If you’re dreaming of witchcraft, it represents good or bad luck depending on your life circumstances and the scenes you witness. It may symbolise that people around you want to manipulate you. Or, you will soon resolve your problems.

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Is it Bad to Dreaming of Witchcraft?

Dreaming of witchcraft reflects your emotional status with respect to the outer world. It discusses the people surrounding you, your life goals, and your behavioural aspect.

Here is more messages behind them:

  • All of your issues will be resolved. 
  • You think that other people can affect you easily.
  • Vicious and manipulated people surround you.
  • You are worried that things won’t perform accordingly.
  • It reflects your vulnerability and restlessness.
  • You have been working hard lately and will achieve your desired goals.
  • You have authority over others.
  • You have the potential to change your life in a better way.
  • You have insecurities.
  • You are emotionally unstable.

Common Dreams of Witchcraft & Meanings

The dream of witchcraft symbolises your mental agony with respect to your relationship and social life. It portrays your fear and anxiety. Below are some common dream interpretations of different types of witchcraft dreams.

Seeing a witch doing witchcraft in a dream 

This denotes that you’re anxious about a task, a trip, or perhaps a connection. You’re worried that things might not go as planned.

Witch casting a spell on you 

It means that you believe someone in your life has ill intentions towards you. You might worry that they’re hurting you, exactly like the witch did in your dream. Or you may believe that they have the power to influence those around them.

Witch creating magic potions for witchcraft

The vision reflects creativity. You sense hope or thrill about an upcoming project with your creativity. However, it might also indicate your vulnerability. 

Being attacked by witchcraft 

This may represent thoughts of injustice. This shows that someone poses a physical threat to you. It might also be related to a fear of falling sick.

Witch entering your home by witchcraft 

It may indicate your concern about negative energies. Sometimes, it also implies that you believe a strong enemy is chasing you.

Witch doing witchcraft and riding a broomstick 

This may signal you to leave the difficulties behind. It may also indicate your restlessness. Though you’ve been working hard lately and haven’t seen any results, they’ll appear eventually.

Dreaming of witchcraft coven 

It tells you that you will have a lot of possibilities and potential for financial success.

Someone familiar appearing as a witch and doing witchcraft 

It might be a sign that’s how you perceive them. Either you have complete faith in this person, or you don’t. They may act and say the right things, but you aren’t sure whether they truly mean any of it.

You doing witchcraft as a witch 

It implies you will discover your power and responsibility. Your ability to make changes and govern your own life will improve. But it might also be a sign of conflict around you.

Your partner being a witch and doing witchcraft

This depicts someone’s jealousy towards you. Additionally, it suggests that you should either get in touch with someone struggling lately or take some time away from them.

Witch offering you an apple which has witchcraft done on it

The scene symbolises seduction. It tells you to be cautious about a business deal, a new career, or even a new romance, even though they seem intriguing.

Witch laughing while doing witchcraft

It’s a matter of concern. A close relative or friend is making fun of you. You’ll have an accident, and people will make fun of you rather than offer sympathy.

Witch’s crystal ball and witchcraft dream meaning

It denotes your desire for an indication about where your future will lead you. Now, it’s time to start something new so that you can look back on something positive in the future.

Dreams of multiple witches performing a witchcraft ritual

This denotes that you need assistance from someone powerful. Alternatively, your problems may be too big for you to handle, or are generally insecure. 

A word from ThePleasantDream 

Keep in mind that the examples presented here can serve as a guide for your interpretation. The most important part is to reflect on every aspect of your dream and how it made you feel. 

This concludes the analysis of the various interpretations of dreams involving witches. Hopefully, it has assisted you in interpreting the meaning of your unique dream.