The lion is the King of the Jungle. He is the ruler and represents courage, vigor, dignity and a high level of energy. When the big cat appears in your dream it could bring a message to you from the spirit realms. According to dream analysts, animal dream symbolism has a lot of significance.

Spirit animals can appear in your dream to warn you or to answer your queries. The lion in a dream symbolizes power and strength. The lion spirit animal is symbolic of courage. When it shows up in your dreams and visions, the dream represents your subconscious thoughts and emotions. Don’t feel afraid as the spirit animal has appeared in your dream for a reason. Pay attention to the dream because the lion symbol is telling you something important.

Lion in Dream - Different Types of Dreams & their Meanings
Lion in Dream – Different Types of Dreams & their Meanings

Lion in Dream – General Meaning

Dreaming of a lion can indicate your risk-taking attitude and determination to complete a quest. signifies courage, loyalty, dignity, passion, vigor and willpower. It can reveal your deepest thought processes.

Lion in a dream is a powerful symbolism. Dreaming of a lion can indicate your risk-taking attitude and determination to complete a quest. The lion animal signifies courage, loyalty, dignity, passion, vigor and willpower. It can reveal your deepest thought processes.

The lion animal might appear in your dream to praise your courage and determination or it could urge you to become more courageous. Lions are proud animals. So, if you see a lone lion in your dream it could reflect your inner pride. The lion can also appear in your dream to give you motivation and push you towards your goals.

It can act as a guide that tells you to become more courageous and take more risks in life. A lion is a symbol of strength and dynamism. It has a magnetic personality, unlike other animals.

So, if you see a lion in your dream it could indicate your charming personality. Lions are swift and powerful. In a dream a lion visits to advise you to make prompt decisions. Maybe you are avoiding risks and staying in your comfort zone. The lion in the dream is asking you to become more spontaneous in life.  

Lions are also impulsive and aggressive in nature. So, when you see lions roaring in your dream it could either symbolize your inherent aggressive character or it could bring a message to you to become a little more assertive and bold.

Lion in dreams could also reflect your pride. Are you always boasting about your achievements? Maybe you need to check that habit. Sometimes a lion in dreams symbolizes leadership and authority. Thus, if you see a lion in a dream, it could express your leadership abilities. 

If you are already an efficient leader then it’s showcasing your quality. But if you have a problem in controlling and managing things and people, the lion is a sign that you must learn how to take charge in waking life. 

If you see lions fight in your dream it could be an indication of your uncontrolled temper. Do not be rash. Try responding to people after thinking and not abruptly. 

Lion in dreams represents your hidden fears. The lion animal can arrive in your dream to teach you to become more courageous. Shed your fears and grow your inner mental strength. 

Symbolically lion in dreams mean the following 

1. Power and courage to fight odds

When you dream about lions, remind yourself that you are courageous, bold, and powerful to remove obstacles from your waking life.

As lions have exceptional speed to chase their enemies, it tells you to fight back with courage and never allow your enemies to win. You should confront your fears rather than avoiding them.

Lions also represent strength. With their huge and powerful bodies, they can defeat other animals easily. Thus in dreams, lions are symbols of infinite strength. You are physically and mentally strong to stand all amidst adversities and can win over any tough situation.

2. Symbol of protection

Lions are known as the king of the jungles because they rule the jungle world fully. They protect their cubs from other predators and display fearlessness and superiority than other animals in the jungle.

Dreams about lions symbolize that you are under the influence of a protected person in your waking life. Maybe the person is saving you from all odds in life. It could represent your parents, friends, spouse, or anyone who is attached with you emotionally.

The dream also signifies a sense of security and safety in real life. It means you are dependent on someone who will always guide you in trying times and shall help you overcome the problems.

3. Influence and leadership qualities

If you dream about lions, it means that you hold immense influence on people around you. You are a born leader who can influence others with his/her good qualities. People look up to you with pride and honor.

The dream symbolizes respect, dignity,and pride. It represents that you always make your presence felt wherever you go. You are always seen as someone respectful and dignified in social circles.

4. Passion and intuition

Lion in the dream symbolizes passion and intuitive abilities. It signifies strong wisdom and ability to foresee what’s going to happen next. In the real world, lions possess strong intuition and they can sense whether any danger is coming ahead of them.

Likewise the dream tells you to keep your eyes open and be alert of any impending danger coming your way in future. Moreover, lions are passionate animals. They are family oriented animals who are caring partners and loving parents.

If you dream about these fierce yet loving creatures, it could mean that you’re passionate and you are ready to do anything to protect your family and fulfill your life goals.

The dream also signifies good emotional control, you are capable to carry on with your duties diligently without getting overwhelmed emotionally.

