Peacock in dream has diverse symbolism linked to them. The appearance of this bird in dreams is also a potent symbol with strong meanings attached to it.

The dream stands symbolic of your close connection with the desire to get close to spirituality. It also stands symbolically for change, wealth, prosperity, vanity, and pride. 

Peacock in Dream - 90 Types and Their Meanings
What Does A Peacock in Dream Mean?

Peacock Dream Meaning and It’s General Interpretations 

Peacock in a dream signifies love, kindness, wealth, change, prosperity, divine protection, and good luck. It also symbolizes that you will have a bright future and development in your career. 

When it comes to analyzing such a magnificent bird you will need to take into consideration all of its unique elements. And how it was displayed in your dream. 

By exploring the peacock symbolism in past cultures, religions, and myths, includes similar aspects in your dream. Below are the multiple general meanings of a peacock appearing in your dream. 

Divine protection

In ancient culture, peacocks stood symbolic for divine protection since they were believed to be the guardians of the temples. 

Therefore, the appearance of this bird in dreams is also believed to carry spiritual well-being. Peacocks in dreams symbolize that you are being guarded and guided by God. 


In biblical belief, peacocks stand as a symbol of resurrection and rebirth for being associated with Christ. The appearance of these birds symbolizes that multiple things in your life are moving towards their concluding phase. 

But you don’t need to worry since the end of one thing symbolizes the beginning of another event. A significant change is expected in your life which will completely alter the course of your living. 


It also stand reflective of your consciousness. The dream symbolizes that you are aware of your shortcomings in life but not doing anything to resolve them. 

Instead of working towards the improvement of yourself, you have chosen to neglect your flaws. Peacock in a dream reflects that your current attitude towards yourself in life can get you in trouble in the future. 

Spiritual awakening

As we already mentioned, peacocks in dreams are related to the symbol of spirituality. The appearance of these birds in your dreams hint towards spiritual awakening.

Your attitudes and perceptions related to life are undergoing an evolution where you have decided to gather material in order to work towards spiritual goals. 

Wealth and prosperity

It also means a symbol of wealth and fortune. The white peacock symbolizes wealth with its attractive feathers related to gold and luxury. 

The appearance of these birds in your states that you will soon experience wealth and prosperity in life. Your lifestyle will significantly evolve with material comforts being added to your life. 


People’s imagination and creative energy have frequently been inspired by the peacock’s brilliant and colorful nature. The same can sometimes be seen in dreams.

Many peacock dreams are interpreted as a reflection of your creativity and imagination. You can be really passionate about a particular form of art, such as music. Journaling or even doodling are all options.

Finding happiness in love

Some of these dreams foretell a positive turn in your relationship life. You’ll meet someone with whom you instantly connect and desire to develop a love relationship.

You’ll learn from your past failures in relationships and strive hard to make things work with your partner. If things get tough, you’ll be willing to sit down and discuss instead of letting things fester.

Spiritual Meaning of Peacock in Dream

In the spiritual life, a peacock in dream denotes a strong vision of truths and attention to your goals and dreams. It foretells your honesty and spirit to shine in your life. 

You enjoy being the center of attention and can be a little showy at times. Unrealistic expectations, on the other hand, will never sway you. You know when it’s time to take advantage of your opportunity.

Psychological Interpretations

In the dream, the peacock represents human desires to imbue objects and creatures other than yourself with human attributes.

An especially beautiful peacock feather represents your appearance and displays your self-perception. The confusion of physical or material observation in opposition to spiritual necessities is represented by the flock of birds without guidance.

What Does A Peacock in Dream Mean? – Common Types & Meanings

Wondering what it means to dream about peacocks? Dreams about peacocks are not ordinary people who are asleep. 

Sometimes, you can dream of these birds just because you have seen them during the day. You may have seen this bird on the internet or television before.

If you have recently had a similar experience to this, you may have dreamt of a peacock. So, let’s understand the different dream scenarios and how it relates to your waking life. 

Seeing peacock in dream

If you see a peacock in your dream, it could mean that you are on the verge of achieving your goals.

As a result, after seeing this magnificent bird in your dreams, you can confidently purchase a lottery ticket or play cards with friends, increasing your chances of winning.

Dream of peacock with opened tail

What if you have a dream about a peacock with its tail open? Your dream most likely indicates that someone will try to cheat on you soon, and you may expect such a dirty act from strangers as well as loved ones.

Above all, be careful in the coming days and do not put your trust in anyone..

Seeing dead or injured peacock in dream

If you see a dead, ill, or injured peacock in your dream, it means you’ll be meeting with distant relatives or friends soon with exciting news.

Two peacocks appearing in dream

It can only mean one thing whether new family members or friends.

Dream about peacock in a cage

A peacock in a cage signifies your struggle to keep your ego and arrogance in check, despite your best efforts.

Perhaps you work for an aggressive employer who is limiting your development and capacity to shine.

Dream of baby peacock or peacock eggs

Dreams about peacock eggs or babies indicate that new development is taking place around your boundaries.

You must now re-learn new lessons and skills as part of your career division. You have the ability to take your abilities to new heights.

Multiple peacocks in dream

Seeing a large group of peacocks at the same time in a dream indicates that a wave of good fortune is on its way to you in the real world.

Seeing big peacock in dream

If you see a big peacock in your dream it means sadness and difficulties in one’s life. 

Seeing small peacock in dream

If you dream of a small peacock then it symbolizes some unplanned expenses which you don’t have any idea about. 

Peacock spreading feathers in dream

This could indicate that someone is planning to betray your trust. This person could be a coworker or a member of your family.

It could be someone who is working behind your back to undermine your success. When you’re awake, be extra cautious.

