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A Fat Dream Doesn’t Always Imply Weight Concerns. Find Out What It Really Means!

A Fat Dream Doesn’t Always Imply Weight Concerns. Find Out What It Really Means!

Updated on Nov 03, 2022 | Published on Nov 16, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Fat Dreams - 40 Types & Their Interpretations

Are you searching for fat dream meanings? Maybe you saw yourself getting fat in your dream and it got you worried about your health. 

You may be thinking that even though you are so fit, why do you see such dreams? It is possible that you just lost weight and are worried about gaining weight again.  

There can be several other questions lurking in your mind about fat dreams. But don’t worry as you’ve reached the right place.

I will answer all of your questions whether it’s a dream about you, someone else, or even an animal being fat. But before that let’s check out some general interpretations.

Fat Dreams - 40 Types & Their Interpretations
Fat Dreams – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

Fat Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Fat dreams might symbolize news about your financial situation, personal life, feelings about yourself, or even your nature.

A fat dream doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about your health although that’s the first thing you’ll worry about. It can be related to your emotions, some news about your finances, or your relationships with friends and family.

Hop in this ride of a few general interpretations of fat dreams…

1. You may get lucky with finances

If you are a working adult, your fat dreams might be about improving finances from your efforts in your professional life.

It might be that you have been doing your best, outshining others at work, and bringing out the best from all the entrusted tasks and projects. 

Unfortunately, your superiors have not noticed it yet, or you were feeling unrecognized for your hard work.

Your fat dreams might be an indication that you will finally get your deserved recognition from your superiors. They might notice your work and reward you accordingly. You might be selected for both a promotion and a pay raise.

On the flip side, if you are not employed, it is possible that you will gain finances from some unanticipated source. It might be an inheritance from a distant relative or unfair means like gambling.

2. Prosperity is on its way to you

In your dream, if you saw a fat person, it is a symbolism of prosperity approaching your life. The dream indicates that you are surrounded by a lot of loving people in your waking life.

Your friends and family can become your pillar whenever you will be on the verge of collapsing.

If you ever feel your finances are threatened due to any situation in your life, you will notice these people at your side before you even pronounce a syllable. Your subconscious is reassuring you of all the support available to you. 

The future holds immense happiness for your life. Even if you find troubles, your loved ones will always try their best at solving them. Be grateful and stay by their side in the same way when they feel troubled. 

3. You have a low self-esteem

Sometimes, if your dream shows you turning fat, it suggests you have minimal confidence in yourself.

Well, it does not just mean that you worry about yourself getting fat, you also feel your reputation is threatened.

You always overthink what others are thinking about you, your actions, and your choices in real life. You also like to judge the people surrounding you.

You might be aiming to gain weight and are very strict about your meals. So, you feel very skeptical of your routine and diet. It is your second nature to judge the effectiveness of every little thing about your physique.

You need to understand that an expert knows better about diets and training. Consulting with them about your worries will not hurt you, but you must give yourself enough time to get the desired results.

4. You’re complicated

If you saw another person in a dream laughing at you for being fat, it depicts you as a complicated person.

You are very conscious of everything you do and tend to exaggerate situations in your mind. You feel disheartened and conscious of any circumstances that put you on the losing side.

A constant demotivating feeling suffocates you and your subconscious mind reflects your insecurities and low confidence in your dream in this manner.

You feel that you have become the laughing stock for people and they are always gossiping about you when you are in sight. Suffering from extreme self-consciousness has become regular and it is harming your social life too.

Past experiences might be a reason that your fears are haunting your dreams. You have to try your best and treat yourself well. You may either take help from loved ones or seek professional help.

5. You are lazy in real-life

If you have a dream of being fat, another dream interpretation is that you might be a lazy person. You tend to procrastinate about all kinds of duties and responsibilities.

You fail to fathom the value of time and delay tasks until the last minute. Such habits are probably developed from the absence of discipline in your life from a younger age.

Or, contradictorily you might have been disciplined too much and you want to rebel now like this. Either way, it is hurting you.

You are either not completing important work or leaving them for the last minute and then chasing the clock. This habit is too hard to get rid of.

It signifies that you are engrossed with leisure and relaxation and you need to diminish such tendencies.

Fat Dreams – 40 Types & Their Interpretations

Usually, your subconscious mind tries to convey some message about your current or future luck or worries through your dreams. 

