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Dreaming of a Wedding Dress – 45 Types & Interpretations

Dreaming of a Wedding Dress – 45 Types & Interpretations

Updated on Feb 27, 2023 | Published on Jul 12, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreaming of a Wedding Dress – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

If you’ve been dreaming of a wedding dress lately… don’t worry, it is very common among women. But, what if the dream recurs?

Whether your dreams carry a positive or negative omen, this think-piece has a lot to share.

C’mon, let’s delve deeper to know the reality…

Dreaming of a Wedding Dress – 45 Types & Interpretations
Dreaming of a Wedding Dress – 45 Types & Interpretations

Dreaming of a Wedding Dress – General Interpretations

Dreaming of a wedding dress may predict a major change in your life, emotional attachment, eagerness about your wedding day, a change in marriage, or major burdens.

A wedding dress might be the most heart-touching thing when a woman is madly in love or when she can’t wait to get married. However, it might be something scary for commitment-phobes.

So, many assume that such dreams are always about marriages. But is that the reality? Let’s figure it out here…

1. A major change is about to happen

A wedding dress dream symbolizes that you will face a major change in life. You may or may not like this change but it will still happen, and you might even initiate it unintentionally!

So it’s best to stay prepared.

2. You are emotionally attached

This is another common interpretation of this dream. You might be emotionally attached to people or certain habits.

However, this can be a good sign too because emotionally invested people are often sensitive.

3. You think a lot about your wedding day

Almost all women love to think of what their wedding day will be like. So if you keep seeing a wedding dress, it can signify that you’re lost in thoughts about your special day and dress.

4. A change will occur in your marriage

If you’re married and you still keep dreaming of wedding dresses, it can mean that a big change will come up in your marriage.

Maybe your partner and you want to plan for a baby or your feelings for each other will get deeper.

5. You feel pressurized

A wedding dress represents negative things too. You might be feeling pressured to commit to your relationship because everyone around you wants you both to get married quickly. However, you feel suffocated.

Wedding Dress Meaning in Dream – 45 Types & Interpretations

Dreaming about your friend wearing a wedding dress symbolizes your jealousy while dreams of someone unfamiliar in a wedding dress signify your desire to be in a relationship.

Minute details like the wedding dress condition and color… all of it impacts your detailed dream interpretation. So, if you remember more of your dreams, explore this list…

1. Dream of seeing a white wedding dress

A white wedding dress is a very common dream for many women because it symbolizes purity. It can also be a warning to pay more attention to your bonds with others around you.

You must keep these relationships strong because some of your loved ones feel alienated from you. Try making more calls or texts.

2. Dream of a red wedding dress

A red wedding dress in a dream is an omen of danger. It represents that there are insecurities hovering on you. You’re paranoid about your lover lying or even cheating on you.

Usually, red wedding dresses symbolize a lack of certainty, so brides often avoid this color at their weddings.

3. Dreams of wearing a wedding dress

Wearing a wedding dress in your dreams is not a good sign. It symbolizes that something is not going pleasantly in your love life.

If you dream of dressing up like a bride, it means that you didn’t fulfill your wishes of getting married. This dream can also indicate that you feel inferior to others.

4. Dream of seeing a friend wearing a wedding dress

In the dream realm, your friend wearing a wedding dress shows excessive jealousy. No matter what, this hatred and jealousy exists and neither of you can do anything about it.

5. Dream of an unknown person wearing a wedding dress

An unknown person wearing a wedding dress in your dreams is a pure sign. It shows that you really want to have a serious relationship with someone.

6. Dream of a dirty wedding dress

A dirty wedding dress in your dreams is a symbol of inferiority. You must work on your self-esteem to avoid missing out on a great opportunity just because of your inferiority complex.

7. Dream of finding a bridal gown

Finding the perfect bridal gown is truly a tough task for any bride-to-be. In the dream realm too, this represents great insecurity or fear.

You don’t feel right in a particular aspect of life and this haunts your thoughts. 

8. Dream of wearing a wedding dress at someone else’s wedding

Wearing a wedding dress at someone else’s wedding is a rare dream. It indicates hopelessness and a lack of vision in waking life.

9. Dream of seeing a man dressed in a bride

Just like a man wearing a wedding dress is strange, seeing this in your dreams is also a sign that something unpleasant or unusual will happen.

It often points toward the fact of a rushed marriage because people didn’t think carefully about it. This later leads to misunderstandings and quarrels.

