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Dreams About Flowers – A Guide With 61 Examples and Their Symbolic Meanings

Dreams About Flowers – A Guide With 61 Examples and Their Symbolic Meanings

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on Jan 29, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams About Flowers - 61 Types Of Flowers And Their Meaning

Key Takeaways

  • Dreams about flowers remind us of the positive aspects in life.
  • Flower dreams represent beauty, joy, and good fortune.
  • They remind us to nurture the good things in our life.
  • They are a symbol of satisfaction with everything life has given us.
  • Flower dreams guide us to maintain the good energy in our life and appreciate all the beauty around us.

Dreams about flowers are also a great sign for those appreciating their life. This dream gives them a picture of all the beauty that is present in front of them.

Dreams of flowers even encourage people to sit back and positively look at their past and present. 

Flower dream is a sign that we should take the time to show our loved ones and friends that we care for them. It is a good dream to remember not to take life for granted. 

Read this article to understand your flower dream. To interpret it correctly, note the location, type and color of the flower in your dream. 

Dreams about Flowers - 61 Types of Flowers And Their Meaning
Dreams about Flowers – 61 Types of Flowers And Their Meaning

Flower Dream Meaning – General Interpretation 

Dreams about flowers symbolize the positive aspects of our life. They represent the beautiful, joyful, fortunate aspect of our daily life. They indicate that our worries will be small and their solutions will be simple. 

Dreams about flowers are a great sign for most dreamers. They are a way to positively appreciate everything that life has given us.

They remind the dreamer of the good fortune he enjoys. Fortune can come in the form of finance and success, or love and support. 

We all are blessed with certain things in life. Dreaming of flowers is a reminder from our subconscious minds that we must once in a while appreciate those blessings. It is easy to get carried away with hustling for our goals. 

These dreams remind us that if we do stop for some time to focus on the good, it will keep us mentally satisfied. New love can enter our life if we are open to the possibility.

Our worries will be resolved if we look at them simply; without over complicating them. 

Hence, dreams about flowers are positive indicators. These flower dreams symbolize the following. 

1. Symbol of satisfaction 

Flower dreams are an excellent symbol of satisfaction. For any dreamer to truly appreciate his fortune, he must feel satisfied with what he has. We cannot appreciate something if we are constantly dissatisfied with it.

Our satisfaction allows us to see the beauty in things. For those in relationships, a flower dream is a symbol of the satisfaction you get from your partner.

This dream means that you do not feel any need to look for something more, elsewhere.  

This dream also suggests that you have made good financial choices. We only feel satisfied when our needs are fulfilled. A dream of flowers is a sign that we have reached a state of satisfaction with our position in life. 

It is also possible to feel satisfied with where we are headed. Even if we have not reached our ultimate goal, we can still feel satisfied with our position in the journey. 

2. Symbol of growth

Planting flowers in dreams or watering plants are very good indicators of the growth we go through in life. This means that the dreamer may have put in work on himself or herself.

We are all constantly trying to improve ourselves. That is known as self growth. 

It is important to grow in terms of our emotions, goals and practices. We can reach our true potential only when we are moving forward. Staying exactly where we are, even mentally, is not good for growth. 

Some years, or phases, we expect to grow a lot more. It could be a new relationship or a new life role. We learn lessons from it and we expect to adopt these lessons in our life.

If we are in such a phase of our lives, we can have dreams about flowers. 

The symbol of growth can also quickly turn to impatience with the lack of growth. We may be feeling impatient with the time it takes to achieve good things.

Flower dreams remind us that to see something blossom, we have to give it time. 

3. Symbol of fond memories 

Flowers are often a sign of having fond memories. In real life as well, certain smells can take us back to a particular time in our childhood.

Dreams about flowers indicate that we have good memories in our mind.

Often, even if we are not having a good time in our waking life, we still dream about flowers. This shows that our brain has memories of nice times, love or even friendship that we turn to in our dreams.