Sometimes, you can also interpret a solution to a problem from your dreams. But for that, you need to correctly interpret your dream taking into consideration all the little details.

If you have the trivial elements of the dreams at your fingertips, let’s begin deciphering some of the dreams!

1. Dream about getting fat

Your dreams about getting fat indicate that you are suffocating with difficulties around you and you have a habit of worrying a lot.

Your habits have led you to a point where you are brimming with stress. The stress is impacting your life in multiple ways and your subconscious is signaling you to take some time off from the daily hassle.

You are too conscious of others’ opinions and thoughts about your appearance and personality.

Your confidence lies in your physical appearance so your fear of getting fat reflects in your dreams. You have too much negativity seeped about your appearance.

It might be the case that you are trying too hard to please others. This feeling can be a reflection of the attitude of the people around you.

Honestly, if that is the case, then you are surrounded by toxic people. You are better off without them. Either stay away from them or stop paying attention to them, because you are beautiful however you are.

2. Dreaming about being fat

Did you have a dream about a fat person? Were you shocked to notice it was you? Then your dream symbolizes some difficult situations in your future.

These problems might result in you having some eating disorder like bulimia. You might get fat soon in your real life.

Such dreams are also an indication of neglecting yourself while handling the stress. You have to watch what you got on your plate.

You might not get enough time for yourself and rely on fast food. You have to be careful about your health when this crisis hits you.

Suppose, you are not a fat person, in reality, your dream implies your stresses about your external appearance. You might also be stressed about aging or becoming ugly.

Firstly, nobody is ugly because beauty depends on preference. And secondly, everyone ages, youth is another phase and you have to let go of it. Wrinkles and fine lines can be as pretty as a wrinkle-free face!

In case you are already fat, your subconscious is suggesting you get active and lose a few inches. It will only help you lead a healthier life.

3. Dream of losing fat

The dreams about losing fat imply that you are about to solve some difficulties in your waking life. You might have been dealing with some issues in your personal or professional life.

These problems were like a dead weight on you and depression was smothering you. You have been trying out multiple ways to solve it but everything failed.

Well, your dream is a good sign because it suggests that you will finally be able to walk out of your problems.

Maybe you were not sure about the end of this situation and decided to give up. Your subconscious is sending the message of fighting more because you are really close.

After you find a way out of it, you will also get enough leisure time for yourself. Make the best of your time after solving the problems.

4. Dream of rapidly losing fat

A dream about rapidly losing fat is suggestive of the fact that you might fall sick. Your current situation probably does not allow much time for yourself and your health is slowly deteriorating.

You need to be aware of your eating habits and invest some time solely for yourself and your body. Your struggles and stresses are resulting in physical inactivity too.

So, take some time to do a few exercises, it will freshen your mind and revitalize your body.

Also, if you don’t care enough for yourself, how do you expect to care for others and your problems? In the long run, you will only damage your health and be unable to take care of your responsibilities.

Your dream might also be a prediction of falling sick in the future from all the stress you are currently dealing with. Of course, you cannot avoid stress, but you must try to take care of yourself to fight well.

5. Dream meaning of seeing someone fat

If you are dreaming of someone else looking fat in your dream and you know them in real life, it symbolizes that he/she will take away something from you.

But this thing does not mean a physical object. It might be your emotions or your kindness. So, this person might cheat you of any measurable or immeasurable thing from your life.

Your subconscious is indicating that you can never expect back the same amount of love or kindness from the people around you. So, you must stop giving away so much to undeserving people.

However, it can also imply that this person needs your help and is facing a difficult situation. If you find this person genuine and feel like supporting them, go ahead and see how you can deal with the situation.

6. Dream of overeating

An overeating dream represents your loss of control over real life. You might be having a tough time dealing with something hard right now.

You have devoted your time, energy, and all the available resources but you can’t seem to reach a conclusion. You might be feeling helpless and cursing your capabilities.

Well, not everything can be solved by everyone. There are certain things in life that you cannot achieve even with your all.

Now, you have to identify whether it is possible to resolve the issue. If not, you should move on. Your efforts will be more useful if you pursue the solution to a suitable task or situation.

Currently, you are demotivating your abilities to no end, and later on, you might lose your will to face difficulties. Your subconscious indicates that it might be better to back off for now.

Your dream might also be the result of guilty feelings and the overeating dream represents disciplining yourself. Disciplining is not the solution to your problems. You have to fix them in a more logical manner.

