Are you ready to listen to the serpent’s tale in this article? Yes you heard it right. A mere thought of a slithering and wriggling reptile around can cause jitters and uneasiness in you. When you get dreams about snakes, it is frightening, scary, and includes a host of negative meanings associated with it.

But truly speaking, everything that appears in the subconscious mind is not unpleasant, uncanny, and unforeseen. However, there is much more to it that unfolds with intuition and wisdom.

Read on to know more about the symbolic meaning of such dreams and how it relates to your waking life.

Dreams about Snakes - Various Types & Their Meanings
Dreams about Snakes – Various Types & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Snakes?

In dreams, snakes represent personal growth, renewal, and transformation. It also denotes the presence of poisonous or toxic elements that induces fear and insecurity and calls for inner healing, health, and well-being.

Will you ever ignore a snake coming your way in real life? No. Right? Because you are alarmed and awakened to safeguard yourself from impending harm. Likewise, when you dream about snakes, it tells you not to ignore it, rather to be wary of what it represents.

Dreaming about snakes can carry both positive and negative meanings. It symbolizes a significant happening of your unconscious mind of which you are not aware of in your waking life. It cautions you of your fears, anxieties, insecurities, and impending obstacles in life.

On a positive note, dreams about snakes signify transformation, change, growth, renewal, and rebirth. It denotes a fight back spirit to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Snake is a powerful reptile that evokes fear, anxiety, and helplessness. It represents a person who is toxic and creates a dangerous problem in your real life. Apart from this, snakes also represent your toxic and negative thoughts that are clouding your life’s vision. You may find yourself surrounded with bad people, or relationships, addictions, and worries in waking life. These negative forces are holding you back, strangling you, and withholding your ability to accomplish life goals.

In dreams, snakes symbolize sexual energy. In Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory, dreaming about snakes signifies a phallic symbol. For women, snakes represent men in their waking life. It denotes male-female physical intimacy and pleasure. It means erotic feelings for the members of the opposite sex. Snakes in dreams are symbols of warning signs and caution. It tells you to guard yourself from distrustful people in waking hours.

Symbolically, dreams about snakes are a representation of hidden passions, sexual energy, fear and threats, temptation, protection, renewal, new beginnings, flexibility, and adaptation to change.

Dreams about snakes have multi-layered symbolism in different cultures of the world. Sometimes, dreams about snakes also symbolize personal growth, abundance, wealth, and wisdom. It reminds you to cope up with the incoming struggles, fight it, and overcome it successfully.

Symbolically dreams about snakes mean the following

1. Fear

Snakes are fear inducing species. It’s presence in dreams means that you are afraid of something or someone in your waking life. It tells you to face your fears and overcome them successfully. The problems of waking life like fear of losing a job, fear of a failing relationship can show up in dreams.

2. Personal growth and renewal

Snakes represent change. The shedding of their skin and outgrowing it resembles transition and new beginning. This behavior of snakes represents renewal and change in your waking life. The dream symbols remind you to outgrow old habits and thought patterns, to forget past hurts and emotional pain and pay more attention to embark on a journey of transformation and change.

3. Unconscious anxieties

When your emotions are overwhelming you, you will keep on seeing dreams about snakes. Snakes are evil symbols so whenever it shows up in dreams, it represents the hidden and latent anxieties of your daily life.

4. Temptation and sexuality

According to Sigmund Freud, snakes represent male sexuality, orgasm, passion, and love making. If a woman dreams of snakes, it could represent her unresolved conflicts and unmet needs related to sexual satisfaction and love making.

Maybe, she is facing real life issues with her partner; her love life is moving through rough patches and she needs to undergo a process of inner healing and transformation.

5. Wisdom

A snake in your dream represents ancient knowledge and spiritual growth. It symbolizes protection from threat. In North American and Asian cultures snake dreams mean you are seeking knowledge in your real life. You are trying to find answers to the unknown.

6. Warning

In Hindu mythology, by nature a snake is a symbol of caution and warning. It represents something or someone in your waking life that cannot be trusted. Dreaming about snakes tells you not to follow people blindly. You should remain mindful of your current life and decide accordingly.

7. Progress

Snakes are symbolic representations of transition. It means that you are moving forward and making progress towards personal growth. You have overcome your hurdles and adversities that existed and made a desired progress towards goal accomplishment.

