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Dreaming of Plants? Know What it Means!

Dreaming of Plants? Know What it Means!

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on Mar 03, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Plants - 51 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of plants? Well, you have a lot of signs waiting for you. To begin with, what is the first thought that strikes your mind when someone says ‘plant’? 

Something green that grows and has leaves, roots, photosynthesis, etc. But most importantly plants represent life. It’s a sign of growth. And more often than not, a plant dream closely aligns with this core idea. 

So, let’s dig into the plant dreams’ meaning without further ado. Here we go –

Dreaming of Plants - 51 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dreaming of Plants – 51 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Plants – General Interpretation

A dream about plants is mostly associated with positive emotions in life. Often it is considered a sign of good fortune. However, it can also be a sign of being stuck in life, negativity, bad health, etc. 

Dreams about plants are usually taken as positive signs and moods. The color green of plants represents life. 

Besides, plants represent growing. So dreams about plants often symbolize any kind of growth in life. 

Dreaming about plants is often related to recovery or rejuvenation. It’s a sign that one is healing emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Thus, mostly there is a very positive feel linked to a plant dream. However, there can also be some negative signs of the dream. 

So it is crucial to understand the interpretation of the dream based on the contexts of your waking life and the situation in the dream. 

For example, often women dream of watering plants or growing when pregnant as there is life growing in them. Similarly, a dream of watering plants can mean supporting significant areas of life. 

On the other hand, potting plants can get stuck in a situation. You need to get the clues based on your life.

Hence, before coming to any conclusion, let us analyze what such a dream signifies with specific interpretations. It will let you understand your inner thoughts better. 

Let’s dive deeper!

Understanding Dreams of Plants

Dreams often symbolize different meanings for different people. Two people dreaming the same thing can have an entirely different interpretation due to their personal experiences.

Similarly, dreaming of plants can be linked to a thousand meanings. Hence, it is not an easy task to know what plant dreams symbolize without understanding their context to your life. 

You need to understand your interpretation based on the general symbolism and your inner feelings. 

Thus, you need to take clues of your emotions, your reactions, and your waking life to connect dots of your dream about plants.

Dreaming of Plants – 51 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Plants are crucial parts of our lives. We often associate our emotions with them. Thus, it is common to conclude some signs from the dreams about plants. 

So let us find out what interpretations are related to seeing plants in dreams –

1. Planting Dream Meaning

A dream about planting saplings is often considered a good sign. It reflects a situation that needs moving on, growing in life, and looking forward to an evolved version. 

Planting a tree in a dream represents long-term growth, bond, or relationships. 

2. Dream about Medicinal Plants 

A dream about medicinal plants symbolizes healing and rejuvenation. Maybe, you have been struggling for a long time. And now things are going to improve. 

Take it as a sign of healing emotionally and physically after a long illness. It’s a sign that your recovery has begun. 

3. Dying Plant Dream

It’s a sign that you are neglecting some crucial part of your life. The dream suggests that you should be paying attention to things and people you care about.

It can be a part of a situation or let us say a loved one who needs support.

4. Dream of Plants in Pots

To dream of potted can lead to many routes. Positively, it’s a sign of being well-grounded in life. Besides, it shows that you are being loved and taken care of.

Maybe you are procrastinating on an important project. Or, it might show that you are stuck in a toxic relationship.

Potting plants are in pots made of mud. These can break, it might have cracks and tiny holes. And these holes can easily shed water poured to let plants grow. 

It can signify something delicate and the dreamer is scared that it might just get destroyed or might shed the effort that he/she is giving. 

5. Dream of Green Plants

It represents life. Besides, this dream can symbolize good health. Either the dreamer requires to work on it or is proud of it. It represents aspects that deal with health, the mind, and the entire concept of life. 

6. Dream Meaning of Watering Plants

Support, dedication, care, love, and patience can be the interpretation of dreaming of watering plants. To water is to care, to let grow, to support with the purest intention. 

Besides, it can also represent the one’s ideology of moving forward in life. Thus, in a situation like unemployment or bachelorhood, the dream can mean getting up and finding the solution. 

It is a sign for you to water the empty parts of life to grow out of it. It means that the dreamer is now ready to grow and get out of the situation that is holding their back but not focusing on loved ones ready to support. 

7. Dreaming of Creepers or Climbing Plants

Plants that grow signify a situation that is getting out of hand and needs attention or support to give direction. Creepers or climbing plants need a stick or support to give them direction. 

So here, one might need to focus on giving the right direction. There is certainly some part of life that needs strong navigation support. 