Sometimes, these dreams are there to remind us that even if we may have forgotten for a second, our life has had beautiful moments we can always cherish. 

4. Symbol of beauty  

Flower dreams represent beauty. Whether it is beautiful flowers, or beautiful memories associated with the flowers, we are reminded of the beauty in our life. 

Sometimes, the idea of a new love or relationship is beautiful. Other times, it can be the material luxuries that you can afford. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This dream merely reminds the dreamer that beauty is present in his or her life. 

People may be getting used to the monotony of their lives. The daily schedules keep excitement at bay.

However, dreams of flowers remind us that romance and beauty are not far away. We must only remember to pay attention to it.

5. Symbol of nurturing relationships 

Flower dreams symbolize the need to nurture our relationships. Flowers, or any plants for that matter, grow when we give them the right amount of love and care. 

Similarly, our relationships grow deeper when we give it our time and affection. This nurturing does not come naturally to some people. They may be scared to show affection, or may be scared due to past experiences. 

Dreams about flowers remind the dreamer that kindness does not go unrewarded. They can be gentle and take their time. They can slowly but surely show their care to the people in their life. 

Flowers are good symbols of the prize of nurturing. When we take care of something, it can lead to something beautiful.

If we are good to the new people we meet, it can even lead to a beautiful relationship later on. 

Lastly, this also applies to the things that have been in our life for a long time. Whether it is our long term partner or friend; we can still show them our affection.

Nurture and support are beautiful things, and go a long way towards the growth of a relationship. 

Dreams About Flowers – 61 Types Of Flowers And Their Meaning 

Dreams about flowers are better understood based on the type of dream. One may dream about differently colored flowers, while others may have dreams such as flower gardens.

The following section explores many such dream scenarios. 

1. Dreaming of a flower garden 

Dreaming of a flower garden is one of the most positive interpretations of a dream about flowers. This positive dream indicates that good and positive things may be coming up in your life. 

Flowers symbolize peace, prosperity and happiness. Hence, dreaming of a garden full of flowers indicates that these things are a part of your life. For everyone, happiness and prosperity are blessings to look forward to. 

If you have made some investments or if you are starting out a new relationship, this dream is particularly pleasant. It means that your investment, whether it is financial or emotional, will bring you good returns. 

A flower garden, in real life as well, is a peaceful place. Whether we live in big cities or smaller towns, we can all appreciate a beautiful flower garden. Dreaming of a flower garden thus also reflects a peaceful state of mind. 

2. Dream about flowers blooming 

Dreams about flowers blooming, or in bloom, are a good sign. This dream indicates that your potential is not lost on people.

They can see what you are capable of and they are willing to support your growth. 

This is a particularly good dream as it promises a good future for you as well. Happiness in the long term is a great sign for any dreamer. 

3. Dream about beautiful flowers 

While some people may find all flowers beautiful, it is possible to have dreams about exceptionally beautiful or gorgeous flowers. This dream means that you enjoy a life with good luck. 

This is a good dream as it suggests your life, at least right now, is pleasant and beautiful. It may include love, luck, happiness, and fortune. This is a good dream, as it makes the dreamer think of all the good things he enjoys in life. 

4. Dream about flower bouquet 

Dreaming about a bouquet of flowers represents a pleasant surprise waiting for you in your life. Receiving bouquets brings instant joy to some people. If you are one of those, this dream is an incredibly good sign. 

It also helps to have a dream of a flower bouquet. This dream reminds us of the cheer we get from external things. It may remind us to spend more time in our awake life with people who bring us this kind of cheer. 

5. Fresh flowers in dream meaning

Dreams about fresh flowers are an excellent symbol of good financial health. It means that you experience good luck and fortune in your life. It shows that you enjoy the sense of victory and success in this world. 

6. Dream about putting flowers in a vase 

A dream where you see yourself putting flowers in a vase represents more time on your hands. It means that most of your life is sailing smoothly at the moment.

