Did you know that dreaming of horses imply it’s time to stop avoiding something? 

Sometimes they even depict that you feel overwhelmed or trapped. They can also denote whether you will succeed in your endeavors or not!

So, let’s explore the true message behind your dreams…

Dreaming of Horses - Thinking about Riding One?
Various Types of Dreaming of Horses & Their Meanings

Why Do We See Horse Dreams?

Horses are considered as the symbol of strength, life, bravery, and vitality. Other than that, it also strikes a direct relation with happiness and success. Here are some more things they symbolize…


If the horse was strong and healthy, your physical and mental health is going fine. If the horse was weak and unable to take the load of the burden, you can’t take the difficulties of life. If you see the horse collapsing, take care of your physical and mental health.

Freedom & Independence

Wild horses running freely in an open area represents the desire of attaining freedom and independence in your mind. Chances are, you have already achieved the level of freedom and independence that you didn’t think was possible.

Hard work

Horse symbolism also stands for hard work and dedication. If you see a horse in a dream, it may relate to the hard work you put in your career, your creative endeavors, and in taking care of your children.

Alternatively, it means without self-care and rest, hard work will put you in trouble.

Fun & Play

A dream of a horse playing around asks you to take out some free time and have some fun. Take inspiration from the horses. Engage in some fun activities and play. Laugh your hearts out and have the time of your life.


Carl Jung, founder of modern-day analytical psychology, believed that horses in our dreams are the direct reflection of our life energy.

So, exhausted, weak, or collapsing horses are a bad and dangerous sign of death. Some aspect of you will die soon and snatch away your happiness.

Spiritual Meaning of horse in a dream

Horse dreams also means you have a robust personality, i.e., you always defend yourself and those depending on you. However, you still care about what other people think of you.

They also signify that past relationships have not faded your trust in true companionship and romance. And soon, you will meet your fated person.  Or, you’ll soon recover from all the pain in life.

Common Dream about Horses 

Some of your horse dreams are about “wish fulfillment” of things that you can’t do in your real lives. Others may be a hidden message or a warning about waking life. So, let’s know what your dreams mean exactly…

Only one horse in a dream

If you saw just one horse in your dream and there were no people, this dream is an indication of your free-spirited will to live life.

You can be a great person who lives life in their own ways. You can also be a person who faces difficulty in getting along with other people.

Horses running

The dream means you need to face something from which you were running away in your waking life. It shows that running will not be of great help in the coming future. 

Jumping horses

Such a dream indicates that you are feeling trapped in your waking life as if someone has caused you to be fenced in.

Alternatively, it means you have control over your emotions which can make you a great leader. It also suggests that you see things clearly.

Baby horse in a dream

This may suggest you get treated as a foal, or as an infant in your waking life. This means someone is trying to dominate you. Ultimately, you are being controlled. 

You being the horse

The meaning of this dream largely depends on the type of horse you were and the consequences you were in during the dream. Focus on other details of the dream and find their meanings to know more.

Dream of Biting horses

The dream about biting horses has many meanings depending on the type of dream. So, if…

  • The horse bites you on the hand: You should be prepared in waking life as someone is going to attack your hand.
  • More than one horse was biting you: It means you are not confident about the way people perceive you. You think people gossip about you which makes you uncomfortable.

Seeing a horse in a competition

It suggests something is missing in your life and you should seek out what it is. Express yourself freely.

Other than that, it may also mean you are disciplined in your waking life. Your actions are dedicated to achieving your goals. All you need to do is to compete with all your heart.

Horse Dreams based on Other Details

In your dreams, you may notice the color of the horse, its activity, any sort of danger for you or the animal, and so on. So, let’s dig deeper into each situation.

Dream Meaning of Various Colored Horses

In your dream, if you see a…

  • White horse: It means someone is trying to oppose the completion of your plans. For women, it’s a good sign of a beautiful and happy marriage.
  • Black horse: It means that one or more relationships in your life are not deserving of the attention you give them.
  • Brown horse: It signifies a cycle of change you’re already aware of due to recent hardships. It also means you will have beautiful connections.
  • Red horse: This suggests that you desperately want to receive sexual attention but you mustn’t be impulsive with your partner and try to drop your insensitivity.
  • Black and white horse: It means you see things in black and white or like “all or nothing”. Your perception can be good for some cases but harmful for others.
  • Grey horse: Your dream represents your wisdom, strength, and power which makes you stand out. It helps you fight tough situations and resist negativity.
  • Multicolored horse: It represents your genius mind, amazing creativity. If you follow some rules and disciplines, you’ll have better results in no time.
  • Strange colored horse: Such a dream signifies you are open to receive enlightenment. You will not hold back when it comes to living life. You will do what your heart says which will bring you immense happiness.

