A fat dream may signify you just lost weight and are worried about gaining weight again. However, it can also mean that you’ll make great gains.

Sometimes, it might also warn you against being lazy or suggest not letting others affect you. 

Fat Dreams - Various Types & Their Interpretations
Fat Dreams – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Fat Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

A fat dream doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about your health although that’s the first thing you’ll worry about. It can be related to your emotions, some news about your finances, or your relationships with friends and family.

Hop in this ride of a few general interpretations of fat dreams…

Great luck and fortune: If you’re employed, you’ll finally get your deserved recognition and rewards from your superiors.

If you are unemployed, you may gain finances from some unanticipated source like an inheritance from a distant relative or unfair means like gambling.

Low self-esteem: You always overthink what others are thinking about you, your actions, your appearances, and your choices in real life.

You also like to judge the people surrounding you. You have no confidence in yourself.

Laziness: It shows you tend to procrastinate about all kinds of duties and responsibilities. You fail to fathom the value of time and delay tasks until the last minute.

Or, contradictorily you might have been disciplined too much and you want to rebel now like this. Either way, it is hurting you. 

Most Common Fat Dreams & Their Meanings

Usually, your subconscious mind tries to convey some message about your current or future luck or worries through fat dreams. Sometimes, you can also interpret a solution to a problem from your dreams. 

But for that, you need to know the exact dream scenario, so let’s dig in!

Getting fat

You are suffocating with difficulties around you and you have a habit of worrying a lot. The stress is impacting your life in multiple ways and your subconscious is signaling you to take some time off from the daily hassle.

Being fat

These problems might result in you having some eating disorder like bulimia soon in your real life. It also indicates neglecting yourself while handling stress. 

You might also be stressed about aging or becoming ugly. Everyone ages, youth is another phase and you have to let go of it.

Losing fat

You’ll solve some difficulties that were like a dead weight on you in your waking life. You might have been dealing with some issues in your personal or professional life.

Your dream suggests that you will finally be able to walk out of your problems. Your subconscious asks you to fight more because you are really close.

Rapidly losing fat

Your current situation probably does not allow much time for yourself and your health is slowly deteriorating.

You need to be aware of your eating habits and invest some time solely for yourself and your body. Otherwise, you might fall sick as per this dream interpretation.

Dream meaning of seeing someone familiar fat

It symbolizes that this person might cheat you of any measurable or immeasurable thing from your life.

Your subconscious says you can never expect back the same amount of love or kindness from others. So, you must stop giving away so much to undeserving people.

However, if you find this person genuine and feel like supporting them, go ahead and see how you can deal with the situation.

Being fat-shamed

Your life revolves around how the people around you perceive you. Your confidence has always been shaken by a single negative word from others. 

This might be an aftermath of old injuries that you haven’t recovered from yet. Accept whatever happened in the past and you will regain your lost confidence.

Your partner stopped loving you because you are fat

It suggests you are anxious about your relationship and your partner leaving you. If you had a nasty fight with your partner, try making up with them. 

Or, you might be feeling guilty about doing something behind your partner’s back. In such a case, you should confess and talk it out. A foundation of lies cannot strengthen any relationship.

Your spouse turning fat

It indicates your worries about changes in their physical appearance. Perhaps, superficial beauty is important to you but that’s not how love works.

Treasure him/her as both of you deserve happiness instead of insecurities.

Dream of overeating

An overeating dream represents your loss of control over real life. You’re having a tough time dealing with something and feel helpless. Identify whether it is possible to resolve the issue. If not, you should move on. 

Continually eating to get fat

This indicates you might have been working on something for a long time and your patience is wearing thin. You have already invested a lot of time in this task and if you hurry now, the result might go wrong. 

Fat living beings

  • Fat man: It signifies you feel lethargic and stall urgent responsibilities. At the last moment, you try to complete your duties in a hurry and the quality of your duties deteriorates severely.
  • Fat woman: It implies that someone you know is talking behind your back. If you frequently share your feelings with anyone, immediately stop. 
  • Fat baby: The dream indicates your healthy relationship with your family. You are ready to go to any length for your family despite your capabilities and shortcomings.
  • Fat bride: It can either imply your budding romantic feelings for someone or your aspirations to succeed in your professional life.
  • Fat priest: It implies being surprised at the sudden change of humble nature to greediness of the people that turned rich overnight surrounding you. 
  • Fat dog: It is a prediction of happiness, satisfaction, and times filled with love. You value loved ones over everything else. You are very passionate about personal matters and prioritize them the most. 
  • Fat cow head with horns: It reflects your efforts at releasing your creativity. You have always been great at creative art but never knew how to use your talent and passion for your own benefit.
  • Fat cat: Even though you are trying all your might to slowly progress towards your life goal, you are experiencing a lot of resistance on the way.

Fat as Food in Dreams

Frying pan with fat

It indicates your chances of finding new love. Especially for women, you might find a man who will treat you like a gentleman.

Eating fat food

  • Many people eating fat: Someone close is planning to get hitched now. But something might delay this occasion. People might blame the groom for it and spread false rumors.
  • You eating fat: It implies prospering in business or finances. You will possibly come across a rich dealer and you must try your best to cooperate with him/her.
  • Eating fat with a spoon: This implies a long financial struggle in your future. Try to cut on unnecessary expenses and check for any scope of money loss from your life. 

Fat in market

  • Fat being sold in the market: The dream is indicative of the fact that you will require some help for explaining something in the future. The situation will put you on the losing side.
  • Buying fat from the market: You’ll receive the needed help without many struggles. Keep your social and professional relationships healthy to avoid any issues.

Fat color in dreams

  • Yellow fat: It suggests that money is coming towards you. If you have started some kind of business, a great deal might soon be knocking at your door.  
  • Red fat: Your financial situation is at stake and a very sad time is approaching you. You might lose a fortune if you are not careful about the expenses around you.
  • Green fat: It is an indication of luck and wealth. You might gain a fortune in some unimaginable ways. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Fat dreams may bring positive or negative messages depending on tiny details. Take the correct step in your life to overcome troubles and embrace the positive messages.

This life is too short to please everyone else. So, live it to the fullest on your own terms!