Are you looking for a phone call dream meaning? Think you had the dream because you use it regularly?

Perhaps, not because and show you why and how in this think-piece. Even the type of phone and your exchange in a dream holds deep meanings.

So, let’s gossip more about it here…

Phone Call Dream Meaning – 30 Types & Their Interpretations
Phone Call Dream Meaning – 30 Types & Their Interpretations

Phone Call Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Phone calls in your dream represent a deep psychological connection with yourself or someone else, future predictions, you feel unheard, you’re struggling, or you must pay attention to messages.

Getting and making phone calls is as natural as breathing in the current era. We share the good news, get bad news, and console one another from one part of the world to another within seconds.

This basic necessity, however, holds many special meanings in the dream realm. So, without dialing down your excitement, let’s head right in…

1. You want to feel a deep connection

If you wish to make a deep and strong connection with something, someone, or even yourself, you may have phone call dreams.

For example, if a woman dreams that her lover is constantly calling her, it indicates that she wishes to feel loved and cherished by him.

2. There is a prediction of the future

Phone call dreams may also be a message from a spiritual higher self about an upcoming event. Maybe you subconsciously knew about it for a long time but didn’t actively acknowledge it.

This can be either good or bad depending on the event. If you’re determined to make your relationship work, the dream might mean that things aren’t meant to be.

3. People aren’t listening to you

In reality, if you feel that people don’t listen or pay attention to you, you may have such dreams. Of course, the importance of being heard is paramount, so you feel frustrated and lonely.

Everyone wishes someone will listen to them and understand their problems. The foundation for any human relationship is empathy and understanding.

4. You should listen to important messages 

Dreaming of phone calls may also be an omen from a higher force to listen to and abide by unknown yet important messages. The conversation in your phone call dream itself can reveal a lot of things regarding a crucial message.

Pay heed to even the facial expressions of your caller. It can tell you a lot about the contents of the message that your waking mind can’t register.

5. You have internal struggles

Frequent phone call dreams with the same person can indicate that you must keep them away from you or end your relationship with them. But in reality, you’re not ready for this separation. This can either be your partner, friend, coworker, or family member.

You still desire more information before this drastic decision. You internally struggle to cut off contact with them because you know it’s for the best but your feelings don’t allow you that.

Dream of Phone Call – 30 Types & Their Interpretations

If you receive a phone call in dreams, it’s a message from your subconscious to your conscious mind. If you don’t receive a call, it shows you don’t want to listen to others and this hurts you in multiple ways.

The small change in actions and details about the call brings immense change to your detailed dream interpretation. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into it…

1. Receiving a phone call in a dream

Receiving a phone call in your dream implies you’ll receive a message from your inner or subconscious self. If you don’t receive this call or pay attention to what the voice on the other end tells you, you will lose your sense of self and inner peace.

Nowadays, communication is much more readily available. We have apps like Skype, Google, and Zoom. But even then, the good old phone calls have a charm of their own.

When the phone rings, your mind tells you to pick it up. How you interpret the contents of the call is up to you.

2. Dream of someone calling me

Many claimed they spoke with their deceased loved ones through phone calls. So, you can assume this dream is a loved one’s call to relay an important message.

Often in dreams, you may see that people you lost contact with call you. This can represent your wish to bond with them again.

Phone calls from someone can also indicate that you must put your views first and then listen to others.

3. Not answering a phone call in a dream

Similar to not answering a phone call, in reality, indicates that you don’t wish to listen to the other person, in your dream, it means the same.

You’re not open to receiving important information from someone. Even in your waking life, you might miss out on a lot of opportunities simply because you don’t pay heed to necessary information.

In the spiritual sense, this is a call to accept information from others.

4. Dream of your partner calling you

Having a dream of your partner calling you signifies your relationship with them in real life. Often such dreams signify unmet needs between you both. Perhaps it’s a lack of communication or something else that you must resolve ASAP.

This dream can also mean that you are focusing only on your lover’s energy as the vibrations are out of sync. In this case, it’s best to communicate with them openly.

