Ever encountered someone addressing another person as a ‘pig’ or referring to a place as a ‘pigsty’? You know what those means, right? These negative associations with the creature often led people into believing that dreaming about piglets is always bad. 

Though that can be, piglets are also a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and fertility in many cases. However, before you jump to a conclusion, you might want to go through the following sections to ensure you are interpreting your dream correctly.

Dreaming About Piglets - 60 Types With Meanings
Dreaming About Piglets – 60 Types With Meanings

What Does Dreaming About Piglets Mean?

Dreaming about piglets can hint at a windfall of misfortune coming your way. But based on your reality, dream details, and your emotional response to the plot, it can even be a harbinger of good fortune. 

Considering their unclean ways of living and gluttonous behavior, dreaming of piglets is often regarded to be an ill omen symbolizing trouble, misunderstandings, and resentment. 

However, as different cultures have their own sets of beliefs, such types of dreams are also believed to be a harbinger of positive changes, wealth, and fortune. 

At other times, piglets are a sign of transformation and new beginnings. 

Piglet Dreams : Various Scenarios And Their Meanings

The following scenarios will, to some extent, help you understand your dream better. 

1. Dreaming about finding a piglet

According to the dream, you will be able to complete your ongoing tasks/ projects successfully. 

2. To dream about piglets crossing your path

In this case, the creatures symbolize setbacks that will soon erupt on your path. Though the road ahead seems rough, the universe encourages you to stick through and not give up. 

3. To dream of letting piglets out of a barn in a dream

Letting several piglets out from a barn is never a good sign. According to the scenario, you will commit a blunder soon and eventually blame yourself repeatedly as you live through the ill consequences you bring upon yourself. 

4. Running after piglets in a dream

You might soon get involved in an adventurous event if you run after piglets. 

5. Chasing a piglet in a dream

There’s a possibility that you feel lost in some aspects of your life. 

In some worst cases, such a dream can indicate negative emotions such as self-doubt, fear, low self-esteem, and even jealousy. 

6. Dreaming about a piglet running after you

If a piglet ran after you, you can expect a hike in salary. 

7. Dreaming of catching a piglet

Likely, a few setbacks will arise compelling you to put off your plans for the time being. 

8. To dream about holding a piglet

Holding a piglet is a sign of wealth coming to you soon. 

9. Kissing a piglet in a dream

Chances are, someone around you is gossiping about your past. 

10. Starving piglets in a dream

According to the scenario, you have been ignoring yourself entirely while trying to cater to others, hence the starving creatures.

You can even say, the plot is a manifestation of your body and soul screaming for your attention. 

Alternatively, a starving piglet shows you haven’t been working hard enough to accomplish your goals – due to a lack of motivation, laziness, procrastination, etc. 

11. A dream about feeding a piglet 

The dream signifies a drastic increase in your profit, wealth, and fortune. 

On the contrary, some dream interpreters associate the act of feeding a piglet with a betrayal by a person you least expect. 

12. Feeding a piglet from your hand in a dream

Expect an increase in your salary or daily wages if you feed piglets from your own hands. 

13. To dream of bathing piglets

Bathing piglets often relates to reaping small yet consistent rewards from something you have been investing your time and energy into.

14. Dreaming of a piglet soiling you with its feces while you play with it

The scenario symbolizes wealth and glory. 

15. A dream about piglets squealing loudly

Likely you will receive a piece of news from someone who lives in a distant land. Also, such scenarios are associated with surprise visits from unexpected people

Negatively, if you hear a piglet squealing loudly, that can be a sign that an ill-wisher is spreading lies about you. 

16. Dreaming about seeing piglets swimming

You will soon acquire valuable knowledge and experience concerning something. 

17. To dream about a piglet biting a child

The scenario is a harbinger of conflicts and arguments in the household. 

18. To see a piglet biting a stranger’s hand in a dream

The plot is associated with competitors or sworn enemies showing up around you challenging your abilities. 