7. Dreams about being called fat

The dream interpretation of being called fat is your worry about others’ opinions. It is again a symbolism of self-doubt.

Your confidence relies on others’ attitudes towards your appearance or personality. You are continuously at the edge because of your worries about others’ perceptions.

Well, have you ever questioned yourself how exactly will they react if you turned different from your current self?

If yes, then are your capabilities measured with your appearance? If that’s the case, then your worries are reasonable. But, in the end, it is still you and you need to be confident and comfortable about yourself.

This dream might also represent your old scars and hurt from others’ remarks. The damage to your confidence is still fresh and you seem to visit the past frequently.

If you don’t stop thinking about it, you will stay confined to the past. You have to move on and accept reality. Also, their opinions don’t matter as long as you are giving your best.

8. Dream of a fat animal

A fat animal in your dream represents great luck with food, finances, and healthy relationships. It indicates your life will be overflowing with joy.

It also means that you care a lot about your loved ones and nothing particularly bad will occur to you.

This is a time for you to live your life to the fullest and be happy for being born. If you are facing harsh situations, don’t worry because your life is going to change for the better. It can also imply that you can mend broken relationships right now.

9. Dreaming of a fat man

If you saw an obese man in a dream, it signifies your laziness. You feel lethargic most of the time and leave urgent responsibilities for the last moment.

Whenever you notice there is no time left, you try to complete your duties in a hurry.

But of course, the quality of your duties deteriorates severely. It is possible you get called out for your nature and you regret it for the moment.

If you are trying to get over your habits, that will be great for your future.

10. Dream of a fat woman

If you dream about a fat woman, it implies that someone you know is talking behind your back. Someone has found great interest in you and is using you as their past-time topic.

If you frequently share your feelings with anyone like that, you should immediately abandon that habit. This person might use your secrets and trouble or humiliate you in the future.

If you see anyone interested in gossiping, you know who you must be aware of.

11. Dream of being fat-shamed

If you are dreaming of someone else fat-shaming you, it is an indication of your obsession with others’ opinions.

You value how others respond to your appearances and capabilities more than your beliefs.

Your confidence has always been shaken by a single negative word from others. Your life revolves around how the people around you perceive you.

This might be an aftermath of old injuries. Someone might have hurt you too intensely and you haven’t recovered from it yet. 

Accept whatever happened in the past, keep your head high and promise yourself to be a better person every day. This way you will regain your lost confidence.

12. Dream of a fat dog

Your dreams about seeing a fat dog are mostly similar to the dream interpretation of a fat animal. So, it is a prediction of happiness, satisfaction, and times filled with love.

You are someone who values loved ones over everything else. Be it a friend or a family, you are always ready to stand beside them with your all.

You are very passionate about personal matters and prioritize them the most. This is a great virtue as nowadays it is hard to prioritize personal lives because of the rush in professional life.

13. Dream of a fat cow

If you dreamed of a fat cow head with horns, it is representative of your efforts at releasing your creativity. You have always been great at creative art but never knew how to use your talent and passion for your own benefit.

You can try to exhibit your creativity in art museums or sell them online. Not everyone possesses the same creativity as you, so value and use it well.

14. Dream of a fat bride

If you are dreaming of a fat bride, it can either imply your budding romantic feelings for someone or your aspirations to succeed in your professional life.

If you have a secret crush on someone, you will possibly behave awkward and strange like a love-struck teenager.

Well, it’s normal and nothing to worry about. If the feelings are mutual between you two and things work out well, don’t forget to cherish them well.

On the flip side, if the dream is related to your professional life, then you are wanting success more than anything else.

Moreover, the journey through the challenges might be more interesting to you than the endpoint (success).

You might not feel contented if you succeeded too fast because you’ll not be able to acknowledge the challenges then.

15. Dream of a fat baby

A fat baby dream indicates your healthy relationship with your family. You are ready to go to any length for your family despite your capabilities and shortcomings.

They are the roots of your motivation. You have devoted yourself to your family and belief that everything in life is for the well-being of your loved ones.

Your family is lucky to have a loving person like you. Although it is true that nothing can be above your precious relationships, yet you must remember to value yourself too.

Also, to maintain harmony in life money is necessary, so don’t belittle it.

16. Dream of not being fat

If you are fat in your waking life and dream of not being so, it is an indication of your persistence and consistency in reality. This weight might symbolize your body fat or some difficulty in life.