8. Spirituality

Dreams about snakes symbolize inner transformation, spiritual awakening, and tapping of your higher self. This dream is said to awaken the kundalini and Chakras, the energy centers of the body that bring growth and renewal of intuitive powers.

In Hindu mythology, snakes are seen coiled in the neck of Lord Shiva, symbolizing protection, victory of truth over evil, triumph and success in the personal life of the dreamer.

What Does It Mean to Dream about Snakes Attacking You?

Dreams about snakes attacking you means some challenging situation, problems, and obstacles of your waking life that are difficult to cope with. Symbolically, this dream represents unsettling emotions, fear, anxiousness, trauma, and threat.

If you see a lethal and venomous snake attacking you in dreams, it means threat, danger, loss of money, and wealth. It foretells problems that are hard to deal with. A wild snake attacking you means your unsafe and insecure feeling in waking life. 

You are emotionally down with discomfort, emotional uneasiness, stress, and anxiety. There is a fear of uncertainty over a real life situation that is perceived as dangerous and threatening. You may feel constrained, trapped, and confined in a vicious cycle of negative emotions.

This dream symbolism reminds you to become more aware and mindful of your waking life. The situations that appear threatening should be explored deeply to resolve the conflicts. Dreams of snakes attacking you and snake biting you also symbolize fear of taking risks, lack of confidence, lack of  experience, hesitancy, resistance, poor self-esteem, lack of self-worth etc. The serpent symbolizes your fear to move ahead in life. The dream tells you to deal with anxieties in real life.

Sometimes snakes attacking you also symbolizes your untamed, wild, and savage ‘self’ that others judge as socially unacceptable and immoral. The presence of an attacking snake also signifies sexual instincts that are wild, violent, and lacks social convictions.

The dream tells you to become more aware of your waking life; to give a vent to your inner tensions that offer resistance; to express those aspects of yourself that remained hidden, neglected, or repressed for a long time.

In a nutshell, dreams about snake attacks mean:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Surprise
  • Toxic life influences
  • Feeling of being trapped
  • Resistance and hesitancy
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Life threats, risks, and obstacles
  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Unmet needs
  • Inability to take risk

Spiritual Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

Snakes are the oldest and widely acknowledged spiritual symbols. Spiritually, snakes in dreams mean both good and evil forces. The good ones are fertility, transformation, renewal, spiritual awakening and rebirth. The evil forces include malicious intent and venomous associations with people around you.

Snakes are the most revered reptiles known to the human race. These slithering creatures hold deep spiritual connections in various ancient cultures. In history, dreams about snakes denote creativity, life force, and fertility. It signifies the symbol of healing, change, immortality and renewal of life force. 

This is the reason why shedding of the snake’s skin is considered as renewal and change. You are embarking on a new journey of life by shedding away old beliefs and habits. Maybe you have learned to let go of toxic influences and moved on towards healing and inner transformation.

Spiritually, snakes symbolize victory over evil and control of life forces in the way you wish. It denotes the following:

  • Shedding of skin represents unveiling your new self; symbol of transformation
  • Snakes denote stealth, sneakiness, hidden desires, and passionate sex.
  • In Hinduism, snakes signify sly and dangerous enemies, evil surprises in waking life.
  • Catching a snake means victory and pride
  • The ancient Greeks believed that serpents are spiritual creatures and refers to intuition and wisdom.
  • Snakes also signifies adaptation to change and connecting with the Higher self.
  • In Christianity, Snakes symbolize deceit, conspiracy, and harm by evil forces.
  • The Islamic culture believes that Snakes in dreams is all about overcoming the enemy that means win and victory.
  • Snakes are a premonition of bad omen, representing warning and caution in real life.
  • In psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud considered dreaming about snakes as symbolic of sexual instinct, predominance of libido representing male sexuality and pleasure.
  • Carl Jung differed with Freud and he suggested that snakes are spirit guides. These reptiles indicate conflict between your collective consciousness and intuition. For him, snakes are wise reptiles that teach the dreamer the art of healing, endurance, adaptation, and change for something good and great.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Snakes

Snakes in the bible are evil symbols that can rob you of inner peace and happiness. These reptiles are considered to be assigned deceit, tricks, betrayal, and wicked intentions. The biblical meaning of snakes denotes the dark forces of hatred that you are fighting in your waking life.

