Slapping someone in dream meaning is not as common as falling or climbing a flight of stairs. Not many dreamers have experienced slapping another person. 

And that is reason enough to delve deeper into the meaning behind the plot. Whether you dream about a tight slap on the face or a playful smack on the back, the meaning remains significant. 

Slapping Someone In Dream Meaning - 45 Dream Types With Meanings
Slapping Someone In Dream Meaning – 45 Dream Types With Meanings

Slapping Someone In Dream Meaning: A General Dream Interpretation

Slapping someone in dream meaning is usually considered to be a projection of your real-life frustrations and anger. In other instances, such dreams are a sign that you need to stand up for yourself and your rights. 

Generally, slapping someone in dream meaning signifies the need to let go of something that is stopping you from progressing in some areas of your life.

Alternatively, the act of slapping another person can be the subconscious’s way of expressing your frustration, anger, or dissatisfaction about a real-life situation. 

Furthermore, such a plot can also be the higher self urging you to stand up for yourself and your rights. 

Slapping Someone In Dream Meaning : Various Scenarios And Their Meanings

For a better understanding of your dream, you can check out the following scenarios for references. 

1. To see your family members slapping each other in a dream

Rather than avoiding, the dream signifies the need to face your problems head-on. According to the plot, you are able enough to resolve your problems, if you put your mind to it. 

However, the only question is whether you are courageous enough to tackle the issues by the horns. 

2. To dream about slapping a family member

A dream of slapping a family member symbolizes your concern about your relationships. 

Chances are, your relationships with some of your loved ones have not been the best lately due to miscommunications and arguments. 

3. To dream of slapping your mother

Slapping your mother in a dream symbolizes growth, power, protection, stability, and inspiration. 

You have finally made peace with who you are, your likes and dislikes. To add to that, the dream shows you now embrace yourself and even celebrate your existence. 

Alternatively, a dream about slapping your mother represents inner transformation. Maybe you have realized your worth and wish to be seen as an important person in others’ eyes. 

4. Slapping your partner in a dream

Many times, slapping your partner in a dream shows you doubt your partner in waking life.

His or her unusual behaviors might have led you to feel that way. However, the dream warns you against jumping to conclusions and accusing your partner of infidelity. 

Instead, try to find out if anything is the matter. Your support and empathy could be what your partner needs most at that point in time. 

5. A dream about your partner slapping you

If you dream about your partner slapping you, it means you need to work on improving your relationship. 

Else, it won’t be long before the relationship crumbles. 

6. To dream of slapping your wife

Probably, the scenario happened because you feel neglected by her in terms of your emotional needs. 

Maybe you feel she doesn’t understand you. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed because you think she is quite a handful. 

7. To dream of slapping your husband

Slapping your husband implies the need to wrap up something that no longer serves its purpose before making a fresh start. 

On the other hand, the dream can stand for a disconnect between you and your circumstances.

8. To dream of slapping your boyfriend

Slapping your boyfriend stands for the aspects of yourself you’ve denied or choose not to confront. 

Instead of working on the problems that need immediate attention, you choose to ignore them while focusing on the positive moments/ situations.

9. Slapping your ex-partner in a dream

The dream signals you are still not over your ex-lover. 

As you know, whatever has happened can not be undone. So, instead of crying over it, do your best to secure a bright future for yourself.

10. Slapping your crush in a dream

Slapping your crush shows you do not feel confident in your own physical appearance. 

Alternatively, unfair treatment from someone in the recent past might have triggered the dream. 

11. To dream about your friends slapping each other

Most likely, you will get caught in an awkward situation in the foreseeable future. 

Two people/ parties you care about equally might get into a heated argument. As taking sides will likely make the matter worse, it’s best you tell them to deal with their own problems without dragging you in. 

12. A dream about slapping a friend

According to the scenario, you are a person who always seeks love, care, and attention from your people.

To such an extent that it infuriates you when they prioritize someone else over you. 

If you find that relatable, you need to know that such unhealthy thinking can drive your loved ones away. 

13. To dream of slapping a professor

You stand the risk of making an impulsive decision if you slap a professor in a dream. This could be because you tend to make decisions based on your emotions and not logic. 

14. A dream of slapping your boss

Because you tend to blurt out whatever you feel and think, you often end up in difficult situations. 

You may not have any ill intentions toward others. Perhaps you think it’s best to be transparent. 

That can be true. 

However, you have to learn to be flexible and dance according to the tune, especially in formal and social settings. 

15. Colleagues slapping each other in a dream

The dream denotes it’s high time you put your long-cherished goals into action. 

After what seems like forever, you’ll finally have a golden opportunity to pursue your dreams. As rare as the chance is, don’t let it slip through your fingers. Because you never know whether you’ll ever get such an opportunity again.

16. A dream about slapping a colleague

Slapping a colleague in a dream is a sign of jealousy over a competitor’s achievements. 

Rather than letting jealousy and other negativities creep in, take advantage of his or her outstanding performance to motivate and drive yourself further to success. 

17. To dream of slapping a stranger

Here, the dream represents your unfairly aggressive behavior toward others. 

Because of your personal issues, you might have been turning against others and venting your anger to those who least deserve it. 

18. Dreaming about slapping a woman

Slapping a woman in a dream is closely related to the complications you are presently dealing with in the waking world. 

