Nobody wakes up happy after dreaming of maggots. The tiny insects are the larvae of the fly – housefly, cheese fly, fruit fly and all the other bugs in this category.

If you dream of maggots, you are likely to wake up feeling worried and yucky. Most of the maggot dream meanings have a negative interpretation.

Dreaming of Maggots - Various Types & their Intriguing Interpretations
Dreaming of Maggots – Various Types & their Intriguing Interpretations

Dreaming about Maggot & its General Interpretations

There are many emotions linked to maggot dreams. Most of these are negative emotions since dreaming about maggots rarely brings any good news. Alarmingly, a lot of people wake up feeling nauseous after a maggot dreaming. Here is a look at some of the emotions linked to maggot dreams: 

  1. Anxiety
  2. Fear
  3. Hatred
  4. Sadness
  5. Disgust
  6. Anguish

Most of these emotions are associated with an individual feeling uneasy and uncomfortable with a situation in life. They hint towards instability in life. 

Dream about Maggot – Various Scenarios & Meanings

Let’s talk about the various scenarios of these dreams and unearth their interpretations.

Dreaming of maggots in your food

Maggots crawling in your food is not a good sign. Such dreams interpret to mean that your rivals are planning to harm you behind your back. Beware, these could be enemies that disguise themselves as friends to hurt you. 

Dreaming of eating maggots 

The very sight of maggots is disturbing. The idea of eating them sounds disgusting, doesn’t it. But some people may find themselves dreaming about maggots eating. This is not a good sign. It indicates that the individual is struggling to face issues in real life.

Maggots in house 

This dream is an indication that the overall environment in the house is not too good. One likes to come back home to a warm and caring family and friends or partner.

But if you are seeing maggots in your house in your dream, it means that the members harbor a strong negative sentiment against each other. 

Maggots eating flesh

The squishy creatures are known to feed on rotting flesh or dead meat or dead bodies. If you see this happening, it usually means two things. You could be hiding from the real issues that are bothering you.

The other interpretation is one of the few times when maggots in your dreams are considered a good omen. As per this point of view, maggots are eating the rotting flesh, paving the way for a new beginning. 

Attacked by maggots

Being attacked by an animal or insect is not a good sign. It indicates that an imminent threat is lurking around the corner and you are headed towards harm.  

Maggots on a leaf

This dream is like a warning. It means that the small problems in your life are going to grow bigger soon. 

Dream of small maggots

Unlike their nasty counterparts, the small maggots still offer some hope. They still indicate the presence of problems in your waking life. But since the maggots are small, it means that you still have a chance to overcome your problems. So, give it your best shot. 

Stepping on maggots in your

If you are stepping on maggots in your dream, it indicates you have been harboring negative energy or sentiments against someone for some time. But you are refusing to acknowledge it.

Maggots on rotten food

Maggots usually appear on food or organic matter that is rotting away. Such dreams indicate that the individual is suppressing his / her emotional issues. This affects mental health in a bad way. 

Dreaming of many maggots

Did you dream about many maggots? If that is the case, it means that you are surrounded by arrogant people in life. Their constant nagging and criticism could be holding you back from achieving goals in life. 

Attacked by maggots

If you are dreaming of maggots attacking you, it is a warning. This dream interpretation means that people around you are extremely greedy. They are likely to fool you and take undue advantage of the situation. 

Maggots coming out of wall

It is a sign that nasty problems are going to raise their head again. These are small issues that you had successfully put aside for a long time. But now they are back to bother you again.

Maggots crawling

Another positive dream, this one means that you will soon be showered by lots of love and good luck. 

Killing maggots in a dream

If you dream of killing maggots, it means that you have finally gathered the courage to face your problems. This is the first step to overcome your issues. So, are you dreaming of killing maggots or do you kill maggots in your dream?

One maggot

This is one of the dreams that has a positive interpretation. If you have seen a single maggot, it means that you have good friends watching your back. This friend or friends will step up to help you in the most unexpected situations. 

Spiritual meaning of maggots in dreams

In spiritual parlance, maggot dreams indicate that there is some negativity coming your way. People around you are envious of your achievements.

These dreams indicate that they are working behind your back to ruin your plans. Such dreams trigger feelings of hate and disgust. People who are dissatisfied in their lives are likely to be haunted by such dreams. 

Dreaming about Maggots of Various Colors

White maggots – It could be a hint that economic prosperity will knock on your door soon. 

Black maggots – It means that you are struggling to recognize the problem that is bothering you. 

Yellow maggots – It means someone close to you is extremely jealous of your personality. You need to stay away from the negativity of such people. 

Green maggots – It is a warning that you should beware of your new friends. Do not confide in them unless they prove their loyalty. 

Black maggots – It means that you can expect a temporary period of dissatisfaction in your life. 

Red maggots – It is a sign that you will overcome your problems soon.

Dream of Maggots in Various Body Parts

Dreaming of maggots coming out of your body 

The sight of maggots coming out of your body can be quite revolting. It is a warning that your negative emotions need to come out. It’s time you faced them else they will wreak havoc on your emotional well being. 

Maggots in hair 

If you have this dream, you need to figure out what is tormenting you. It symbolizes that there are a lot of negative thoughts piled up in your mind.

This dream is a warning that you need to urgently get rid of the negativity in your mind. 

Maggots on your hand 

It usually means that you are going to lose money. You should take this dream as a warning and avoid unnecessary expenditures. Save as much as you can.  

Maggots coming out of skin 

Maggots crawling under your skin or coming out of a hole in the skin is an indicator that you are a pessimistic person.

Your outlook towards life is generally unexciting and you only look for reasons to complain. Sometimes, this dream also means that you have been neglecting important issues.

Dream of maggots in mouth

This could be a sign that you have said something you shouldn’t have. One interpretation also narrows down to mean that you are speaking without thinking. This kind of behavior usually harms the other person and ends up earning ill-reputation. 

Maggots on dead body

This dream is a sign that the fear of death lurks in your mind. You could be afraid because you are worried that you are going to die soon. Seeing maggots on dead bodies is a common dream.

Maggots in your body

It means you have issues that you are struggling with. However, it could also mean that you are likely to encounter skin problems in the near future. 

Maggots crawling in your eyes

This dream is a warning that you should face the issues bothering you. These issues are haunting you in your dreams and if you do not confront them, they can cause serious damage. 

Maggots in your nose

If you dream about maggots coming out of your nose, it is a sign that you are battling depression in your life. 

Vomiting maggots in a dream

This dream means that you are headed for a face off with a staunch enemy. No matter how hard you try you are not going to be able to avoid it. There is a high possibility that you will snap in the most trivial argument. 

Maggots crawling on feet

It is not a good sign. These dreams indicate that the individual is suffering from delusions. It could be a sign of mental stress or trauma that could be bothering the individuals. 

Maggots in anus

This could indicate a wrong approach in life.

How to deal with Maggot Dreams? 

Maggot dreams mostly mean bad omen. They are indicators that trouble is coming or way or you are already struggling to get rid of it.

Either way, these dreams are a warning sign. So pay heed to them. Do not get disheartened by the interpretation. Instead, take the warning seriously and ask yourself what you can do to improve the situation. 

The only way to get rid of maggot dreams is to take a step back and analyze them. Once the interpretation is clear, you understand the dream and its possible consequences. This takes the load away from the conscience and you may stop dreaming about the maggots.


Maggots represent negative feelings, negative influences, indicating that the individual is fearful of death and lacks purpose in life. But, remember dreams are like a reflection of what you are already experiencing in real life.