The snake is represented in Christianity as an evil force that is poisonous and intriguing. It is a complex symbol representing destruction, death, evil energy, and deception.

In the Bible and New Testament, the serpent appeared in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were tempted by the snake to eat a forbidden fruit that resulted in the fall of humanity. In this folklore story, snakes represent cunning motives, betrayal, and treachery. In the Bible and spiritual dream books, dreams about snakes represent the following:

1. Sign of temptation

In the spiritual scriptures, temptation is considered as a human weakness that one is supposed to control. It’s an evil force that can bring your downfall and failure. In the story of Genesis, Eve was tempted and allured to eat a forbidden fruit and commit the first human sin in the history of human existence.

Since then, snakes represent ‘human fall’; symbolizing weakness of character, strength, and flaws that can make you commit mistakes and sins. In dream themes, snakes come to remind you of your inner weakness, and to get away with it.

2. Sign of cheating and deception

The biblical interpretation considers snakes as a sign of cheating. When you dream about snakes, it means that there are evil forces around you who are trying to deceive and cheat you in every possible way.

The dream symbols cautions you to remain careful and pay attention to the nitty gritty of events in your waking life. You may get harmed; as people are waiting to strike you at a weak moment.

3. Sign of a demon

In the story of Genesis, it was Satan (evil spirits) who took the disguise of a serpent and led to the downfall of Adam and Eve. Thus, snakes represent a demon, an evil influence that can disturb your aura and tries to upset the equilibrium of your life forces.

The snake symbolizes your fight with the wicked forces who are trying to overpower and ruin you in every possible way. You need to remain watchful of the difficult situations and master the unknown.

4. Sign of impending danger

The venomous reptile signifies some approaching danger coming your way. Your enemies are trying to harm and overpower you. Dreams about snakes represent your daily life issues.

It tells you to prepare yourself for the impending danger that is approaching you. The Bible tells us that snakes represent a grave danger that may lead to destruction, desolation, havoc, and breakdown of your fighting spirit forever.

5. Sign of test and trial

The appearance of snakes in dreams means a test and trial of your life. It depicts the abstract nature of struggles that one goes through to accomplish his or her goals in life.

The problems of your waking life puts you in a series of trials; where you need to prove your worth and come out victorious. The snake symbolizes the different challenges that you face. It resembles a lot of practice till you tend to get closer towards perfection.

60 Types of Dreams about Snakes

There are different types of snake dreams depending upon the color and type of snakes. Dreams about snakes and their interpretation depends upon your relation with the reptile, your real life conflicts and your feelings in the dream.

If you are someone who abhors a snake, you are most likely to wake up scared and terrified from such a dream. But if there is someone who is not scared of snakes, they may interpret the dream symbolism differently.

Here we are going to discuss a few common dreams about snakes and their detailed illustrations.

1. Dream of snake bite

When you dream about snake bites, it means a warning sign to pay attention to the unresolved issues of your waking life. Maybe, you were ignoring these conditions for some time now and thus it has increased significantly. This dream also means harm from other people in your life. A snake bite in a dream means you may fall prey to deceit, cheating, bluff, and misfortune. 

Getting bites from a poisonous snake also symbolizes fear of the unknown; so it tells you to remain open to the issues of waking life. You are reminded to be aware of the circumstances surrounding you in real life. If a pet snake bites you, it means betray. The location of the bite also matters a lot. A snake bite on the face represents overemphasis on beauty.

If a snake is biting you on the neck it means lies and cheating done from the back. You are unaware of it. If you are bitten by a snake on the lips, it means hidden fears, distrust, and disloyalty by friends. A snake bite on the right hand symbolizes whether the outside reality is in tune with your inner world. Whatever it is, a snake bite symbolizes a power tussle between the external and internal forces.

2. Dreaming about snakes everywhere

When you experience a dream of snakes moving and crawling everywhere around you, it symbolizes untapped energy, pent-up feelings, and unresolved conflicts. Carl Jung in 1930 believed that snake dreams symbolize sexual desires that remained unmet. It also symbolizes betrayal, and deception by some known people in your life. 

Being surrounded by snakes all around you also represents overflowing emotions and desires, and enemies all around you. The dream theme also symbolizes a need for inner healing and transformation. Black snakes all around is also symbolic of a feeling of being intertwined; and stressful relationships. If you are walking over snakes everywhere, it means deception and betrayal.

