Considering their unclean ways of living and gluttonous behavior, dreaming about piglets is always considered bad. Though that can be, piglets are also a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and fertility in many cases. 

However, before you jump to a conclusion, you might want to go through the following sections to ensure you are interpreting your dream correctly.

Dreaming About Piglets - Various Types With Meanings
Dreaming About Piglets – Various Types With Meanings

What Does Dreaming About Piglets Mean?

Dreaming about piglets can hint at a windfall of misfortune coming your way.

But based on your reality, dream details, and your emotional response to the plot, it can even be a harbinger of good fortune. 

These dreams are often regarded to be an ill omen symbolizing trouble, misunderstandings, and resentment.

However, as different cultures have their own sets of beliefs, such types of dreams are also believed to be a harbinger of positive changes, wealth, and fortune. 

At other times, piglets are a sign of transformation and new beginnings. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Piglet Dreams

Piglets are considered to be a symbol of fertility. You can interpret the dream based on which stage of life you are in. 

On the other hand, if your priority at present is your business, the creatures can be a sign of profit and growth.

Various Dream Scenarios of Piglet & Their Meanings

The following scenarios will, to some extent, help you understand your dream better. 

Dreaming about finding a piglet

According to the dream, you will be able to complete your ongoing tasks/ projects successfully. 

To dream about piglets crossing your path

In this case, the creatures symbolize setbacks that will soon erupt on your path. Though the road ahead seems rough, the universe encourages you to stick through and not give up. 

To dream of letting piglets out of a barn

It is never a good sign. According to the scenario, you will commit a blunder soon and eventually blame yourself repeatedly as you live through the ill consequences you bring upon yourself. 

Running after piglets

You might soon get involved in an adventurous event if you run after piglets. 

Chasing a piglet

There’s a possibility that you feel lost in some aspects of your life. In some worst cases, such a dream can indicate negative emotions such as self-doubt, fear, low self-esteem, and even jealousy. 

Catching a piglet

Likely, a few setbacks will arise compelling you to put off your plans for the time being. 

Holding a piglet

Holding a piglet is a sign of wealth coming to you soon. 

Kissing a piglet

Chances are, someone around you is gossiping about your past. 

Feeding a piglet 

The dream signifies a drastic increase in your profit, wealth, and fortune. On the contrary, it means betrayal by a person you least expect. 

Piglets squealing loudly

Likely you will receive a piece of news from someone who lives in a distant land. Also, such scenarios are associated with surprise visits from unexpected people

Negatively, it can be a sign that an ill-wisher is spreading lies about you. 

Piglet biting a child

The scenario is a harbinger of conflicts and arguments in the household. 

Giving a piglet to a friend

Your relationship with one of your friends will soon strengthen. 

Killing a piglet

Most likely, you will intentionally or unintentionally put yourself in a dangerous situation. On the other hand, it can also represent your regret over missed opportunities. 

Eating a piglet

Generally, eating a piglet symbolizes unforeseen expenses digging a hole in your pocket. 

Giving birth to piglets

There’s a good chance that one of your close friends or family will soon betray your trust. 

Seeing Various Types of Piglets

Starving piglets

According to the scenario, you have been ignoring yourself entirely while trying to cater to others.

You can even say, the plot is a manifestation of your body and soul screaming for your attention. 

Alternatively, it shows you haven’t been working hard enough to accomplish your goals – due to a lack of motivation, laziness, procrastination, etc. 

Dead piglet

They are an ill omen symbolizing sickness and disease. 

Pet piglets

A close friend you have lost touch with will soon reach out or you will hear from him or her through another person. Regardless, note that the universe is preparing you for a possible reunion

Seeing skinny piglets

They are a negative sign indicating material or financial losses. 

Black piglets

It foreshadows the loss of a valuable piece or a huge sum of money

To see a pink piglet

Usually, it represents a person you enjoy spending time with. This can be someone who’s already in your circle or may even refer to a person you’ll soon encounter and develop some type of bonding with. 

Flying piglets

Generally, this scenario implies you are struggling to keep yourselves afloat in your waking hours. Chances are, you and your family are living paycheck to paycheck 

Psychological Meaning

Psychologically, it shows you have low self-esteem. You often deny yourself opportunities for growth and development by hiding in the shadows of others because you believe they are much better than you. 


Dreaming of piglets can have either positive or negative meanings depending on what exactly happened in the dream.

Also, it’s important to recall the dominating emotions you felt as they are a strong starting point to determine how you approach the dream.

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