This gives you the time and energy to indulge in other things. 

This dream also indicates that with your new settled life, you may have the time to be more available to other people.

This is good for you as well as for them. It shows that you are in a good headspace at the minute. 

7. Dream about flowers in a vase 

Flowers in a vase represent good financial situations for the dreamer. This dream is a sign that your savings will grow, or the investments you have made will bring you fortune.

It is a sign of energy as well, indicating a good time in your life cycle. 

8. Dream about receiving flowers 

Receiving flowers from someone in the real world is a symbol of affection, admiration, respect or sometimes even love.

A dream about receiving flowers symbolizes love as well. This dream suggests that you will be given a token for something you did. 

Often, dreams represent what we are looking forward to in our lives. In this dream, the received flowers symbolizes what you get from a relationship in your life. It could also mean getting a reward for a job well done. 

9. Dream about receiving flowers from an ex 

When you receive flowers from an ex partner or spouse it is a good sign, especially for your creativity. It means that you have formed new ideas and you have a fresh outlook to share with the world. 

Often, our good ideas are not fulfilled because we don’t feel like we are in the right environment to share them.

This dream suggests that there are people around you who will appreciate your new and fresh outlook. 

10. Dream about getting dead flowers 

Dead flowers, or withered flowers, hold a significance in the dream world. When we receive withered flowers in your dream, it means that someone in your life does not have pure intentions towards you. 

On the surface, they may seem well intentioned. Their actions may seem good, as they are trying to please you. But the withered flowers suggest that they may have other plans regarding you in their mind.

It is thus always a good idea to be careful. When we are re-thinking someone’s intentions in our social circle and we have such a dream, it is a good warning sign to maintain caution. 

11. Dream about planting flowers 

Planting flowers, or engaging in planting activities, is a good way to experience peace. It engages a person’s mind while maintaining a sense of peace.

It also is a good way to look forward to new experiences, as when you plant a flower, you get to see its growth. 

Dreams about planting flowers indicate that the dreamer will soon experience something similar. For those on the verge of finding a new relationship, this dream is a particularly good sign. 

Planting flowers in dreams is also a sign that things will end up well. It is a sign to trust the process. It means that if you have put in the work, followed the right steps, then success will surely find its way to you. 

12. Picking flowers in dreams 

Dream of picking flowers is also a positive sign. They show that life will offer you good options to choose from. This is good for people who own business or aspire to material wealth. 

The luxury of having choices is a goal for many people. This dream is a good sign that you will be blessed in that regard. 

13. Throwing away flowers dream meaning 

Dreams about flowers that are withered bring a sense of unease. Since flowers generally symbolize love, joy and happiness, seeing them dead does not feel right.

We tend to have dreams of throwing away flowers when they are dead or dying. 

This dream is a signal to be careful of how we treat people and relationships. It is easy to lose a beautiful thing if we don’t take care of it. Just like flowers, the people, work and relationships in our lives also require our attention. 

If we have been lagging or neglecting someone, we may have such a dream. It is important to take good and timely care of the things that matter to us a lot. 

14. Dream about dropping flowers

Even though flowers are not particularly going to experience pain when they fall on the ground, we still avoid dropping them. Whenever we hold flowers in real life, we try to put them down gently. 

In the dream world, if we drop the flowers in our hand, it is considered a negative sign. The dream interpretation of this dream is related to our health.

When we drop the flowers in our dream, it suggests that we may suffer a health setback in the near future. 

15. Dream about wilted flowers 

A dream of wilted flowers is associated with sadness, disappointment and the possibility of your relationship ending. This is not a good dream, as it may remind the dreamer of all that he has not accomplished. It reminds him of wasted potential. 

Wilted flowers also signify something going to waste. This could be a bad investment, a relationship that did not progress well or a financial misfortune.

