With the release of the much-awaited movie, ‘Barbie,’ the world seems to be under a Barbie fever. The Margot Robbie starring movie was released on the 21st of July 2023 and has been a hit with its audience ever since.

Believe it or not but the excellent reception of the movie has left its mark in an unexpected area in our world, i.e., people’s dreams. The craze regarding the film is at such a level that people are getting dreams about Barbie-Something, which the team of ThePleasantDream stumbled upon while researching the search behavior of people on Google for the month of July.

The team’s research reveals that after the release of the Barbie movie on the 21st of July, there has been an exponential rise in the search queries for ‘Dream of Barbie’ and ‘Barbie Dreams’.

A worldwide hike of 203% for the search query of ‘Dream of Barbie’ in July 2023

The above-given graph shows the worldwide search volume for the query ‘Dream of Barbie’ for the past 12 months.

It’s clear from the graph that the search volume for ‘Dream of Barbie’ saw a sudden exponential rise in July 2023. The Google Trends and Glimpse data also reveals that searches for ‘Dream of Barbie’ rose by 203%.

This massive rise in people dreaming of Barbie is due to the launch and success of Margot Robbie, starring Barbie. 

Top countries witnessing a hike for ‘Dream of Barbie.’ 

The above data collected from Google Trends clearly show that the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Philippines are the top 5 countries where the interest level for the search query ‘Dream of Barbie’ was the highest.

An exponential rise of 146% for the search query of ‘Barbie Dreams’ in the United States of America

The United States of America was the topmost country with the highest interest level for the keyword ‘Dream of Barbie.’ Again, the search query ‘Barbie Dreams’ also witnessed a spike of 146% in the United States. The exponential rise in these two keywords shows that Americans were the most excited about this latest movie, and the movie ‘Barbie’ had left a remarkable impression on their minds.

Expert’s Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, commented, “Dreams serve as a gateway to explore the uncharted depths of our psyche, offering glimpses into our deepest aspirations and anxieties.

The rise in the searches for ‘Dream of Barbie’ and ‘Barbie Dreams’ clearly indicates that people are watching or eager to watch the box office movie. She further adds, “Dream of dolls usually indicates a person’s attachment with their childhood or symbolizes their immaturity. 

Again, there are several negative connotations attached to the Barbie dreams. First, it can reflect a lack of contentment in one’s current life. For an adult, such dreams can indicate that they are overly burdened with the stresses and responsibilities of life and are searching for an escape.

Sometimes the dream can also denote a break in friendships. This can indicate that a close friend is going to move far away from you.