Did you recently have a dream about bats? And you’re curious to unfold its underlying meaning? Here, let’s untie the knot.

When it is about the veiled bat dream meaning, these mysterious creatures hold some connotations that might be revealing the hidden elements of your unconscious mind. 

So, let’s find out the interesting mystical and symbolic meanings that dreams of these mysterious night creatures hold!

Dream about Bats - 50+ Types & Their Meanings
Dream about Bats – 50+ Types & Their Meanings

Meaning of Dream about Bats

Generally, bats are associated with dark and negative things. Taking this, its dreams might represent the difficulties you are facing in your life. 

However, bats in dreams are not always about negative aspects of life. In fact, more often than not, these suggest us to identify our problems, to move ahead bravely, and to grow towards positivity.

So, even with its negative messages, these help us to change for positivity in life. Also, some of these are considered to be clearly good signs. Thus, it can be considered positive, in a way. We just need to dive deeper. 

Understanding Dream about Bats

Dreams hold different subjective meanings for different people. Usually, a dream’s interpretations are based upon the person’s ongoing life experiences, memories, imagination, cognitive behavior, etc.

According to a 2009 study, 56% of Americans believed that their common dreams hold some meaningful insights about their beliefs.

Taking this as a way to unravel it, bat dream interpretations can be done on the basis of one’s inner feelings, intuitions, situations, metaphorical ideas, etc.

Hence, usually, such dream is considered as a metaphor for giving signs about life. Some consider it to symbolize the disturbing experiences fixated at unconscious levels.

Others consider it as a sign of intuitive symbolism that guides a person from time to time.

Also, it is linked to self-hidden deep feelings. So, to get its meaning, it’s advised to take a look at your ongoing life and connect it with the metaphorical dream meaning. 

Dream about Bats – 55 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Dreams about bats generally hold dual meanings. At one hand, it symbolizes negative aspects of life. This can be considered more as hints or warnings to look at the things we ignore in life.

So, the inner disturbing emotions or outer miseries that are usually hidden, gets expression through bat dreams. On the other hand, it can also show happiness, positive changes, good luck, rebirth, growth, spiritual journey, solitude, etc. 

Let’s look for the meanings of 55 specific bat dreams –

1. Dream about Calm and Friendly Bats

Seeing dreams about calm, playful, and friendly bats indicates your good mood. Besides, it denotes the positive environment around you.

It usually means that you would remain unaffected by your surrounding problems, toxicity, etc. This is a good sign and shows your positive mental and emotional state. 

2. Dream about Being Afraid of Bats

Being afraid of bats is considered a bad omen. It’s a sign that you may face an accident soon. This can be seen as a warning to not be too careless. Or, in other words, to not indulge in anything impulsive and unnecessarily risky.

Still, it shows that the accident won’t be too bad. Besides, you will have a quick recovery. Hence, don’t get too worried. 

3. Dream about Bats Attacking

It is a message for you to face difficult times bravely. When you are attacked by a bat in a dream, it hints you to use your strengths and to move forward combating well.

Also, it may show that someone can break your trust. So you need to be more careful while believing in someone.

Overall, it is taken as a negative sign. However, if you take its message to work on your weaknesses, you can turn it into a positive one.

4. Dream about Bat Crossing Your Path

Have you dreamed about a bat crossing your path? This dream indicates a close call with danger. It can be a warning to look for the dangers that might be lurking around the corner.

You can take it as a sign of your subconscious mind figuring out some hidden danger. It can be a person, a situation, a place, or maybe a decision you make. So, be thoughtful about it.

5. Dream about Bats Biting Me

Bat biting means you can get hurt in any way. If the bat feeds off your blood in dream, it shows your lack of energy in life.

So, bitten by a bat shows that your positive energy is draining. If you have been bitten by the bat on the arm in a dream, it shows that your professional or work life is in trouble.

A bite on face signifies that your personal relationships are in a poor phase. If the bite is on your head, it shows problems in your family or among your closed ones. A neck bite means that you may get attacked by some criminal minded people. 