It may hurt the dreamer because he feels something that could be beautiful is not that anymore. 

16. Smelling flowers in dream meaning 

Dreams about smelling flowers indicate that you will get a chance to recover. For patients or people recovering from an illness, this is a particularly good sign.

This means that you will get a chance to bounce back to your health. 

For people leading busy lives as well, this dream is a sign of taking a break. It means you will recover from the stress of your daily life before you resume the hustle. 

17. Flowers getting trampled dream meaning 

Dreaming of flowers getting trampled or destroyed is yet another example of negative dreams about flowers.

This dream is a sign of outside influence doing us harm. This dream implies that people in the outside world may ruin something good for us. 

We also do not always expect people to be unkind. This means that when they do bad things, it may come unexpectedly for us. We may be so unaware that even if we are hit by something like this, we may experience shock first.  

18. Dream about flowers blooming on barren land 

A dream of flowers blooming or growing on a barren land is neither negative nor positive. It means that even though you had a painful time period, you will get past it.

This dream suggests that happiness will enter your life again, even if you don’t forget the pain. 

19. Dream about flowers in a field 

Dreaming about flowers in a field represents challenges. It means that you may be challenged by something new in your life. However, the flowers also indicate that you will cope and adapt to the challenge well. 

Some people may even enjoy a challenge. For them, this dream is a good sign. It means they will be happy about the challenge they are presented with. 

20. Dream of being surrounded by flowers 

A dream where you see yourself surrounded by flowers means you are surrounded by love. This is a positive sign, especially for those in a relationship.

This dream indicates that you enjoy the company of your partner and feel grateful for it.  

21. Dreaming about flowers at home 

Dreaming of flowers at home is a good dream. It shows that you have what you need to get past certain issues. This is also a good dream because it shows your own skills and capabilities in difficult situations in life. 

We often bring flowers at home for occasions, or to brighten up our space. Even if we don’t realize this, it is a form of problem solving.

A dream about flowers at home thus implies that we have such skills in our basket. 

22. Dream of watering flowers 

A dream where you see yourself watering flowers is a pleasant dream. It has a positive interpretation. It means that your relationship with a family member or friend will have a positive growth.

We water flowers for them to grow. It is also a symbol of our love for the plant and flower. In the dream world, watering flowers denotes our love for the people in our lives and our dedication to our relationships with them. 

Dreams about watering your flowers also is a symbol of growing our wealth and fortune. When we take care of something and give it our nurturing, we can expect it to flourish.

Hence, if we are working hard towards our goals, this dream is a sign that we will succeed. 

23. Dreaming about a flower basket 

Flower baskets in dreams have a beautiful interpretation. It means that you have a new way of looking at life’s problems. It suggests that your unique approach, and wonder at the world work in your favor. 

24. Dream about selecting flowers 

Selecting flowers, either for a floral arrangement or for an event, is a pleasant situation. In the waking world as well, this is a pleasurable activity; indicating good things.

In the dream world, this dream suggests the blossoming of new relationships. 

In the early start or a relationship, whether it is romantic or platonic, the initial excitement comes from doing things.

We look forward to the growth of a relationship because we give it our love, attention and effort. This dream represents that initial period. 

25. Dream about cutting up flowers 

Flower dreams in general are a positive sign. Flower symbols are largely positive, full of happiness and often represent a good time in the dreamer’s life. However, dreams of cutting up flowers are not very positive. 

They imply an external force presenting a challenge to the dreamer. This person may be a threat to the dreamer’s blissful state. It is therefore better to prepare for people who are trying to cut short our happiness. 

26. Dream about buying flowers 

Dreams of buying flowers reflect the emotions you feel towards a person in your life. Flowers symbolize joy, happiness and fortune. Buying flowers for someone indicates that you wish them well. 

This dream also means you are about to make an investment for someone else. It is better to remember who you were buying the flowers for in your dream.

This dream is a sign that this person is important to you and you feel positive emotions towards them. 

