When you get dreams about snakes, it is frightening, scary, and includes a host of negative meanings associated with it. 

But truly speaking, everything that appears in the subconscious mind is not unpleasant, uncanny, and unforeseen. However, there is much more to it that unfolds with intuition and wisdom.

Dreams about Snakes - Various Types & Their Meanings
Dreams about Snakes – Various Types & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Snakes?

In dreams, snakes represent personal growth, renewal, and transformation. It also denotes the presence of poisonous or toxic elements in waking life.

Dreaming about snakes can carry both positive and negative meanings. It symbolizes a significant happening of your unconscious mind of which you are not aware of in your waking life.

On a positive note, dreams about snakes signify transformation, change, growth, renewal, and rebirth. It denotes a fight back spirit to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Symbolically dreams about snakes mean the following

  • Fear – Its presence in dreams means that you are afraid of something or someone in your waking life.
  • Personal growth and renewal – The shedding of their skin and outgrowing it resembles transition and new beginning. 
  • Unconscious anxieties – it represents the hidden and latent anxieties of your daily life.
  • Sign of sexuality – snakes represent male sexuality, orgasm, passion, and love making.
  • Wisdom – represents ancient knowledge and spiritual growth.
  • Warning – dreaming about snakes tells you not to follow people blindly.
  • Progress – It means that you are moving forward and making progress towards personal growth. 
  • Spirituality – symbolize inner transformation, spiritual awakening, and tapping of your higher self. 

Spiritual Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

Spiritually, snakes symbolize victory over evil and control of life forces in the way you wish. It denotes the following:

  • Shedding of skin represents unveiling your new self; symbol of transformation
  • Snakes denote stealth, sneakiness, hidden desires, and passionate sex.
  • Catching a snake means victory and pride
  • Snakes also signifies adaptation to change and connecting with the Higher self.
  • In psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud considered dreaming about snakes as symbolic of sexual instinct, predominance of libido representing male sexuality and pleasure.

Biblical Interpretation

Snakes are evil symbols that can rob you of inner peace and happiness. These reptiles are considered to be assigned deceit, tricks, betrayal, and wicked intentions. 

The biblical meaning of snakes denotes the dark forces of hatred that you are fighting in your waking life. It is a complex symbol representing destruction, death, evil energy, and deception.

Various Dream Scenarios of Snakes and Their Symbolic Meanings

There are different types of snake dreams depending upon the color and type of snakes. Here we are going to discuss a few common dreams about snakes and their detailed illustrations.

Dream of snake bite

It means a warning sign to pay attention to the unresolved issues of your waking life. 

Maybe, you were ignoring these conditions for some time now and thus it has increased significantly. This dream also means harm from other people in your life. 

A snake bite in a dream means you may fall prey to deceit, cheating, bluff, and misfortune. 

Snakes attacking you

Dreams about snakes attacking you means some challenging situation, problems, and obstacles of your waking life that are difficult to cope with.

Symbolically, this dream represents unsettling emotions, fear, anxiousness, trauma, and threat.

It foretells problems that are hard to deal with. A wild snake attacking you means your unsafe and insecure feeling in waking life. 

Snakes everywhere

When you experience a dream of snakes moving and crawling everywhere around you, it symbolizes untapped energy, pent-up feelings, and unresolved conflicts. 

Being surrounded by snakes all around you also represents overflowing emotions and desires, and enemies all around you. 

Killing snakes

It represent an unwanted pregnancy, emotional healing, and spiritual growth with regard to specific dream themes.

Killing a snake with a knife means to get rid of your inner fears and apprehensions.

Dreaming of a lots of snakes 

This dream symbolizes abundance, wisdom, and sexual energy that remains unused in waking life. Lots of snakes also means innermost wishes and desires that remain unfulfilled. It’s reminding you to take action and make things happen to realize your desires. 

Dead snake 

It is a positive omen; resembling fortune and change for something better in life.

Dead snakes represent the end of a cycle; symbolizing the end of obstacles and problems in your waking life. The dead snakes suggest triumph, retreat of evil forces, the victory of good over evil.

Snakes in water

Dreams of snakes in the water are related to your emotions. It means you are resisting some change that is going to happen soon and not moving with the flow of time. You are afraid of a fresh start. 

Recurring dreams about snakes

The same dream theme appearing again and again in your life may mean toxic forces working around you. You are feeling threatened in waking life and this fear is manifested in the subconscious mind. 

