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Peacock in Dream – 90 Types and Their Meanings

Peacock in Dream – 90 Types and Their Meanings

Updated on Nov 28, 2022 | Published on Dec 14, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Peacock in Dream - 90 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Peacock in dream has diverse symbolism linked to them. The appearance of this bird in dreams is also a potent symbol with strong meanings attached to it.

Dream about peacocks includes multiple psychological meanings. The dream stands symbolic of your close connection with the desire to get close to spirituality. It also stands symbolically for change, wealth, prosperity, vanity, and pride. 

Let’s dive deep into the different meanings and sceneries of peacocks in dreams. 

Peacock in Dream - 90 Types and Their Meanings
Peacock in Dream – 90 Types and Their Meanings

Peacock Dream Meaning – General Interpretations 

Peacock in a dream signifies love, kindness, wealth, change, prosperity, divine protection, and good luck. It also symbolizes that you will have a bright future and development in your career. 

When it comes to analyzing such a magnificent bird you will need to take into consideration all of its unique elements. And how it was displayed in your dream. 

By exploring the peacock symbolism in past cultures, religions, and myths, includes similar aspects in your dream. These birds appear as a metaphor reflecting aspects of yourself that need to be notified. 

Below are the multiple general meanings of a peacock appearing in your dream. 

1. Divine protection

In ancient culture, peacocks stood symbolic for divine protection since they were believed to be the guardians of the temples. 

Therefore, the appearance of this bird in dreams is also believed to carry spiritual well-being. Peacocks in dreams symbolize that you are being guarded and guided by God.

You share a strong connection with spiritual life. Consequently, your real-life decisions are being guided by the spiritual life with your guardian angels guiding your actions. 

2. Transformation

In biblical belief, peacocks stand as a symbol of resurrection and rebirth for being associated with Christ. 

The appearance of these birds symbolizes that multiple things in your life are moving towards their concluding phase. 

But you don’t need to worry since the end of one thing symbolizes the beginning of another event. A significant change is expected in your life which will completely alter the course of your living.

The peacock in dreams also signifies that instead of fearing the change, it’s better to accept it with open arms because it is going to bring a lot of positivity and prosperity in your life. 

3. Consciousness

Peacocks in dreams also stand reflective of your consciousness. The dream symbolizes that you are aware of your shortcomings in life but not doing anything to resolve them. 

Instead of working towards the improvement of yourself, you have chosen to neglect your flaws. Peacock in a dream reflects that your current attitude towards yourself in life can get you in trouble in the future. 

4. Spiritual awakening

As we already mentioned, peacocks in dreams are related to the symbol of spirituality. The appearance of these birds in your dreams hint towards spiritual awakening.

This dream indicates that you have started to decline towards spiritual elements in life.

Your attitudes and perceptions related to life are undergoing an evolution where you have decided to gather material in order to work towards spiritual goals. 

5. Wealth and prosperity

Dreaming about peacocks also means a symbol of wealth and fortune. The white peacock symbolizes wealth with its attractive feathers related to gold and luxury. 

The appearance of these birds in your states that you will soon experience wealth and prosperity in life. Your lifestyle will significantly evolve with material comforts being added to your life. 

6. Creativity

People’s imagination and creative energy have frequently been inspired by the peacock’s brilliant and colorful nature. The same can sometimes be seen in dreams.

Many peacock dreams are interpreted as a reflection of your creativity and imagination. You can be really passionate about a particular form of art, such as music. Journaling or even doodling are all options.

Peacock dreams are supposed to renew your faith in your artistic endeavors by highlighting your occasional burst of creativity and originality.

These creative activities help you clear your mind and keep you going when things get rough. Such dreams encourage you to continue with your creative works.

7. Finding happiness in love

Some of these dreams foretell a positive turn in your relationship life. You’ll meet someone with whom you instantly connect and desire to develop a love relationship.

Because of their charming and caring attitude, you will want to be with them.

If you’re currently in a relationship, you’ll learn to value your partner’s virtues and characteristics, even more, setting the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship.

You’ll learn from your past failures in relationships and strive hard to make things work with your partner. If things get tough, you’ll be willing to sit down and discuss instead of letting things fester.

Peacock in Dream – 90 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Wondering what it means to dream about peacocks? Dreams about peacocks are not ordinary people who are asleep. 

Sometimes, you can dream of these birds just because you have seen them during the day. You may have seen this bird on the internet or television before.