27. Dream about giving flowers to a stranger 

A dream of giving flowers to a stranger has a positive meaning. More than the positive meaning, it is also a sign.

This dream suggests that you should consider opening up to a new person, as they could become an important part of your life. 

While this does not mean we should suddenly let anyone inside our life, it merely is a sign that says to be open to possibilities.

If there is someone in your life, who has come in recently, that gives you a good feeling, you should pursue it further. 

This dream tells us that sometimes the new people we meet can be really good for us. Trusting people is a scary thing, but once in a while, people may actually turn in our favor. 

28. Artificial flowers in dream meaning 

Dreams about artificial flowers are a clear sign for our waking life. They simply mean that someone around us is not being genuine.

It is possible that their fakeness is very believable, but you may have an inner feeling that they are fake. 

This dream only further makes you believe that they are not being their real authentic selves. It may also be a warning sign that you could be the one who is not being genuine.

This dream is a good sign to introspect as well as take note of the people around us. 

29. Dream about funeral flowers 

Flowers are used in joyous occasions in our waking life. However, they are also used to pay respect to the dead. We lay flowers on the graves of those we love to show our emotions for them. 

Dreaming about funeral flowers however has a different meaning. It shows that we need to accept life with more clarity. It is a sign to not miss something good because we were not paying attention. 

30. Single dying flower in dream 

Dreaming about a single flower that is dead or dying represents the dreamer’s sense of isolation. Perhaps he feels really lonely or away from everyone else he knows and loves. 

Isolation does not always mean physical isolation. It is also possible that the dreamer is alone in his ideas or emotionally. He may be looking for a companion but so far he has had no luck. 

31. Dead flowers in dream meaning 

Dead flowers, in the dream world, are a symbol of disappointment. This means that the dreamer expected something more from a job or a person. He or she is now left with disappointment over how it turned out. 

Another interpretation of seeing dead flowers in dreams is overconfidence. Perhaps the dreamer is extremely confident about something in his life.

However, if the confidence makes them not put in any work towards it, they may surely fail. 

It is a good dream to remember that while confidence is good, overconfidence is definitely not. It can even turn a guaranteed victory into a failure. 

32. Dream about wedding flowers 

Weddings are also usually decorated with a lot of beautiful flowers. A beautiful wedding is in fact incomplete without a floral arrangement. Dreaming of wedding flowers is a sign of love, charm and beauty. 

Dreaming of catching a bouquet at a wedding indicates the start of a new relationship. This dream is also full of excitement as it takes place in a celebratory environment. 

33. Dream about flowers in your hair 

Flowers in your hair dream has a positive interpretation. It means that you have relatively small worries in your life. This suggests that while not everything is absolutely fantastic, the worries you do have are simple. 

These worries have simple solutions. You will get past them easily and return to a balanced state of mind. For example, worrying about what to buy for your loved one. This is a valid worry, but has a simple solution. 

34. Flowerpots in dream meaning 

Flower pots in dreams are a sign of a feminine energy. This energy could come from the dreamer themselves or from a person in their life. The best way to interpret this dream is to analyze the feelings that come with it. 

Often, flower pots are merely the base of the dream. What is more important is the floral arrangement in the flower pot.

For example, colorful flowers in the flower pot represent kindness and compassion. 

35. Dream of a floral painting 

Dream about painted flowers usually carries a message for the dreamer. The best way to interpret this, similar to the previous dream, is to look for more clues.

The message could be regarding an important occasion that the dreamer has forgotten. 

36. Dreaming about a florist 

Dreaming of a florist means that you expect someone to enter your life with a lot of positive emotions. Since flowers symbolize happiness, joy and good fortune, a florist symbolizes a person who will bring these to you. 

Often, flower shops and florists promise the dreamer that he is headed towards something great.

Whether it is a new job or a new friend or relationship, this dream makes the dreamer feel excited for the future and what it will bring. 

