In real life flowers bring in so much positivity. In the same way, dreams about flowers too symbolize the positive aspects of our life.

They represent the beautiful, joyful, fortunate aspects and further indicate that our worries will be small and their solutions will be simple.  

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Dreams about Flowers - Decoding Various Dreams & Meanings
Dreams about Flowers – Decoding Various Dreams & Meanings

What Does It Means To See Dreams About Flowers?

Dreams about flowers are a great sign for most dreamers. They are a way to positively appreciate everything that life has given us. Furthermore, these flower dreams symbolize the following. 

  • Satisfaction – Flower dreams are an excellent symbol of satisfaction. For any dreamer to truly appreciate his fortune, he must feel satisfied with what he has. This dream means that you do not feel any need to look for something more, elsewhere. Also, this dream also suggests that you have made good financial choices. 
  • Growth – Planting flowers in dreams or watering plants are very good indicators of the growth we go through in life. This means that the dreamer may have put in work on himself or herself. Besides, flower dreams remind us that to see something blossom, we have to give it time. 
  • Fond memories – Flowers are often a sign of having fond memories. In real life as well, certain smells can take us back to a particular time in our childhood. So, such dreams indicate that we have good memories in our mind.
  • Beauty – Flower dreams represent beauty. Whether it is beautiful flowers, or beautiful memories associated with the flowers, we are reminded of the beauty in our life. Besides, dreams of flowers remind us that romance and beauty are not far away. We must only remember to pay attention to it.
  • Nurturing relationships – These dreams symbolize the need to nurture your relationships. Besides, they remind the dreamer that kindness does not go unrewarded. They can be gentle and take their time. They can slowly but surely show their care to the people in their life. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Flowers 

Spiritually, flower dreams are positive dreams for our spiritual journey as well wherein it highlights that we have a good and fortunate life.

Furthermore, we enjoy a good balance between work and rewards. Moreover, our spiritual journey can only move forward when we are peaceful with our past and present.

Dreams about flowers are also good reminders for people to focus on the positives in their life. They often remind the dreamer to nurture their friendships and relationships.

Dreams About Flowers – Various Types Of Flowers And Their Meaning 

Dreams about flowers are better understood based on the type of dream. One may dream about differently colored flowers, while others may have dreams such as flower gardens.

The following section explores many such dream scenarios. 

Dreaming of a flower garden 

This positive dream indicates that good and positive things may be coming up in your life. 

Flowers symbolize peace, prosperity and happiness. Hence, dreaming of a garden full of flowers indicates that these things are a part of your life. For everyone, happiness and prosperity are blessings to look forward to. 

If you have made some investments or if you are starting out a new relationship, this dream is particularly pleasant. Besides, it also reflects a peaceful state of mind. 

Flowers blooming 

This dream indicates that your potential is not lost on people. They can see what you are capable of and they are willing to support your growth. 

This is a particularly good dream as it promises a good future for you as well. Happiness in the long term is a great sign for any dreamer. 

Dream about receiving flowers 

Receiving flowers from someone in the real world is a symbol of affection, admiration, respect or sometimes even love.

So, this dream also symbolizes love as well and you will be given a token for something you did. 

In this dream, the received flowers symbolize what you get from a relationship in your life. It could also mean getting a reward for a job well done. 

Dream about flowers in a vase 

Flowers in a vase represent good financial situations for the dreamer. This dream is a sign that your savings will grow, or the investments you have made will bring you fortune.

It is a sign of energy as well, indicating a good time in your life cycle. 

Besides, if you see yourself putting flowers in a vase, then it represents more time on your hands. It means that most of your life is sailing smoothly at the moment.

Picking flowers in dreams 

They show that life will offer you good options to choose from. This is good for people who own business or aspire to material wealth. 

The luxury of having choices is a goal for many people. This dream is a good sign that you will be blessed in that regard. 

Dream about colorful flowers 

Colorful flowers in dreams are a symbol of kindness, compassion and a sense of beauty.

This is a very spiritually pleasing dream, as it shows that you are a compassionate person at your core. Alternatively, it suggests that you lead a wholesome life.

Planting flowers 

Planting flowers, or engaging in planting activities, is a good way to experience peace.

So, such dreams indicate that the dreamer will soon experience something similar. For those on the verge of finding a new relationship, this dream is a particularly good sign. 