If you have recently had a similar experience to this, you may have dreamt of a peacock. So, let’s understand the different dream scenarios and how it relates to your waking life. 

1. Seeing peacock in dream

If you see a peacock in your dream, it could mean that you are on the verge of achieving your goals.

As a result, after seeing this magnificent bird in your dreams, you can confidently purchase a lottery ticket or play cards with friends, increasing your chances of winning.

2. Dream of peacock with opened tail

What if you have a dream about a peacock with its tail open? Your dream most likely indicates that someone will try to cheat on you soon, and you may expect such a dirty act from strangers as well as loved ones.

Above all, be careful in the coming days and do not put your trust in anyone.

3. Feeding peacock in dream

However, feeding the peacock in a dream indicates that you will reunite with someone with whom you previously had a disagreement, or that you will find a common language with a stranger.

4. Hearing or screaming of a peacock in dream

If you hear a peacock scream or sing, it means that someone will spread false information about you.

If you have a dream about a peacock on fire, it suggests that huge changes are coming your way that will dramatically change your life.

5. Seeing dead or injured peacock in dream

If you see a dead, ill, or injured peacock in your dream, it means you’ll be meeting with distant relatives or friends soon with exciting news.

6. Two peacocks appearing in dream

When two peacocks come in your dream, it can only mean one thing whether new family members or friends.

7. Riding a peacock in dream

If you dream about riding on a peacock, this could indicate that your life is about to change dramatically, giving you many surprises, gifts, and excitement.

8. Flying peacock in dream

In your dream, a peacock flying symbolizes that your arrogance over your achievement is pulling you back. After a one-hit success, you might not feel grounded. It may, however, have unexpected effects.

The dream is warning you not to get too carried away. You’re taking on more than you’re capable of.

9. Dancing peacock in dream meaning

A dancing peacock could also indicate that many people are observing your project’s growth. You’re taking precautions to guarantee that your project gets the attention it deserves.

10. Dream of peacock attacking or fighting

When a Peacock attacks you in a dream, it means you’re displaying your success and achievements too much or are extremely arrogant about them.

People who want to see you fail may now launch unwanted attacks or draw unwanted attention to you.

11. Dream about peacock in a cage

A peacock in a cage signifies your struggle to keep your ego and arrogance in check, despite your best efforts.

Perhaps you work for an aggressive employer who is limiting your development and capacity to shine.

12. White peacock in dream

The white peacock symbolizes that you should be aware of your arrogance and pride. It may be time to consider how you present yourself to others, especially if you are familiar with the themes being addressed.

13. Black peacock in dream

In dreams, seeing a black peacock implies that someone is spreading rumors about you, generally out of jealousy.

14. Purple peacock in dream

Purple peacocks in dreams represent royalty and wealth, it is a good omen that you will be rewarded with great fortune.

15. Pink peacock in dream

Dreaming of a pink peacock indicates that you are pleased with how things are going. Your strategy is coming together to help you achieve everything you’ve envisioned.

16. Dream of baby peacock or peacock eggs

Dreams about peacock eggs or babies indicate that new development is taking place around your boundaries.

You must now re-learn new lessons and skills as part of your career division. You have the ability to take your abilities to new heights.

17. Multiple peacocks in dream

Seeing a large group of peacocks at the same time in a dream indicates that a wave of good fortune is on its way to you in the real world.

18. Seeing peacock feather in dream

In dreams, a peacock feather represents immortality and spiritual regeneration. Perhaps you’re reawakening to new ideas and perspectives on your life.

19. Dream of peacock eyes or head

The symbols imply that you are pleased with your accomplishments. However, it would be beneficial if you maintained a nurturing and caring attitude toward your employees.

Be polite to your employees and anyone who could look up to you. This could help you achieve your relationship goals at work and at home.

20. Dream of peacock garden

In your dream, a peacock garden symbolizes that you will expand your social network. You will be identifying yourself with someone who is like-minded and wants to succeed.

21. Dream of peacock tattoo or jewelry

In a dream, a peacock tattoo or matching jewelry is worn, indicating professional status, success, and contentment.

You’re content with your career choices and development, and you’re not hesitant to display your accomplishments in public.

22. Chasing a peacock in dream

If you see yourself chasing a peacock in a dream, then it indicates that you strive for perfection.

