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What Does It Mean if I Dream About Fish? – 50+ Scenarios

What Does It Mean if I Dream About Fish? – 50+ Scenarios

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Mar 11, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Fish Dream Meaning – 50+ Types and Interpretation

Whenever you see animals in your subconscious, it may mean hidden desires, inadequacies, or any untamed savage part of yourself that manifests in dreams. But, amid this, what does fish dream meaning symbolizes?

If you are getting dreams of these aquatic animals too often, then you will find this article valuable and worth reading.

Dreaming of Fish - 50+ Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dreaming of Fish – 50+ Scenarios & Their Meanings

Fish Dream Meaning

Fish in dreams mean fertility, progress, and abundance. These dreams are a mere reflection of your personal growth, fulfillment of desires, and accomplishing goals in life. As the fishes are aquatic animals, it also represents your emotional states and mindset.

As a spirit animal, fish symbolize mobility, growth, sustenance, and exuberance. When it appears in your dreams, it carries the message of self-worth, openness of mind and deeper emotional connectedness with the physical and material world.

In Asian and North American culture, fishes are a lucky omen and its appearance in dreams is symbolic of creation, life, vitality, progress, growth, and prosperity. 

The symbol of fish in dreams has been valued because it represents creation and sustenance of life on this planet. It reminds you that you have immense psychic and spiritual powers to manifest your deepest desires and wishes, only if you are hardworking and dedicated to accomplish your goals. 

The Chinese people had long considered fishes as a spiritual messenger of peace, harmony, and balancing of our emotions, and developing our inner intuitive wisdom to live a life of our choice. In Japan, people believed that fish dream meanings signifies courage, resilience, strength of mind, endurance, and ability to fight all odds.

As the fish is a very familiar motif in dreams, interpretations would vary according to the context, how you process your feelings associated with the dreams.

Fish dream meaning can also represent your spiritual and psychological alignment with real life situations. It appears in dreams to communicate your deepest desires, beliefs, and perspectives about yourself and even the way you attract success and abundance in your waking life.

The symbolic meaning of fish in dreams varies according to the culture and the specific situation in which the dream is seen. Symbolically, the way you perceive a fish in your waking life can also influence the dream interpretation.

Thus, your personal feelings and associations with this aquatic animal goes a long way in interpreting the accurate meaning of the dream. Many dream analysts also emphasize that you can maintain a dream journal and note down what happened in the dream and its associated feelings. 

Dreaming of Fish – 50+ Scenarios & its Meanings

Dreams are a window to the unconscious mind. Most of the dreams are a reflection of your current state of mind in real life. The issues of your waking life are trying to get noticed and as such, you may be getting weird dreams and seeking explanations for the same. The 50 common dreams about fishes are as follows:

1. Dream of catching a fish

If you dream of catching the fish, it means a successful endeavor in your real life. To catch a big fish means that you have accomplished a life goal that you might have set for yourself. It could be getting a new job, becoming a parent, or getting married, or even setting up your new startup etc.

Some dreams about catching also mean holding on to the new opportunities in life.

Similarly, if you see a dream where you have managed to catch the fish but it slipped away and you couldn’t hold it; it means an unsuccessful attempt.

If the fish you caught goes back to the water again, then also it means a lost chance. As you have missed your chance and need to wait for another desirable opportunity in future.

2. Dreaming of dead fish

This type of dream may symbolize an uneasy, sick, and tired body. It may mean some bad things will come soon. Lots of dead fish also represents the end of a personal relationship, emotional and sexual incompetence of your partner.

3. Dream about eating fish

The meaning of dreaming of eating fish depends upon the size of the fish. If you dream of eating a large fish, sitting in a restaurant, it signifies profits, monetary gain, financial success, new investments, and accumulation of wealth.

Contrary to this, if you dream to eat raw fish that is small, it means you are in a petty trouble and trying to come out of it.