Ill fate of Horse

If the horse in your dream was about to lose its life or get abused, that has many interpretations like these…

  • Injured horse: You feel exhausted in waking life and the energy to move further has been drained, so you struggle to work like before. You seek change and rest.
  • Dead horses: Such a dream means bad luck and upcoming bad news about an important current goal. Keep your strength intact in such moments.
  • Dying or sick horse: It means you are suffering in life due to excess difficulties. But dealing with them head-on and competing with them will turn you into a better person.
  • Killing a horse: It’s time to reconsider the way you behave with your close ones as the dream suggests you are selfish to the people who genuinely care about you. 
  • Hitting a horse: Your dream is the sign of your reckless behavior with someone close. Your subconscious mind warns you to be more responsible towards your loved ones. Otherwise, you’ll lose precious people due to your poor behavior.
  • Shooting a horse: The dream states you are not happy in your relationship. You feel restricted, victimized and just want to come out of this toxicity.

Horse leading to your ill fate 

Here are some decoded horse dreams where your life is endangered.

  • Horses attacking: This dream reflects you’re trying to avoid facing the truth. Or, you’re neglecting your abilities and not working enough to polish them. It’s a warning from your subconscious mind.
  • Falling off a horse: It means you are losing control in your waking life due to something unexpected. You must regain your control over things. Or, you desire to be in a safe and familiar space.
  • Being kicked by a horse: It means you are going to enter a sad phase of life. Your rivals may oppose and defeat you in conflicts. There are chances your health can be affected. You may also fail in handling projects and tasks.

Horse Riding Scenarios

If there was any activity indicating the preparation or horse riding itself, that also brings many messages. For instance, dreams of…

  • Yourself riding a horse: The dream signifies you have immense power over a situation or a person. Or, you’re experiencing extreme sexual urges. 
  • Riding a horse with your partner: If you’re a woman, you’ll have great luck in attaining a lovable, successful, and handsome admirer. It also says that you’ll have more than one admirer. 
  • Mounting a horse: It means the difficulties you are facing currently will clear up and your vault will be filled with wealth.

Dream of Horse Types

If you notice the kind of horse in your dreams, that also enlightens you like these…

  • Racehorse: The dream highlights you are in a great rush to complete a project or goal or surpass an obstacle. 
  • Trojan horse: It means someone is pretending to be extremely nice to you in real life without leaving any signs of doubt. But deep inside, they have plans to hurt or use you in some way.
  • Wild horse: It means you desire to attain freedom or have already achieved freedom.

Dreaming about Horse with Various Condition 

Notice how the horse is physically and emotionally. If you see a…

  • Beautiful horse: The dream suggests you are welcoming prosperity, happiness, and success in your life.
  • Dirty horse: It’s a warning about getting betrayed by someone close. It may hurt you badly but you can save yourself from further damage by being cautious. 
  • Aggressive horse: It is a warning that you might be a part of an accident soon. So, be more careful and calmer in traffic. If possible, cancel future trips and events for some time.
  • Exhausted horse: This dream symbolizes that you’ll handle many responsibilities in the future and feel exhausted. It will require a lot of your energy and time but keep moving ahead to reach the finishing line.

Elements related to the Horse 

Sometimes, you might not see the horse itself but some items related to the animal in dreams like these…

  • Horse teeth: It gives a negative message that either you are trying to take revenge from someone or someone is preparing to take revenge from you.
  • Manure: The dream means your life is overflowing with fertility and abundance
  • Horseboxes: Such a dream represents that you need the required space in order to concentrate on your life.
  • Paddocks: The dream suggests your inner wish to spend some time in nature.
  • Finding a horseshoe: This implies good luck, excitement, starting a relationship with a loving and caring partner especially for ladies. 

Biblical Interpretation

Biblically, horses in dreams reflect the types of events that will take place in the future. A white horse is related to Christ and represents peace and spirituality.  

And a black horse represents you are powerful enough to achieve anything in life with the proper amount of hard work and dedication.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of horses carry interesting messages. Even if they convey a negative message, it’s only a warning and you have plenty of opportunities to resist it. So, in a way, you must always be glad about seeing a horse in a dream and strive harder to improve yourself.

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