5. Sign of short temper and aggression

As lions are fierce and aggressive animals, they denote your wild and savage ‘self’. In dreams, lions represent your anger and hostility about someone or something in waking life.

It denotes your anger and resentments in real life that are hard to deal with. You are aggressive and impatient. Maybe certain happenings of waking life have made you hostile and arrogant.

You are a short-tempered person who can easily get irritated and out of the way at the slightest provocation. The dream reminds you to control your negative emotions and keep a check on your anger outbursts otherwise it may hamper your social connections immensely.

Spiritual Meaning of Lions in Dreams

Dreaming about a lion is not at all a common dream. Spiritually, the lion spirit animal represents the energy of the third chakra or solar plexus. This is why the majestic animal represents confidence, creativity and self-expression. The lion is also represented in the astrological sign, Leo, which demonstrates strong personality traits such as – charisma, power, bravery, passion and leadership abilities. 

Spiritually a lion is a symbol of positivity, strength, courage and wisdom. The Native American lion symbolism was that of a source of dangerous power. The Hopi tribe used to invoke the lion spirit animal for advice or during rituals. The lion appears in your dream to convey a deep message. It is asking you to stand tall and face all adversities with a roar.

You must be willing to take risks. If you are passionate about your life you will be able to face your fears and keep pushing towards your end goal. Lion spirit animal also urges you to become a good leader and support the others around you. If you take the lion’s advice you will become bold and develop a charismatic personality that will charm others. 

Biblical Meaning of Lion in a Dream

Lions are proud, majestic animals that have been mentioned in mythology, fables and even worshipped by ancient people around the world. In Christianity, lion symbolism has a positive implication. A lion has been described as a manifestation of God’s power. In Biblical interpretations, you get God’s counsel through a lion. Although dreams could vary, a lion in a dream could mean facing your fears and become more courageous. 

In a positive sense, a lion in a dream can reflect your inner strengths but it could have negative implications as well. For instance, a lion in a dream can also project your pride, greed, arrogance, lust and unforgiving character. In that case, God is showing your mistakes through the lion dream. 

It’s important to note how the lion was behaving in your dream. If there is a positive message it could be a confirmation from the angels. But if not, it’s a cautionary message from the heavens to modify your behavior.  

There are at least 10 Biblical Meanings of Lions in a Dream. 

As a Symbol of Control

Lions appear in dreams as symbols of your traits or inner desires. Maybe you are a control freak or it could be that you want to dominate over others. 

As a Symbol of Leadership Abilities

The lion can appear in your dream to complement your leadership traits. Or it could be bringing you an urgent message that you should learn how to lead your way. 

As a Symbol of Celestial Truth

 In the Bible, the lion is represented as a messenger of God. “Behold the lion that is of tribe of Judah, the root of David, hath conquered to open the book, and to lose the seven seals thereof.” (Source: Rev. 5.5) So, a lion is a protector and watches over mankind. It could appear in your dream to assure you of divine protection. 

As a Symbol of Courage

Lions are the most courageous of all animals. It roams freely in the jungle. In your dream, a lion asks you to take up more challenges and be daring in life. Go beyond your comfort zone and look for opportunities available in the world. 

As a Symbol of Wisdom

In Biblical terms, the lion animal is an icon of wisdom and truth. So, it could appear in your dreams to appreciate your maturity and wisdom. But it could also urge you to look beyond all possibilities and realities in life. In that case, the lion is asking you to seek true wisdom. 

As a Symbol of Controlled Temper 

Lions are fierce in nature. If you see it in a dream it could showcase your fierceness. It’s good if you are untamed and aggressive because you will be able to reach many highs in your life. But you should also have control of your temper. Otherwise, you will make rash decisions that you have to repent later on.

As a Symbol of God’s Fury

God’s fury has been reported in the Bible in many instances. “The angry wrath of a king is similar to the lion’s growl in order to emphasize the threatening danger to the immediate surroundings of the king or his subjects.” (Prov 19:12, Prov 20:3) An angry lion in your dream can represent your wrongdoings. Maybe you are doing something immoral or indecent. The angry lion has appeared in your dream to warn you. Rectify your mistakes, course correct your actions. 

As a Symbol of Power

A lion is a predator, it is wild and uncontrollable. According to dream interpretations, the lion is a power symbol. If this animal appears in your dream it could signify your high energy and stamina in waking life. 

What does it mean to Dream about Lions?

Have you dreamed last night about the big cats? Lion spirit animal arrives in your dream to reveal your true identity. Or it could guide you to make the correct decisions that would align you with your highest good. Male lions are majestic creatures that roam in the jungle boldly. It could appear in dreams as a symbol of courage, bravery, confidence, strength and power. 