3. Killing snake in dream meaning

If you kill a snake in a dream, it means a good sign. It indicates that you have successfully overcome any difficulties that were bothering your waking life. Dreams of killing snakes means to destroy, demolish, abandon, and end something evil in life.

If you have killed a snake successfully in dreams, it also symbolizes your potential to come out of betrayal and deceit in real life. Dreams about killing also represent an unwanted pregnancy, emotional healing, and spiritual growth with regard to specific dream themes. Killing a snake with a knife means to get rid of your inner fears and apprehensions.

4. Seeing snake in dream

In most cases, seeing a snake in dream is a warning to take a closer look at the environment you are living in. The dream tells you to listen to your intuition and check-in with proper emotional balance.

The size, type, and color of the snakes may mean differently. It may indicate major life changes, some good and few bad that are affecting you. Dreaming about snakes represent your inherent fear of neglecting and ignoring life’s problems.

5. Lots of snakes in dreams

When you dream about a large number of snakes in dreams, it symbolizes abundance, wisdom, sexual energy that remained unused in waking life. Lots of snakes also means innermost wishes and desires that remained unfulfilled.

It’s reminding you to take action and make things happen to realize your desires. In a positive way, dreaming about lots of snakes also means transformation of your energy in productive ways, in certain dream themes, lots of snakes also mean potential threats and attacks in real life.

6. Dead snake in dreams

Snakes shed their skin and it symbolizes a new beginning. It represents the end of a period in their life. Likewise, dreaming about dead snakes is an indication of renewal and rebirth. It reminds you to release old habits and take up new passion in life.

Dreaming of a dead snake is a positive omen; resembling fortune and change for something better in life. Dead snakes represent the end of a cycle; symbolizing the end of obstacles and problems in your waking life. The dead snakes suggest triumph, retreat of evil forces, the victory of good over evil.

7. Dreaming of snakes in water

Dreams of snakes in the water are related to your emotions. It means you are resisting some change that is going to happen soon and not moving with the flow of time. You are afraid of a fresh start. Probably you are apprehensive of some unconscious needs and how to fulfill them in your life.

As water symbolizes flow, it also represents emotional turbulence and imbalance of rational thoughts in real life situations. If you dream of swimming with snakes all around you, it means you are stuck and confined in a troublesome situation. You are scared and threatened of a group of individuals in waking life who you fear may cause immense harm and turbulence in your life.

8. Recurring dreams about snakes

The same dream theme appearing again and again in your life may mean toxic forces working around you. You are feeling threatened in waking life and this fear is manifested in the subconscious mind.

The fear of snakes in the dream warns you to be cautious and careful of present day happenings. These recurring fantasies also mean untamed ‘you’ who need to resolve issues and start on a process of emotional healing.

9. Snakes inducing fear

If you are afraid of the snake, feel fearful and threatened after dreaming about snakes, it means that you need to identify your life stressors and remove them. The terror inducing dream reminds you to pay attention to the various fearful elements of your everyday life.

10. Dreams about snakes and feeling pleasant

When dreams about snakes bring pleasant feelings and comfort, it means that you are healing and transforming. It resembles good health and prosperity in waking life. This dream symbolizes absence of toxic influences and that your day to day life is going smooth without any red flags to look for.

11. Multiple snakes

If you dream about multiple snakes, it means toxic and harmful people are a part of your waking life. They are conspiring against you. This dream theme is a form of awareness building and caution of something bad might come to you in future. Lauri Loewenberg said that multiple snakes also means many health issues that’s making your life miserable.

12. Dreams about snake in the house

Dreams about snakes in your house means there are toxic people under the same roof who are trying to harm you but you are unaware of it. This dream theme represents conflicting relationships, unhappiness in family life, negative home environment, fights and squabbling between family members. This dream denotes a bad sign and represents stress and anxiety in your daily living.

13. Snake denoting sexuality

When snakes appear in dreams in a non-threatening manner and denote sensuality, it means that your love life is going smooth. You are happy with your partner and your sex life is full of passion and intimacy. For a female, this dream theme denotes happy sex, orgasm, and bodily satisfaction.

14. Snakes on you

Lauri Loewenberg, the eminent dream analyst says that dreams of this nature symbolize physical healing. When you see snakes climbing on you, in the hands or chest or elsewhere, or biting your hand, it could mean that the part of the body is wounded and hurt and needs healing and assuage. This dream signals towards imbalance of bodily energies as well.