You are the person who always expects more than yourself so that this prevents you from enjoying what you do without burdening yourself with the question of whether it is good enough. 

People around you look at you so that you would feel hard-pressed to produce average outputs that would ruin your image in their eyes. 

23. Peacock spreading its tail feathers in dream

If you see this dream, then it means that you might be invited to a new project. If a peacock feather is found on a street or on the pavement in a dream, it is a sign of glory or fame, which the individual will easily obtain.

A peacock feather resting on a person’s hand denotes fortune, whereas a peacock feather gifted in a dream denotes large and significant economic achievements in the person’s waking life.

A bunch of peacock feathers implies a person’s life is full of happiness and virtue, whereas a dead peacock’s feathers scattered on the floor means the person has lost all happiness and virtue.

A person’s life may become depressed, and this dream is a warning to practice Yoga and Meditation to avoid this.

24. Seeing peacock making noise in dream

If you see a peacock making a loud noise in your dream then it means that it points to your efforts to impress those who are important to you.

25. Talking peacock in dream

Seeing this dream symbolizes that there is someone in your life who is very strong. 

26. Holding plumes of peacock in dream

If you see this dream then it implies that you would gain something with the help of a woman. 

27. Golden peacock in dream

If you see a dream of a golden peacock then it’s a harbinger of problem-solving. This dream promises to solve problems. 

28. Red peacock in dream

Dreaming about a red peacock means that a project will come to you. You may get to work on a hopeless project that you had no hope to get. 

29. Blue peacock in dream

If you see a dream of a blue peacock then it warns of losses in business. 

30. Colored peacock in dream

Seeing a colored peacock in your dream signifies that you should do hard work in your career to achieve goals and get the dream projects. 

31. Peacock with flowers in dream

Dreaming about peacocks with flowers means deterioration in financial conditions. You should pay attention to your finances and spend your money wisely. 

32. Seeing big peacock in dream

If you see a big peacock in your dream it means sadness and difficulties in one’s life. 

33. Seeing small peacock in dream

If you dream of a small peacock then it symbolizes some unplanned expenses which you don’t have any idea about. 

34. Peacock chasing you in dream

If you have a dream about a peacock following you, it suggests you have a wealthy lover. You are probably liked by one person who everyone wishes to be with. 

However, no matter how hard you try to ignore it, there is something about them that you don’t like. When you say it, everyone thinks you’re insane because they believe you’re passing up an excellent chance.

35. Without tail peacock in dream

In a dream, a peacock without a tail denotes that you will catch someone lying. You’ve probably trusted someone who promised you the world but didn’t follow through. 

You’ll come to your senses and realize they’re not going to do it. You’ll make every effort to figure out what’s going on, but the results will be disappointing.

You will confront such people with the truth and permanently remove them from your life.

36. Creaking peacock in dream

In a dream, hearing peacocks creak is a reminder to take better care of yourself. You have put yourself completely at the service of others while ignoring your own desires and needs.

To avoid becoming unhappy and unsatisfied with your life, you must learn to say I don’t want to, I can’t, or I won’t.

37. Buying a peacock in dream

Having a dream about buying a peacock indicates that you are now ready to make changes in your life.

You’ve probably understood for a long time that you’re stuck in a place, watching others make progress or create a better future for themselves. 

Fear has stopped you from engaging in such a conflict. Things have begun to shift, and you may soon find yourself fighting for the fulfillment of your objectives, ambitions, and dreams.

38. Selling peacocks in dream

In a dream, selling peacocks can represent a verbal heated argument authority. There’s a good probability that the arrogance of one of your neighbors irritates you a lot. 

You don’t like folks who think they’re better than everyone else, so you’ll put them in their place. Many individuals will most likely congratulate you on it and express their admiration for your courage.

39. Receiving peacock as a gift in dream

If you dream about receiving a peacock as a gift, it indicates that you will have a successful period in your life. You’ll most likely have numerous opportunities to make progress and begin to solve some of your problems. 

That phase will provide you calm and satisfaction in both your personal and professional lives, so make use of it as much as possible.

40. Dream of bestowing a peacock to someone

When you have a dream about giving someone a peacock, it implies you will assist them with an issue they are having.

It’s possible that a family member, friend, or co-worker will seek your advice because they value and respect your perspective. 

You will carefully consider what to say to that person, but you will be completely honest. Your advice will assist them in overcoming that life difficulty, for which they will be grateful.