5. Dream of someone dead calling you

Dreaming of a deceased person calling you is one of the most powerful phone call dreams. When the phone rings and your dead loved one is on the other end, it symbolizes a kind of interchangeable visit.

Even though science isn’t fully able to understand this yet, studies show that our sensitivity to energies increases when we sleep.

Such dreams mean that the deceased miss you even in the afterlife. This is definitely a positive dream and it reassures you that they are happy and content now.

6. Dream to overhear a phone conversation

Overhearing a phone conversation in your dream resembles the art of understanding and empathizing with others. However, you must pay attention to the place to interpret it better.

If the plot takes place in your workplace, it implies that you must be more open to communication with your coworkers. It may even indicate good news, such as a promotion or a raise in pay.

But, if you dream of phone calls between two known people, it shows that you know they have a strong bond between themselves in real life.

7. Dream of someone you know calling you

A dream interpretation of a phone call from someone you know can have different takes. Generally, this phone call symbolizes that you’ll experience a transition in life.

If the phone call goes well, you must think about how to enhance your life meaningfully. Dreaming of a known person calling you can also indicate that you feel lonely and isolated from people.

If this known person is a doctor, policeman, or any person in authority, it means that you feel overwhelmed in life.

8. Dream of making or receiving a call to your father or mother

Mothers are one of the biggest cheerleaders in our life. Therefore, if you dream that she is giving you a call, it means that you are on the right path in waking life.

Mothers teach us right from wrong and if you continuously have such dreams, you must rethink your relationship with the people around you.

Alternatively, having a dream of your father calling you represents masculine qualities that you possess. The male presence in your dream can be a metaphor for any male energy in your life.

The dream represents how well you handle life and how to deal with tough situations.

9. Dream of someone angry on the phone call

This dream is a message about your unaddressed anger in your real life. Often, a red phone can signify anger and unresolved issues. Be more assertive and take charge of what awaits you.

If you’re angry on the phone, it indicates that someone angered or rattled you but you don’t know how to deal with it.

This dream can also represent that you feel undervalued or underappreciated in life. Or it may also mean that you’re jealous of someone, such as your sibling or coworker.

10. Dream of calling emergency services

If you dream of calling 911 or any other emergency service in your locality, it isn’t a positive message. It represents the current struggles and problems in your conscious life.

Even though humans are psychologically adapted to make the best out of every situation, we can’t often accept reality. This dream can also serve as an omen that someone is currently manipulating you.

But one positive aspect of this message is that you wish to communicate with others and are willing to take risks.

11. Dream of dialling a dial tone

Getting phone calls itself is a manifestation of urgent feelings and you mustn’t ignore the deeper meaning behind these dreams.

Therefore, hearing a dial tone in your dream is about communicating with your spiritual ancestors or loved ones.

Though there’s nothing special in this dream, it always feels nice to know that people watch over and protect you. It is a call to be more open to spirituality and to accept all the good things that come in your life.

 A dial tone in your dream can also signify a loved one’s attempts to reach out to you.

12. Dream of not being able to complete a phone call

Not being able to complete a phone call or losing connection or the phone in the middle of a conversation symbolizes unmet communication needs.

Phones are a basic necessity in life so this dream implies that you don’t want to have difficult or uncomfortable conversations.

Alternatively, this dream can also mean that you wish to get rid of problems in your life.

13. Dream of phone ringing

Hearing a phone ringing in your dreams is a wake-up call in your conscious hours. It can be your landline house phone or a cellphone, but the interpretation remains the same.

It signifies a lot if you pick up the phone and answer it. However, make sure your actual phone isn’t ringing when you’re sleeping because then the dream will have no significance.

14. Dream of not being able to hear someone on the phone

This dream represents your blocked communication with the other person on the line. Maybe you didn’t listen or you have a hard time understanding their perspective.

Either way, you both must try to understand each other more. Life is all about listening and being kind to each other and this dream tells you to wake up and listen to others more attentively. Be a better listener and control your emotions. 