15. Snake in the bedroom

The bedroom represents a closed space of comfort and serenity. You relax and unwind in a personal space of yours. When you dream of snakes in the bedroom, it means there are evil forces sharing the same space with you.

Maybe, you are going through some relationship issues. Your partner is not fulfilling your physical and emotional needs. It represents problems in your love life.

16. Other people around the snake

If there are other people with the snake and appears in your dreams, it means malice, toxicity, conflicts are lurking around you. It represents an evil symbolism and warns you to keep your eyes open for any threat or impending danger.

17. Poisonous snakes

A poisonous snake in dreams means toxic men in a woman’s life. It denotes negative masculine character traits that represent bad influence in life. Venomous snakes also means betrayal, hidden fears, threat, and lack of safety in waking life. Dream of killing a poisonous snake means you have overcome your difficulties in waking life successfully.

18. Snake crushing you

When you dream about snake crushing you, it symbolizes real life tensions and anxiety. You are emotionally overwhelmed because the challenges of life are overpowering you. A snake attacking and crushing you represents threat undertones that are difficult to cope and resolve. It represents an unsettled mindset with a plethora of negative emotions.

19. Seeing a baby snake

Seeing a baby snake in dreams means a feeling of being lost in life. You are confused and unsure of your next move. Maybe your current life condition is going through a lot of ups and downs and you are not sure of what to do.

20. Being chased by a snake

When you see yourself being chased by a snake, it denotes an unsettled condition of your waking life that you are trying to ignore and avoid. Snake chasing also means anger and vulnerability. It means you are upset and emotionally overwhelmed for some reason.

21. Being ignored by a snake

When a snake ignores and avoids you in a dream theme, it means loss of some valuable things in waking life. The fear of the loss is inducing more stress and you may feel emotionally overwhelmed.

22. Two-headed snake

This dream symbolizes negative meaning. A two-headed snake means threats and harm that can come from some dual sources in your real life. Things may get terrible if you do not put an effort to remove these toxic forces from your life.

Sometimes, this dream also represents confusion and poor decision making related to two things. Example: a choice to be made between career building and getting married.

23. Snake talking

A talking snake in dreams may mean that your unconscious is trying to communicate some message to you. This dream is a good sign because the snake appears to tell you that you have used your potential in the right way to accomplish the goals. If you are talking to the snake in dreams, it means that you are seeking spiritual guidance to make your life purposeful and worthy,

24. Snake charming

When you dream of controlling or charming a snake, it could represent that you have the power to control your negative thoughts and fears. It means that when you have overcome the fears, you have become a wise being; much more knowledgeable than before.

25. Snake running away

A snake running away from you symbolizes the impending danger going away from you. It means that your enemies were trying to harm you but they were unsuccessful in their attempts. This dream is a good sign as it symbolizes victory. You have the power to defeat your enemies, with little effort and tact.

26. Snake in car

A snake in a car symbolizes sudden shock and apathy. The serpent represents fear about something or somebody in your waking life. They are trying to disrupt your inner peace; rob your happiness and well-being. This dream symbolizes inner disturbance and emotional turmoil.

27. Snake in a tree

The movement of the snake in the tree is to be considered while interpreting the dream theme. If the snake climbs up the tree, it is a good sign of gaining wealth, personal growth, and prosperity. But, if the snake climbs down the tree and moves towards the ground, it means loss of wealth and failure.

28. Snakes while pregnant

This dream theme symbolizes good luck and well-being. The color of the snake matters the most in this dream theme. A black snake while being pregnant means that you may have a baby boy.

A white snake represents a girl baby. If you dream of a red snake, it means someone close to you is pregnant. Snakes while being pregnant is a mark of fertility, creativity, and nurturance.

29. Snakes and fire

This dream symbolizes the venom of the snake and its relevance to the fire element. It represents love, passion, lust, sexuality, destruction, ambition, creativity and a zeal to live life with energy and renewed vigor.

30. Snakes and shadow self

The concept of ‘shadow self’ given by C.G. Jung suggests that the negative aspects or repressed parts of the ‘self’ are largely sent to the unconscious because it inflicts pain and suffering. The person wants to neglect and avoid it in every possible way. Snakes represent ‘shadow self’ because it signifies unresolved conflicts, undue fears, and anxieties of your waking life.