41. Stealing peacock in dream

Stealing a peacock in a dream indicates that you are a charming individual who understands how to win people over. This is especially true in your line of work. 

Even if someone disagrees with how you want to solve a shared problem, you can easily persuade them that they are mistaken.

On the other hand, you stay away from intuitive and suspicious people who have figured out the solution.

42. Someone stealing your peacock in dream

This dream indicates that you will make a mistake for which you will be subjected to harsh criticism from your family, friends, coworkers, or boss

They’ll be confused as to how you could have done such a thing, but you won’t have the courage to tell them that you just didn’t think about the future and just wanted to get it over with.

At the very least, that experience will teach you a vital lesson about how not to act in the future.

43. Feeding a peacock in dream

In a dream, feeding a peacock represents forgiveness and reconciliation. There’s a chance you’ll bury the chopper with someone with whom you’ve had a fight in the past. 

Both of you will realize that life is too short to waste time with unpleasant feelings like anger, so you will work hard to rebuild your relationship from the ground up but in a better way.

44. Other people feeding peacock in dream

If you see someone else feeding peacocks in your dream, it indicates that you will attempt to reconcile two people who are important to you. Your family or friends fought and shut off all communication with one another. 

You believe it is your responsibility to intervene in such a circumstance since it hurts you.

You don’t want to get involved in their situation, but you also don’t want to sit around waiting, so you’ll at least force them to have a dialogue about it.

45. Dream of scaring a peacock you

If you have a dream about a peacock scaring you with its creaking or appearance, it implies you are terrified of responsibilities and want to avoid it whenever possible. 

You have a lot of potential for growth, yet you are still stuck in your ways due to a lack of guts. It’s past time to concentrate on your self-esteem, as this could be the source of your problems.

46. Slaughtering a peacock in dream

Slaughtering a peacock in a dream represents significant cuts and changes that you will be forced to make. You most likely have an issue that you’ve been burying in the hopes that it would go away on its own. 

On the other hand, time is not your friend this time, but rather your greatest foe. The sooner you decide to address it, the sooner you will be free of that major concern. 

47. Someone slaughtering a peacock in dream

If you have a dream about someone else slaughtering peacocks, it signifies you will be able to assist a loved one in overcoming an emotional, financial, or moral problem.

There’s a chance your friend is going through a difficult time in life, which is why you’ll go out of your way to help them. 

You’ll strive to keep them talking about it while also diverting their attention away from it. Your result will last for a long time but it results in success. 

48. Killing a peacock in dream

Unfortunately, killing a peacock in a dream is not a good sign. Such dreams represent material or other types of loss. You may lose your money or become a victim of robbery if you invest it in something absolutely unprofitable. 

Another danger is that you will lose a loved one as a result of your friend’s decision to pursue their life journey in another city or state.

You’ll be happy for them, but you’ll also realize that your relationship will never be the same.

49. Peacock without feathers in dream

The dream meaning of a peacock without feathers indicates that you will face conditions that will cause you to slow down. It’s a message informing you that you need to find a different route to take off.

50. Peacock spreading feathers in dream

If you see a peacock spread his feathers in your dream, this could indicate that someone is planning to betray your trust.

This person could be a coworker or a member of your family. It could be someone who is working behind your back to undermine your success. When you’re awake, be extra cautious.

51. Peacock displaying loose tail in dream

The loose tail of a peacock is also a symbol of dishonesty. Someone close to you may be lying, and this situation could have a direct impact on you.

Pay attention to what you’re saying and attempt to think before you speak. It’s important to remember that even the walls have ears.

52. Peacock pecking you in dream

It is a sign of good news if you dream about a peacock pecking you. It occurs when fresh events and situations enter your life unexpectedly. It can also be the arrival of a new family member in rare situations.

53. Dream of peacock head and eyes

Such a dream indicates that you take pride in what you accomplish and that this pride spreads to other elements of your life. This dream is a warning to be alert and sensitive to your coworkers or those in your near area.

54. Peacock in garden in dream

A peacock in a garden dream suggests an increase in your social circle. It’s a message from new folks you’ll be meeting shortly. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will help you achieve your goals.

55. Dream of peacock jewelry and tattoos

This dream represents success, luxury, glitter, and elegance. It states your sense of well-being and denotes progress and the willingness to show the world how far you’ve come.

