If dreams are real, as experts say they are, what does it mean if you were dreaming of birds

An insignificant dream image can leave a person wondering over the meaning for days. But what if the subject of the dream is a bird? The creature, revered as the messenger of the divine spirit!

But before we dig into them, let’s get you acquainted with the general bird dream interpretation and the various symbols. 

Dreaming of Birds - 124 Dream Scenarios and Meanings
Dreaming of Birds – 124 Dream Scenarios and Meanings

Bird Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Birds in dream scenarios generally symbolize freedom, independence, success, harmony, and abundance. But according to the breed, some dream plots may be forebodings of misfortunes and even death.

Generally, birds in dreams stand for liberation. Reputed as spiritual messengers and the creature nearest to God, dreaming of birds may stand for enlightenment and growth. 

It is also believed that dreams associated with birds signify your spiritual well-being, connections, and messages from the spirits.

Dreaming of birds flying high means you are working on your high ambitions, are rising above others, and are close to success. 

If birds of rare species show up in your dreams, it reflects your strange or extraordinary behavior and ways of thinking. 

According to Cynthia Richmond, author of ‘Dream Power’, the air in dreamscapes symbolizes the dreamer’s thoughts – positive or negative. 

So, to dream of winged creatures that spend more than half of their lifetime flying could signify thoughts that once escaped your notice. They could have surfaced again to grab the attention of your conscious mind. 

Now that we’re done with the general interpretation, let’s have a look at the various dream symbols associated with birds. 

Bird Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

1. Goals and Aspirations

You are likely to dream of birds if you have high ambitions. These creatures travel miles for prey. They fly to heights and places hard for humans to reach. 

Of all the birds, eagles fly the highest. In fact, some cultures regard the eagle as the messenger of the spirit due to its potential to soar unattainable heights. 

Bird dreams also imply that you are well on your way towards your desired destinations. In such cases, the bird appeared in your dream plots to give you the final push, to encourage you to keep fighting for your aspirations.

2. Freedom and Independence

A lot of times, scenarios about birds stand for freedom and independence. Perhaps you have managed to get out of an unhealthy relationship. Or you have freed yourself from the limiting beliefs that confined you and your potential for long.

If the main focus of your dream was on a bird flying, it stands for liberation. You have freed yourself from something. It could be an unhealthy relationship, toxic social circle, bad habits, or negative thoughts. 

3. Guidance and Patience

You could dream of birds if you feel stuck in life. Perhaps you want to progress and know how to, but are unsure if your idea will work out as you expect it to. 

In such circumstances, you’re likely to dream of a robin as it is symbolic of wisdom and patience. The bird does not show the solution to your problem, but it guides and helps you make good decisions. 

Furthermore, the bird encourages you to take time and search for the ideal solution to your problems, instead of going ahead with just anything. 

4. Inferiority Complex

If you have recurring dreams of birds flying towards you, attacking or harming you, the dream scenarios advise you to shed some of your fears. 

You could be a person who hardly moves out of your comfort zone. Perhaps you refrain from speaking out and don’t express your feelings for fear of what others will think of you. Maybe you think your words are not worthy enough to be shared. 

The recurring dreams are a sign that some changes are necessary to make your life better. Your subconscious urges you to be confident and speak out your heart and mind. 

Of course, many will disapprove of your thinking, many might criticize you, but some will encourage and applaud you for voicing out your opinions. 

Your dreams insist you focus on the positives and pay no heed to those who try to pull you down. 

5. Love, Joy, and Harmony

Bird dreams are likely to happen if your life is well-balanced and your relationships harmonious. 

If you think neither of those is correct as per your life is concerned, expect matters to flip sides, especially if you dreamed of bright-colored birds. 

6. Passion

Bird-related dream scenes are also associated with passion. Often, we abandon hobbies and things we love as life and priorities change. 

If you dream of birds, specifically a robin, it means you should consider reigniting your passion. If you are still keen to take up the passion you once ditched, now is the ideal time. 

The creature in your dream could also be encouraging you to pursue a career you are passionate about. Because if you stay in a job you do not like, it will drain you mentally, physically, and emotionally in due time. 

7. Success and Abundance

Birds in dreams often stand for the accomplishment of goals. Note that success here doesn’t always have to be something big or associated with finance and material gains. 

It could also mean something as simple as getting out of your toxic addictions, thus making way for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

8. Delayed Success

Some bird dreams indicate that your accomplishment would come much later than you had expected. 