Dream of snake in the house

It means there are toxic people under the same roof who are trying to harm you but you are unaware of it. 

This dream theme represents conflicting relationships, unhappiness in family life, negative home environment, fights and squabbling between family members.

Snakes on you

It could mean that the part of the body is wounded and hurt and needs healing and assuage. This dream signals towards imbalance of bodily energies as well.

Poisonous snakes

This dream means toxic men in a woman’s life. It denotes negative masculine character traits that represent bad influence in life. Venomous snakes also mean betrayal, hidden fears, threat, and lack of safety in waking life. 

Seeing a baby snake

Seeing a baby snake in dreams means a feeling of being lost in life. You are confused and unsure of your next move. Maybe your current life condition is going through a lot of ups and downs and you are not sure of what to do.

Being chased by a snake

When you see yourself being chased by a snake, it denotes an unsettled condition of your waking life that you are trying to ignore and avoid. Snake chasing also means anger and vulnerability. 

Dream of two-headed snake

A two-headed snake means threats and harm that can come from some dual sources in your real life. Things may get terrible if you do not put an effort to remove these toxic forces from your life. 

Seeing snakes while pregnant

The color of the snake matters the most in this dream theme. A black snake while being pregnant means that you may have a baby boy. A white snake represents a baby girl. 

Hissing snakes

Being scared of hissing snakes is symbolic of innate fears, poor intuition, and vision. The snake is making the sound to remind you to tap your intuitive abilities and take actions to carve a life of your choice.

Dreams about snakes spitting venom at you

This type of dream means that something negative is happening to you in real life. It represents that you are surrounded by unfaithful people who always pour negative thoughts onto you and try to pollute your mindset. 

Dreams about Types of Snakes and Their Symbolic Meaning

The snake dream interpretation may vary according to the type and species of snakes present in the dream theme. 

Boa Constrictor

It means feeling strangled, confined, trapped, in real life. You are unable to protect yourself from harm. 


It symbolizes toxic people in waking life who are showing signs of deceit, cheating, and forgery. 

Garter snake

A garter snake is non-poisonous and less harmful. It represents someone in your real life who is no longer posing threat or harm of any kind.

A Viper

A viper in dreams means that you are going to be humiliated and betrayed by known people such as your spouse, a close friend, business partner etc. 


When you dream about this snake species, it means wild sexual desires and unmet sexual needs from your partner. 

King cobra

The king cobra is a venomous serpent. Its appearance in dreams represents danger and fear in waking life. You are reminded to stay alert.


A copperhead represents your need for internal healing and let go of old patterns of toxic thoughts and emotions bothering your daily living. 


The cotton mouth in dreams means change, transition, renewal, and rebirth. The snake appears in dreams to remind you to heal past wounds and revive the broken parts of yourself.

Milk snake

Milk snake symbolizes your healing process. You have learned to let go of others harsh words, ignore them and become less sensitive in life.

Rat snakes

This dream about snakes symbolizes acceleration in personal pursuits, a growth process or accomplishment of some important life goal. 

Dreams about Colors of Snakes and Their Symbolic Meaning

The color of the snake in dreams also plays a vital role in its meaning and symbolism. Let’s see how the colorful snakes influence your life and living.

  • Black snake – It represents potential threats and danger in real life. 
  • White snakes – Purity of thoughts and actions.
  • Green snake –  It resembles hope, new beginning, renewal, and transformation. 
  • Yellow snake – It represents deceit, maliciousness, cowardice, and betrayal.
  • Red snakes – Symbolizes passion, happiness, sexual energy.
  • Black and white snake – balance of energy, good judgment and yin-yang forces of nature. 
  • Golden snake – It is a sign of royalty, beauty, elegance, and opulence. 
  • Purple snake – It represents wise and deep love, passion, intimacy, and sexual urges.
  • Brown snake – A brown snake or a bronze serpent denotes nurturance.
  • Blue snake – fear of getting rejected or humiliated, troubles in communication.
  • Orange snake –  denotes good emotional health and stability of thoughts.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’

Dreams about snakes are obviously spine-chilling and a terrifying experience that is hard to forget; but in most cases, this gliding reptile gives a unique view of your inner world and deepest core of your “psyche”. 

This secret look inside the closet brings out your hidden fears and unresolved conflicts on to the surface and helps in an ultimate let go process.

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