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33 Types of Dreams about Parrots & their Meaning

33 Types of Dreams about Parrots & their Meaning

Updated on Jul 01, 2022 | Published on Apr 08, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Parrot in Dream - 33 Types of Dreams & their Meanings

Birds in dreams symbolize wisdom, freedom, goals, harmony, and joy. Parrots are one of the beautiful and colorful creatures known for their friendly and talkative behavior.

Parrots in dreams symbolize new opportunities, growth, gossip, and betrayal depending on the dream’s context and the feelings associated with it.

The first thing that comes to our mind about parrots is how they mimic others’ voices. Therefore, you can relate the dream to talking and gossiping behind a person’s back.

Parrot in Dream - 33 Types of Dreams & their Meanings
Parrot in Dream – 33 Types of Dreams & their Meanings

Parrot in Dream & Their General Interpretation

Parrots in the dream symbolize joy, goals, cleverness, personal development, and new opportunities ahead of you. 

Parrots are attractive and are known as speaking birds. The lovely voice of the parrot grabs the attention of people immediately and they can imitate humans and other animals’ voices. They are known as intelligent birds with spiritual meaning. Parrot in a dream represents new opportunities, personal growth, and possible threats in your surroundings.  

The Colorful winged creature in your dream tells you about the behavior of people around you and your response to it. Different colors of parrots symbolize different meanings. Parrot symbolizes your desire to make new friends or to express yourself freely. The friendly, loud, quiet, and chatty personality of the parrot indicates areas of your life in dreams.

The emotions attached to the dream will help to determine the meaning of the dream and possible outcomes. The parrot dream wants to alert you of possible situations occurring in the future. It can have the following meanings.

  • The dream foretells about friends, family, or colleagues talking behind your back for your good or against you.
  • The dream reminds you to do a self-introspection to understand yourself and present yourself confidently and authentically in front of others.
  • Parrot in dreams signifies learning a new language or skill.
  • The parrot in a dream reflects your thoughts and wants to remind you to become self-aware to avoid any possible future problems.
  • Parrots in a dream tell you to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Sometimes parrot in a dream symbolizes the person in your waking life who is obnoxious and antagonistic. The dream indicates that you need to be extra cautious while sharing sensitive information with people around you.
  • The dream indicates new ideas or new learnings that you need to work on.
  • Dreaming about Parrots represents your communication and social life.
  • Parrot in a dream is a way to remind you to add colors to your life.

Types of Dreams about Parrots and Their Meanings 

The different colors of parrots like blue, pink, grey, green, white, and many more signify different meanings. Each color has its significance and a message to convey.

The birds are symbolic and known for bringing some imperative messages. Birds’ feathers are considered blessings from angels and symbolize their presence.

Let’s uncover the meaning of the different colors of parrots.

1. Blue parrot in dreams 

 The Bluebird signifies joy and happiness. If the blue parrot appears in your dream, it indicates gossip in your social circle. The dream wants to alert you about your behavior and respond to people to avoid conflict in waking life.

2. Dream of Green parrot 

The color green symbolizes prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Seeing a green parrot in the dreams indicates financial prosperity shortly. The green parrot in dreams means making profits in business or getting a bonus in your job—the greener the parrot, the more prosperity.

Moreover, it symbolizes reliving childhood memories. The parrot in dreams points towards your behavior like copying others or acting like someone that is not you.

It’s an indicator to be authentic and confident in your skin.

3. Dream of White parrot

The white color symbolizes peace and purity. The dream of receiving a white parrot indicates abundance and prosperity in your family soon. Also, it represents the doubt you might be facing to trust people. Look out the dream context closely to have a better understanding of the message.

4. Dream of Black parrot

Dreaming of a Black parrot means receiving annoying advice from someone. The dream wants to warn you to remain calm and avoid unnecessary talks.

5. Dream of Yellow parrot

Yellow parrot in a dream indicates that you will spend your time learning a new language or any other new skill. It can be a new course, new activity, or other recreational activity. Get ready to learn and explore new things to expand your knowledge.

6. Dream of Red parrot

The Red parrot in your dream represents Bitterness and jealousy in your waking life. It indicates the possible situation where people can be jealous of you, leading to bitter behavior. The most acceptable way to deal with such a situation is to have a neutral attitude and have patience.

7. Dream of Pink parrot

Spotting Pink Parrot in your dream is related to the nagging behavior of people around you. Their response can be irritating at times, and sometimes you can find it loving and sweet.

8. Dream of  Orange parrot

Dreaming Orange parrot represents that you need to stand for yourself and speak for your rights. 

9.  Dream of African grey parrot

The African grey parrots are lovely and intelligent. Seeing an African grey parrot in a dream indicates the possible situation to arise soon that could harm your inner tenacity and chances of being manipulated by others.

10. Dream of Colorful parrot

Dreaming of colorful parrots represents difficulty in communication due to unclarity of thoughts. If you have a business, then you should be careful about how you communicate with other members.