37. Dream about bees in a flower 

Dreams about flowers where you see bees on a flower have a favorable interpretation. It means that you can expect some profits in your near future.

Bees on flowers are a common sight in nature, as that is how they get their food. 

In the dream world, this is a sign that you have made a good investment. Your work will result in favorable gains for you. It is also a sign to spend your profits well, so your future can be more secure. 

38. Dream about a butterfly on a flower 

Another sight that is as common as bees on a flower, is butterflies on a flower. Butterflies are often found resting on a flower or flying close to them in a garden. In dreams as well, this sight is very common. 

This dream indicates good luck and fortune. It means that you are in a good phase of your life. Things may be going exactly as you planned them. This is a period of time you can truly relax and enjoy your life. 

Another interpretation is that you may be planning something for your future. This also includes you making a plan to move somewhere else.

This dream is a sign that your plan will have a good and successful outcome for you. 

Dreams Based On Flower Parts 

Some dreams do not include the whole flower, rather, they focus on a part of the flower. The bud, the stem, the thorns and the petals are the main parts of a flower as we know it. 

39. Dreaming about flower buds

Dreaming of flower bulbs, or buds, is a sign to nurture the connections in our life. When we plant a bud, we do so with the hopes of a beautiful flower springing from it. That can only happen when we nurture it correctly. 

If we encounter problems while planting a bud, it means that we may lose a connection we have formed. This dream is a sign for us to not be caught completely unaware when that happens. 

40. Dreaming about flower petals 

Flower petals are a sign of a rough patch in relationships and marriage. Flowers are beautiful when they have full petals which come together wonderfully.

Flower petals signify the cracks in the relationship when we pull it apart.

41. Dreaming about flower pollens 

A flower dream where you see pollen or bees on a pollen signifies a part of your own personality.

It means that you may carry a lot more baggage than you need to. In order to experience joy and beauty, you must first cleanse your life. 

42. Dreaming about flower stalk 

Stalk or stem of the flower represents the support system you have in your life. It also represents the support you provide to other people. Often, in trying to support others, we experience anxiety ourselves. 

A broken flower stem in dreams represents the stress we feel when we are trying to support too many other people. 

43. Dreaming about flower thorns 

Flower thorns are often the unwanted parts of a flower. The thorns describe the unwanted thoughts in our mind that bring us pain.

Dreaming of flower thorns means that we may be harboring some thoughts that are not good for our mental health. 

Dreams Based On Types Of Flowers 

There are various types of flowers. Each is beautiful and holds a significance in the dream world as well as our waking life. Following are the dream interpretations of different types of flowers. 

44. Sunflower dream meaning 

Sunflowers in dreams denote guidance, following a religious path and happiness. Sunflowers symbolize perfection as well in the dream world.

Dreaming of sunflowers reminds the dreamer that there will always be happier times ahead. 

45. Dream about flowers rose 

Roses, especially red roses, signify deep emotions. This includes emotions like love, passion, devotion and longing. 

Dreaming of red roses could mean longing for a new relationship or lover. It can also mean wanting to strengthen the bond you enjoy with your current partner.

Red rose dreams are a symbol of passion towards what you do as well. 

46. Dream about white rose 

Dreams about red roses signify love and intensity. On the other hand, dreams about white roses are a sign of denial.

This means that we may have all the clues in front of us to know the real intentions of a person. However, we are in denial about it. 

It is natural to do this, especially if the person in question is someone we know and love. We do not want to believe anything negative about them, because we believe they are good at heart. 

A dream about a white rose is a sign that you may be in such denial. While you may only come out of it when you feel ready, this dream is a good sign to be aware of. 

47. Dream about wildflowers 

Flowers generally are gentle and calming. Therefore dreaming about wildflowers particularly holds a distinct meaning in the dream world. This dream indicates that the dreamer is feeling a sense of rebellion.