6. Bat Dreams for Pregnant Woman

It is believed that for pregnant women, bat dream meanings hold different interpretations. Bat dreams are often associated with health issues.

This is the same for pregnant women too. Usually, it is a sign that the woman needs to take care of her health.

Also, she might be in contact with some people causing negativity in her life. So protecting oneself and the child from such people can be a sign of the dream too. It is vital to identify these symptoms and to take care of oneself. 

7. Dream with Lots of Bats in the Dark 

It shows that so many things are going around you. This might be the expression of your overwhelmed or tired subconscious mind. If the flock of bats are disturbing, noisy, or in other words, an annoying squeak, it means that you might face a loss of reputation.

This might need a lot of efforts on your part to regain it. A flock of bats might also represent your sexual desires and love interests. 

8. Bats Flying in the Daylight Meaning 

Have you had a dream of bats flying in the broad daylight? It is a sign that you need to take steps in the ongoing hard times. Usually, bats are considered to be active at night. So, flying bats in daylight suggests taking a step in unfavorable situations.

This shows that you may need to move out of your comfort zone. And this move would take you to the place you would find comfort finally. 

9. Sleeping Bats Dream Meaning

Bat sleeping in dreams are quite common. Usually, it is considered a bad sign. It means something wrong might happen in your life if you keep being ignorant about it.

This can be an indication that you are turning your eyes blind towards things that need your urgent attention. So, it’s time to rethink your situation and make your move.

10. Dream of Bat Looking into Your Window 

It may feel a bit intriguing or uncomfortable to have such a dream. This dream shows that someone is keeping an eye on you.

Or, someone from a very different life experiences or other world is present in your life. Either way, you need to look around you to have a better picture of your situation. 

11. Getting Married to a Bat

Yes, it sounds terribly strange. However, if you have had this dream, you don’t have to worry. It’s a sign that you are going to meet someone really amazing in your life. This also shows that you are going to get married to someone who is perfect for you.

So if you are seeing someone, it might be a good time to take a move forward. Or if, you are facing a relationship issue, calm down. Someone better is waiting for you. 

12. Dream about Catching a Bat

This dream is a good sign. Catching a bat in a dream shows that you might get rid of negativity in your life. It can be in any form.

Like, getting rid of an enemy, getting a solution for a problem, finding out the cause for an annoyance, etc. Of course, you need to work upon the problem to get the solutions you want. 

13. Flying Bats in Dreams

Bats flying in dreams symbolize problems, annoyance, and sorrow in life situations. Thus, it is usually considered a bad omen to see flying bats in dreams.

So, it warns you about some sadness or depression that might appear in your life.  In other words, it might also be a symbolization of hidden negative personality trait/s. 

Since bats express negativity, it means that either you or someone very close to you has a negative part that needs to be explored.

However, these problems or sadness would not be something serious usually. So you would be able to handle it with your willpower. 

14. Bats Hanging or Sleeping on Trees in Dream

Trees are linked to positivity and stability. Bat can be the expression of your inner desire. Such dreams might suggest your need for grounding.

You are craving for warmth, stability, and care. And you can get it if you want. So, it’s time to stop pretending to embrace what you actually want in life. 

15. Dream about Bat Nests

If you have seen a bat nest in your dream, you might have something annoying in the near future. It shows your anger or frustration for something.

Also, bats generally live in the caves. So, bats living in the nests are unusual. It indicates you being stuck in a strange situation. Thus, it hints about negative situation surrounding you. 

16. Dream about Vampire Bats

Vampires are believed to suck one’s blood. Blood is the sign of life and positive energy. Thus, dreaming about vampire bats may indicate that someone around you is making your life stressful. It can also be a sign that someone is taking your wrong advantage.

Thus, you need to be more careful about whom to believe in. You need to take the hint and closely evaluate your relationships with others. It can be in terms of your personal life, your profession, someone close to you, etc. 

17. Baby Bat Dream Meaning 

Dreaming about baby bats is mostly good. Seeing a baby bat in your dream suggests that you need to work on your self-improvement and personal growth.