A good leader can communicate with their team efficiently and motivates them to take the right action. Be witty while handling any situation and analyze wisely.

Moreover, It represents difficulty in being heard and surrounded by exotic and obnoxious personalities in waking life.

Parrot Dream Interpretation According to Different Situations

11. What does it mean to dream about a Small parrot?

Dreaming of a small parrot indicates overwhelmed by responsibilities. The small parrots are unique and challenging to catch. Seeing small parrots in dreams represents guilt and overwhelmed by tasks in waking life. You are finding it difficult to manage everything effectively. Try maintaining a to-do list and plan all your tasks and events to avoid mental chaos. Taking one thing at a time will help you.

12. What does it mean to Dream about Pigeon Parrots?

Dreaming of pigeon parrots indicates emotional dependency. Depending on your partner, friend, family, or someone close to you. Like the pigeons are dependent on their mother to feed them. 

This dream represents that you are dependent on someone close to you for emotional wellbeing, and it is restricting your capability to grow and give your best. Your behavior depends on other people’s reactions to your environment, which can affect your emotional health in the long run.

13. What does it mean to the Dream about Eating a Parrot?

The dream about Eating a parrot may be absurd and might leave you thinking about the meaning of this weird dream. Well, this indicates rumors and gossip about you.

However, the dream indicates that you will overcome the situation boldly. And you can turn the rumor to your advantage and make things work in your favor. 

14. What is the meaning of a Dead Parrot in a dream?

Dead parrot represents suppressed thoughts and emotions. Seeing a dead parrot in a dream means advice from people that could benefit you, but you may avoid it due to absent-mindedness or distractions.

The dream wants you to be attentive in your waking life and take the right action to reap maximum benefit.

15. What does it mean to Dream about parrots in a cage?

Dreaming of a parrot in a cage indicates your ability to learn in waking life. The dream is trying to convey your present state and your inability to learn from situations. 

It is a way to bring attention to your current state of mind and avoid repeating mistakes. Beware of others’ actions and behavior. Otherwise, you will end up in a troublesome situation.

The bird’s condition represents your waking life situation and desire to come out of the cage (problems). A fine-looking bird represents your comfort zone and not much interaction with other people.

16. What is the meaning of Big Parrot in dreams?

This dream is indicative of new experiences making their way in your life. It will give you a new perspective and expand your awareness. 

Seeing a big parrot in dreams is a positive sign that symbolizes expansion and growth in your life. It will allow you to appreciate the beauty of life.

17. What does it mean to dream about a Parrot flying away?

The dream of a parrot flying away is an indication of losing an opportunity. It can be a  promotion, a new job opportunity, or a bonus. 

Be alert and keep your eyes wide open to get the ball in your court. 

18.  What is the meaning of the Dream if a parrot flies on shoulder 

In the dream, if a parrot flies on the shoulder, then it’s a good sign. It brings you good luck and big contracts and opportunities in business, and there are high chances of succeeding in it.

19. What is the meaning of seeing a Parrot in a dream by a pregnant woman?

If the parrot appears in the dream of a pregnant woman, then it is a good omen. As it signifies, she will give birth to an intelligent and bright child. 

20. What is the meaning of seeing lots of Parrots in dreams?

Dreaming of a lot of parrots indicates your surroundings. The dream signifies your surrounding of people.  

It alerts you about your surrounding of people who are trying to influence you with misleading information. The more colorful the parrot, the more chaotic the environment. The dream is an indicator of eliminating such people out of your life and organizing your thoughts to have clarity in mind.

The number of parrots represents the number of people talking about you.

21. What does it mean to kill a Parrot in a dream? 

To dream about killing a parrot represents your feeling of being stuck and unable to make progress in life. The parrot means your needs that need to be considered rather than other people’s needs. 

However, killing a parrot in dreams means you are suppressing your thoughts and emotions. Therefore release all the negative thoughts that no longer serve you to have peace of mind.

22. What does it mean to dream about a sleeping Parrot?

A sleeping parrot in a dream symbolizes the problematic phase in your life coming to an end. It can be a miscommunication with people in your environment or any current problem you are going through. 

The dream is a way of telling you that the bad times will pass; all you need to do is stay calm and polite with others. As parrots symbolize speech, therefore, you need to watch your words before you speak.

23. What does it mean to see sick Parrot in dreams?

If You get friendly with people very quickly, then the dream wants to convey you a message.

  A sick parrot indicates that someone has not opened up to you correctly or appropriately. Therefore, you should avoid opening up too fast with people and take things slowly. 

24. What does it mean to dream of a baby parrot?

Dreaming of a baby parrot symbolizes good health, money, and opportunities entering into your life to change things for the better.

25. What is the meaning of Catching a Parrot in a dream?

The dream of catching a parrot represents someone defaming you in front of others behind your back. The dream is an indicator to prepare yourself to confront such situations and deal with them smartly without harming your reputation in public.

Try to have a calm and positive approach.  Act wisely and come out of the situation without harming your reputation.