15. Dream of someone on the phone singing 

Did you dream of someone singing or playing music when you received the call? Songs or musical pieces can have a lot of memories associated with them.

They can bring back both pleasant and unpleasant memories and resurface old emotions. Songs symbolize a particular year, date, or event.

So maybe your spiritual guide wants you to remember a specific past event. This dream symbolizes that you might soon move forward in your spiritual life.

16. Dream of wanting to make a phone call but can’t

If you desperately try to call up someone but can’t in dreams, it shows that you have lost your psychic abilities. Regardless of physical distance, humans can always share emotions and thoughts.

But when you can’t make a phone call, it signifies that you can’t easily communicate with others and like to stay isolated. Your dream vision is a manifestation of real-life incidents.

17. Dream that you missed a call from someone

In the dream world, phones represent a kind of power. So, when you miss a call from someone, it shows that you are not that attached to them in reality and feel disconnected from them.

Alternatively, it can also mean the other way round. Possibly, they don’t feel a strong connection to you anymore. It’s best to meet them for a heart-to-heart talk if you feel that you both are out of sync.

18. Dream that you have a voicemail from someone

Receiving voicemails is vintage and beautiful at the same time. When someone tries to reach out to you and then can’t, they leave a sweet and simple message that makes you wonder what kind of relationship you both share, isn’t it?

So replying with just a simple text isn’t enough in this case.

Similarly, in your dreams, it signifies that you avoid major responsibilities. If you put off calling someone for important work, make sure to call them. Or, complete your responsibilities and don’t let opportunities pass you by.

19. Calling for help in a dream

Calling for help in a dream indicates some sort of obstacle that you’ll face in the future. It’s a message that when life gives you tough choices, never give up. You can’t surrender yet and you must persevere no matter what.

Communicate properly with your near and dear ones. Stay cautious and keep your eyes and ears open at all times.

20. Dream of calling the wrong number

Dreaming that you are constantly calling the wrong number signifies that you committed mistakes in waking life that may cost you heavily later.

Maybe you don’t pay enough attention to the incidents around you or you’re careless. Instead of being laid-back, be attentive and figure out your mistakes.

If you often make financial or investment errors, you mustn’t overlook this dream. Your spiritual guide tells you not to mess things up in the future.

21. Dream of wanting to make a call but you forgot your phone with you

This dream shows that you currently experience a lack of love and understanding from someone. You try to reach out to someone emotionally but can’t.

This lack of love and understanding can be either from your end or from the other person’s end. This dream can urge you to be more honest and communicate more freely with your loved ones.

22. Dream of stealing a phone

Stealing anything is a rebellious sign. So when you dream of stealing a phone – be it a house phone or a mobile – it means that you don’t like to follow rules. You don’t feel obligated to listen to others and you do what your heart urges.

Alternatively, this dream can also symbolize that someone else imposes their rules on you and you’re not in favor of that.

You don’t trust the rules set up by others because of past unfortunate experiences. You feel undervalued and now wish to feel more appreciated and acknowledged with daring actions.

23. Dreaming of being on the phone with a friend

When you dream of being on the phone with a friend, it indicates an important message. You must not refuse help from an experienced colleague. Listen to their advice and try to follow them to perform better in your projects.

24. Phone call from your boyfriend

A phone call from your boyfriend in dreams advises you to not reveal your romantic relationship with your boyfriend to outsiders.

Some people don’t hope that you don’t have a healthy relationship and might try to ruin it. So refrain from telling others everything that goes on between your boyfriend and you.

25. Dream of scary phone call

A scary phone call in dreams is evidence of how you deal with your present life situations. Your love for someone slowly fades away.

For unknown reasons, you hide your true feelings for someone or something and this dream reminds you to decide on something soon.

Seeing anything scary in your dream is a symbol of your fears and anger issues. You might be apprehensive of changes in the future but don’t be so as they’ll help you build a stronger foundation.

26. Dream of a phone call where you get bad news

Having frequent dreams of receiving bad news over the telephone or cell phone symbolizes that you hold someone very close to your heart. It can also mean that you’re now ready for a fully-committed relationship.