Wildflowers in dreams represent the rebellious feelings we may have. This could be directed at our parents, our boss, our teachers or even other relationships in our life. 

48. Dreaming about red poppies 

Red poppies in dreams symbolize rest and healing. This means that you may have been hurt or injured by others.

It may even have physically or emotionally affected you. However, the red poppies are a sign that you will be able to heal from that. 

Poppies in the real world have medicinal uses. Hence, their dream interpretation is also associated with healing and recovery. 

49. Dreams about daffodils 

Daffodils in dreams represent a long term friendship. This means that you may actually have friends in your life who have stuck with you through thick and thin.

These are the people you count on to help you through life. 

A dream of daffodils is a sign to pay more attention to these friends. When you are friends with someone for a long time, it becomes easy to take them for granted. This dream is a sign that you should not be doing that. 

Rather, you should focus on your long term friendships. You can take an opportunity to remind them of their importance in your life. 

50. Dream about dandelions 

Dandelions in dreams are a sign of childhood memories. It is a sweet, innocent flower and flower dream interpretation.

It suggests that you are possibly looking back at the good memories from your childhood. 

True happiness comes from being at peace with your past as well as present. Dreaming of dandelions indicates that you are pleasantly looking back at your life. 

Dreams Based On Flower Colors 

Flowers inherently are of one or more colors. While we may not always know the correct name of a flower, we can always identify the color of the flower in our dreams.

Following are the dream interpretations of the differently colored flowers. 

51. Dream about colorful flowers 

Colorful flowers in dreams are a symbol of kindness, compassion and a sense of beauty. This is a very spiritually pleasing dream, as it shows that you are a compassionate person at your core. 

This is also a highly positive dream. It suggests that you lead a wholesome life. You may continue to experience these positive emotions.

Once you experience this, it is natural to keep living with kindness and in harmony with others. 

52. Dream about purple flowers 

Purple flowers represent wisdom in dreams. Purple flowers are also a sign of maturity that comes with experience and a good eye for detail. 

Another interpretation of purple flowers is that it is a sign of accomplishment. You may be successful in engaging with your new hobby.

For example, if you have recently taken up sketching, a dream of purple flowers means you will become good at it. 

53. Dream of pink flowers 

Dreams of pink flowers denote romance. Romance here does not mean love as intense as the one denoted by red flowers. Pink flowers symbolize a sweeter, gentle and more delicate kind of romance. 

In real life as well, pink is a soft color. We buy pink flowers as a romantic gesture whereas we buy red for love. In the dream world as well, the same symbolism continues.

Pink flowers are also a symbol of grace and forgiveness, both gentle emotions. 

54. Dream about red flowers 

Red roses are the most common examples of red flowers. Red is an intense color in dreams. Seeing dreams of red flowers thus signifies intense emotions. 

You may dream of this flower when you are deeply in love with someone or something. It portrays the intense feelings you may have for them. Red also signifies intense anger.

Hence, if you are feeling rage towards someone, you may dream of red flowers. 

55. Dream about white flowers 

White flowers in dreams have a similar meaning to white flowers in waking life. They symbolize purity and love. White flowers such as lilies are pure flowers.

Dreaming about white flowers means you have pure intentions in your mind. 

56. Dream about green flowers 

Green flowers in dreams are associated with jealousy. There are not too many green flowers in our surroundings. Hence, dreaming about green flowers means the focus of the dream is on the color.

Green is used to denote jealousy. Jealousy is a negative emotion and often makes the person feeling it also feel bad. It is not easy to live with jealousy and hence this dream is a sign to try to work through it. 

Another interpretation of green flowers is health. Green is a color of health, as it is used to describe freshness. Green bouquet of flowers in dreams thus symbolizes vital signs of health. 

57. Dream about orange flowers 

Dreams about orange flowers are a joyous symbol. Orange represents joy, happiness and contentment.