Some minor annoyance of your wakeful life is getting manifested in dreams. There are instances where you might dream that a fish is trying to eat you. In such a situation, it could mean that there are harmful people around you who are conspiring against you.

They possess some negative intentions and you are reminded to be careful and stay away from them.

4. Dream of a big fish

When you dream of a big fish, it could mean that the Universe is trying to test your tenacity, will power, and emotional maturity; when faced with negative situations in life. You are reminded to set personal boundaries of happiness and well-being and let go of toxic forces in your life.

This dream reminds you to stay calm and poised and have a good control over your emotional upheavals. A big fish symbolizes your ability to solve issues and decide upon things both rationally and emotionally.

5. Dream of cooking a fish

A fish dream to cook fish represents a bad sign. It represents life problems and stressful moments that you are going to face in your wakeful life. This dream tells you to change your attitude and perspectives to become successful and cope up with your current problems.

6. Dreaming of fish swimming

Whenever you dream of fish swimming, it means that you are happy with your love life. Maybe you will soon meet someone special and get into a relationship.

This dream also signifies good life experiences and happiness that may come from success in a job, starting on a new project, etc. this dream type is all about growth and prosperity in all walks of life.

7. Dream of fried fish

When you dream of a fried fish, it represents your calm and poised state of mind. It tells you to remain honest and pursue your goals with perseverance. A fried fish is a symbol of firmness and strength of mind.

Even when you dream of eating a fried fish, it means content and inner joy. You have embarked upon a fulfilling journey of life, with good friends around and loving family relationships.

8. Dream of fish eggs

When you dream about fish eggs, it means a fresh start. You may start a new career, a new beginning such as marriage or parenthood etc. Lauri Loewenberg, an eminent dream analyst said that dreaming about fish eggs is also linked to fertility.

She further adds that women who want to have a child usually get dreams of fish eggs. This is also a reminder to create and generate new ideas to make new beginnings in life.

9. Dreaming of a fish tank

When you see a lot of fish in a fish tank, it means that the ideas and emotions that flow in your subconscious state needs to be manifested in your waking life.

It reminds you of all the beautiful opportunities that life has given you; you just need to look below the surface and put your ideas into successful endeavors.

10. Dreaming of fish in clear water

If you dream about fishes in clear water, it means you have proper insight and clarity in whatever you are doing right now. In some other context, these dreams also symbolize wealth, power, and promotion.

11. Fish in muddy water

If you see fishes in muddy water, it usually represents an illness or some complex life problem bothering you. A muddy water represents lack of clarity and awareness. It represents blurred perception with a lot of negative emotions attached with it.

You are not clear about your goals and ambitions and are trying to figure out your actual purpose in life.

12. School of fish

If you get dreams of this type, it means abundance and growth. If the school of fishes are swimming smoothly, it means you are happy and content with whatever is going on in your waking life. A school of fish means a storehouse of wisdom and knowledge.

13. Fish jumping out of water

If you dream of a that jumps out of water, it represents some unexpected situations in your life. You are surprised to see the changes and are not confident whether to deal with it successfully.

You may feel emotionally overwhelmed after such a dream. This dream induces fear and tends to question your worth and credibility.

14. Fish in an aquarium

When you dream of fish in an aquarium, it may represent your confined wishes and unfulfilled desires. You are not happy in your current life situation. You may feel trapped and as such you are unable to make progress towards your goal.

15. A large and threatening fish

If you dream of a large fish or sea animal such as a whale or shark, it represents your repressed fears, insecurities, and worries.

Some current threat in your waking life or impending danger is just getting manifested in dreams. You may feel less controlled and are overtaken by negative emotions.

16. Someone turning into a fish

This dream symbol means change and transformation in your waking life. It represents a comfortable change that has been welcomed by you. It made you happy.

The mood of this dream is a sign of positive things, as it signifies new beginnings in life that are positive and leads to personal growth.