26. What does it mean to dream about talking Parrot?

Parrots are talkative and mimic others. Dreaming of speaking parrot represents people who are talking about you. The talks can be positive or negative. Be alert with the type of people you spend time with. Try to maintain distance and protect your energy. The dream of speaking parrot also signifies dishonesty in waking life or back bitching by a friend. 

27. What does it mean to dream about buying a parrot?

Parrots are smart birds, and having a parrot as a pet can be rewarding due to their friendliness and long life span. The  Dream of buying a parrot indicates your decision of buying material things or membership in the community. The dream foretells that the purchase might not be worth your money. The chances are you are buying it under the influence or comparison.

Ask yourself before spending your money on something superficial. Is it worth it? Do I need it? Make the best of your purchase rather than just splurging the money unconsciously. 

28. What is the meaning of saving a parrot in a dream?

When you dream of saving a parrot, you need to focus on your dreams and goals.

You should hear your inner voice and try to work on unresolved issues that you are facing for a long time. It is encouraged to change how you talk to yourself; it will help you change things outside of you. Don’t allow your ego to ride you.

Also, remember you can’t control everything. Do your best and leave the rest.

29. What does it mean to dream about giving a Parrot to someone?

The dream of receiving or gifting a parrot in a dream symbolizes that people around you want you to share your thoughts with them to know you better.

If you find it difficult to express yourself in front of others, this is the right time to have a good conversation and relax.

30. What does it mean to Dream about parrots in the House?

If you have a dream about parrots in the house, it represents new people coming into your life. The dream tells you not to trust them and be careful of the words you speak in their company. The person can hamper your growth and confidence. Try to maintain a healthy distance from people who slender about others.

31. What does it mean to dream about feeding a Parrot?

The dream of feeding a parrot is an indicator of getting backstabbed by your friend or colleague in the near future. Be attentive and avoid trusting people easily.

Feeding parrots in dreams represent that someone is going to backstab you. It can be your friend or your colleague at work. The dream wants to notify you and makes you aware of the possible situation. Don’t trust people simply, be cautious and mindful.

32. What does it mean to dream about  Kissing a Parrot?

Kissing a parrot in a dream can be a positive or negative sign. The dream indicates people talking behind your back. It’s an alert to be cautious and maintain distance from such people.

33.  What does it mean to Dream about Parrots on pirates?

The parrot on the pirate in Dreams points towards the journey with fake people around you. 

Spiritual meaning of dream about Parrots 

Parrots are attractive and intelligent birds. Dream about parrots indicates good things that are happening in your life whereas it also points out gossip and slandering by people around you.

Parrots symbolize status, class, royalty, pride, and well-being. The colorful and attractive pet catches your attention immediately. The parrot symbolism holds essential facts that can contribute to your growth and self-development. 

Biblically parrots in dreams represent blessings from the heavenly realm. The birds are connected to desire, salvation, and sacrifice. They are mentioned in many parts of the bible and play a major role. It will allow you to understand the meaning of your dream conveniently.

Look closer at your dreams and consider other factors to derive the right message from them.

1. Time for Celebration

Seeing parrots in dreams indicates the time of celebration in the near future. The dream reminds you to celebrate small wins and victories. It will help you to regain your confidence and allow you to keep going strong. 

2. Set new Goals and Analysis

Parrot symbolism represents setting new Goals and working towards them. It will allow you to explore a wide variety of things and create a space for growth. Also, analyze the areas of your life and the scope of improvement in it. It will help you in setting smart goals for the future.

3. Change in Perspective

Parrot symbolism indicates the change in perspective for growth and expansion. A shift in perspective will help you find solutions for your existing issues and see things differently. It will improve the way you live and perceive things.

4. Focus on Personal Relationships

Parrot symbolism is related to building new connections and creating a strong bond with people. It encourages you to make new friends and relationships that will leave you happy and content.

Questions to ask when you see a Parrot in dreams

If you are dreaming about parrots frequently then you need to ask yourself the following questions and always trust your emotional guidance system.

  1. What is the color of the parrot?
  2. Where was the parrot sitting?
  3. Try to recall what the parrot was trying to speak? What part of my life needs changes?
  4. What actions can I take to improve the situation?
  5. How does the dream make you feel? 
  6. What was the color of feathers? What meaning does it have?

The details of dreams will help you decode the message and take caution accordingly in your waking life.

Final Thoughts

Dreams are a way to express your thoughts and emotions. The symbols in dreams are a way to communicate the meaning. Carls Jung said that “A symbol is the best possible formulation of a relatively unknown psychic content.”

While dreaming our subconscious mind communicates with us and points out towards the area of growth or change. You should have a closer look over the dream context; every little detail will help you analyze your dream’s purpose. Parrots are beautiful, friendly, and intelligent birds, whereas they are very clever and talkative. You can find the meaning of your dreams by searching on google but always ask yourself and trust your intuition to understand the profound message more precisely.

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