With your limitless motivation, you have “lost weight” or won through hardships multiple times. But there were always chances for the return of those struggles.

Yet, your subconscious is telling you through your dreams that this time, it will be a different story. You will have enough motivation to lose this fat and even gain muscles. It is a symbol of your everlasting motivation to a healthy life.

17. Dream of being treated for fat

A dream about being treated for being fat is suggestive of dealing with bad situations. It also indicates that you have never been through such circumstances and are feeling lost.

You do not know how to deal with it or the possible ways to eliminate your problems.

It may be your first time and thus, seems like a greater hassle than others. Your subconscious is indicating you to seek help from the experienced people around you.

They can lead you through the dark times. It will be much better than fumbling around helplessly.

18. Dream of reading about fat

If you were reading about fat in your dreams, it is symbolic of your insecurities. In your real life, you are fascinated by picture-perfect sculpted appearances. You lack respect for your current appearance and find everything flawed.

The idea of “picture-perfect beauty” mesmerizes you and your favor undergoing surgery to achieve your beauty goals. You are fantasizing about the “social media-worthy” beauty.

Your dream indicates you have a superficial character. Honestly, are you sure you are not perfect? What makes you think that? 

Beauty is subjective and you are not aware of what you have. If you don’t love your body now, you won’t be easily satisfied even after surgery.

19. Dream of writing about fat

Sometimes, predictions of challenges in your professional life might reflect in your dreams in the form of writing about fat.

When you see this challenge, you will feel that handling this task is beyond your capabilities. It is normal to get nervous about such testing tasks.

But it will be equally inspiring so you must not turn it down. If you accept this task, you will prove your capabilities well.

But, if you’re still not sure, you can seek backup. You must trust your abilities better because self-doubt will only drag you down.

20. Dream of purchasing plus-size clothes because you’re fat

A dream of purchasing plus-size clothing indicates you have unhealthy eating habits. You might skip a meal and try to include that in the next one. It might be due to your lack of awareness about your health.

Even if you are trying to lose weight, your routine is messy. You should be more alert about what you are eating.

Sure, food can bring happiness, but prioritize your health. Leave out the oily and sugary food for a while with timed proportionate meals and you might see real results.

21. Dream of selling plus-size clothes because you’re losing fat

A dream about selling plus-sized clothing because you will be losing weight is a warning sign.

Your subconscious is telling you that you are gambling in your professional life and there are potential risks in your choice. You might be planning on some big idea for your business or professional life.

It will be safer if you don’t pursue your idea right now. Taking smaller steps will help you reach the normal goals slowly. If you try to hurry, you might get into trouble.

So, listen to your subconscious and reduce the risk of losing everything at once.

22. Dream of being overweight

If you are having dreams of being overweight, it implies you are conscious of society’s opinion. 

Because of others’ mean comments, your fears of gaining weight can project in your dreams like this. You are mentally and emotionally drained because of others’ expectations.

Even if you don’t turn into someone “pretty” to match social standards, you feel threatened by the judgmental eyes around you. Your dreams might also indicate that you cannot control your eating urges.

In waking life, if you do not harbor negative thoughts about being overweight, your dreams represent your acceptance of everything in life.

You are a capable person and you reward your efforts with food. Your positivity can bring forth a lot of happiness in your life.

Your dreams might also symbolize your consciousness about health or your worries about people looking down on you for not being the socially accepted “normal”.

You might be suffering deep within for the partial behavior of your surroundings.

23. Dream about your partner stopped loving you because you are fat

If you saw your partner stop loving you in your dream because you are fat, it suggests you are anxious about your relationship. You are paranoid about your partner leaving you.

Maybe you had a nasty fight with your partner? Well, if you are worried about them leaving your site, then you should try making up with them.

It means you value this person and you cannot afford to part ways with your lover.

Or, you might be feeling guilty about doing something behind your partner’s back. In such a case, you should confess and talk it out. A foundation of lies cannot strengthen any relationship.

In case your partner did something and you are feeling insecure, you should see for any hidden misunderstandings in your relationship.

If they are planning on leaving you, it is better to accept it with dignity and start over.

24. Dream of your spouse fat

A dream about your spouse turning fat indicates your worries about changes in their physical appearance. Perhaps, superficial beauty is important to you.

Hey, have you ever seen a newborn baby and its parents? The parents do not care about how they look and nurture them with unconditional love. Yes, it is love when it is unconditional!

