The lion in dream represents courage, vigor, dignity and a high level of energy. When the big cat appears in your dream it could bring a message to you from the spirit realms. 

The dream represents your subconscious thoughts and emotions. Don’t feel afraid as the spirit animal has appeared in your dream for a reason. Pay attention to the dream because the lion symbol is telling you something important.

Lion in Dream - Different Types of Dreams & their Meanings
Lion in Dream – Different Types of Dreams & their Meanings

Lion in Dream – General Meaning

Dreaming of a lion can indicate your risk-taking attitude and determination to complete a quest. signifies courage, loyalty, dignity, passion, vigor and willpower. It can reveal your deepest thought processes.

The lion appears in your dream to praise your courage and determination or it could urge you to become more courageous. Lions are proud animals. So, if you see a lone lion in your dream it could reflect your inner pride.

The lion can also appear in your dream to give you motivation and push you towards your goals.

Symbolically lion in dreams mean the following:

  • Power and courage to fight odds – In dreams, lions are symbols of infinite strength. You are physically and mentally strong to stand all amidst adversities and can win over any tough situation.
  • Sign of protection – Dreams about lions symbolize that you are under the influence of a protected person in your waking life. 
  • Influence and leadership qualities – You are a born leader who can influence others with his/her good qualities. People look up to you with pride and honor.
  • Passion and intuition – It signifies strong wisdom and ability to foresee what’s going to happen next.
  • Sign of short temper and aggression – As lions are fierce and aggressive animals, they denote your wild and savage ‘self’. In dreams, lions represent your anger and hostility about someone or something in waking life.

Spiritual Meaning of Lions in Dreams

Spiritually, the lion spirit animal represents the energy of the third chakra or solar plexus. This is why the majestic animal represents confidence, creativity and self-expression. 

The lion is also represented in the astrological sign, Leo, which demonstrates strong personality traits such as – charisma, power, bravery, passion and leadership abilities. Spiritually a lion is a symbol of positivity, strength, courage and wisdom. 

Biblical Dream Interpretation

A lion has been described as a manifestation of God’s power. In Biblical interpretations, you get God’s counsel through a lion. Although dreams could vary, a lion in a dream could mean facing your fears and becoming more courageous. 

There are other meanings associated with a lin dream such as the following:

  • As a Symbol of Control
  • As a Symbol of Leadership Abilities
  • As a Symbol of Celestial Truth
  •  As a Symbol of Courage
  • As a Symbol of Wisdom
  • As a Symbol of Controlled Temper 
  • As a Symbol of God’s Fury
  • As a Symbol of Power

Various dream scenarios involving lions and their symbolic meanings

Have you dreamed last night about the big cats? Lion spirit animal arrives in your dream to reveal your true identity. Or it could guide you to make the correct decisions that would align you with your highest good. 

Lion Attack in Dream

It could be a sign of your assertiveness, courage and strength. But it could also denote your hidden rage and pent up emotions. Maybe you have been keeping a lot of resentments in your mind. 

It is warning you to hold so much negativity in your mind. Let go of grudges and past hurt. The lion attacked you because the animal totem wants you to forgive and forget and move forward in life. 

Killing a Lion 

It indicates your struggles in your waking life. You are having a lot of challenges in life that are stressing you out.

But if you see yourself killing the lion it indicates your victory in real life. You will succeed for sure even if it seems hard and impossible to you at the moment.  

Fighting with Lion 

It indicates your struggles and frustrations in real life. You have been through a tough ordeal for a long time. Subconsciously, you feel scared and support-less.

Fighting with a lion symbolizes your inner urge to fight back against all setbacks and problems in your life.

Sleeping Lions 

If you are hesitating to take a crucial action, a sleeping lion could appear in your dream. You are scared to voice your opinion or make an important decision.

Riding a Lion 

It signifies you have been granted freedom after a long time. You were stressed and never enjoyed much in life before.

The lion symbolizes your freedom. Enjoy your time but do some future planning so that you can continue enjoying your independence. 

Lion Crossing Your Path

The dream is asking you to pause and reflect. Slow down and consider all the options available to you in real life. The lion is entering your life to urge you to think and then act. It also symbolizes success on your path. 

Dream about Lion Cubs

This signifies vulnerability, innocence and fondness. A baby lion is a symbol of love and playfulness. It is a sign that you should be more loving and caring towards others. 

Lion Hunting Its Prey 

Dreaming of lion hunting speaks of your leadership attributes as well. You are your guide and motivator – you do not depend on others but they depend on you. 

Chased by Lion 

The chasing lion represents that person or an event you are scared to talk about. It could be you have wronged someone and your inner guilt has appeared in the form of the chasing lion.

Lion Biting

Having a dream about a lion bite is a warning. Are you misusing your power? If you are in a leadership role you must not abuse your power.

Take responsibility for your actions. If you use your power to uplift others you would reap the benefits but if you misuse your power and harm others, be ready to get punished. 

Dead Lion 

Dream of a dead lion has a positive significance. It means you will overcome all the challenges in your life and emerge victoriously. 

Caged Lion in Dream

This means that you are feeling stuck and alone in waking life. You must learn to express yourself fully. Seek guidance from your loved ones.

Lion Roaring 

This indicates you might have to play the role of a leader in your professional or personal life soon enough. 

Seeing Lions Repeatedly in Dreams 

The lion spirit animal is visiting you again and again to realize your inner power. The lion is reminding you that you can’t escape. You have to make a decision and confront your current situation. 

Dreaming of a running lion

It signifies you have learned to let go of innate fears. You have started facing your fears and as such feeling quite confident.

Lion attacking someone else

It means you have become helpless and powerless with regard to certain situations of waking life.

The dream symbolizes a negative meaning where your poor self-worth can hold you back in realizing what you have wished for.

Lion attacking a child

Dreaming about a lion attacking a child means you are feeling vulnerable and threatened due to poor self-esteem that stemmed from an insecure upbringing of your inner child.

Cuddling and hugging a lion

If you dream about loving, cuddling, or hugging a lion, it symbolizes embracing yourself fully. You are aware of who you are and as such you can easily feel confident from within.

A Calm Lion 

A calm lion is a symbol of composure and balance. You have control over your emotions. In waking life if you are anxious and insecure, take this dream as a reminder of your inner power.

Various colors of lions in dreams and their symbolic meanings

These dreams also carry certain symbolic meanings as discussed underneath.

White Lion – A white lion represents your spiritual development. Either you are already on a path of spiritual development or the white lion has arrived to announce the beginning of your spiritual journey. 

Black Lion – It could symbolize a blockage in achieving great honor or that you are not getting the success you deserve.

Golden Lion – Having a dream about a golden lion is symbolic of royalty and pride. You will attain a powerful position in waking life. 

Red Lion – A red lion is symbolic of the continuity of the human race and our aspirations to attain enlightenment. 

Green lion – It symbolizes transformation. Your life is about to change soon. Be ready for the new chapters of your life. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

Your dream could signify your inner desires and conflicts. If you dream of a lion it generally has strong symbolism. 

In this article, we have tried interpreting what different lion dreams signify. Read it with an open mind, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

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