It symbolizes your hidden talent and/or your psychic or spiritual abilities. You have the abilities needed for growth and success. All you need is to take baby steps to grow these abilities further.

18. Pet Bat in Dream

If bat seems to be your pet or own by you is a sign for some big changes. So, it shows that you need to take a bold step and own things, people, or roles that you really want but ignore because of fear.

Besides, it’s a sign for you to embrace unfamiliar and unknown. You can overcome your fear for the unseen now. All you need is hard work, determination, and self belief. 

19. Bat Poop in Dream

Such dreams are linked to your negative feelings and emotions. This generally symbolizes ill-gotten profits or unfair gains. It might be your hidden guilt for what wrong you have done to gain your selfish profits.

Or, it can be a warning to save you from such a wrong move that you might regret later. This can be a sign to help you come out of a moral dilemma too.

20. Dream about Wearing Bat Wings

Seeing bat wings on you or wearing it yourself suggests that you need to make a quick change in your life. It shows that you need to be fast in taking hard decisions.

This also shows that you may need to listen to your intuitions to overcome your personal, emotional or external conflicts. 

21. Red Bat in Dreams

In dreams, red bat is usually the symbolization of your negative side. Often, it reminds you about the dark feelings or emotions hidden deep into your heart. Besides, it can be your regret or guilt for something that is disturbing you. Identify, accept, and resolve it as you can. 

22. Green Bat in Dreams

Green bats are considered as a symbol of your self-expression. That is, how you express yourself and communicate with others.

It may show that you need to express yourself more. Or maybe, you need to give some time understanding others. So, take it as a sign to work upon your communication skills.

23. Brown Bat Dreams

Brown bat show that you need to reconsider and reevaluate your decisions and actions. It’s like, you are taking big decisions blindly or without a second thought. This can be because of some bitter past experiences or bottled up fear.

However, you can rise above it. So, instead of making wrong decisions that you would regret later, it’s better to think now. 

24. Grey Bat in Dream

Grey bats hint about your inner emotions and turmoil. This is associated with your past traumas and disturbing experiences.

Your bottled up emotions might be haunting you in a hidden way. Hence, figuring these out and venting it is vital for you.

25. Bright Scarlet Bat Dream Meaning

It shows that you may come across someone with very conflicting ideas from you. That is, you are soon going to be in a conflict with someone. So, you might need to try self control in extreme situations to handle these better. 

26. Dream about a Black Bat

Black bats are believed to be the symbol of bad luck. If you have dreamt of a black bat, there might be something that can cause misery in your personal life.

However, it won’t last long. It can be also taken as an expression of your pestering negative or disturbing thoughts. 

27. Dream about a White Bat

White bats are considered as a sign of death. It can be for someone close to you.  Sometimes, these dreams signify the death of a family member.

It also refers to the end of something. However, instead of getting depressed or tense, it’s important to be responsible and alert to avoid anything regrettable. 

28. Dream of Trying to Catch a White Bat

Were you trying to catch a white bat in your dream? It shows that subconsciously you are having the desire to stand out from the crowd. This is a sign that you should work upon your ideas to get what you want. 

29. Dream about a Giant Bat

It may be a sign that there is some big problem that you are trying to ignore. An unusually large bat in dream bids you to be brave and to look at the problem instead of running away.

To sum up, it is a sign for you to get your attention to the issue that you are ignoring. While the solution is to face it. 

30. Dream about Bat/s Flying Inside of You

This unusual dream generally holds a negative message. If you have seen a bat going inside of your own body in a dream, it might be a sign of something bad that can happen to you.

If you saw bats flying at you, it means your personal disasters need your attention. 

31. Seeing One Bat in the Dream

If you have seen only one bat in your dream, it might be the right time for you to look into yourself. A bat in a dream shows your inner bad habits that you need to get rid of. It might also be a call of your unrealized potential.

Besides, seeing a bat in the dream shows trouble in your life. But this trouble is going to be within your reach. That is, you would be able to handle it by yourself. 