8. Dream Pulling Plants Out of Skin

Something troublesome needs work! Emotionally and physically tired self is trying to pull all the negative aspects out, to breathe.  Pulling plants can also mean pulling the part of life that is helping the dreamer.

Besides, plants represent growing. Pulling growth out of skin means detaching yourself from a helping hand. Someone is trying to help the dreamer get out of something but our dreamer does not look at it that way or finds it disturbing.

9. Dream Meaning of Money Plants

Money-minded, are you? Looking at it from the other side of the coin, the money plant looks like any normal green plant.

If the dreamer remembers that it was specifically a money plant or is sure about it, let us see what are the possibilities. 

First of all, it is a money plant, and secondly if it is growing; it means the dreams seek to grow wealth. Investments, debts, building an empire, buying property, can be anything related to money. 

Usually, it is said that these signify prosperity, wealth, and a visionary outlook towards life. 

10. Dreaming of Dry Plants

It is not pleasant. Often it indicates that the dreamer has low energy or is generally exhausted in life. 

Demotivation is the prime reason for witnessing such dreams. So it might be a sign for you to charge up. 

Besides, it can be a sign of exhaustion. One needs to take a step back from the monotonous routine, get some fresh air, and take a splendid vacation on the hills or lakeside. 

Another possible interpretation is maybe a relationship is wearing out its charm. It needs the dreamer’s attention and love to regain its original lovable form, to grow. 

Dry plants mean a lack of water, that is, a lack of growth and love in life. So, wake up and water the dry parts of life. If in case it’s indoors, maybe a member of the family needs love, care, and attention.

11. Dream of Flowering Plants

The dream is a sign that the happy fruit of hard work is on its way. Dreaming of flowering plants means a great effort was put into a particular task and it is now time to enjoy the fruits. 

But wait, they are yet to be picked. So be careful about the flowering part, it is just a part of the process. 

Though mostly such dreams are positive, it depends on other aspects like the color of the flower, is it just buds or are there any particular flowers. In that case, a flowering plant symbolizes something else.

12. Dreaming of Poisonous Plants

Poison means something negative that is spreading. A rumor or gossip about the dreamer is spreading or our dreamer is just overthinking about something silly that happened at work. 

Besides, such a dream indicates rumors, negativity, or someone’s interference in a relationship. 

Dreaming of poisonous plants can lead to multiple outcomes and most of the land at the negative aspects. Unless there are already a lot of negative events in life and the dream is trying to get rid of such a phase. 

It says to focus on the good part and not water the bad ones anymore.

13. Dreaming of Cactus

 Cactus or flowering cactus means the person is content in life and needs minimal love, care, and attention. At the same time, it can also mean that the dreamer is a rough and tough person. 

Maybe, the person wants to be alone and is cheating a thorn-like personality on the outside to maintain the boundaries.

14. Dreaming of Plants as Weeds

The dream shows adversity. Weeds are unwanted plants. These are a hindrance to the plant’s growth. 

Considering its nature and behavior, such a dream would mean people who generally overpower us in life or are our feared surroundings, people, or places that make us feel uncomfortable. 

Going by the definition, weeds are nothing but ‘plants in the wrong place’. These are always either in an undesirable place or restricting the growth of actual plants, creating an unwanted mess in the flora space. 

Hence, one needs to compare these characteristics of weed with the current events of life. There lies the answer. 

15. Dreaming of Plants of a Particular Color

Mostly a dream of colored plants represents strong emotions. It how’s that something is going to prominently influence or affect your life. 

Colors have psychological meaning. Red is warning, love, etc while blue is to stay calm, it represents the sea, sky, etc. Focus on the color the dream interpretation here is specifically targeting something that needs growing. 

For example, a red-colored creepy-looking plant might mean danger. At the same time, a soft pink plant might mean romance.

16. Dreaming of Eating Plants

Mostly, it’s a sign of simple, sustainable living. You might be getting a chance to reconnect with nature. However, it might sometimes show your inner cravings. 

For example, the vision circles around the food wishlist or an unending desire of eating something that has stems. Like, it can be noodles or fries. Or just that the dreamer needs strict dieting rules to follow. 

Sometimes, eating plants can mean watching what we eat. For example, a person is having a lot of junk food and needs to switch to homemade organic options.

17. Dream of Vegetable Garden

Dreams suggest scenarios going in and outside the head. A vegetable garden in the unconscious state of mind might indicate one’s thoughts on being a vegetarian. 

