Most parts of the world experience the most beautiful season, i.e., spring in March, April, & May. The onset of spring is marked by an increase in people’s activities, such as going on vacation and visiting the family.

Owing to the soothing weather, spring is also the time when students go on spring break, and people make their traveling plans.

So, with the curiosity to understand people’s search behavior during this time, the team of ThePleasantDream analyzed the Google Search Data that revealed some interesting insights surrounding spring.

It looks like “spring” has made a mark in the dreamscape, too, because with Google trends and Glimpse data, the team observed a spike in ‘dream of spring,’ ‘flower dream,’ ‘dreams of adventure,’ ‘travel dreams,’ & ‘dream of family.’

Searches for ‘Dream of spring’ witness a 55% rise

The above graph reveals a spike in the searches for ‘dream of spring’ in March. It can be observed that there were 5300 searches for ‘dream of spring’ and that there is a 55% increase from the past month.

This clearly shows that the start of the spring season has also increased the occurrence of spring dreams in people.

The research of Google search queries also revealed an interesting pattern. Along with ‘dream of spring,’ ‘flower dream,’ ‘dreams of adventure,’ ‘travel dreams,’ & ‘dream of family’ were also trending.

The spike in the searches of these four queries reveals how the onset of spring leads to the adoption of a more active lifestyle among people.

During winter, people are usually forced to remain indoors owing to very low temperatures. Outdoor activities like traveling and visiting family and friends are something that drops during harsh winter days.

As spring approaches and the temperature becomes pleasant, people opt for more outdoorsy activities, reflected by the rise in searches for ‘dreams of adventure,’ and ‘travel dreams.’

Again, the arrival of spring is synonymous with seeing flowers bloom. This beautiful transition in nature affects the psyche of people, something which can be seen with the trending query of ‘flower dream.’

The above data reveals the top 10 countries that received the maximum search volume for ‘dream of spring’ and other related keywords. 

These top 10 countries were Germany, India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Philippines, Zambia, Uganda, and South Africa.

‘Dream of spring’ can be witnessed the most in Germany and the second-most in India. Likewise, ‘flower dream’ also grabbed the maximum search volume in the same countries.

It was witnessed that Zambia and Uganda searched for ‘dream of family’ exclusively. Followed by South Africa, which also searched maximum for the same search query.

India was the only country among the top 10 countries that searched for ‘Dream of adventure.’

The United States of America and Australia witnessed a maximum hike in the search query ‘dream of family’; followed by ‘flower dream’, ‘travel dreams’, and ‘dream of spring.’ 

Similarly, it was also observed for Canada and the United Kingdom wherein the search query of ‘dream of family’ was maximum.

In the Philippines, ‘dream of family’ grabbed the first position in the most searched query on Google. It was followed by ‘flower dream’, ‘travel dreams’, and ‘dream of spring’.

Expert’s Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, commented, “It’s often believed that dreams manifest your activities and emotions in waking life.

Thus, changes in your real life are bound to impact your dream themes as well. As spring is here, it could be why people dream about it and thus search for it.”

Further highlighting the meaning of dreams about spring, Dr. Nereida adds, “Dream of spring is a representation of mundane issues in one’s life. These dreams signify that a person is letting their mood get out of their hand. 

Spring dreams reflect that the dreamer is feeling guilty and they are holding on to repressed emotions and feelings. However, it has a positive connotation, too, wherein it represents healing and magic. It inspires the dreamer to let go of the hidden anger of the past and start afresh.”