Dream of peacock in house

Your need to belong is symbolized by a dream about a peacock at your home. You might be having second thoughts about your feelings regarding a relationship, marriage, love, or gender roles.  

This dream represents your openness to new experiences and openness to new ideas. Either mentally or physically, you must have time to heal and recuperate.

Feathers of peacock in dream

A peacock feather dream is a challenging dream since it usually indicates that great internal upheavals have occurred or will occur as planned and agreed by your soul.

Dream about Peacock of Various Activities

Feeding peacock in dream

However, feeding the peacock in a dream indicates that you will reunite with someone with whom you previously had a disagreement, or that you will find a common language with a stranger.

Riding a peacock in dream

This could indicate that your life is about to change dramatically, giving you many surprises, gifts, and excitement.

Flying peacock in dream

A peacock flying symbolizes that your arrogance over your achievement is pulling you back. After a one-hit success, you might not feel grounded. It may, however, have unexpected effects.

The dream is warning you not to get too carried away. You’re taking on more than you’re capable of.

Dancing peacock in dream meaning

A dancing peacock could also indicate that many people are observing your project’s growth. You’re taking precautions to guarantee that your project gets the attention it deserves.

Dream of peacock attacking or fighting

It means you’re displaying your success and achievements too much or are extremely arrogant about them.

People who want to see you fail may now launch unwanted attacks or draw unwanted attention to you.

Peacock chasing you in dream

If you have a dream about a peacock following you, it suggests you have a wealthy lover. You are probably liked by one person who everyone wishes to be with. 

However, no matter how hard you try to ignore it, there is something about them that you don’t like. When you say it, everyone thinks you’re insane because they believe you’re passing up an excellent chance.

Buying a peacock in dream

Having a dream about buying a peacock indicates that you are now ready to make changes in your life.

Fear has stopped you from engaging in such a conflict. Things have begun to shift, and you may soon find yourself fighting for the fulfillment of your objectives, ambitions, and dreams.

Selling peacocks in dream

In a dream, selling peacocks can represent a verbal heated argument authority. There’s a good probability that the arrogance of one of your neighbors irritates you a lot. 

You don’t like folks who think they’re better than everyone else, so you’ll put them in their place. Many individuals will most likely congratulate you on it and express their admiration for your courage.

Stealing peacock in dream

It indicates that you are a charming individual who understands how to win people over. This is especially true in your line of work. 

On the other hand, you stay away from intuitive and suspicious people who have figured out the solution.

Slaughtering a peacock in dream

It represents significant cuts and changes that you will be forced to make. You most likely have an issue that you’ve been burying in the hopes that it would go away on its own. 

On the other hand, time is not your friend this time, but rather your greatest foe. The sooner you decide to address it, the sooner you will be free of that major concern. 

Killing a peacock in dream

Unfortunately, killing a peacock in a dream is not a good sign. Such dreams represent material or other types of loss. You may lose your money or become a victim of robbery if you invest it in something absolutely unprofitable. 

Another danger is that you will lose a loved one as a result of your friend’s decision to pursue their life journey in another city or state.

Peacock crying in dream

It is an auspicious sign, signifying that the weather will be pleasant and the crop will be plentiful.

Peacock falling on a tree in dream

A peacock falling from a tree in your dream is an alarming omen that someone is threatening your safety.

Dreaming about a peacock’s tail washing the floor foretells the possibility of being accused of and punished for a crime.

Sitting peacock in dream

If you have a dream about a peacock sitting alone, it is a warning dream that warns you to be cautious. Dreaming about a sitting peacock is unlucky, and it foretells problems in the near future.

It may suggest a sudden drop in your business or, if you work in service, you may be fired from your current position. A dream like this could be a sign of an unexpected illness or family conflict.

Hunting peacocks in dream

It indicates that you should rest and supplement your diet, indicating that your body is weak and that you should avoid overworking.

Eating peacock meat in dream

Dreaming of eating peacock flesh is unlucky, indicating that you may have blood problems and should monitor your health.

Peacock chirping in dream

It may signal that your life is about to become more difficult. A peacock barking in a dream indicates that a businessman may experience a setback and lose money.

Talking peacock in dream

If you have a dream about a peacock talking about something in its mouth, it means that your enemies will kill each other and you will be able to profit from it.

Dream about Peacock of Various Colors

White peacock in dream

The white peacock symbolizes that you should be aware of your arrogance and pride. It may be time to consider how you present yourself to others, especially if you are familiar with the themes being addressed.

Black peacock in dream

In dreams, seeing a black peacock implies that someone is spreading rumors about you, generally out of jealousy.

Purple peacock in dream

It represent royalty and wealth, it is a good omen that you will be rewarded with great fortune.

Pink peacock in dream

A pink peacock indicates that you are pleased with how things are going. Your strategy is coming together to help you achieve everything you’ve envisioned.

Golden peacock in dream

A golden peacock then it’s a harbinger of problem-solving. This dream promises to solve problems. 

Red peacock in dream

A red peacock means that a project will come to you. You may get to work on a hopeless project that you had no hope to get. 

Blue peacock in dream

If you see a dream of a blue peacock then it warns of losses in business. 

Green peacock in dream

Green peacock is a sign that you are trying to express a part of yourself. You can be feeling guilty and punish yourself. You are suppressing your bad emotions and need to let them out. 

Your dread of poverty or money loss is reflected in your dream. You’ll miss out on life’s opportunities because of your laid-back attitude.

The wrapping up

Peacock dreams are bright, happy, and memorable. When people dream about peacocks, they usually wake up feeling motivated, refreshed, and powerful. 

Pay great attention to any peacock dreams you may have, whether favorable or negative and make a change while you still have the opportunity to have a happy and successful life.

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