19. A dream about stealing a piglet

Through the dream, the subconscious warns you to be wary of people who try to talk you into investing in shady businesses or things along those lines. 

20. A dream about buying a piglet

Buying a piglet is a good sign implying an overall improvement and development in almost every aspect of your life. 

21. To dream about buying a suckling piglet from the marketplace

A pleasant surprise awaits you if you dream about purchasing a piglet from the marketplace. 

22. To dream about giving a piglet to a friend

If you dream about gifting a piglet to a friend, your relationship with one of your friends will soon strengthen. 

23. A dream about selling a piglet

Selling piglets is closely linked to having a good time with friends and acquaintances. 

24. Dreaming that you want to slaughter pretty white piglets

If you were consumed with a desire to slaughter pretty white piglets, the scenario portends a happy event is in the offing.

The interpretation gets even better if you change your mind and refuse to kill them. In that case, expect to receive a deserving reward from the universe. This can be an unexpected inheritance or a pleasant, loving person for a partner. 

25. Dreams of killing a piglet

Most likely, you will intentionally or unintentionally put yourself in a dangerous situation if you see yourself slaughtering piglets. 

On the other hand, slaughtering a piglet can also represent your regret over missed opportunities. 

26. Dreaming about a dead piglet

Dead piglets in the dream world are an ill omen symbolizing sickness and disease. 

27. Eating a piglet in a dream

Generally, eating a piglet symbolizes unforeseen expenses digging a hole in your pocket. 

28. To dream of giving birth to piglets

There’s a good chance that one of your close friends or family will soon betray your trust. 

29. To see a sow giving birth to a piglet in a dream

A sow giving birth to a piglet is a reflection of your current personal as well as professional state. So, it’s crucial for you to recall what exactly happened in the dream to decode the meaning. 

Try remembering if the sow had an easy delivery or whether it experienced obstacles. 

Also, recall your emotional response within the plot and upon waking. 

30. Dreaming about many sows giving birth to piglets 

Likely, your plans will fall through if you dream of several sows giving birth to piglets.

The vision is also considered to be a harbinger of an issue with the digestive system.

From another approach, seeing many sows give birth to piglets indicates financial setbacks. 

31. To dream of watching a pig give birth to piglets

The scenario is associated with the need to make a difficult decision about something. 

32. To dream of seeing newborn piglets beside the mother

According to the plot, someone unexpected will help you resolve your financial troubles. 

33. To dream about piglets frolicking next to a sow sucking her milk

The above scenario is a highly auspicious sign symbolizing fortune favoring you.

Make the best use of your wits while you can. A promotion or even a rise to fame seems doable around this period of your life. 

34. To dream of pigs with piglets

The presence of pigs with a sounder or a group of piglets symbolizes either an increase in your wealth or an extension of your family tree. 

35. To dream of piglets playing among themselves

Piglets playing among themselves portends positive changes in the foreseeable future. 

36. To dream of several piglets following a sow

You will soon get a new family member – either through marriage or childbirth. 

37. Dreaming that you own a few piglets

Something you have longed for, for a long time, will actually happen. 

38. To dream of seeing piglets inside your house

Piglets inside your house are a sign of good health. 

39. Dreaming about flying piglets

Generally, flying piglets imply you are struggling to keep yourselves afloat in your waking hours. Chances are, you and your family are living paycheck to paycheck 

40. Pet piglets in a dream

A close friend you have lost touch with will soon reach out or you will hear from him or her through another person. 

Regardless, note that the universe is preparing you for a possible reunion. 

41. Wild piglets in a dream

Often, wild piglets hint at a merry event coming up soon. 

42. A dream about mad piglets

In this context, the piglets show up to warn you of the miserable state you could be driving yourself to because of your careless spending habits. 

43. To dream about several mischievous piglets

A shocking piece of news will soon leave you dumbfounded if you see many mischievous piglets. 