1. Lion Attack in Dream

If you see a lion attacking you in a dream, it could be a sign of your assertiveness, courage and strength. But it could also denote your hidden rage and pent up emotions. Maybe you have been keeping a lot of resentments in your mind. When you are attacked by a lion in your dream it is warning you to hold so much negativity in your mind. Let go of grudges and past hurt. The lion attacked you because the animal totem wants you to forgive and forget and move forward in life. 

2. Seeing Lion in Dream but Not Interacting With It

If you see lions in your dream without interacting with them it suggests you are standing at the crucial crossroads of life. You are reflecting and evaluating your life. There is no going back only you have to take a path and move forward. This dream is a good omen for it signifies your wise decision-making skills and the attitude to keep going. 

3. Lion Eating in Dream

If you dream of a lion eating something it reflects your suppressed anger. You must find a way to release your anger and cool down. 

4. Killing a Lion in Dream

If you dream that a lion is getting murdered in your dream it indicates your struggles in your waking life. You are having a lot of challenges in life that are stressing you out. But if you see yourself killing the lion it indicates your victory in real life. You will succeed for sure even if it seems hard and impossible to you at the moment.  

5. Fighting with Lion in Dream

If you are dreaming of fighting a lion in your dream it indicates your struggles and frustrations in real life. You have been through a tough ordeal for a long time. Subconsciously, you feel scared and support-less. Fighting with a lion symbolizes your inner urge to fight back against all setbacks and problems in your life. In this dream, the lion animal is suggesting you rise above your situation and face it instead of trying to ignore and avoid it.  

6. Protected by Lion in Dream

If you see an interesting dream of being protected by lions, it is symbolic of the divine protection bestowed on you. A lion acting as a protector represents you have a lot of helpful people in life who are always by your side. 

7. Talking to a Lion in Dream 

In the spiritual sense, lions represent celestial power. So, if you find a lion talking in your dream it indicates that divine guidance is on your way. Have faith in the divine power. You would receive the guidance you seek.   

8. Seeing Lions Play Happily in Dream 

This dream carries a negative message. If you dream of playful, happy lions it suggests you would be ignored by people close to you. This dream indicates selfish behavior from your loved ones in near future. But on the positive side, it is actually a boon for you! Because now you would realize the true intentions of your folks. You will be shown who cares for you in real and who pretends to be caring. It could break your heart but the truth will be revealed as the strength of your relationships would be put on a test.  

9. Sleeping Lions in Dream

If you are hesitating to take a crucial action, a sleeping lion could appear in your dream. You are scared to voice your opinion or make an important decision. The sleeping lion is a symbol of your procrastinating nature. 

10. Riding a Lion in Dream

If you have dreamt of riding a lion it signifies you have been granted freedom after a long time. You were stressed and never enjoyed much in life before. The lion symbolizes your freedom. Enjoy your time but do some future planning so that you can continue enjoying your independence. 

11. Lion Crossing Your Path in Dream

If a lion crosses your path in a dream it is asking you to pause and reflect. Slow down and consider all the options available to you in real life. The lion is entering your life to urge you to think and then act. It also symbolizes success on your path. 

12. Lioness in Dream

If you see a lioness in your dream it indicates there is a supportive female person in waking life. She is protecting and backing you up selflessly. It could be symbolic of your mother or sister or she could also be a wife or girlfriend. 

13. Lion Cubs in Dream

If you see beautiful lion cubs in your dream it signifies vulnerability, innocence and fondness. A baby lion is a symbol of love and playfulness. Don’t be surprised if you get visits from children after dreaming about baby lions. Because this dream is a sign that you should be more loving and caring towards others. 

14. Lion Hunting Its Prey in Dream

If you see a lion (or lioness) hunting its prey it reveals your courageous self in real life. You are a fiercely independent person who can make your way without the help of others. Dreaming of lion hunting speaks of your leadership attributes as well. You are your guide and motivator – you do not depend on others but they depend on you. 

15. Chased by Lion in Dream

Dreaming of a lion chasing you in a dream, it could be that you are scared of someone in waking life. There is an unpleasant truth in your life that you hide away from others. But in your dream, the chasing lion represents that person or an event you are scared to talk about. It could be you have wronged someone and your inner guilt has appeared in the form of the chasing lion.

Or it could also be like you were wronged by someone. A childhood trauma, abuse, something unpleasant is stored in your subconscious. This is why you are chased by a lion in a dream. It’s time for you to move on. Take charge of your life. If you are the guilty one, take some action. Seek forgiveness or do some good deeds as an act of atonement. If you were wronged try to forgive your wrongdoer. It’s not even for them but yourself. The lion animal is urging you to free yourself from past hurts and make space for the good. 

