudly

More often than not,it foretells an event that will end miserably. If not, prepare for unexpected ill consequences, sometime in the foreseeable future. 

Slapping someone with wet hands

Are you thinking about earning easy money through unethical, illegal, or immoral ways? If yes, the dream suggests you stop entertaining such vile thoughts. 

Slapping someone and apologizing

It denotes you’ve realized your mistake and are now ready to make amends.

Slapping someone only to be hit back

Often, this type of scenario happens prior to signing serious documents or agreeing to do something crucial.

Slapping Someone: Psychological Perspective

The dream could be your subconscious deterring another person, advising him or her not to walk into the dark side of life. 


So, slapping someone in dream meaning can have several interpretations depending on what’s happening in your life. 

For some, the dream is a signal of the subconscious seeking attention/ respect while it can be interpreted as rage towards a certain someone for another dreamer.

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