Perhaps, you actually have a vegetable garden or are thinking of creating one. Vegetables can also point towards a healthy diet.

18. Dream of Plucking a Flower

The dream is often a sign of detachment. Plucking a flower is an act of detaching something from its source or roots. 

Maybe the dreamer’s ambition is detaching them from their home. The flower being plucked indicates taking something away from its place. 

Well, this picture does not seem to be pleasant but at the same time, it is not even that negative. 

It can also mean the dreamer’s kid needs to explore outside the loved ones to grow. Yes, it means growth too.

The flower might need to leave the warm and cozy shelter and be an aesthetic decoration for something.

19. Dream of Plants growing Outside the Window

Windows are the outlet of ventilation to a house. Plants growing outside the window are either from the art point of view or due to the life that grows in the monsoon season.

Such a dream signifies opportunities waiting for the dreamer to notice. 

Plants are outside the window, the boundary that one has created in life. Growth is stuck outside these boundaries and that is the part that needs work.

20. Dream of Snake Plants

This appearance has a very positive meaning. Snake plants symbolize the removal of negative energy from your life. It can also clean as well as heal your aura.

21. Dream about Broken Plants

It indicates that some things have been cut short in your life. This dream is metaphorically reminding the dreamer to mend things they have broken in their real life.

22. Dream of Useful Plants

These are usually positive signs. It can represent the dreamer’s involvement with a sensible or valuable project. 

On the contrary, it can indicate that the dreamer has balanced and stable relationships with their family as well as non-family members.

23. Dream about Evergreen Plants

The appearance of evergreens symbolizes long-lasting values. Perhaps, the dreamer will come across some significant information in the coming days. 

Alternatively, it can mean they are happy because their relationships or material possessions have long-term and favorable effects on their life.

24. Dream of Green Grass

The appearance of green grass in your dream indicates that you are thrilled about an important upcoming event in your life.

Perhaps, a change will come in your life that will be beneficial for your personal growth.

25. Dream of Wilted Plants

Dream of wilted plants is an unfavorable sign. This dream indicates that someone close to the dreamer will become very sick and might pass away. 

So, this dream is warning them to take care of the well-being of people who are important in their life.

26. Dream about Young Plants

Dreaming about plants that have just started developing indicates the commencement of a new relationship.

The relationship might be casual in the beginning but has the potential to grow into something more serious and meaningful.

27. Dream of Basal Plants

The appearance of basal plants in your dream suggests rapid developments in your personal life.

Perhaps, you will be spending many romantic moments with your partner, and the bond between both of you will grow stronger day by day. 

28. Dream of Aloe Plants

If you are dreaming about aloe plants, it means the dreamer is very timid in real life. For example, the dreamer is shying away to tell their partner what they want from them to make their relationship more fulfilling.

29. Dreaming of Blue-Colored Plants

The appearance of blue-colored plants in dreams symbolizes inner peace and happiness. The blue color is usually associated with romance.

So, if the dreamer is agitated over their feelings for someone, it will soon get resolved. 

30. Dream about Killing a Plant after Touching It

Dreaming about killing a plant after touching it indicates either the dreamer or someone from his/her family will fall ill.

This dream is warning them to take care of themselves and their family members during their waking hours.

On the contrary, this dream can suggest that all the hard work of the dreamer will pay off.

31. Dream of Plants Falling from the Sky

Dream of plants falling from the sky is a favorable sign. It indicates that new opportunities are coming your way and you should make the most of them. 

32. Dream of Your Dead Husband Bringing Plants

A woman dreaming about her late husband bringing plants to the home means she is still not over her dead husband in real life. 

Perhaps, the dreamer is not comfortable opening herself up to people because she has experienced a tremendous loss.

This dream is suggesting that she must start socializing and open herself up for new relationships. 

33. Dream of Receiving a Plant from a Crush

When a crush gives you a plant in your dream, it means you are trying to win someone over in your real life.

Alternatively, it can mean you are trying to get back into the good graces of your partner.

34. Dream of Repotting Plants

The dream of replanting plants indicates new beginnings in life. Maybe you have had a lot of adventures and now you are getting back to stability. It can specially show reconnecting with your relationships.

Besides, it might show that the dreamer wants to break free from people, things, or situations that are trying to restrict their actions. 

The dreamer is someone who likes taking risks in life and yearns for new experiences. But beware or else you can end up destroying your future.

35. Dream about Planting Cherries

Cherries represent close personal relationships. So, if you are dreaming about cherries, it means you will reconcile and reunite with your family or former partners with whom you had a tense relationship before.

