Wars unmask ugly human traits, and they also bring forth unpleasant human emotions to the forefront. Whenever the news of war in some part of the world breaks out, it invokes a mixture of fear, anger, confusion, & empathy in people.

Wars are an unpleasant reality of our world, and their impact on the human mind is profound. Something which the team of ThePleasantDream (a dream interpretation website) stumbled upon while observing the Google Trends and Glimpse data of October 2023.

The tension started on October 7th, and the searches for ‘dreaming about war’ and ‘dreams about bombs’ have been dominating Google searches ever since. This shows how the ongoing Israel-Hamas war is affecting the rest of the world.

A worldwide hike of 150% for the search query of ‘Dream about War’ in October 2023

The above-given graph shows the worldwide search volume for the query ‘Dreaming about war’ for the past 30 days.

It’s clear from the graph that the search volume for ‘Dreaming about war’ saw a sudden exponential rise in October 2023. The Google Trends and Glimpse data also reveals that searches for ‘Dreaming about war’ rose by 150%.

This notable increase in people searching for information on war-related dreams coincides with recent unsettling news about Hamas militants launching attacks in Israel. Israel responded by initiating a conflict in the densely populated Gaza Strip. 

The continuous updates on the Hamas-Israel conflict have understandably led to increased nightmares and dreams about war among people.”

An exponential rise of 95% for the search query of ‘Dreams about bombs’ worldwide

The above-given graph shows the worldwide search volume for the query ‘dreams about bombs’ for the past 30 days. The Google Trends and Glimpse data indicates a remarkable rise in the search query by 95% compared to September. 

This surge can be attributed to the heightened sense of fear and anxiety among people following the Hamas-Israel conflict that began on October 7th.

The graph shows that the October spike in searches related to dreaming about bombs directly responds to the distressing news of injuries and casualties resulting from bomb blasts. 

This tragic information has undeniably influenced people’s search behavior, leading to a notable increase in searches related to this topic during this period.

Expert’s Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, shared her insights on the recent surge in searches for ‘Dreaming about war’ and ‘Dreams about Bombs.’ She stated, “Dreaming of war typically encompasses various themes such as abuse, conflict, anxiety, rage, and struggle. Given the current global news coverage of the Israel war, it’s unsurprising that people are experiencing heightened fear, leading to war dreams. 

She further explained, “In the case of the Israel War in October, the continuous stream of news reports, graphic images of violence, and accounts of casualties undoubtedly profoundly impacted our collective psyche. This heightened level of global unease seems to have triggered an upsurge in dreams related to war as individuals grapple with the emotional toll of these distressing events.”

She shed light on how external events, particularly conflicts and violence, can significantly influence our subconscious, leading to increased dreams related to such topics. This phenomenon underscores the profound impact of world events on our psychological well-being.