56. Dream of giving birth to a peacock

It is a sign of fertility, as strange as it may appear. Some believe that if you experience this dream, you will give birth to a baby boy.

57. Cutting down peacock’s feather in dream

Dreaming about cutting peacock feathers off the bird’s tail could mean that someone is trying to deprive you of your status, or that you are jealous of someone else’s success and beauty.

Allowing your vanity to corrupt you is not a good idea.

58. Catching peacock in dream

Dreaming about catching a peacock represents insecurity or inadequacy. Maybe you’ll have to point someone in the proper path.

You don’t want to be judged. This dream represents your romantic desires. Some of your emotional issues will be resolved.

Catching a peacock symbolizes your excitement for a new relationship. You’re limiting your emotions or thoughts. You must heal an emotional wound that has recently been opened.

This dream represents your desire to discover your spiritual calling in life. You must advocate for yourself since no one else can do so for you.

59. Dream of peacock tail

Dreaming about a peacock tail shows your creativity. You need to get a handle on a few things. Some bad factors in your life are influencing your decisions.

The dream represents a surface of yourself that you are ashamed of or refuse to accept. Your emotions are getting the best of you.

The tail of a peacock attracts attention to someone in your life with whom you need to reconnect. You’re afraid of being different.

You should be wary of anyone who offers to assist you. The way others see you is the subject of your dream. Maybe you’ve been slacking and need to get back on track.

60. Dream of peacock in house

Your need to belong is symbolized by a dream about a peacock at your home. You might be having second thoughts about your feelings regarding a relationship, marriage, love, or gender roles.

Certain characteristics of the opposite gender must be incorporated. 

This dream represents your inner desire to escape from a planned course. You’re looking for some sort of structure in your life.

The presence of a peacock in your home demonstrates the depth of your love. Something is unfinished or unsettled in your life. A problem or situation requires your whole attention. 

This dream represents your openness to new experiences and openness to new ideas. Either mentally or physically, you must have time to heal and recuperate.

61. Being a peacock in dream

You might imagine yourself as a peacock in some of these dream scenes. This contains a lot of hidden meaning that relates to your personal life. You’re someone who needs to be noticed.

You want to follow your aspirations and do what you want with your life. This dream is a warning not to get disheartened by external influences that cause you to second-guess your decisions.

Your leap of faith in the direction of your aspirations will pay off. You’re ready to put your abilities and talents on display to the rest of the world and pursue your dreams.

62. Being afraid of peacock in dream

If you’re afraid of peacocks, it could mean you’re avoiding responsibilities. You have everything you need to succeed, but you are responsible for your ideas and actions.

To assist you to change your perspective, take a long, hard look at yourself. This will assist you in moving forward.

63. Dream of owning a white peacock

If you see a dream of yourself having a white peacock then consider it as a positive sign. This dream symbolizes that you are currently choosing the right path in life. 

You must follow what your heart wants since in the end, your connection with the spirit is the strongest. The path that your intuition will choose is going to serve you a high advantage. 

Following your spirit leads to seeing history changes entering your life. Luck will fall into your domain with money, success, and prosperity making their way into your life. 

The dream symbolizes that it’s the right time to follow your passion and prioritize your heart over your brand. Trust your passion and everything will turn out to be for the best. 

64. Giving birth a white peacock in dream

If you see, giving birth to a white peacock is also good luck. Giving birth to a white peacock symbolizes that you will enjoy good health and comfortable life ahead. 

All of your worries and financial insecurities are going to resolve soon, which means you will enjoy an emotionally attached and physically comfortable life. 

For women, giving birth to a white peacock also points towards the onset of pregnancy. 

65. Death of a white peacock in dream

Seeing a white peacock in your dream is a positive symbol. The death of a white peacock in a dream signifies the dream of your luck and prideful nature. 

This dream symbolizes that you have realized your selfish and self-centered attitudes towards your life.

A realization of your shortcomings has allowed you to reflect on your attitude and work towards improvement. 

Death of a white peacock relates to your resolve to change your behavior to act more kind and passionate towards others. 

66. Dream of being scared a white peacock

If you get scared of a white peacock it is a bad sign. It symbolizes that you are running away from the shortcomings of your personality and attitude. 

You are aware of your weakness and imperfection, but yet instead of working to improve them, you have adopted a realistic approach to life.

Being scared of a white peacock symbolizes that instead of confronting yourself and correcting your flaws, you are running away from them.

