Dreaming of an empty grave means that you are rebellious and open-minded. Sometimes it can mean that you are compassionate towards the less fortunate. At other times, it portends to the fact that you miss your childhood. 

To find out what else it means, let’s dig in.

What are the General Interpretations of Dreaming of an Empty Grave?

A dream about a grave cues you to let go of things that no longer serve you. It also warns about your health or shows that you can accept criticism. So, let’s know more here!


This dream signifies that you have a rebellious nature. You do not care about rules and always find a way to go past them.

You don’t believe in things just because others do, and you question everything. 

You rebel against conservative thoughts. You don’t bow down to authority and always speak truth to power.


It shows that you are passionate about your beliefs but considerate of others’ beliefs. You seldom make rash judgments about people because you are open-minded.

You’re open to new experiences and ideas, even if they clash with your thinking. 

You don’t get angry when you’re proved wrong or challenged. Your open mind makes you compassionate and empathetic towards others. 

Health issues

If you have been ignoring your health lately, this dream signifies that you have some underlying hidden disease.

It might be diabetes, depression, anxiety, or even cancer. Don’t ignore your health; see a doctor as soon as possible. 

Letting go

It is a cue for letting go of things that no longer serve you. You can only make space for new opportunities once you get rid of all the past, whether it’s a relationship or a job! So, it signals you to make new changes and move on. 

Dreaming of an Empty Grave & Its Interpretations

A dream about an empty grave can convey a lot more if you remember the little details in the scenario. This is because every dream element has some significance. So. let’s start decoding it all here!

Empty grave with flowers inside

This hints at your compassion for the less fortunate. You’re selfless and always help people in need, sometimes even at your own expense. 

You don’t think about whether you’ll gain something from helping others; you don’t look for your benefit. You are kind just for the sake of being kind. 

Empty mass grave

This is an indicator of the fact that you are gullible. You always see the good in people and believe that they always speak the truth.

You often overshare things about yourself with people you just met. 

You also need to verify your sources before you pay too much attention to gossip and believe the news. People often take advantage of you, and you can never seem to say no to them. 

Empty grave with bones inside

This highlights that you are pessimistic. You get suspicious when things are going too well for you.

You don’t trust people easily, and you seldom take risks. You end up saying no to new experiences because of the fear of failure. 

A little pessimism is required to survive; we must judge a situation before taking risks. But too much pessimism can lead to depression and anxiety. 

Dream of an empty child’s grave

It showcases that you missed your childhood when you didn’t have to care about a thing in the world.

You’re yearning for the good old days in your childhood home, where you felt protected and pampered. 

You cannot get your childhood back, but you can always keep your inner child alive by adding a bit of playfulness to your activities.

Empty grave at night

This dream implies that you have unrecognized talents. You possess some skills that you never knew that you had. So, try different things, and don’t fear failure. 

You never know, but you might be the next famous performer. So, try everything, even if you are terrified. If you never try, you’ll never know.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of empty graves may give you an eerie and unsettling feeling. However, there’s nothing paranormal about it. 

Instead, these visions bring you important messages from the dream realm. The other world wants to help relieve stress or protect you from danger. So, pay attention to the slightest symbols to figure out the message!