Following the recent devastating earthquakes in Turkey and the Philippines, ThePleasantDream analyzed the Google Search Data to see if there was an impact on the search queries of people. Remarkably, the team observed a staggering rise in monthly search volumes of “Dream of Earthquake” in February by 484%.  

On 6th Feb 2023, the world woke up to the news of one of the deadliest earthquakes of the modern day. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria caused severe devastation in the two countries. Also, on 16th Feb, a 6.1 magnitude shook some parts of the Philippines.

The jolts of the earthquake also had an impact on the search behaviour of people which is evident through Google data which reveals a worldwide explosion of searches for the keyword “dream of earthquake”.

Spike in “dream of earthquake” search by 484% in February 2023

The Google Search Data analysis undertaken by ThePleasantDream uncovered the searches for various dreams surrounding earthquakes that exploded in February 2023. The team gathered insights through Google Trends and Glimpse.

In January, the worldwide search volume for “dream of earthquake” was 2.5K. However, after the news of the shattering Turkey-Syria and the Philippines earthquake broke out, there was a 484% surge in the same keyword. 

This is evident from the above-given graph, as we observe several spikes for the mentioned keyword in February.  From this, we can infer that people started seeing more dreams related to earthquakes following the incident in Turkey and the Philippines this month.

Which countries saw a rise in the “dream of an earthquake”?

The above data collected from Google trends clearly show – the Philippines, the United States, and India as the top 3 countries where the search query of “dream of earthquake” spiked in the last 90 days. From the above stats, it can be concluded that people of these three countries had dreams of earthquakes after hearing or seeing the news of the Turkey-Syria earthquake and the Philippines earthquake.

In the Google trends interest index, the keyword “dream of earthquake” was the highest in the Philippines. This can be because, on 16th Feb 2023, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit the central Philippines at 2 am.

Moreover, “earthquake dreams” also observed an upward trend, with a search volume of <1K on 11th Feb 2023 as per Google Trends and Glimpse. 


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Experts Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, commented, “Dreams are a reflection of our own thoughts, emotions, actions, and major current events happening in our life. Many residents living in earthquake-prone areas fear losing their and their loved ones’ lives, and probably that could be the reason why they saw the ‘dream of earthquake.’

She added, “However, a dream of an earthquake can also mean a sudden shift or transition in an area of your life. Based on the plot, dreaming of an earthquake also symbolizes fear, warning, conflict, loss, or illness. Looking at the positive aspect of the same, it can also mean a new beginning in your life after massive destruction.” 

The study was conducted by ThePleasantDream, one of the leading websites on dream interpretation. The team undertook the evaluation to learn if people dream about earthquakes as its one of the alarming topics currently.