10. Dream of wedding dress ruined

A ruined wedding dress is any woman’s worst nightmare, right? Similarly, if you keep seeing that your wedding dress is dirty or ruined, it symbolizes your fears regarding committing to someone else.

You might feel stuck accepting a harsh truth, so you’re afraid to face it.

11. Dream of wedding dress too big

Wearing a wedding dress too big in dreams represents negative intentions and emotions. Your subconscious warns you as this marriage isn’t right for you. 

12. Dream of wedding dress too small

A dress that is too small in dreams represents that you are too obsessed with your appearance. But if you wish to lose weight to fit into the wedding dress, then it’s a positive sign of your willingness to adjust to reach your goals in life.

13. Dream of black wedding dress

Black is the color of fear, so when you dream of a black wedding dress, your mind tells you that you fear a long-term commitment. You’ll probably make an important long-term choice and this very fact makes you anxious.

14. Dream of blue wedding dress

A blue wedding dress is a good omen. It represents the endless and vast opportunities that lie in front of you.

You can reach for the skies if you work hard and there’s no stopping you because you feel open and confident. It also represents discovery, renewal, and expressiveness.

15. Dream of pink wedding dress

Pink is the color of love, joy, and sweetness. Just like that, a pink wedding dress stands for a joyful union. You are in love with your partner and happy with them.

However, it can also mean that although your love is sweet, it is also immature.

16. Dream of wedding dress shopping

Going for a wedding dress shopping in your dreams indicates that you’re currently assessing and evaluating your relationship with your partner.

17. Dream of wedding dress for your wedding

Seeing a wedding dress at a wedding itself is a symbol of the focus that you have on your partner.

If you keep looking at the wedding dress in your dreams, it’s a sign to review your relationship with your beloved. Talking more openly can solve a lot of issues, so consider that.

18. Dream of wearing a wedding dress outside of wedding

Dreams about wedding dresses outside of a wedding are a warning from your spiritual self. You think too highly of yourself and others can recognize this pride.

You always want to be the center of attention and believe that everyone must admire and love you.

19. Dream of wedding dress and death

Wedding dress and death are a rare combination. But if you dream this, it means that you feel choked by your recent commitment.

20. Dream of trying a wedding dress

Trying on a wedding dress is a depressing dream that means you currently feel low. You’re desperately seeking the meaning of life.

21. Dream of many people wearing a wedding dress

Many people wearing a wedding dress is a good symbol because it means that someone new will join your family soon.

22. Dream of designing a wedding dress

Designing a wedding dress in a dream indicates that you look forward to discussing some business plans with your coworker or a new client.

23. Dream of wearing a wedding veil

A wedding veil often hides the bride’s face. In the dream realm, seeing a veil also symbolizes that you don’t show your true self to others.

24. Dream of a married person wearing a wedding dress

If you’re a married person and still dream of wedding dresses, it indicates that you’re dissatisfied with your married life.

There’s a disbalance between your expectations and reality. Alternatively, it can also mean that you feel puzzled or doubtful.

25. Dream of an unmarried person wearing a wedding dress

An unmarried person dreaming of a wedding dress is a pretty obvious sign. You have a strong desire to get married and live a happy life.

You’re longing more for the marriage and the ceremony than actually uniting with your partner. However, choosing your future spouse is an important task, so be wise before saying yes.

26. Dream of a wedding dress that fits perfectly

A wedding dress that fits you perfectly in your dreams is a very happy sign. Your dreams will finally come true and positive energy will be all around you.

Take good advantage of this opportunity because it might not come again.

27. Dream of a wedding dress that doesn’t look good 

This dream shows that you’re dissatisfied with your current life. Maybe you feel that your partner is cheating, stealing, or even being intimidating.

Try to think of what went wrong and then communicate openly and honestly to solve everything with your partner. 

28. Dream of a yellow wedding dress

Yellow is the color of budding romance, so a yellow wedding dress shows that you’ll slowly realize your love for someone.

It also symbolizes that you’re in a premature stage of love and don’t wish for a serious relationship yet. As long as you’re mindful, you will be blessed with good energy and a successful romance.

29. Dream of a black and white wedding dress ruined

This is a rare dream that mirrors your insecurities. You fear that your partner is lying, cheating, or stealing from you.

30. Dream of a perfect black and white wedding dress

This is a good dream that indicates you will make a grand choice that will lead you towards happiness. Even if others don’t feel it’s the right one, you know that you’re on the correct path.

31. Dream of a black and white wedding dress that doesn’t fit

Having a dream of a black and white wedding dress that doesn’t fit you means that your choices will seem strange to others and won’t take you very far ahead.