In another sense, this dream means that you are prepared to accomplish your goals and achieve success. You are confident and calm enough to tackle any difficulties that may arise.

27. Phone calls from your ex

If you’re tired of receiving phone calls from your ex-boyfriend in your dreams, it signifies that you have a high chance of achieving your long-forgotten goals.

This can refer to a work project, hobby, or anything else. Your dreams will come true soon, so be prepared.

However, if you didn’t care about the frequent phone calls from your ex in your dreams, it can point out that you’re more self-aware and mature. Therefore, you won’t repeat your past mistakes.

28. Phone call from someone unknown

Phone calls from an unknown subscriber in your dream promise communication problems between you and someone else.

You desire to communicate with your social circle but you can’t. Open up your heart and reach out to people if you need them; your loved ones will always stay by your side.

29. Dream of seeing a broken phone

A damaged phone or a broken phone screen in dreams indicates that you panic or are overly worried about something in your real life.

Fear often appears in the form of a broken mobile or telephone in our dreams, so pay attention to this closely.

It can also mean that you’re afraid of being disoriented or suddenly losing everything at once. However, if you dreamt that you broke the phone, you’re willing to change and become a better person in the future.

30. Dreaming of your phone locking you out

In our waking life, we get locked out of our cell phones due to an error in the fingerprint or password. Similarly, in our dreams, this symbolizes that you try to reach out or reignite a communication but circumstances don’t allow you to.

Your access to a healthy relationship got blocked and you can’t easily understand your beloved people. People lock you out of their lives and this affects you negatively.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about a phone call

Phone calls have great spiritual significance. Through phones, we can transmit photos, sounds, texts, or almost anything else. Spiritually, dreaming of phone calls can be associated with messages that have multiple meanings to you.

Both in the physical as well as in the spiritual realms, communication is extremely important. Some subtleties and words contain multiple meanings.

When you frequently dream of receiving phone calls or making them, it depicts that you wish to exchange messages to and from your subconscious mind.

This is quite similar to radio communication, where you cannot see the waves physically but can communicate with each other through them.

Even encrypted data can have spiritual significance in your dreams; we are trying to send messages subtly to someone close to us.

Biblical meaning of dreams about the phone call

Dreaming of being hungry can indicate that you have raw energy trapped within you or that you will soon suffer from health problems. Alternatively, it can also mean that you long for more romance or that you wish to work hard for success.

God is infinite and ever-powerful and there are so many religions to reach Him. Similarly, you have many modes of communication to reach one person.

This shows us that all religions are beautiful and unique in their way. They teach us to love and respect one another.

Here, ‘devices’ simply refer to means that damage our subconscious mind. No matter which model of phone we have, every kind of phone is very personal as it stores our contacts, messages, photos, and all other data.

Questions to ask to interpret phone call dreams correctly

Whenever you feel that your phone-related dreams are getting too frequent, you can always seek a dream reader or psychic. But it’s always good to take the first step yourself. Answer these questions to give it a try yourself…

1. Who do you call?

2. When you receive the phone calls, are you happy or anxious?

3. Who calls you the most often and why?

4. Do you hear more good news or bad news over the phone?

5. Do you dream of phone-related accessories like chargers or power banks too?

6. What is the color of the phone?

7. Do you see mobile phones or house phones more often?

8. How does the phone look? Does it have big red buttons or is it a touch phone?

9. Did you hear music or song every time you receive the call?

10. How long is each phone call?

A word from ThePleasantDream

If you frequently have phone call dreams, try to remember what you talked about over the phone. Note down the details bit by bit even if you can’t retain it all in one day.

The details of the discussion play a massive role in your dream interpretation. The actual meaning will remain incomplete if you don’t put that into the equation.

Further, if you receive negative news, make sure to reach out to a loved one, mentor, or priest for guidance. Don’t break down yet as you still have time to resolve any issues. 

Be more expressive but speak mindfully so that nobody can use your words against you.

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