Regardless of which aspect of your life, the dream encourages you to hang in there. Because your problems aren’t there to stay. 

19. A dream about slapping a baby

Your relationships might not be going the way you intended if you dream about slapping a baby.

20. A dream about slapping a child

Slapping a child in a dream represents your powerlessness. You seek respect, especially from those younger than you.

At the same time, you feel helpless because you don’t know what to do and how to behave to receive such treatment from them. 

Alternatively, the dream symbolizes your guilt for behaving rudely with someone while putting an undeserving person on a pedestal. 

21. To see another person slapping a child in a dream

If you see someone slapping a child, that is a sign that you will soon stand up against injustice and unfair treatment. 

22. To dream of a dead person slapping you

As per the plot, negativities such as temptations, jealousy, anger, and hatred are trying to bring you down. 

Giving in to those will seem to be the easiest and most satisfying at the moment. But before you submit to them, think about where they might lead you to. Picture all the horrendous possibilities and do your best to shrug them off. 

Because they will lead you nowhere else but to a gloomy future. 

23. To dream of slapping your enemy

Have faith in your capabilities, be confident and keep going on the path you deemed right. Victory could be nearer than you think. 

24. Dreaming that you were about to slap someone

If you were about to slap someone in a dream, it is a sign that you and another person in reality have decided to deepen your relationship further. 

25. Dreaming about slapping someone lightly

Generally, slapping someone lightly shows the person who receives the slap owes something to the other.

That leads to the question:

Have you done someone a favor lately? Do you want the person in question to talk publicly about how you helped him or her when no one else did? 

26. A dream about slapping someone and apologizing

To dream about slapping someone and then apologizing for it denotes you’ve realized your mistake and are now ready to make amends.

27. Slapping someone only to be hit back in a dream

Often, this type of scenario happens prior to signing serious documents or agreeing to do something crucial.

28. To dream of slapping someone during a fight

Slapping someone during a fight is the subconscious warning you to be cautious of the steps you are considering taking. 

Perhaps it’s best you stay away from whatever you are thinking about getting involved in. 

29. To dream about slapping someone in the face

The dream hints at the need to nurture your maternal feelings, masculine energy, and primitive desires. 

The dream is sometimes interpreted as your denial about something. 

30. To dream about slapping someone on the cheek

Slapping on the cheek is often interpreted as a warning or reprimanding someone about their recklessness. 

31. Slapping someone’s cheek gently in a dream

If you slap someone’s cheek gently, that could be interpreted as scolding him or her for committing a grievous mistake. 

32. To dream about slapping someone on the back

Slapping someone on the back usually stands for financial and material loss. 

33. To dream about slapping someone on the ass

Possibly, you are doing very well in your personal or professional lives and believe you can do much better if someone provides honest and constructive criticism about your progress. 

34. A dream about slapping someone loudly

More often than not, a dream about slapping another person loudly foretells an event that will end miserably. 

If not, prepare for unexpected ill consequences, sometime in the foreseeable future. 

35. Slapping someone hysterically in a dream

Slapping someone hysterically is a projection of the stress, anger, and negative emotions you have been repressing for quite a long time. 

36. Slapping someone with a dirty hand in a dream

Slapping someone with a dirty hand portends harsh criticism coming from your so-called relatives. 

37. A dream about slapping someone with wet hands

Are you thinking about earning easy money through unethical, illegal, or immoral ways? If yes, the dream suggests you stop entertaining such vile thoughts. 

38. To dream about seeing someone fall as you slap him or her

The dream symbolizes a successful accomplishment of matters. 

39. To see your father slapping your mother in a dream

If you envision your father slapping your mother, the scenario foretells a period of desolation. 

40. Dreaming about a woman slapping a man

You might have been holding grudges and repressing your anger, hatred, or even disappointment. 

41. A woman dreams about slapping her own cheeks gently

If you dream about slapping your cheeks gently, you’ll soon be overjoyed about getting pregnant at an advanced age.

42. A woman dream about slapping another person on the cheek

For a woman, the scenario foretells the birth of a healthy boy after losing hope about getting pregnant. 

43. A married woman dreaming about slapping someone

For a married woman, the scenario stands for possible conflicts with in-laws. 

44. An unmarried woman dreaming about slapping someone

If an unmarried lady dreams of slapping another person, a rival will soon show up, out of nowhere.

45. A young man dreaming about slapping his ex-girlfriend on the cheek

Possibly, gossipmongers are talking ill about the dreamer’s past.

Spiritual Dream Meaning Of Slapping Someone 

On a spiritual level, a dream about slapping someone projects your claims to be respected. 

Such demands from your end could have arisen after a particular person cross his or her lines in your waking life. 

Biblical Dream Interpretation Of Slapping Someone

Biblically, a dream about slapping another person hints at your bottled-up negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and frustration toward another person. 

Slapping Someone In Dream Meaning: A Psychological Meaning

The dream could be your subconscious deterring another person, advising him or her not to walk into the dark side of life. 


Therefore, slapping someone in dream meaning can have several interpretations depending on what’s happening in your life. 

For some, the dream is a signal of the subconscious seeking attention/ respect while it can be interpreted as rage towards a certain someone for another dreamer. 

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