The spring, along with the pleasant weather, also brings back all the migratory birds that fled to tropical countries to escape the harsh winters.

As per a study, the months of April to June see these beautiful birds returning, and as such, people often spot striking birds while they are outside or on their balconies.

These months also happen to be the breeding season for most birds. That explains why the bird watchers are the most active during this time since the pastures and trees are dwelled by species of several birds.

The changes in nature are also reflected in the search behavior of people as the team of ThePleasantDream found a remarkable rise in the searches for ‘Dream of birds’ and ‘bird dreams’ in Google Trends and Glimpse.

Searches for ‘Dream of birds’ witness a 30% rise

In March, the worldwide search volume for “dream of birds” was 2.8K. With the arrival of April, spring migration increased; there was a 30% increase in the same keyword.

This is evident from the above-given graph, as we can observe several spikes for the mentioned keyword in April. From this, we can infer that people started seeing more dreams related to birds with the onset of birds migrating in April.

Which countries saw a rise in the ‘dream of birds’?

The above data collected from Google Trends clearly show the United States, United Kingdom and India as the top 3 countries where the search query of “dream of birds” spiked in the last 12 months. 

The keyword “dream of birds” in the Google trends interest index was the highest in the United States. From the above stats, it can be concluded that people of these three countries had dreams of birds.

Searches for ‘bird dreams’ witness a 29% rise

The above graph reveals a spike in the April search for ‘bird dreams’. It can be observed that there were 3.9K searches for ‘bird dreams’ and that there is a 29% increase from the past month. This clearly shows that the start of the spring season has also increased the occurrence of bird dreams among people.

Which countries saw a rise in the ‘bird dreams’?

The team gathered insights for the past 12 months wherein the top 7 countries with the maximum search volume for ‘bird dreams’ were: South Africa, the Philippines, the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Expert’s Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, commented that dream themes often reflect the events of  waking life and hold certain deep meanings for the dreamer. 

The dream of birds and people searching for its meaning is not unusual in the month of April as people spot colorful and rare birds during this time owing to bird migration and breeding season.

Birds in dreams usually signify freedom, liberation, & enlightenment. Many cultures also believe bird dreams to be symbols of divine messages, spiritual well-being, and connections. 

Based on the type of bird breed you see in your dreams, the meaning of the dream will change. Dreams of birds usually have positive connotations, but some bird dream scenarios can also mean illness and death.