32. Seeing a Lot of Bats in the Dream

Many bats together in a dream usually represent a significant change. It means that a change or many changes are soon going to flash in your life.

Thus, you need to be prepared to embrace the changes. Also, it might warn you about the coming problems if they are flying together.

On the other hand, if the swarm of bats is calm, it might mean that you would escape from some ongoing or upcoming trouble. 

33. Dreaming of Bats in Bedroom

It shows rapid leaving from a situation. That is, something is disturbing you. And this is causing instability and restlessness in your life.

It’s a hint for you to acknowledge your emotions instead of ignoring it. This would help you in pointing out the cause and finding out its solution.

34. Dream about Large Bats in Your House

It represents the negative environment of your home. That is, you and your family members are going through some conflicts or a hard phase. It may also mean that negativity is filling your mind. And this is a chance for you to work upon these to embrace positivity. 

If a bat suddenly appeared in the house in your dream, it means that an unlikeable guest might turn up. 

35. Dream about Bats Swarm in Place

It suggests that you are stuck at something. This can be a relationship, an emotion, a person, a profession, etc. Basically, this indicates your feeling of holding yourself back.

Hence, if you had this dream, it is the right time for you to look for new opportunities. Growth is awaiting for you. 

36. Dream about a Bat Sitting on Your Head

It shows that heavy thoughts and over thinking are burdening you. This shows your emotional and mental burdens, distressing your life. Of course, it means that you need to stop being hard on you. Free yourself from your self made cage. 

37. Dream about a Bat Sitting on Your Shoulder 

It means that you are causing a lot of troubles for yourself. This can be both knowingly as well as unknowingly. So you need to rethink before your decisions and actions. Don’t take any decision impulsively.

38. Bat Entangled in Your Hair  in Dream

Have you seen that a bat rushed to you and got entangled in your hair? It might be an indication of coming problems in your life.

This can be your hidden fears and unrest that feels like you are stuck in the situation. However, it shows that you can do something to come out of this mess. 

39. Talking Bat Dream Meaning

It’s interpretation mostly depends upon what the bat said to you in your dream. Still, in general, it means that there might be something significant going to happen in your life. Get prepared for a big change or something very important for you. 

40. Holding a Bat Dream Meaning

This dream shows that you would successfully complete or achieve your goal. It is going to be something with a long term positive effect in your life.

So, don’t worry and be ready to embrace the success and goodness that is awaiting on your path. 

41. Blind as a Bat Dream Meaning

If you found yourself unable to see what is going around, however, felt bats around you, it’s a warning. This shows that you need to stay alert for your situations.

You have to look for the facts or things that might be obvious but are hidden from your eyes. 

42. Bats Flying into Your Home in Dream

Seeing bats flying into your home as a dream shows that you are going through a big dilemma. It’s a sign that your confusion will be sorted soon. So, give it some time. You will eventually be fine. 

43. Bats Hovering above You

This dream symbolizes your interpersonal relationship with others. It might mean that you are having an isolated life. Or, your bond with others is poor or in bad terms. Work upon it for a positive change.

44. Seeing Bat Flying into the Cave

If you dream of caves and a bat flying into then it is a good omen. This means that whatever trouble you are facing in your life, would be sorted out soon.

You just need to be strong. Since caves are usual homes for bats, it shows that you would be soon in your comfort zone. 

45. Bat Flying Down from the Sky

If you have seen a dream in which a bat flew towards you from the sky, take it as a good sign. This is very auspicious like a divine blessing.

It shows that you will soon get positive outcomes of your hard work. Good health, success, positive relations, etc. are awaiting for you. 

46. Bat Eating Mosquitoes in Dream

It shows that something good is going to happen to you. Someone might appear to help you out in your ongoing situation. Look around you. It can be a person, a situation, an opportunity, or maybe you yourself. 

47. Bats Chasing You in Dream

Dreams about being chased by bats are mostly disturbing. It usually denotes the mixed signals of fear and attraction for someone.

This shows your dilemma or confusion about a person, or an important decision of life. Give it some time. You will soon find peace. 