31. Snake shedding its skin

A snake shedding its skin symbolizes change, renewal, transition, and transformation. It represents a new ‘you’ emerging out of the shell; signifying a process of personal growth and success. Symbolically, this dream means a win and victory over the problems and issues of waking life.

32. Snakes falling on someone

In this dream theme, the snake denotes guilt and remorse that you harbor in your waking hours. It symbolizes your wrongdoing on someone that you repent now. You are feeling guilty of what you did. There is self-realization and awareness that makes you feel bad and disgusting about yourself.

33. A snake in the grass

A snake in the grass could mean that somebody in your waking life can cheat and deceive you in the name of friendship. They may get personal gain out of it. This dream warns you to remain cautious and not trust people; without knowing them well.

34. Hissing snakes

Being scared of hissing snakes is symbolic of innate fears, poor intuition, and vision. The snake is making the sound to remind you to tap your intuitive abilities and take actions to carve a life of your choice.

35. Seeing bunch of small snakes

Seeing a bunch of small snakes signifies many small troubles of your waking life. These are annoying situations, relatively harmless but causing a lot of disturbance in your daily living. Simple examples can be someone is trying to spread rumors against you and ruin your reputation. This can be considered a threat to mental health.

36. A tamed snake

When you dream about a tamed snake, it symbolizes control and well-being. IT means you have successfully tamed the issues of real life. It indicates material gain, wealth, prosperity in future. This dream also symbolizes inheritance in the near future.

37. Snakes in a cage

Snakes in a cage indicates victory, a win-win situation, good luck, and prosperity. It symbolizes your ability to confine your problems and let go of negative emotions attached with it. This dream is a good sign of prosperity and gain.

38. Snakes on your legs

If you dreamt about a snake crawling on your legs, it means fear, disease, poor mental health, emotional pain, and life hindrances. This dream symbolism is a bad sign of misfortune and is considered an unlucky omen.

39. Snakes spitting venom at you

This type of dream means that something negative is happening to you in real life. It represents that you are surrounded by unfaithful people who always pour negative thoughts onto you and try to pollute your mindset. You are filled with toxic thoughts and feelings that represent the snake’s venom.

Dreams about Types of Snakes and Their Symbolic Meaning

The snake dream interpretation may vary according to the type and species of snakes present in the dream theme. The kind of snake and the relationship of the snake with the dreamer’s present life circumstances play a vital role in dream interpretation.

40. Boa Constrictor

As Lauri Loewenberg rightly said, “A boa constrictor is known for squeezing its prey to death.” So if you dream of this snake species, it means feeling strangled, confined, trapped, in real life. You are unable to protect yourself from the harm. Example: In real life, someone is trying to squeeze out money and wealth from you and you are unable to help yourself.

41. Rattle snake

Rattle snakes in dream symbolizes toxic people in waking life who are showing signs of deceit, cheating, and forgery. This dream equates with the rattle snake’s behavior of warning the victim by wiggling its tail around it to make it aware of its presence.

These snakes are venomous and indicate toxic and harmful people around you. The dream just reminds you to be prepared and cautious of unforeseen dangers.

42. Garter snake

A garter snake is non-poisonous and less harmful. It represents someone in your real life who is no longer posing threat or harm of any kind.

43. A Viper

A viper in dreams means that you are going to be humiliated and betrayed by known people such as spouse, a close friend, business partner etc. This dream denotes that suspicious and cunning people are around you. You shouldn’t trust anyone blindly.

44. Python in dreams

A python represents a phallic symbol. When you dream about this snake species, it means sexual desires and unmet sexual needs from your partner. Your wild sexual urges remained repressed for a long time and now it’s getting out of control.

45. King cobra

The king cobra is a venomous serpent. Its appearance in dreams represents danger and fear in waking life. You are reminded to stay alert. In some context of the dream, the appearance of this snake means your fears and inhibitions, your self-doubts are getting in the way of success.

46. Copperhead

A copperhead represents your need for internal healing and let go of old patterns of toxic thoughts and emotions bothering your daily living. You just need to come out of it to move ahead in life. It tells you to trust your intuitions and do what is right.

47. Cottonmouth

The cotton mouth in dreams means change, transition, renewal, and rebirth. The snake appears in dreams to remind you to heal past wounds and revive the broken parts of ‘self’ that remained in pain for a long time. Once you are done, you can enter a bright world of fresh opportunities waiting your way.