Additionally, it is also a sign that things will end up well, you just have to trust the process.

Giving flowers to a stranger 

This dream suggests that you should consider opening up to a new person, as they could become an important part of your life.

While this does not mean you should suddenly let anyone inside your life, because it merely is a sign that says to be open to possibilities.


It means that you expect someone to enter your life with a lot of positive emotions. Since flowers symbolize happiness, joy and good fortune, a florist symbolizes a person who will

Alternatively, whether it is a new job or a new friend or relationship, this dream makes the dreamer feel excited for the future and what it will bring. 


Such dreams are a sign of a feminine energy. This energy could come from the dreamer themselves or from a person in their life. The best way to interpret this dream is to analyze the feelings that come with it.  

Artificial flowers

They simply mean that someone around us is not being genuine. It is possible that their fakeness is very believable, but you may have an inner feeling that they are fake. 

This dream only further makes you acknowledge your belief and may also be a warning sign that you could be the one who is not being genuine.

Dead flowers

This dream means that the dreamer expected something more from a job or a person. He or she is now left with disappointment over how it turned out. 

Another interpretation of seeing dead flowers in dreams is overconfidence. Perhaps the dreamer is extremely confident about something in his life. 

Flower bouquet 

It represents a pleasant surprise waiting for you in your life. Besides, this dream reminds of the cheer you get from external things. 

Throwing away flowers 

This dream is a signal to be careful of how we treat people and relationships. It is easy to lose a beautiful thing if we don’t take care of it. Just like flowers, the people, work and relationships in our lives also require our attention.  

Wilted flowers 

Such a dream is associated with sadness, disappointment and the possibility of your relationship ending. It reminds you of wasted potential.

Additionally, wilted flowers also signify something going to waste. This could be a bad investment, a relationship that did not progress well or a financial misfortune.

Smelling flowers 

It indicates that you will get a chance to recover. For patients or people recovering from an illness, this is a particularly good sign. For people leading busy lives as well, this dream is a sign of taking a break.

Being surrounded by flowers 

A dream where you see yourself surrounded by flowers means you are surrounded by love. This is a positive sign, especially for those in a relationship. In addition, this dream indicates that you enjoy the company of your partner and feel grateful for it.  

Buying flowers 

This dream means you are about to make an investment for someone else. In addition, this dream is a sign that this person is important to you and you feel positive emotions towards them. 

Wedding flowers 

It is a sign of love, charm and beauty. Dreaming of catching a bouquet at a wedding indicates the start of a new relationship. This dream is also full of excitement as it takes place in a celebratory environment. 

Dreams Based On Flower Colors 

Flowers inherently are of one or more colors. While we may not always know the correct name of a flower, we can always identify the color of the flower in our dreams.

Following are the dream interpretations of the differently colored flowers. 

  • Pink flowers – It denotes romance – a sweeter, gentle and more delicate kind of romance. Besides, they are a symbol of grace and forgiveness, both gentle emotions. 
  • Red flowers – Red is an intense color in dreams. Seeing dreams of red flowers thus signifies intense emotions so you may dream of this flower when you are deeply in love with someone or something. 
  • White flowers – They symbolize purity and love.
  • Green flowers – They are associated with jealousy. Another interpretation is health.
  • Orange flowers – Your life is likely to be quite happy going right now. This happiness reflects in your mood as well. 
  • Yellow flowers – It implies that you, or your friends, will enjoy good fortune in your life. This is also a good dream because it shows you care for your friends. 
  • Black flowers – Black flowers symbolize sorrow and misfortune. This dream also means that you will find a way to be happy through your sorrows and misfortune.

Biblical Interpretation

Biblically, dreams about flowers are a positive sign. They are associated with happiness, joy, love and beauty.

Besides, they also suggest that the dreamer is in good health – either physically in good shape or in mentally feeling good.

Additionally, flower dreams actually remind people that even through challenging times, there is still hope for a beautiful future.

This means that some new love or opportunity can come into your life and add so much beauty to it. 


Dreams about flowers are powerfully positive dreams. They guide us to appreciate all the beauty in our lives.

We can always hustle and reach for the stars. Sometimes, it is also better to appreciate what we do have. 

Thus, flower dreams remind us to be grateful for the life we have been blessed with!