17. Fish during pregnancy

If you get dreams of fish while being pregnant, it means creation, nurturance, and sustenance. The embryo thriving in you represents creation and new beginnings, coupled with joy and life satisfaction. These dreams are symbolic of good luck, success, and a fresh start in life.

18. Colorful fishes

When you dream of colorful fishes swimming in water, it means optimism, hope, new ventures, a fresh start, and accomplishment of life goals. It reminds you to move out of your comfort zone and embark on a new journey.

You are told to start things afresh in your waking life. You need to uncover your hidden talents and passions and pursue them successfully.

19. A live fish

This dream is a lucky charm as it signifies love and relationships, growth, and prosperity. It reminds you that very soon you are to be rewarded in some ways. Your relationship will be healthy and enriching.

This dream also symbolizes nurturing your innate abilities and using it in the right way.

20. Cleaning fish

It is a good sign of prosperity and progress. To clean a fish in dreams is a good reminder to let go of your old habits, old perspectives and beliefs. You should embrace new beginnings in life, accept the good ones and develop a positive mindset towards life.

21. Fish talking

If you dream of a fish talking to you, it means that you should develop your communication skills.

It is a good sign that tells you to focus on social relationships, to spend time with family and friends, and mend your communication gaps with your near and dear ones. It also represents your loneliness and solitude.

22. Fish out of water

This dream symbolism is not a good omen. It signifies that you are lonely and probably in an uncomfortable life situation. You are alienated, isolated, in response to others. Your relationships have fallen apart and you do not have enough support system to lean on in times of adversities.

23. Flying fish

When you dream about flying fishes, it may mean overcoming problems in your real-life situations. You have been able to solve your problems and obstacles and are happy and blissful about it.

Flying fish symbolizes freedom of thought, feelings, and actions. It also represents a successful endeavor that you have achieved by mere hard work.

24. Not able to catch a fish

This dream signifies that you have just missed a good chance in your waking life. It symbolizes losing opportunities and the result is disappointments and worries.

25. Fisherman

This dream tells you to relax and let go of worries in your real life. You need to focus on yourself and do some self-care that you may have ignored for long.

26. Fishing

If you dream of fishing alone or with someone else, it is considered auspicious. It signifies wealth and good luck. Fishing also represents hidden emotions and your repressed wishes that want to get manifested in your real life situations.

The dreams are a reminder to you to carry on with your good work. In real life, fishing is a relaxing activity, so when you see yourself doing it in dreams, it may mean it’s time to take some off and live life fully.

27. Killing fish

When you dream about killing fishes, it means that you have overcome your problems and defeated your enemies. It means that you have successfully achieved whatever you have desired.

When you kill a fish in your dreams, it simply means victory, personal growth, self-improvement, and prosperity.

28. Buying fish

When you see yourself buying a fish, it means that you or your family members may have health problems. In another context, to buy fish also means greed and wanting more from life. It symbolizes your unhealthy desires and obsessions in life.

29. Piles of dead fish

This type of dream usually holds a negative meaning. It represents loneliness and solitude. Your relationships are not going healthy and you may feel that nobody tries to understand you and so you always tend to hide your true feelings.

A pile of dead fishes also means fresh difficulties and obstacles. It also means loss of hope, sadness, and treachery.

30. A fish market

When you dream about a fish market, it means positivity and good luck. It resembles new opportunities for personal growth and innovation.

31. Small fish

A dream about a small fish or many small fishes together can mean many minor obstacles in life. In certain connotations, it could mean a sudden accident or misfortune with minor injuries. A dream about the small fish can mean that probably you will lose something important to you. Thus, it indicates loss of valuable material objects.

32. An empty fish pond

If you dream of an empty fish pond, it means that your enemies are watching you and secretly conspiring against you. This is a wake-up call to stay safe and cautious. You are reminded of the various safety measures that you may take to protect yourself.

33. Fish hooks

When you dream of fish hooks, it may mean cheating by some known person. You have been deceived and tricked by someone who dislikes you. This dream is considered a bad omen as it signifies deceit, lies, and unhealthy social practices that you might have been a part of.