The dream symbolizes that you are not fulfilling your responsibility with sincerity. Instead of fulfilling your assigned obligations, you are ignoring your duties which may end in consequence for you.

The dream is a warning sign that you need to correct your attitude and behavior. Otherwise, you will only end up creating more problems for yourself in life. 

67. White peacock’s feather in dream

Seeing a dream of a white peacock feather is a negative sign. The dream symbolizes that betrayal and conflicts are waiting ahead in the coming future.

Someone else or a loved one is going to betray you for personal reasons. You are being cheated by someone whom you trust the most. 

A white peacock’s feather in a dream is a warning sign to be aware of people who are not your well-wishers. Pay close attention to the attitudes of people around you. 

Identify who is being sincere with you and who is your enemy disguised as your well-wisher. Keep your eyes open to avoid getting deceived by people close to you. 

68. White peacock crying in dream

Dreaming about a white peacock crying in a dream is a bad sign. The dream symbolizes that it can overturn your consciousness with worries. 

You are stressing your mind with anxiety and worrying thoughts. Consequently, burdened by the stress you are unable to focus and fulfill your responsibility properly.

You are also afraid of disappointing others if they fail their expectations. 

This dream is a warning sign that tells you to free yourself of unnecessary mental health. Stop paying attention to others’ judgments instead of dedicating your energies to giving your best in life. 

69. Dream of a white peacock renewing its feather

Dreaming about white peacock renewing feathers is a positive symbol. The dream symbolizes that you have decided to let go of your worries and move forward in life. 

You have realized that keeping yourself stuck in the past is going to bring you no good.

Digging in your past pains and worries is only going to limit you from progressing in life. It’s time for you to let go of the past and enjoy the present. 

A peacock renewing its feather indicates that you are ready to move ahead in life with a clear and focused mind. Keep up the right attitude of yours and soon you will see yourself achieving big things in life. 

70. White peacock flying in dream

Seeing a white peacock flying in your dream is a positive sign. The dream signifies that a fortunate period is coming ahead in your life. 

You are going to witness significant improvements in every phase of life, be it professional or personal. In the case of your professional life, certain growth in your career is expected.

When it’s about your personal life, your relationship with your loved ones will improve. The upcoming financial comforts will also allow you to have an emotionally satisfying life ahead. 

71. Peacock holding flowers in dream

Dreaming about a peacock holding flowers or being in the presence of flowers represents beauty and fortune.

72. Peacock entering the best in dream

Dreaming of a peacock entering the nest is a sign of good fortune.

73. Women seeing peacock in dream

A woman has a dream about a peacock opening or dancing, implying that she will soon become pregnant and give birth to a strong boy.

74. Unmarried man seeing peacock in dream

When an unmarried man dreams of a peacock opening or dancing, he will soon meet the person he likes.

75. Businessman seeing dream of a peacock

A peacock opens or dances in a businessman’s dream, indicating that there will be a lot of business and large earnings.

76. Patient seeing peacock in dream

The patient had a dream about a peacock dancing, which meant that his body would soon heal.

77. Peacock lying on the ground 

If you have a dream about a peacock lying on the ground, you may get fired and suffer an unemployment crisis.

If you have a dream about a peacock lying on the ground, it means you are worried about your husband and children.

78. Peacock chirping in dream

Dreaming of a peacock chirping may signal that your life is about to become more difficult. A peacock barking in a dream indicates that a businessman may experience a setback and lose money.

This dream means that an unmarried guy is sad because he is separated from his partner.

79. Peacock crying in dream

Peacocks crying in a farmer’s dream is an auspicious sign, signifying that the weather will be pleasant and the crop will be plentiful.

80. Talking peacock in dream

If you have a dream about a peacock talking about something in its mouth, it means that your enemies will kill each other and you will be able to profit from it.

81. Peacock flying back to the nest in dream

Dreaming about a peacock returning to its nest foretells a period of good fortune.

82. Peacock falling on a tree in dream

A peacock falling from a tree in your dream is an alarming omen that someone is threatening your safety.

Dreaming about a peacock’s tail washing the floor foretells the possibility of being accused of and punished for a crime.

83. Hunting peacocks in dream

Dreaming of hunting peacocks indicates that you should rest and supplement your diet, indicating that your body is weak and that you should avoid overworking.

84. Eating peacock meat in dream

Dreaming of eating peacock flesh is unlucky, indicating that you may have blood problems and should monitor your health.

