Salt water dream meaning, mostly, points toward tears and unsatisfactory results. They also imply health concerns, family conflicts, and challenges.

You might become emotionally unstable and face difficult changes. However, this doesn’t mean they are always bad news. 

So, let’s explore them more here!

Is Dreaming of Salt Water Always a Bad Omen?

People often assume that seeing salt water in your dreams is a bad omen but in reality, it has many positive interpretations as well. So let’s check them out!

  • You are about to get into a feud with someone close
  • Your financial endeavours will result in a huge success and you’ll become rich
  • You will fall ill in the near future, most probably with indigestion
  • You have reached a high level of self-awareness and maturity
  • You are about to take on difficult challenges to prove your worth in your profession
  • Someone in your family might soon announce news of pregnancy
  • You can look forward to the richness and abundance of wealth ahead
  • You will get exciting job offers from your superiors
  • You are becoming emotionally unstable
  • It’s time for you to turn over a new leaf and look forward to new beginnings

Spiritual Interpretation of Salt Water Dreams

According to Eastern traditions, salt water is regarded as a sign of sickness but also of good wealth. According to Persian dream books, seeing salt water in your dreams is an omen that your material wealth will increase.

Salt Water Dreams with Direct Interaction

Dreams of salt water can have many symbolic meanings like family feud, illness, or even happiness. 

But depending on the specific dream scenarios, your subconscious will send you different messages. So, let’s find them all…

Holding salt water in dreams

This dream is not a good omen as it symbolises family problems. You will soon get into a fight with a family member, most probably your parents or spouse. This feud will continue for many days.

Drinking salt water

Your dream is a sign that you, or someone close to you, will fall ill very soon. It will probably be a mild indigestion or stomach infection. It is a sign for you to take care of yourself and others around you.

Sprinkling salt water a bit here and there

It is a sign of prosperity and happiness. You might not know it consciously but there are many good things in store for you. You will soon find wealth and abundance.

Bathing in saltwater

Your dream indicates that you will receive an unexpected job offer from your superiors. This offer will be amazing, something that you had waited for for a long time. However, it also comes with a lot of pressure and responsibilities.

Swimming in a pond or lake full of saltwater and floating

The dream implies that you’ll be able to get rid of bad habits that had affected your life in the past. You’re thinking of turning over a new leaf.

Drowning in saltwater

It is also an omen that something in your waking life is suffocating you. This can be due to work pressure or a person who isn’t giving you any independence. 

Washing your face with salt water

This dream foretells the fact that you’re inattentive to detail. You can also be lazy, which causes problems in your personal and professional life. It’s time for you to become more serious about your actions and their consequences and stop procrastinating.

Bathtub filled with salt water

Your dreams suggest that you’ll find some surprises in the next few days. Whether they’re pleasant or not will depend on your temperament. For example, maybe someone unexpected will pay you a visit.

Food cooked with salt water

While food cooked with salt tastes fine, dishes with salt water make the food taste bad. Similarly, this dream tells you that the tasks you’re doing currently won’t bear fruit. You have to change your mindset and start over.

Dreaming of muddy or dirty saltwater

It symbolises negative thoughts inside your head. Your spiritual guide is asking you to get rid of these thoughts as they’re weighing you down emotionally and physically.

Biblical Dream Interpretation

Western traditions believe that if you step on salt or salt water, you will encounter bad luck. Alternatively, the Bible mentions that dreaming of salt water is strongly associated with qualities like loyalty, harmony, and purification. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

If your salt water dreams bring you alarming news, calmly try to deal with them. Don’t get overwhelmed and think carefully before you decide anything.

But if it’s something positive, then you must thank your lucky stars!

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