34. Fish bites

When you see dreams about fish biting you it indicates problems. Your work pursuits will not be smooth. It may indicate that your life problems may get big and worse. The problems may be related to finance, health, relationships, family life, and social life.

35. A big fish attacking you

It represents your emotional problems in wakeful life. You are emotionally overwhelmed for some reason and trying to escape away from it.

This dream is symbolic of fear and uncertainty, lack of control over negative thoughts. This dream holds a negative meaning of bigger life problems coming your way.

36. Fishing rod

When you dream about fishing rods, it means you are motivated to confront issues and problems in your real life. You are also ready to deal with your repressed emotions and will readily take up self-discovery. This dream signifies your personal quest towards gaining insight and wisdom.

37. Rotten fish

This dream holds a negative connotation in your real life. It symbolizes family conflicts, broken relationships, disputes, and jealousy. Someone is conspiring against you and all your relationships are slowly getting toxic and unacceptable.

38. Fish bones

Fish bones are a reminder that you need to learn from previous mistakes to live a healthy and happy life. The mistakes that you have committed in your waking life are lessons that teach you endurance and perseverance.

39. Dropping the fish on the ground

This type of dream denotes your negative feelings, anxieties, and worries. It denotes a lack of emotional control and stress in your waking life. You are emotionally overwhelmed with constant worries. This dream tells you to relax and take some time out for recreation and well-being.

Different Types of Fish Dream Interpretations

When you dream about different types of fishes, it also holds a symbolic meaning. Let’s analyze a few of them.

40. Koi fish

When you dream about Koi fish swimming in clear water, it is considered lucky and auspicious. It represents friendship, love, and affection. This dream reminds you to let go your arrogance and pride and be humble and kind. Koi fish dreams also mean tenacity and patience.

A black koi fish in a dream brings change and transformation. A gold koi fish is symbolic of abundance, growth, and prosperous living. A white koi with red mouth brings a message of love. If you dream about koi fish with red markings on its head, it symbolizes reputation and promotion at work. A silver koi also represents business deal and growth.

41. Goldfish

When you dream about a goldfish, it can have varying meanings. If you see that you are holding the goldfish in your bare hands, it represents new beginnings and good luck. If a young woman dreams of a goldfish, it means that she will soon meet her life partner.

These dreams are related to wish fulfillment and meeting of your repressed desires. Gold fish is a positive symbol of inspiration and good opportunities. The dream also means hope, happiness and fulfilled living.

42. Sea fish

When you dream about different fishes in the sea and they are swimming around, it may signify good luck.

You may receive good news related to any particular aspect of your life soon. But if you are facing problems in your waking life, a large sea fish dream may represent gossip and conspiracy. A small sea fish also represents loss of money, loss of respect or worth.

43. Catfish

The catfish symbolizes your deepest emotions. It symbolizes fear, inadequacies, and insecurities. When you get catfish dreams, it’s a reminder to adopt well with changing circumstances.

You need to work out what suits well for you. It gives you a warning to change your perspectives and develop healthy emotions to solve your problems effectively.

44. Salmon

When you dream about salmon, it symbolizes deeper emotions and struggles associated with life. Moreover, in certain dream contexts, these fishes also signify fertility, renewal, and prosperity.

The exact interpretation depends upon the dream context and the feelings that you get during the dream process.

45. Jellyfish

A jellyfish in dreams can show your aggressive nature. It shows that you are controlling and loves to impose rules on others. It reminds you to become flexible with your thoughts and perspective. You should give enough space to others to maintain healthy relationships with all.

46. Starfish

Starfish is symbolic of good luck, enlightenment, wisdom, change, empowerment, and insight. When you dream of these fishes, it means that you are undergoing a change in your life. It reminds you to trust your intuitions and keep following them until you achieve your goals.