85. Dog chasing a peacock in dream

If you have a dream about a dog chasing a peacock, it means you are in debt and are being harassed by your creditor because you are unable to settle the bill on time.

86. Collecting peacock feather in dream

Dreaming about collecting peacock feathers represents your tendency for going with the flow rather than taking charge of your life and making changes.

Your ideas and decisions are either in harmony or at odds with each other. You might be feeling restricted. 

In some situations, it is sadly a warning indication of an imbalance and a lack of confidence. You will feel limited and perhaps smothered if you do not address some emotional issues.

87. Green peacock in dream

A dream about a green peacock is a sign that you are trying to express a part of yourself. You can be feeling guilty and punish yourself. You are suppressing your bad emotions and need to let them out. 

Your dread of poverty or money loss is reflected in your dream. You’ll miss out on life’s opportunities because of your laid-back attitude.

88. Sitting peacock in dream

If you have a dream about a peacock sitting alone, it is a warning dream that warns you to be cautious. Dreaming about a sitting peacock is unlucky, and it foretells problems in the near future.

It may suggest a sudden drop in your business or, if you work in service, you may be fired from your current position. A dream like this could be a sign of an unexpected illness or family conflict.

89. Fearful peacock in dream

It’s a dream of prior warning. It alerts you to the fact that you are not carrying out your responsibilities honestly. It shows that you are not accountable for your responsibilities.

This irresponsible behavior may prove to be a hindrance in your quest for good success in the future.

90. Feathers of peacock in dream

A peacock feather dream is a challenging dream since it usually indicates that great internal upheavals have occurred or will occur as planned and agreed by your soul.

Biblical interpretations of peacock in dream

In biblical terms, peacocks are attached to Christ’s resurrection for being symbolic of birth, resurrection, and revival. It represents luck, prosperity, fortune, love, rebirth, longevity, and renewal of positive things in life. 

The peacock is first mentioned in the Bible in the time of Solomon. A peacock is seen by Catholics as signifying renewal, resurrection, and immortality, in addition to representing an “all-seeing” church in Christianity. 

According to an ancient tradition, a peacock’s flesh does not degrade even after death. It is also considered a symbol of Christ and eternal life for the same reason.

The blood of a peacock is said to ward off evil spirits because it is said to have developed its plumage after consuming snake poison, according to legend. 

The “eyes” present on the tail of a peacock, on the other hand, are thought to be windows through which the legendary god Lilith, who is responsible for delivering bad luck, peeks and kills infants.

Spiritual meaning of peacock in dream

In the spiritual life, a peacock in dream denotes a strong vision of truths and attention to your goals and dreams. It foretells your honesty and spirit to shine in your life. 

A peacock as a totem animal denotes that you have a strong vision and are able to detect the truth in all situations.

You keep your attention on the positive parts of yourself and your goals, and you’re unstoppable in your efforts.

Being self-assured allows you to express yourself honestly, allowing your personality and spirit to shine through. You are firm in your beliefs and devoted to them too.

You enjoy being the center of attention and can be a little showy at times. Unrealistic expectations, on the other hand, will never sway you. You know when it’s time to take advantage of your opportunity.

You are not only attractive on the outside but also trustworthy and have a pure heart.

Symbolic meaning of peacock in dream in different cultures

Peacock in a dream has different meanings in various cultures. So, let’s take a look. 

1. In Greco-Roman Culture

Hera, the Greek goddess of women and marriage, is said to have a peacock as a faithful friend who confers immortality on her. 

Hera transferred the numerous eyeballs of a hundred-eyed monster, Argos, to the tail of her dedicated service as an expression of thanks, according to legend.

As a result, a peacock is associated with the goddess, and its round tail is thought to represent heaven, with its “eyes” like stars.

2. In Egyptian culture

According to legend, after the monster, Argos kidnapped Queen Isis and crowned himself ruler of Egypt, Osiris, the original monarch, cursed “Argus” by turning him into a peacock with all its eyes on its tail.

3. In Native American Cultures

A peacock is a sign of wholeness, dignity, and beauty in this culture.

4. In Chinese and Japanese culture

The Chinese associate the Ming Dynasty with a peacock, which symbolizes rank, divinity, beauty, and power.

A peacock is associated with the Japanese deity Kuan Yin, who is said to have produced the beautiful color of a peacock’s tail feathers. They believe it represents Kuan Yin’s compassion.