It means that if you dream about orange flowers, your life is likely to be quite happy going right now. This happiness reflects in your mood as well. 

58. Dream of yellow flowers 

Yellow is a color of friendship, even when interpreting your dreams. Dreaming of yellow flowers implies that you, or your friends, will enjoy good fortune in your life.

This is also a good dream because it shows you care for your friends. 

We are all concerned with how our life and future will turn out. Dreaming of yellow flowers is a sign that we are concerned with our friend’s wellbeing as well. They occupy our thoughts and that in itself is a good sign. 

59. Dream about blue flowers 

Blue flowers in dreams reflect emotions in general. This means that sometimes, we experience a range of emotions. Lighter blue flowers indicate experiencing soothing emotions.

A dark blue flower in a dream suggests experiencing an intense emotion. 

Soothing emotions also means that you may be in a calm phase of your life. Perhaps your work and relationships are going well. You may seem satisfied with it as well.

It may not seem obvious, but this is also a form of happiness. 

A darker blue flower on the other hand signifies the opposite. It means that you may experience some emotional turmoil. This may make you feel distressed.

However, you should also remember that after distress, there will be calm in your life once again. 

60. Dream of black flowers 

Black flowers are not very common in our daily life. In fact, even when we think of flowers, black is perhaps not the first or the second image you see. Black flowers symbolize sorrow and misfortune. 

However, the interpretation does not end there. This dream also means that you will find a way to be happy through your sorrows and misfortune. It is thus a paradoxical interpretation.  

61. Dream about a colorless flower 

There are very few colorless flowers in the world. Hence, dreaming about a colorless flower in itself is a symbol to be aware of. It signifies the dreamer’s feelings of hopelessness. 

This dream suggests that the dreamer thinks there is no color left in his world. Even the things he would usually find exciting do not excite him anymore. 

Biblical Meaning Of Dreams About Flowers

Biblically, dreams about flowers signify joy, love, peace and beauty. It also suggests that dreamers may be looking for such a positive sign. This comes from a negative past and a need for a brighter future. 

Biblically, dreams about flowers are a positive sign. They are associated with happiness, joy, love and beauty. This positive interpretation makes dreamers glad that they have something good to look forward to. 

Dreams about flowers also suggest that the dreamer is in good health. This means that the dreamer is either physically in good shape or in mentally feeling good.

Either way, it indicates a positive, healthy energy in the dreamer’s life. 

Dreams about flowers also remind the dreamer of the beauty that is present in his or her life. It is easy for people to focus on negative things, like a bad ex partner or a job that does not satisfy them. 

Flower dreams actually remind people that even through that, and through challenging times, there is still hope for a beautiful future.

This means that some new love or opportunity can come into your life and add so much beauty to it. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Flowers 

Spiritually, flower dreams are positive dreams for our spiritual journey as well. The spiritual interpretation of dreams about flowers is that we have a good and fortunate life.

We enjoy a good balance between work and rewards. 

Our spiritual journey can only move forward when we are peaceful with our past and present.

It becomes enriched when we move forward with positive emotions. Dreams about flowers indicate that our life is full of such positive emotions. 

Spiritually, we must also learn to stay away from some extremes. Dreams such as red flowers, red roses, dead flowers, have extreme interpretations. This suggests that emotions such as love can be intense for the dreamer. 

Dreams about flowers are also good reminders for people. They remind us to focus on the positives in our life.

They often even remind us to nurture our friendships and relationships. We may care for people, but we need to personally show them that. 

Hence, for our spiritual growth, dreams of flowers are a very good sign. They guide us to focus on the good and care for our people.

They also make us feel light when we wake up, as flowers are usually a beautiful sight to behold. 


Dreams about flowers are powerfully positive dreams. They guide us to appreciate all the beauty in our lives. We can always hustle and reach for the stars. Sometimes, it is also better to appreciate what we do have. 

Thus, flower dreams remind us to be grateful for the life we have been blessed with!