Dream of Fish Based on Colors

Different colors of fishes also hold symbolic meanings of its own. Some common beliefs associated with these colorful fishes are as follows:

  1. Blackfish – a blackfish denotes loss, grief, death, infidelity, loss of trust
  2. Whitefish – white fishes are symbolic of happiness in love life and fulfilling personal relationships.
  3. Redfish – anxiety and worries
  4. Yellow fish – friendships, and family life
  5. Bluefish – it represents depression, sadness, and a bad mood.
  6. Purple fish – romance, love, and passion

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Fish in a Dream?

Spiritually, when you dream about fishes, it means good luck, health, abundance, emotional balance, happiness, and fertility. As it connects you with the water element, it signifies insight and in-depth understanding of oneself.

If you have been having frequent dreams about fishes; you must be wondering, what does it mean? From a spiritual point of view, fish dream meaning can represent the following:

  • A fish dream can mean financial growth, more wealth, prosperity, unexpected monetary gain, and good fortune
  • When you see fish in your dreams, it shows the kind and generous side of you. You help people with money and wealth and derive happiness and inner peace. You are always a giver, and no matter what happens, you feel that you always have enough to share it with others.
  • A fish dream also means that you are adaptable to change, independent in your thoughts and actions.
  • Fish signifies water element; it signifies deeper emotional stability. You are balanced, poised, and intuitive.
  • The fish in your dream world also represents spiritual awakening and awareness of your higher self.
  • As the fish swims through the vastness of the rivers or seas, it reflects your lost state of mind.
  • Fishes in dreams also mean your fertile ideas and creative thoughts that are waiting to get manifested in wakeful life. Thus on an abstract level, dreams about fishes represent cycles of creation and your unstoppable ability to remove obstacles in life.
  • A fish in dreams also means infinite opportunities, wisdom, and inspiration that life gives you. It tells you to manifest these powers to accomplish your goals.
  • Fish dreams also means tuning and balancing your emotions to have a harmonious life

Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dreams

In the Bible, dreams about fishes are considered common and symbolizes good luck and prosperity. It represents fertility, creation, abundance, and forgiveness. Fishes also symbolize faith and loyalty in the Christian community.

A fish dream means sustenance. As fishes are the oldest creature living in water, they also mean adaptation, survival, and possess a fighting spirit. It is also a fact that these tiny creatures in dreams signify the depth of your emotions; the more you can uncover the emotions, the better will be the process of emotional healing.

In Christianity, fish has always been a powerful spiritual symbol. The sacred symbol “Ichthys” is a popular concept, consisting of two intersecting arcs, the right end of the arcs meeting at one place to represent the fish tail.

This symbol is known as ‘Jesus fish’. It represents manifestation, abundance, and prosperity. This auspicious sign was used by Romans and Greeks as a ‘symbol of protection’. They felt that Ichthys means son of God or Jesus Christ himself.

Thus, the biblical meaning holds a strong meaning that fishes are symbols of faith, protection, connectedness, and abundance.

What to Ask Yourself When You Dream about Fish?

Whenever you dream about fishes, it is important to note down your feelings and associated anxieties related to the dream in order to interpret the meanings. You can ask a few questions to yourself about the dream that you have just seen.

  • How many fish or fishes were there in the dream?
  • What were the fishes doing?
  • Which kind and color of fish came into the dreams?
  • What was the size of the fish?
  • How did you feel after the dream? Were you anxious or happy with the dream?

The video link given below describes the symbolic meaning of fish dreams.

Parting Words

From the detailed discussion done so far, it became clear that fish dream meaning is symbolic and is a mere reflection of your inner world. It’s just a reminder to make positive changes in life and tackle life problems effectively.

You are neither to get swayed by emotions nor by excessive reasoning. Rather the best way to interpret such dreams is to be intuitive and aware of the associated thoughts and feelings of these dreams. 

The pop-ups of your subconscious mind can communicate hidden truths about which you were never aware in your wakeful life.

You can best decide which fish dream symbolism works well for you because everyone has their own insight and judgments on how dreams relate to their life and living.

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