5. In Buddhism culture

A peacock’s habit of flaunting its feathers gives it the title of open, while its habit of eating poisonous plants gives it the ability to live in the face of adversity.

Apart from that, a peacock is seen as an earthly manifestation of the “Phoenix,” with its feathers serving as talismans to protect humanity from disasters and accidents, according to Alchemical traditions.

6. In Islam

Dreaming of a peacock in Islam is associated with a vain and strutting individual. In a dream, a peacock could also signify a beautiful and wealthy woman or a group of positive kids.

In a very strange dream, seeing oneself owning a peacock and a columbiform bird indicates that one is a pimp.

In a dream, a female peacock signifies a bride, children, or riches. In a vivid dream, owning a peacock also represents roaming, heedlessness, conceit, backbiting, deception, lies, trust in one’s adversary, loss of blessings, impoverishment when wealthy, and tightness when wealthy.

In a dream, I see a peacock feather. Women are attracted to you, according to Islam, and you have the capacity to attract them.

The peacock feather is thought to possess great power in Islam, as well as the ability to catch information about anything.

7. In Hinduism and Indian Culture

Apart from being India’s national bird, the peacock plays various legendary roles. Krishna’s hair is adorned with the feather of the god of love and tenderness, Krishna.

As a result, peacock feathers are frequently preserved in the home, as they are thought to bring good fortune and prosperity. 

It is also linked to Goddess Lakshmi, who in Hinduism signifies patience, kindness, and charity. Murugan, the Tamil God, is also said to ride a blue peacock.

Psychological interpretations of peacock in dream

In the dream, the peacock represents human desires to imbue objects and creatures other than yourself with human attributes.

A caged bird may represent discipline and wisdom. Free-flying birds symbolize wishes and longings, as well as the mind that has ascended to the level of gods. 

An especially beautiful peacock feather represents your appearance and displays your self-perception.

The confusion of physical or material observation in opposition to spiritual necessities is represented by the flock of birds without guidance.

Birds can sometimes indicate a woman’s desire for independence, and the gold-winged bird and fire both have the same symbolic meaning: spiritual longing.

Spiritual enlightenment is symbolized by a bird flying high above. The peacock indicates animality in a man’s fantasy. The peacock indicates the spiritual self in a woman’s dream.

Peacock Dreams – The ugly and the good

Peacock dreams can have both good and bad meanings.

Some of the good meanings of this dream are:

  • Success
  • Reunion 
  • Growth
  • Achievement 
  • Wealth
  • Pride
  • Happiness
  • Regeneration 
  • Good luck

Some of the bad meanings of this dream are:

  • Cheating 
  • Wrong information
  • Bad relationship
  • Arrogance 
  • Punishment
  • Worries
  • Failure 

Questions to ask yourself for analyzing peacock dream meaning

The dream of a peacock depends on its feathers, actions, situation, and different events of one’s waking life.

Here are some of the questions which are necessary to ask yourself before interpreting the exact meaning of such dreams.

1. How did you feel during dreaming? Were you sad, happy, or afraid at that time?

2. What was the color of the peacock and its feathers?

3. What were the actions of the peacock in that dream?

4. Are you able to relate and identify dream meaning with your waking life?

5. Was the peacock afraid or feeling lonely?

6. What was the size of the peacock?

7. Were you just seeing the peacock or doing any activity?

8. Were you able to touch the peacock?

Feelings during and after peacock dream

You may experience some sort of feeling while dreaming about a peacock. These after and during feelings help to interpret dream meanings in different ways.

1. Feeling happy, content, and curious. 

2. Feeling scared, fearful, and scared.

3. Feeling unsure, normal, entertained, or inspired.

The wrapping up

Peacock dreams are bright, happy, and memorable. When people dream about peacocks, they usually wake up feeling motivated, refreshed, and powerful. 

Dreams about these magnificent birds can aid you in your waking life if you analyze them.

These dreams serve as a reminder to you that you must show your abilities, believe in yourself and trust that you possess the necessary skills to attain your objectives.

Peacock dreams vary depending on the circumstances, but they all have a lot of positive energy.

A peacock dream signifies new beginnings, good fortune, wealth, regeneration, love, new birth, spirituality, and compassion.

Pay great attention to any peacock dreams you may have, whether favorable or negative and make a change while you still have the opportunity to have a happy and successful life.

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