If your spouse’s appearance impacts your love for them, are you sure you love them? Is that how love works?

Suppose your spouse disapproves of your looks, won’t you be hurt? The same goes for them. Their beauty lies in their love for you, and not on the skin. Treasure him/her as both of you deserve happiness instead of insecurities.

25. Dream of continually eating to get fat

Dreams of continually eating to gain weight indicate your desire of accomplishing something in your personal or professional life.

You might have been working on something for a long time and your patience is wearing thin. Lately, you have become irritable and all you can imagine is about completing your responsibilities.

You have to understand that you have already invested a lot of time in this task and if you hurry now, the result might go wrong.

The disappointment of failing in the task might become much more than the frustration of not finishing it. So, take your time completing it.

26. Dream of a frying pan with fat

A dream about fat on a frying pan indicates your chances of finding new love. Especially for women, you might find a man who will treat you like a gentleman.

You might have been involved in romantic relationships in the past, but always desired your man to be chivalrous. This desire is about to come true.

Since you don’t know who this person might be, be aware of the people befriending you. Unless you feel uncomfortable, do not refuse a friendly hand approaching you.

Even if you do not find your Mr. Right too soon, you will make great friends.

27. Dream of eating fat food

A dream about eating fat food predicts that your finances, in reality, will stabilize soon. If you are involved in a tedious task in your professional life, you will soon accomplish this task with your efforts.

It is possible that this accomplishment will result in great fortune. You will make enough gains to live lavishly for a few years. This is also an indication that you are involved in an important and life-changing task.

The dream can also indicate the end of your sorrows. You might have been suffering a lot from financial instability and now is your chance to prove yourself and stabilize your foundation.

28. Dream of many people eating fat

Perhaps someone around you has been dating for a long time and is planning to get hitched now. This person might be someone very close to you.

A dream about many people eating fat is a symbolism of a wedding in the future but something might occur which will delay this auspicious occasion. Moreover, people might blame the groom for it and talk behind his back.

The bride is really excited and happy about her new life and the couple has a deep understanding. Yet the others are souring the mood with baseless rumors.

If you are close to this couple and see people badmouthing them, ask them the source of the information.

29. Dream you eating fat

If you dream about eating fat, it implies prospering in business or finances. You will possibly come across a rich dealer and you must try your best to cooperate with him/her.

Your collaboration might result in great gains and stability in your finances. You will make a fortune out of this collaboration.

Be sure to succeed in collaborating with this person. Although this person might be rude and full of pride, you must continue to give your best self. This will become a turning point in your life.

30. Dream of eating fat with a spoon

A dream about eating fat with a spoon implies some financial struggle in your future. This struggle will be a long battle and you will learn a lot from it.

But before this happens, try to cut on unnecessary expenses and check for any scope of money loss from your life.

Once this prediction comes true, your hardship will persist for a while. Dealing with this situation might become very challenging.

If you cannot bear the challenges in the future, ask your friends for help. Someone among your friends will stand beside you through the tough times. So do not forget to repay this person once everything is over.

31. Dream of yellow fat

A dream about yellow fat suggests that money is coming towards you. If you have started some kind of business, a great deal might soon be knocking at your door.  

But this dealer has more than one option. Others are also waiting to cooperate with this dealer so, do not take too long to read the contract. Read and understand the contract as soon as possible and seal the deal before someone else does.

32. Dream of red fat

If you had a dream about red fat, then your financial situation is at stake and a very sad time is approaching you.

Look around you and fill all the holes in your financial life. You might lose a fortune if you are not careful about the expenses around you.

Your dream is a symbolism of working hard for the same. You might not have imagined working so hard in your life to earn bread for a day. If you don’t want this to happen, control your expenses from now.

33. Dream of green fat

If you dreamed about green fat, it is an indication of luck and wealth. You might gain a fortune in some unimaginable ways. 

It is possible that you will turn out lucky if you gamble and receive this wealth. This dream is also a depiction of winning great prizes. So, trying your luck at these things might seem worthwhile. You might also buy lotto tickets if you want to.

Look around your area and choose the ones you want to try your hand at.

34. Dream of fat being sold in the market

A dream about fat being sold in the market is indicative of the fact that you will require some help for explaining something in the future.

It might be a situation that will put you on the losing side of your personal or professional life. You might require the help of a friend or co-worker to come out clean from the misunderstanding.