48. Crying Bat Dream Meaning

It is the expression of your inner disappointment and sad feelings. This dream shows that you might be going through a difficult phase in life. It’s that misery which you don’t express consciously that gains comprehension in your dream. 

49. Dream of Bats Hanging from a Wall

It usually shows that someone in your surroundings is going to face problems in real life. It can also show your inner concern or awareness about your surroundings. Many times, it is a message to listen to your intuitions and work upon them. 

50. Bat Hanging Upside Down

This symbolizes that you need to have a different perspective in your life. For example, if you are going through a problematic situation, try to look from different perspectives to understand other aspects of the situation. 

51. Dream of having a Bat Close-up or Sensed its Flapping

This dream indicates that you are coming face to face with some underlying or hidden elements of your life. It can be a new realization or the revelation of a secret. 

52. Dream of a Black Bat Attacking Someone Else

Actually, this is a warning sign for that person. So it may show that the attacked person can undergo some poems in future. 

53. Bat Wings Dream

It shows that you need to make a strong decision soon. In other words, bat wings show that it’s time for a brave move. So it would be better to make your decisions more quickly and based upon your inner intuitions. 

54. Dream about Killing a Bat

Killing bats is a sign that you would hurt someone close to you. Like, you might be rude to someone and would feel guilt later.

On the other hand, it might also mean that you would have a victory over your enemies and ill-wishers. 

55. Dead Bat Dream Meaning

Many dead bats show that there are some people surrounding you in life who are not grateful for what you are doing for them. 

Bat Dream Meaning in Different Cultures

Dreams about bats suggest significant changes expected in life. It’s like getting clues to connect dots of your physical, mental, emotional, social, or spiritual life.

These dream interpretations can have multiple meanings. We clarify it better by understanding bat symbolism.

Bats Symbolism and Intuitions

Metaphorically, bats symbolize different things in different situations and cultures. Usually, bats are believed to symbolize spirituality, mysterious things, wisdom, hidden feelings and desires, rebirth, feminine energy, etc.

Similarly, bat dreams symbolizes various metaphorical aspects of one’s outer life and inner self. 

Bats are usually intelligent social creatures. So, a dream about bat can be linked to your social life too. It has pretty good communication skills and senses that show the same aspects in one’s dreams also. Bats live in caves.

So, it is often associated with hidden feelings or emotions. It might also suggest spiritual aspects of solitude, meditation, etc. 

Biblical Meaning of Bats in Dreams

The Bible refers to bats as the ones ‘flying in the dark’. Bat is considered one of the unclean birds in it.

Mostly, bats are associated with death, darkness, negativity, unclean or impurity, isolation, etc. in the Bible. In this regard, the dreams about bats also have a negative connotation. 

Philosophical and Spiritual Meaning of Bats in Dreams 

Bats usually rely much on their senses and intuitions. This is why bat dreams are often connected to human intuitions. Many people connect bat dreams to the psychic and spiritual aspects of the person.

Since bats hang upside down most of the time, it is believed that it has a reverse image of life. Hence, while understanding the bat dream meaning, it can be helpful to identify its perception in the context. 

There are various symbolizations associated with it. Bats are also considered as a symbol of rebirth. So, it is taken as a sign to shed off the past and embrace the unexpected changes and new things in life.

It also symbolizes deep inner feelings and intuitions. This lies important in terms of one’s emotional and spiritual life. 

Chinese Meaning of Bats in Dreams

East Asian cultures like Chinese tradition celebrates bats as fortune bringers and the symbol of luck. In Chinese culture, bats are believed to symbolize five opportunities in life.

These are – virtues, peace, wealth, longevity in life, and suffering less calm death. Also, some Chinese people believe that bats protect other animals from various diseases and dangers.

In fact, bats are called ‘Fu’ in Chinese which means ‘blessing’. Thus, bat dreams are commonly considered positive in this culture. Here, bat dreams symbolize positive transitions, initiations of good things, inner rebirth, etc. 