15. Lion Bites You in Dream

Having a dream about a lion bite is a warning. Are you misusing your power? If you are in a leadership role you must not abuse your power. Take responsibility for your actions. If you use your power to uplift others you would reap the benefits but if you misuse your power and harm others, be ready to get punished. 

16. Mountain Lion Dream Meaning

According to the dream interpretations if you see yourself escaping from a mountain lion in a dream it indicates you are prepared to meet any hardship in life. But if you see yourself killing a mountain lion it suggests challenging any difficulty boldly. If you find yourself befriending a mountain lion it could illustrate your desire to become calmer and stop overreacting. 

Spiritually, the dream about a mountain lion or cougar could also symbolize insurmountable challenges that are present in your life. The mountain lion is urging you to transform from within. Only then you would be able to tackle any obstacles presented on your path. A cougar dream is symbolic of personal power if you see it standing strongly in your dream. 

17. White Lion Dream Meaning

The white lion is believed to be connected with the spiritual journey. It stands for peace, spiritual development and harmony. A white lion represents your spiritual development. Either you are already on a path of spiritual development or the white lion has arrived to announce the beginning of your spiritual journey. 

18. Black Lion Dream Meaning

A black lion when appears in your dream could symbolize a blockage in achieving great honor or that you are not getting the success you deserve. You should observe any mistakes you are making in real life or if you are not taking appropriate action. The black lion has appeared to give you a caution. 

If you see a chained black lion it could be a sign that you will get a patron who would help you flourish your business. 

19. Golden Lion Dream Meaning

Having a dream about a golden lion is symbolic of royalty and pride. You will attain a powerful position in waking life. 

20. Red Lion Dream Meaning

A red lion is symbolic of the continuity of the human race and our aspirations to attain enlightenment. 

21. Green lion

If you see a green lion in your dream it symbolizes transformation. Your life is about to change soon. Be ready for the new chapters of your life. 

22. Dead Lion Dream Meaning 

Dream of a dead lion has a positive significance. It means you will overcome all the challenges in your life and emerge victoriously. 

23. Dreaming of a Lion in your Home

Your home is symbolic of your soul and subconscious mind. If you see a lion standing or roaming in your home it means you are shaping up your life. It is a good omen that signifies your safety and a good future ahead. 

24. Dreaming of a Lion in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a sacred place of rest, love and privacy. If you have been looking for signs to follow your passion, well this is it! The lion in your bedroom symbolizes the direction to your heart’s desires. It is urging you to take action towards your dream life. Energetically, you are in alignment with your new life. Don’t hesitate and keep taking action. Success will find you soon enough!

25. Being a Lion in Dream

If you were the lion in your dream it indicates your fiercely independent nature. You don’t depend on others and like to do things on your own. Being the lion also signifies your loyal and protective nature. You love and care for your family. And if there is any danger you will face it alone and fight for them. 

26. Caged Lion in Dream

If you see a lion in a cage, it has a strong basis in reality. Maybe you are feeling stuck and alone in waking life. You must learn to express yourself fully. Seek guidance from your loved ones. You have to find a way to unstuck your life. Maybe you need to quit a job or leave a relationship. Take appropriate action for the caged lion is a messenger who wants you to set yourself free. 

27. Playing with a Lion in Dream

A playful lion who is cuddling and having fun with you is telling you to enjoy life. You must be working so hard that you are not relaxing at all. This dream is an indication that you should stop taking life too seriously. 

28. Lion as a Pet in Dream

When you dream of taming lions or having a lion pet it indicates that you aren’t in love with all parts of yourself. A lion in this case signifies to embrace yourself completely. The tame lion has appeared in your dream to urge you to start practicing self-love. 

29. A Calm Lion in Dream

If you dream of a calm lion it is considered a good omen. A calm lion in a dream speaks of your inner abilities and strength. Your solar plexus or third chakra is balanced. You have the energy and persistence to reach your goals. A calm lion is a symbol of composure and balance. You have control over your emotions. In waking life if you are anxious and insecure, take this dream as a reminder of your inner power. The calm lion has appeared in your life to ask you to trust in yourself. Practice meditation and gratitude to center your mind. 

30. Lion Roaring in Dream

The lion is a symbol of strong masculine energy. A lion’s roar is a sign of fire element and aggressive masculinity. A roaring lion is symbolic of leadership and power. This dream indicates you might have to play the role of a leader in your professional or personal life soon enough. You have a charismatic personality that draws people to you. Lion roar is a sign of confidence. You must be conscious of the words you speak and the thoughts you think. The vibrations you send to the universe will return to you. So, be careful and express your best qualities out to the world. You will get your reward. 