48. Milk snake

Milk snake symbolizes your healing process. You have learned to let go of others harsh words, ignore them and become less sensitive and more immune to what others say or do to you. The snake reminds mundane hurts that will no longer cause a big damage.

49. Rat snakes

This dream about snakes symbolizes acceleration in personal pursuits, a growth process or accomplishment of some important life goal. This dream symbolizes progress and prosperity.

Dreams about Colors of Snakes and Their Symbolic Meaning

The color of the snake in dreams also play a vital role in its meaning and symbolism. Colored snakes denote vibrant energy, some good others bad. Let’s see how the colorful snakes influence your life and living.

50. Black snake

Dreaming of big black snakes means a negative sign. It represents potential threats and danger in real life. The dream symbolizes annoyance, psychological conflicts in real life. Any dream theme related to the black color snake means hard times ahead.

It represents arguments, disputes, suspicious and malicious attacks by someone known to you. A black snake is not a good sign. Dreaming of being bitten by a black snake represents emotional distress, feelings of guilt, regret, resentment due to some obstacles in life. Sometimes, dreaming of a black snake also denotes financial problems.

51. White snakes

Dreaming of a white snake represents purity of thoughts and actions. It symbolizes change and new beginnings. The white snake represents positive things in life. It symbolizes God’s messenger in some ancient community; representing faith, wisdom, and truth.

A white snake bites also means that God is watching your actions closely. It symbolizes deeper spiritual connections. The dream tells you to remain unaffected by negative emotions and remain open to new opportunities for growth and renewal.

52. A green snake

A green snake attacking you in a dream means that you need to pay attention to your energies; and control it if it goes wild. The color green resembles hope, new beginning, renewal, and transformation. This dream holds a positive sign such as joy, happiness, any good coming your way. The color green is also symbolic of abundance, wealth, growth, and prosperity. 

Jung believed that green snake symbolizes your ability to accept and cope up with unresolved conflicts of waking life. A green snake biting you is symbolic of negative forces. It means there are hidden worries that are making your life unsettled and out of control. Moreover, a light green snake means you can expect some positive changes in near future.

If you kill a green snake in dreams or see a dead green snake, it could represent good luck and defeating your enemies.

53. Yellow snake

Dreaming of a yellow snake is a bad sign. It represents deceit, maliciousness, cowardice, and betrayal by someone in your waking life. A yellow snake that bites is symbolic of blocked intuition and your inability to resolve life issues successfully. It brings complex feelings of fear, loss of personal power, manipulation etc. 

54. Red snake

Red snakes in dream means hidden dangers coming your way of which you are not aware of. In ancient cultures, the red snake symbolizes passion, happiness, sexual energy. If you dream of being followed by red snakes, it means fear.

On the contrary, killing a red snake symbolizes a fiery event, or threat that you have overcome with success. A red snake shedding its skin symbolizes new life and renewal.

55. Black and white snake

Seeing a combination of black and white snake means both positive and negative things; depending upon issues of your waking life. Positively, this dream means balance of energy, good judgement and yin-yang forces of nature. Negatively, it denotes someone is trying to harm your creativity.

56. Golden snake

A golden color snake in dreams usually indicates a positive omen. It is a sign of royalty, beauty, elegance, and opulence. This dream denotes good social relationships, strong personal bonding with someone special in life.

In some dream themes, a golden color snake denotes opposite sex, representing good sex life with your partner. Golden snakes are symbolic of prosperity, fortune, and good luck.

57. Purple snake

These snake species are quite rare and when they appear in dreams, it represents wise and deep love, passion, intimacy, and sexual urges. The dream tells you to take care of your loved ones and workout to make the bond strong and fulfilling.

The purple color symbolizes strong desires and longing for more love and intimacy. This dream reminds you to nurture more of it in your waking life.

58. Brown snake

A brown snake or a bronze serpent denotes nurturance, if you feel good about the snake. But if you are scared of a brown snake the dream meaning would vary accordingly. It represents addictions that you need to overcome. There are toxins piling up in you; in the form of negative thoughts and false beliefs.

Brown snakes in dream means manipulation in real life. If you dream of a brown snake attacking you, it means paying attention to self-care, remove negative self-talk and listen to your intuitions. Dreaming of killing a brown snake means health, healing, and recovery from illness.