Bat Meaning in Greek Mythology and Mayan Culture

In Greek mythology, bats are symbolized as the ‘guardians of the underworld’. Here, it is generally portrayed in the honor of the dead ones.

Also, in Mayan culture, bat is believed to be the god of death. Bats are considered as divine creatures.

Mostly, its mythical stories give the message of good deeds to avoid the loneliness, dark, nocturnal life that a bat holds. At the same time, it symbolizes the eternal change, the cycle of life, spiritual powers, etc. 

Bat Meaning in Native Americans 

Native Americans believe bats to be a guide in an unknown path. It often shows one’s inner intuitions, social life, family bond, wisdom, etc.

Generally, native americans take bat as a sign of positivity, intuitions, and revival. Thus, a dream about bats might portray these meanings in a way to connect to your life. 

Bat Dream Meaning in Celtic Traditions

In Celtic traditions, bats are animal dreams that are considered to indicate your daily life and health conditions. Bat dreams in Celtic traditions show that you are having some unusual or unhealthy sleeping habits. It’s a sign to change for good. 

Dream about Bats – Positive & Negative Meaning 

Positive Meaning of Bat DreamNegative Meaning of Bat Dream
The bat seemed calm or friendly in the dream.Being afraid of bats in the dream.
In dream, the bat was harmless. That is, it didn’t try to hurt you in any way. Like, no biting, attacking, etc.The bat attacking you or biting you.
It seemed daytime and the bat was asleep or unresponsive. Bat crossing your path.
The bat flying in the daylight.Lots of bats in the dark.
Getting married to a bat.Sleeping bats in dream. 
Catching a bat.Bat looking into your window.
There were bats hanging or sleeping on trees.Flying bats.
Baby bats in dreams.Seeing Bat Nests. 
Pet bats in dreams.Vampire bats, Red bats, Grey bats, Scarlet bats, Black bats, White bats.
Green bats, Brown batsBat poop in dreams. 
Catching white bats.Seeing bat wings in dream.
One bat in the dream.A Giant bat.
Holding a Bat in your dream.Bat flying inside of you.
Seeing bats Flying into your Home. Dreaming about bats in your Bedroom.
Bats flying into the Cave.Large bats in your House. 
Seeing bats flying down from the Sky, Dream about a bat sitting on your Head, Shoulder, Entangled in your Hair. 
Bat eating mosquitoes. Dreaming about bats hovering above you. 
Seeing bat chasing you (mixed positive and negative signals).Bat chasing you (mixed positive and negative signals).
Dreaming about bats hanging upside down. Crying bat in the dream.
Bats playing with you. Seeing bats hanging from a wall.
Killing a bat (mixed positive and negative meanings).Dreaming about killing a bat and Dead bat. 

Questions to Ask Yourself When You See a Dream about Bats 

If you are often having such dreams these days, it’s time for you to give it a thought. You could start thinking about your life decisions, identify the past that is holding you, and embrace the future that is waiting for you.

So, here some questions to ask yourself that would help you understand these dreams better –

  1. What feelings did you encounter with the dream? Like, did it make you feel terrified, disturbed, or unrestful? Sad and upset? Or, did you feel powerful, strong, and free? 
  2. How often have you had such dreams before? Can you find any similarity or something?
  3. What is the most persistent thing ongoing in your present life? 
  4. Ask – ‘Do I need to look for something that I’m ignoring?’. 
  5. Is there any scope of positive change or growth around? Think about it and connect the dots. 

Conclusion – Dream about Bat

These Dreams give you a reason to look into yourself. It helps you reconsider your situations, question your life, and find answers to what you might be ignoring.

However, don’t take these dreams too literally. Or, in that matter, completely ignoring it might not be the answer too. 

So, instead of overlooking or overthinking, simply embrace its signs. Take it as hints to solve your puzzle. In brief, it just draws your attention to something that you might be ignoring in daily life chaos. So, pay attention.

Understand the signs of bat dream meaning. Acknowledge it. Embrace the value in life. Move on to grow. All you need to do is – take the message from the dream and see how it can fit in the essence of your life!

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