31. Seeing a Lion Head in Dream

If you see a lion head in a dream it could imply that you have willingly handed over your power to someone else. Perhaps you have retired from an authoritative designation and living a peaceful life. 

32. Flying Lion in Dream

If you see a beautiful flying lion in a dream it indicates good fortune and abundance. You can expect monetary or spiritual blessings shortly. 

33. Lion with Hyenas in Dream

In a dream, if hyenas come along with lions, it could symbolize a real challenge on your way in waking life. Perhaps your boss or any authority figure would confront you. You must act wisely and avoid any dispute in the workplace and elsewhere. 

34. Seeing Lions Repeatedly in Dreams 

If you see a lion repeatedly in your dreams it could be because you are overburdened in reality with some huge responsibility. Seeing lions repeatedly in dreams indicates your stress and tension in real life. Maybe it’s your career that’s becoming challenging or your relationship is turning over-demanding. The lion spirit animal is visiting you again and again to realize your inner power. The lion is reminding you that you can’t escape. You have to make a decision and confront your current situation. But you have to be courageous enough to make a firm decision now. Maybe you need to leave that job or breakup with your partner? You can only fight the challenges in your life if you face them boldly.

35. Dreaming of a running lion

When you dream about a lion running towards you but you are not moving away from it, the dream signifies you have learned to let go of innate fears. You have started facing your fears and as such feeling quite confident.

Now you are aligned to a space of well-being and emotional security. However, if you dream about running away from the lion, it represents an opposite meaning, symbolizing your escapist tendencies.

You are not comfortable facing your deepest fears and insecurities. It is holding you back in realizing your true potentials and goals.

36. Lion attacking someone else

If you dream about a lion attacking and trying to kill someone else, it means you have become helpless and powerless with regard to certain situations of waking life.

You have become a mere onlooker to the various events happening around you. The dream symbolizes a negative meaning where your poor self-worth can hold you back in realizing what you have wished for.

Someone or something in waking life is trying to overpower you and you are just seeing and watching everything like a bystander. You have become weak from within and is unable to fight back on time.

37. Lion attacking a child

This dream is related to your hurtful past and wounded inner child. Dreaming about a lion attacking a child means you are feeling vulnerable and threatened due to poor self-esteem that stemmed from an insecure upbringing of your inner child.

This dream symbolizes that you are still holding on to the past agonies and it’s draining your psychic and emotional energies. You are overpowered with negative thoughts and feelings and as such it’s stopping you from moving ahead in life.

You need to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and turn your weaknesses into strengths so as to forget your hurtful past and feel empowered about your true ‘self’.

38. Cuddling and hugging a lion

If you dream about loving, cuddling, or hugging a lion, it symbolizes embracing yourself fully. You are aware of who you are and as such you can easily feel confident from within.

The dream symbolizes self-acceptance where you have learned to take care of all the broken parts of yourself and heal it from within.

You are searching for something within yourself, maybe the lost power and integrity that makes up your true nature.

Hugging a lion also symbolizes getting back your inner strength and power that will align you towards a positive growth and fulfillment.

39. Dream of feeding a lion

Feeding a lion in dreams is a positive sign. It symbolizes your ability to nurture your talents and strengths so that you can achieve your life goals easily.

The dream also relates to good family bonding and social relationships that can make you a secure person. 

It also means that you will enjoy pleasant things in life that will motivate you to live a purposeful living for yourself and your family.

Questions to Ask Yourself if You see Lion in a Dream

If you have been lucid dreaming about animals you might be highly imaginative and very creative. But it could be that the dream symbol has some significance. If animal totems arrive in your dreams, pay close attention to your imagination and insight. If the lion animal appears in your dream ask yourself the following questions. 

What was the lion doing in the dream?

How was it acting: Was it aggressive or timid?

Was it attacking or chasing you?

Did the lion seem strong or vulnerable in the dream?

How did the lion dream make you feel?

Did the lion’s behavior resemble any of your attitude?

In the dream was the lion protecting you?

What was the color of the lion?

Does the lion animal visit you often in the dreams?

Was the lion speaking with you in the dream?

Each dream has a unique significance to the dreamer. Answering these questions you may find what the lion animal totem means to you. 

Biblical meaning of Lions in Dreams 

Closing Thoughts

Your dream could signify your inner desires and conflicts. If you dream of a lion it generally has strong symbolism. In this article, we have tried interpreting what different lion dreams signify. Read it with an open mind, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

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