59. A blue snake

When you dream about a blue snake, it means troubles in communication and social relationships in waking life. You are unable to speak your mind because of fear of getting rejected or humiliated.

The dream reminds you to remain open to creativity and expression of ideas; to trust your voice and keep aside your fears and insecurities. Sometimes, dreams about blue snakes chasing you means you are running away from your inner call; ignoring the message of intuition.

60. An orange snake

Dreaming of an orange snake denotes good emotional health and stability of thoughts. An orange snake appears in dreams when you feel emotionally threatened resulting in fear and anxiety. The dream is a wake-up call to pay attention to your affective states.

If you are stressed out and feeling angry or depressed in your real life situations; the same feelings may get manifested in dreams. Being attacked by an orange snake means feeling of guilt about something, unsettled emotions that you need to take a note of. 

What Does Dreaming about Snakes Mean? (A Mythological Implication)

From a mythological and religious perspective, dreaming of a snake can mean a lot of things. Some of them are:

  • Immortality
  • Cycle of life, death, and rebirth
  • Healing and transformation
  • Feminine energy
  • Passion and sexuality guided by male dominance
  • Inner vision, truth, and wisdom
  • The monstrous aspect of human ego
  • Malicious intent and tricks
  • Strength and protection
  • Inner chaos
  • Creation and transformation

Cultural Interpretation of Dreams about Snakes

Snakes in dreams mean differently in various folklore cultures of the world. let’s see how

  1. Native American – The dreams about snakes represent spiritual awakening, transformation, renewal, and rebirth. As the snake sheds its skin, it symbolizes embracing a new beginning in life. The serpent is a good sign of growth and prosperity.
  2. Eastern symbolism – In China and Japan, dreams about snakes are related to something evil, cunning, and suspicious in your waking life. it represents malicious activities by someone in your real-life.
  3. In Christianilty – In the Christian faith, snakes represent evil and pain. The dreams represent agonies of real-life problems showing up in the nightmares.
  4. In Hinduism – In the Hindu religion, serpents are worshipped as Gods. So, when it shows up in dreams, it means immortality, fertility, and renewal of life after death. For the Hindus, it’s a sign of growth and positivity as well as protection.

Dream Interpretation of Snakes – What To Ask Yourself?

The modern dream interpreters believe that dreams about snakes and their symbolism depends upon your personal equation with the reptile. If you dislike a snake and can easily get terrified with its presence, the dream interpretations will be different from the one who pets a snake; such as a snake charmer.

You can ask yourself the following questions before analyzing the exact meaning of snake dreams.

  • How often do you dream about snakes?
  • Can you describe your feelings after you wake up?
  • What type of snake appeared in the dream?
  • Do you remember the color of the snake in the dream?
  • Are you going through some fear and insecurity issues in your real life?
  • What was the snake doing in the dream?
  • How did you react in the dream?
  • Did you try to harm it by anyway?
  • Are you going through a process of emotional turbulence?
  • Do you feel that you are surrounded by cunning people in your life?
  • Have you ever dreamed about snake bites?

Why Do I Keep Dreaming about Snakes?

Dreams are complicated symbols that tell us a lot of things about the unconscious mind. Dreaming about snakes can represent both positive and negative meaning. There could be various reasons why you are frequently dreaming about snakes. Some usual reasons could be:

  1. You are scared or afraid of something in your waking life; the situation appears as threatening and out of control.
  2. The dream appears to tell you about something that you have repressed for many years now.
  3. Snakes appear in dreams because your unmet sexual desires and temptations are popping up in the subconscious mind.
  4. There are callous and malicious people around you and the dream cautions you to remain aware of their intentions. Your dream tells you to not trust them blindly.
  5. You are in the path of renewal, self-growth, transformation, and new changes in life.

The video link given below gives you a detailed illustration of dreams about snakes.

Wrap Up

Dreams about snakes are obviously spine-chilling and a terrifying experience that is hard to forget; but in most of the cases, this gliding reptile gives a unique view of your inner world and deepest core of your “psyche”. This secret look inside the closet brings out your hidden fears and unresolved conflicts on to the surface. It gives you a chance to heal from within and embark on a journey of self-transformation, renewal, and spiritual growth.

After all, everything is not that bad about snake dreams. Right?

So, now it’s your turn to decide….

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