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Dreaming of Apples – 40 Plots & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Apples – 40 Plots & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jul 18, 2022 | Published on Jul 11, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Apples - 40 Plots & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about apples? Well, it is quite common!

The dream symbolizes a lot of things such as love, fertility, passion and rewards. But it needs more attention to the dream about apples to know what exactly they mean. 

And if you are paying attention to your dream, then you will certainly be able to decipher it.

Dreaming About Apples – General Meaning

Dreaming about apples talks of good luck, health, prosperity, love, intimacy, beauty, etc. Though sometimes it might show other emotions that we are going through in waking life based on the dream scenario and the context.

The general meaning of this dream hints towards health, wealth, prosperity, perfection and beauty. 

The dream interpretation for an apple dream also points towards harmonious relationships, love, passion and sexual desires. Dreaming about apples is common among those who are always looking at the bright side of life.

The common general meanings of apple dreams are here –

1. Good luck and prosperity

2. Creativity and imagination

3. Achievements

4. Daydreaming

5. Love and intimacy

6. Happiness and hope

7. Impatience and distractions

Dreaming of Apples – 40 Plots & Their Interpretations

You need to pay attention to your dream featuring an apple or a lot of them in order to understand the dream completely. 

The following dream interpretations will help you know your dream in the best way possible –

1. Dream About Apple Tree

This dream is a good sign since it implies that you will be getting rich in the coming days. Eating an apple from a tree also has the same meaning of good fortune, wealth, and prosperity.

If you own the tree, it means that you are blessed with love and luxuries in your life. On the other hand, if someone else owns the tree, it might mean either having support or access to resources or jealousy and insecurity.

2. Dream About Apple Pie

This dream tells you that you are a very creative individual who can create great things from your imagination. Often it shows that you relish the little things in life.

Besides you put a lot of effort in everything – be it your career, your relationships, or your passion projects. 

3. Dream About Eating Apples

Dream About Eating Apples means that you will be achieving your goals real soon. Also, it means that you will achieve success soon.

Besides, if you are enjoying eating the apple, it shows emotions of fulfillment, intimacy, love, achievements, monetary gains, and so on in your waking life. 

4. Dream About Apple Juice

It means that you have not been studying or working properly. 

You need to focus on your goals if you want to enjoy the success that is associated with apple dreams.

5. Dream About Custard Apple

This dream denotes that you must not think of the past. You need to concentrate on your present in order to build your future.

6. Dream of Buying Apples

The dream of buying apples means that you are creating a balance between being dominant and protective. 

When you buy apples in a dream, it also means that you have too much faith in your abilities.

7. Dream of Throwing Away Apple Juice

Throwing away apple juice in a dream signifies lack of trust between you and your significant other.

8. Dream of a Ripe Apple

To see a ripe apple in a dream means that you will be blessed with good health and vitality.

9. Eating a Rotten Apple

It means that you missed your chance to earn profit in a deal.

10. Dream of Dried Apples

The dream of dried apples means that you will get out of a toxic relationship.

11. Dream of Green Apples

The dream of green apples signifies the development of love within yourself.

12. Dream of Buying a Rotten Apple

Often the dream of buying a rotten apple means that you will be cheated by someone close.

13. Picking Apples from a Tree in Dream

It means that you will earn success after putting in a lot of effort. Though the scenario might differ the interpretation a bit.

If you picked a green apple, it shows that you are listening to your rational side only. And maybe you are not enjoying the choices you are making. 

Picking a red apple means that you rely on your heart and make choices that are leading your way towards happiness. 

14. Dream of Stealing Apples

Dream of Stealing Apples implies that someone else will get rewarded for your hard work.

15. Dream of Cutting Down an Apple Tree

Cutting down an apple tree in your dream means that you will fail at something due to your own stupidities.

16. Dream of Burning an Apple Tree

The dream about apple tree burning means that you have given up all hopes for your future.

17. Dream of Wormy Apple

The dream of a wormy apple implies that there is something that has been troubling you for a long time.

18. Dream of a Red Apple

It tells you that you will be getting good news which has been pending for a long time.

19. Gifting Apples in Dream

The dream shows good luck, prosperity, and a beautiful love life. Besides, it can be a sign of a love proposal.

20. Dream of Poisonous Apples

The dream shows being astray from one’s spiritual path. You need to be more mindful. 