But did you buy that fat from the market in your dream? If yes, it is a sign of receiving the needed help without many struggles. Keep your social and professional relationships healthy to avoid any issues.

35. Dream of you suffering from obesity

A dream about suffering from obesity speaks about your subconscious approval for changes. You might be going through a disastrous period and can’t find any way out of this. 

Your only choice was accepting your fate from being a rich and fortunate person to a very poor one.

This situation disturbs you deeply but you have tried all methods to fail. Continuing life in this manner seems better to you than denying your downfall.

36. Dream of fat woman suffering from shortness of breath

If you saw a fat woman suffering in your dream from shortness of breath, it implies a message from your subconscious about practicing moderation.

You might be overdoing something in your life. it might be anything harmless when you stay within limits. But the overdoing part is harming you.

Y9our subconscious is conveying to you that if you don’t change your habits, it will harm you severely in the future. So, identify your actions and correct them for a harmonious life.

37. Dream of seeing yourself naked and obese in the mirror

Self-consciousness is more common than you can think. Everyone suffers from it and it affects their confidence in some way. a dream about yourself naked and obese in the mirror is pretty much linked to your insecurities from self-consciousness. You need to learn to accept yourself the way you are.

If you feel you are not enough in some aspect of your life, try hard to meet those criteria and prove yourself.

But, if you cannot accomplish something, that’s not wrong either because nobody has all the qualities in life. You must continue with what you have and things will get better.

38. Dream of naked fat woman

A dream about a naked fat woman might symbolize the prediction of some sickness or a break-up. If you are having a distressful romantic life and your partner does not understand you well, you might have this dream.

You yearn for support from your partner but he/she is not ready to give themselves away emotionally. This romantic life is only bringing you suffering so you may have considered separating in your mind.

Sometimes such dreams are symbolic of your stress in life about your finances. You are not ready to rest until you earn enough fortune but you are stressing your body out. 

You cannot earn at the expense of your health otherwise all that you worked for might flow away for medical expenses. In the end, you will find yourself gaining a tonne of hardship.

39. Dream of an obese priest

If you see an obese person posing as a priest in your dream, it is an indication of being surprised at the greediness of the people surrounding you.

Someone around you might have been a humble person all their life when they did not have much fortune. They treated everyone equally.

In the future, they might turn wealthy and their treatment towards others will astonish you. Your dreams are indicating that these people will judge others for being not as rich as them.

You might have been acquainted for a long time and had different perceptions about them, but you will feel like maintaining distance after finding the reality.

40. Dream of fat cat

If you’ve been dreaming of a fat cat, it’s carrying news about your wealth or prosperity. Even though you are trying all your might to slowly progress towards your life goal, you are experiencing a lot of resistance on the way.

It can also be a symbolism of the balance between good and evil or even your spiritual freedom.  

Biblical meaning of Fat Dream

Fat is an auspicious symbol that brings happiness to Christianity. As per the Bible, consuming fatty food can prevent sinful thoughts.

In the bible, turning fat or consuming fatty food has been linked with heavenly things. Consuming fat brings pleasure in life that can cause brimming contentment in the life of the consumer.

It might also be an indication towards the removal of sinful thoughts because if a person is content with their life, he/she will never want to sin or commit malicious deeds.

Therefore, biblically, fat dreams might either be an indication of removing sinful thoughts from your life, or the overflowing happiness due to the absence of sins in your life.

The dream interpretation further depends on your circumstances.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret fat dreams correctly

Ask yourself the following questions to know what your fat dream really means…

  • What was the subject of your fat dream?
  • Did the subject you saw turn fat from thin or the reverse in the dream?
  • Did you see anyone consume the fat?
  • Were there others in your dream? What were they doing?
  • If you saw fat, did you notice the color?
  • Were you consuming the fat?
  • Do you consider yourself fat or thin in waking life?
  • Do you hear a lot of mean comments or “suggestions” about your physical appearance?
  • How would you feel about your physical health if nobody judged you?
  • Are you worried about any business deals? How do you feel about your business partner?

Over to you…

Interpreting your fat dreams might be hard because you have to be aware of a lot of details. Moreover, it can be either positive or negative depending on tiny details in your dreams.

But if your dreams are about your dying confidence then you have to build it back by yourself.

You will come across many people who might be mean towards you. But, their mean behavior is not because of your flaws, it is the fault of their culture. They are superficial and if you react to their taunts, you will become one too.

If you need to change, let that be for your health. This life is too short to please everyone else.