36. Dream of Plants Growing Out of the Leg

Dream of plants growing out of the leg is related to your personal growth and capability to achieve things in life. It indicates that dreamers need to push themselves in order to achieve their goals. 

Perhaps, they’re at a crucial point in their life and planning their course for the future.

37. Dream of Plants Burning

Plants burning in your dreams are a bad omen. It indicates that the dreamer’s plans and hopes for the future are bound to fail because of their irresponsible actions. 

But alternatively, this dream is also asking them to stay alert and become more confident and responsible.

38. Dream of Plants Growing on a Slushy Mud

Dream of plants growing on slushy mud indicates that the dreamer is about to face the most difficult period in their life. 

Perhaps, they are afraid of something in your life and this, in turn, is impeding their personal growth. So, take this dream as a warning and take control of your life.

39. Dream of Overgrown Plants

Overgrown plants in your dream represent existing or upcoming problems in your life.

Hence, if a dreamer is having dreams of overgrown plants, it means they have to find their way through all these problems to succeed in their life.

40. Dream of Thorny Plants

Thorny plants in dreams indicate that someone wants to ruin the life of the dreamer. Maybe, these people are jealous of the dreamer’s status and possessions and want to destroy them. 

Thus, this dream is a warning sign to stay alert and in control to prevent anything unspeakable from happening.

41. Dream of a Grape Garden 

Grape garden in your dream indicates that you will earn a lot of money shortly. You will be leading a prosperous life as your business will make more profits. 

However, an alternate meaning of this dream can be that you are unhappy with your work in real life and intend to work harder to get to where you want to be. 

42. Dream about Planting Paddy

Paddy represents good fortune in terms of money as well as career achievements. So, if a dreamer is dreaming about planting paddy, it means their hard work will earn them good results. 

43. Dream of Plants Dying and Coming Back to Life

This dream indicates that the dreamer will have good days to look forward to even if he/she is going through bad situations at the moment. 

44. Dream about Planting Tomato Seeds

Dream of planting tomato seeds can have two possible meanings. On one hand, it can mean that the dreamer’s quality of life will increase and they will find it easier to get around. 

But on the other hand, this dream can mean the dreamer will meet some new acquaintances who will soon become their friends for life. 

45. Dream of Coffee Plants

The appearance of coffee plants in a dream indicates that the dreamer is very active and energetic.

Usually, the dream suggests that the dreamer is a kind of a person who is always ready to work and achieve great things in life.

46. Dream of Attractive Plants

It indicates that one is healthy, happy, and enjoying a good life. The dreamer is surrounded by good people who help their to stay motivated and prosper in life. 

47. Scary Plant Dreams

Sometimes plants can be scary. For example, dreams of carnivorous plants are often quite horrible. 

In this situation, there can be multiple meanings of the dream. Firstly, it might show that you are in danger. Maybe, you are feeling stuck in a big problem. 

Besides, it might show deception. So you need to be careful. Especially from someone who you expect to help you or in whom you have immense faith.

48. Dream of Plant Growing out of Body

The dream often symbolizes waking life processes like solitude, meditation, religion, evolution, and spirituality.

Any procedure that takes a higher self can be related to the dream of plants growing out of the body. It means to leave the limited access to consciousness a physical human form has. 

49. Dream About Plants Growing Out of Hands

The dream often suggests that changes are about to occur. Hands represent major actions performed by the body.

In that manner, the types of plants growing out of hand signify the change in the pattern of life. 

Hence, in other words, the dream means transformation. Mostly this transformation is for the better. So, the dreamer might excel at what they are working on in the current situation. 

50. Dream of Plants Not Growing

It means something is preventing you from reaching your goals. There might be some challenges in your life that are restricting you to achieve your goals. 

So the dream is reminding you to keep working hard and a time will come when no one can stop you from reaching your goals.

51. Dream of Healthy Plant Seeds

It is a good sign. Healthy plant seeds symbolize power and stamina. Thus, this dream indicates that you will be enjoying good health in the future. Besides, it is a sign of new positive beginnings.

Dreaming of Plants – Final Words

Plants can be considered as a metaphor for something that needs growing in life.

Whether it is growing out of the body or needs water, plants represent life. Therefore, dreams related to plants, be it dying or growing, need to be compared with the ongoing events in life. 

It can also mean focusing on leading emotionally and physically in different aspects of your life. There can be a lot of meaning or no meaning at all. 

So link it with waking life, with different aspects of your life, analyze what the dream signifies.