21. Cutting Apples in Dream

The dream shows luxury, sophistication, and pleasure. You are doing your best to turn things in your favor. 

22. Dream of Peeling Apples

The dream shows that you are trying to overdo things in order to make sure things are perfect in your waking life.

23. Seeing an Apple on Your Bed in Dream

It shows a healthy intimate life. Your personal relationships are blooming. 

24. Dream of Eating a Raw Apple

The dream shows impatience. Maybe it is too soon to expect the results of your efforts. 

25. Your Partner Giving You Two Apples in Dream

Often the dream is a sign of being blessed with twins. It shows that yiu might be waiting for be a parent for a long time and your intuitions are saying this is the time. 

26. Sharing Apples in Dream

The dream shows that you are close enough with someone to share your intimate moments, emotions, and things important to you.

Besides, it might show that you will need to share your financial fortune with someone. 

27. Dream of Eating Apples When You Hate Apples

It shows that you are forced in a situation that everyone seems good for but you aren’t enjoying it. Thus, you are trying to go with it and olay it well just to fit in. 

So you need to listen to your heart more and not force yourself into becoming someone you are not.

28. Dream of Eating Apple Seeds

The dream shows that you are too desperate in life. And the desperation is making you do things that are harmful for you. 

Take it as a sign to be patient and careful about your choices in your waking life. 

29. Dream of Sowing Apple Seeds

It shows that you are prepared for the new beginnings in life. You have planned so many things for your aim but might be getting nervous for taking that first step. 

Take it as a sign to take that step. Believe and begin!

30. Dream of Apples on the Ground

The dream has multiple connotations. 

One is – lost opportunity. It says that maybe you came across many chances in your life – be it in terms of career or relationships – but you couldn’t own those. 

Besides, it might show that resources are waiting by your side. You can easily get them with little effort. 

31. Dream of Apple Good Outside but Rotten Inside

If an apple seems fresh and good from outside but turns out bad inside, it is a sign of being cheated. 

You are making choices that seem good for you now but would turn bad. So I’ve been patient and careful. 

32. Dream of Partially Eaten Apple

The dream shows that things might not always be perfect. There would be inconveniences. But how you choose to see things matter. 

33. Dream of Apple Slices

Seeing bigger problems or complicated things in individual minor ones or such perspective can make it easy to work on it.

34. Dream of Biting an Apple

The dream shows you are ready to put in the effort. Besides, it might show new beginnings and experiences in your waking life. 

35. Dream of Making Apple Juice

The dream shows that you try to completely utilize every resource in your hand. 

It shows your efforts, passion, and determination for everything in your waking life. You are the one who always does more than needed. 

36. Getting Tired of Eating Apples All the Time in Dream

The dream shows that you are getting wary of the luxuries in your life. You have always had things served to you on a plate. 

But you crave real experiences and adventures outside your sheltered life. 

37. Dream of Seeing a Pile of Apples

The dream shows abundance. You might soon encounter new possibilities, amazing opportunities, and things in life you have been waiting for so long. 

Besides, it shows that you have access to a lot of resources. WIth your powers, opportunities, and resources, you can easily make it big. Now it depends upon you how well you utilize what you have got. 

38. Dream of Decorating Christmas Tree with Apples

The dream of decorating Christmas Tree with Apples shows good times, prosperity, celebrations, and so on. It shows that with a positive perspective and good intentions you can lead a happy life. 

39. Dream of Craving Apples

The dream shows your inner desires. Be it in forms of your love life; your desire for wealth, power, and luxury; or simply the sense of gratification. 

In this case, you need to put effort into your desires to realize them.

40. Dream of a Black Apple

Black apples often show bad luck and difficulties in life. Sometimes the dream about black apples implies that your hard work will go in vain and your health will also decline. 

Hence, you need to be patient and careful.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Apples

The dream exposes your long time desire of being free from the world and enjoying the pleasures you have earned. 

Any dream about apples symbolizes your ability to express your emotions and being aware of your mental state. The dream signifies that you are a highly spiritual being who is always looking for the good things that life has to offer.

Final Words

Most of the dreams about apples signify joy and prosperity. But it is your responsibility to bring that joy and prosperity in your life. 

If you can dream about it, you can definitely do something about it. 

So work hard in your waking life to enjoy the dream interpretations of your dreams for real!