32. Dream of a dirty black and white wedding dress

This dream is an indication that you’ll argue with your dear friend. Try to avoid situations where the two of you can get into a fight.

This argument might turn ugly and even ruin your friendship forever, so be very cautious about how to speak to your close ones.

33. Dream about lost wedding dress

A lost wedding dress in your dreams stands for the essential teamwork and cooperation in your life. It can also mean that you’re determined to start afresh and make changes.

This dream represents devotion, belief, and the rewards you seek from life.

34. Dream of grey wedding dress

A grey wedding dress symbolizes your social obligations. Alternatively, it can also mean that you keep your behavior in check.

Don’t worry, this dream symbolizes good luck and fortune. You will try your best to achieve something important. But make sure you don’t do anything immoral or illegal.

35. Dream of ugly wedding dress

No woman wishes to wear an ugly wedding dress at her wedding, isn’t it? So if you dream of wearing a dress that looks horrible, it shows your self-worth as you perceive it.

In the positive sense, it can also mean that you will achieve success through sheer hard work and sincerity. Believe in your spirit guide because it will show you the path toward happiness.

36. Dream of peach wedding dress

Peach wedding dresses in the dream realm symbolize peace of mind and contentment.

However, they can also have a negative interpretation that you feel overwhelmed and confused with your current life situation. You might also feel under-appreciated and inferior to others. 

37. Dream of green wedding dress

A green wedding dress reflects your potential. Alternatively, it can also reflect that you feel hopeless and lost and you’re at someone else’s mercy.

You must recheck facts more carefully to obtain emotional freedom and release from all your burdens.

38. Dream of brown wedding dress

A brown wedding dress signifies love, longevity, and domestic happiness. It can also mean that someone can see right through your facade.

You also wish to be free and away from the strains of responsibilities that come in your daily life. Furthermore, you are open to positive criticism and suggestions.

39. Dream of short wedding dress

A short wedding dress is a symbol of a shift in your personal identity. It can also mean that you’re still stuck in the past and it’s high time to move on.

If you do so, your life will be much better and you’ll rise to a status of prominence and power.

40. Dream of purple wedding dress

Purple is the color of self-renewal and positivity. The dream symbolism represents the same qualities.

However, seeing a purple dress repeatedly can also mean that you feel threatened or overlooked. Your subconscious tells you to take a chance before it’s too late.

41. Dream about mom in wedding dress

Seeing your mom in a wedding dress in dreams is your inner mind telling you the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

You’re currently in a comfortable place and position in life but changes are just around the corner. This dream also points to creation, fertility, and childbirth.

42. Dream of orange wedding dress

Dream of orange wedding dress reflects a past memory and also shows that you have the chance to change things for the better.

However, you think that it’s important to defend yourself. You’re ready to make a clean start and bring about the much-needed change.

43. Dream of wife in wedding dress

Dreaming of your wife in a wedding dress can have both positive and negative interpretations.

It can symbolize that you put your goals and dreams on hold for something or someone else, or may suggest the precious feelings associated with a special person in your life.

 You might need a spiritual upliftment too.

44. Dream of burning wedding dress

If you see yourself burning a wedding dress, it symbolizes that you’re being carried away by your passions. Or it can also be a warning from your mind about overlooking an important detail about something.

Alternatively, it can mean that you have trouble expressing your thoughts and ideas to others around you.

45. Dreaming of sewing your own wedding dress

This dream warns you against revealing your plans to others before things work out. Someone might try to obstruct your path to success and you might fail.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret wedding dress dreams

There are numerous different interpretations of seeing a wedding dress depending on the details. It can either point towards a good sign or a bad one.

To make things clearer, compare your dream scenario with these questions and join the dots…

1. What was the color of the wedding dress?

2. Who was wearing the dress? You or someone else?

3. Was the dress long or short?

4. When you were trying it out, did it fit you well, or was it too tight/loose?

5. How do you feel while having these dreams? Comforted or uneasy?

6. How frequently do you have dreams related to wedding dresses?

7. Where do you see yourself wearing the dress? In a familiar place or a strange land?

8. Did you see any man wearing a wedding dress?

9. How do you interact with the dress? Do you simply wear it or do something else, like burn it?

10. Do you keep dreaming of the same dress repeatedly?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Weddings are undoubtedly very important in any person’s life. So, often wedding dreams imply an important aspect of your life.

So, be serious about your interpretations and work hard to improve your life. Have faith in yourself and consistently put effort into reaching the sky.

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