44. Dreaming about healthy, well-fed piglets

Well-fed piglets symbolize wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Pay close attention to how many or how few were present in the dream as that will be proportional to your financial growth. 

45. To dream of healthy and friendly pigs

If you dream of healthy pigs being friendly to you, you might soon get an opportunity to earn easy money. 

If you are currently not doing well financially, expect your situation to get better soon. 

46. To dream about seeing skinny piglets

Skinny piglets are a negative sign indicating material or financial losses. 

47. A dream about dirty piglet

Though the scenario sounds unappealing, it has a positive symbolism. The presence of dirty piglets is a sign that your financial status will improve exponentially in the near future. 

48. Dirty piglets digging in the mud in a dream

According to the plot, you are bound to end up regretting spending huge sums on necessary items. 

Additionally, the dream warns you to be careful as you might get scammed. 

49. Black piglets in a dream

Black piglets foreshadow the loss of a valuable piece or a huge sum of money

50. To see a pink piglet in a dream

Usually, a pink piglet represents a person you enjoy spending time with.

This can be someone who’s already in your circle or may even refer to a person you’ll soon encounter and develop some type of bonding with. 

51. A young lady dreaming of piglets wallowing in the mud

For a young lady, the above symbolizes a filthy rich yet jealous lover. 

52. A young woman dreaming about piglets

For a young woman, a dream featuring a piglet is a warning sign. Likely, someone, you considered a friend is looking for an opportunity to harm you.

53. Piglets in the dream of a mature woman

Baby pigs in dreams are a good sign for mature women. The foreseeable future looks bright for you.

Because relationships and matters that were once problematic will work out in your favor. 

Also, you will have numerous opportunities to resolve long-standing conflicts and heal yourself as well as others from pain. 

54. A married woman dreaming about piglets

If a married woman sees a piglet or piglets in her dream, she can expect trouble after trouble arising out of nowhere in the immediate future. 

Furthermore, the dream adds she would need to deal with her issues and others’. 

55. A pregnant lady dreaming about a piglet

For a mother-to-be, a piglet in the dream world symbolizes events and interactions with others that will bring her genuine happiness. 

56. A woman dreaming about taking care of newborn piglets

If a woman dreams about taking care of newborn piglets, it’s likely that she will change her job. 

57. A young man sees a piglet in a dream 

If a young man sees a baby pig, the plot symbolizes conflicts and arguments with friends and acquaintances. 

58. A mature man dreaming of a piglet

For a mature man, a piglet represents an ignorant and troublesome person. You may find yourself in a difficult situation involving that person.

Whatever the case is, do all it takes not to join hands with him or her. 

Else, you will end up making a fool of yourself. 

59. Piglets in the dreams of a single man

Chances are, the woman you adore will fail to reciprocate his feelings. If the rejection ever tempts you to spread false rumors about her, the subconscious warns you against it. 

60. A married man dreaming of a piglet

The dream symbolizes conflicts and bitter arguments arising in the household.

To make matters worse, your family might even blame you for everything that has been going wrong.

Spiritual Meaning Of Piglet Dreams

Piglets are considered to be a symbol of fertility. You can interpret the dream based on which stage of life you are in. For instance, if you are looking forward to starting a family of your own, the dream can mean giving birth. 

On the other hand, if your priority at present is your business, the creatures can be a sign of profit and growth.

Biblical Meaning Of Piglets In Dreams

Biblically, pigs or piglets are associated with everything unclean and evil. Therefore, from the Biblical perspective, the higher self could be warning you to keep away from despicable people, habits, or life patterns. 

Psychological Meaning Of Piglet Dreams

Psychologically, a dream about a piglet shows you have low self-esteem. You often deny yourself opportunities for growth and development by hiding in the shadows of others because you believe they are much better than you. 


To wrap up, dreaming of piglets can have either positive or negative meanings depending on what exactly happened in the dream. Also, it’s important to recall the dominating emotions you felt as they are a strong starting point to determine how you approach the dream. 

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