However, don’t let the dream dishearten you as it doesn’t mean complete failure of your plans. Trust in the signals sent out by the universe. It might have turned out that way for your own good. 

9. Misfortunes and Death

Sometimes, the bird in your dream may disappear suddenly. In such cases, the dream forwarns you of misfortunes and even the death of loved ones. 

Dreaming of Birds: Various Scenarios

1. Birds flying in a dream

First, ask yourself- did you see the bird flying around or flying away. It is a positive sign if you dream of it flying around.

Such visions generally stand for success, accomplishments, and wealth. Flying birds also means you have freed yourself from a burden that has been weighing you down for a long time.

However, if the creature was flying away, it symbolizes missed opportunities, misfortunes, and even death. 

The liberty the creature has, to fly according to its own will also show that you’re free to choose your life path. Now is the time to do what you have always yearned to. 

The universe through the flying birds is sending you messages to make the most of the present and work on your greatest aspirations. Most probably, nothing will stand in your way, around this time, if you are determined. 

According to other experts, birds flying in dreams represent unfulfilled goals. 

2. Dreaming of a bird

If you are waiting for a message from someone, you’ll likely see a single bird in your dream. If it was brightly colored, expect the greatest of news.

However, if it was dark, you’ll most probably hear something you possibly don’t want to hear. 

3. A pair of birds in your dreams

Either you or someone else in your close-knit circle will give birth to a child soon.

4. A lot of birds in a dream

Dreaming of many birds foretells a season of happiness and prosperity coming for you and your people. 

5. A flock of birds dream meaning

While some relate it to power, there are other dream experts who say a flock of birds means you’ll receive intentional or unintentional signs from others to help them resolve their problems. 

A flock of birds is also related to transformation. If the birds fly freely in the expanse of the sky, it is an indication that you look forward to the upcoming changes. 

On the other hand, if the creatures were aggressive, it shows that you are not ready for changes yet. 

6. Feeding birds in your dream

Generally, feeding birds in a dream symbolizes support and encouragement. Perhaps you are motivating yourself to achieve freedom and independence.

It may also mean you are helping, inspiring, and providing solutions to others to help overcome their problems.

It may also mean you are a natural giver and love to share things with others. The universe encourages you not to change because, in due time, you would receive plenty of blessings and rewards for your benevolence. 

Having said that, the interpretation may flip for the worse depending on the bird species.

Recall if the bird was a crow, a vulture, or a blackbird. In that case, the dream means you encourage yourself or others to do negative things by feeding toxic ideas and solutions. 

7. Dreaming of birds approaching

You are likely to receive something. Though the dream has given no hint of what it could be, this much is foretold – it is something you have been looking forward to. 

8. Dreaming of a flock of migratory birds flying away

As per the plot, you are yearning to see your people, you haven’t met with for a while. You could also dream of the same if you are a social person and have been deprived of a gathering for long.

On the other hand, the dream could also be highlighting your desire to change some aspects of your life. Are you not happy with how your life is running its course?

Do you think it’s dull and boring? Perhaps you long to add a pinch of spice, vibrancy, and color to it

In certain cases, migratory birds flying off stands for missed opportunities. 

9. Surrounded by birds in a dream

The scenario of being surrounded by birds in a dreamscape is likely if you feel overwhelmed. Do you feel anxious and overburdened by your roles and responsibilities?

10. A bird following you in your dreams

That bird symbolizes a person who is constantly watching you. It may be someone who’s always on the lookout for a chance to harm you. 

However, it could also signify a person who observes each of your steps to ensure you are away from trouble. 

11. Dreaming of a bird of prey swooping down to catch its prey

It is a positive dream. According to the plot, you have big goals and are well on your way towards success. The dream also highlights your potential, confidence, and determination to help you do anything you desire in life. 

12. Birds flying high/low

If you dream of a bird flying very high, you can look ahead to unpleasant happenings in the near future. But if they were flying low, it symbolizes your present confined state. 

13. A dream about a bird flying in an enclosed area

If you dream of the above spectacle, you probably feel entrapped and confined. Each time, you try exploring different things to rise in life, limitations surface, clipping off your beliefs and motivation. 

You yearn to be free, but according to the plot, liberation is still a far-off dream. 

14. Birds flying overhead in your dreams

It is a positive sign denoting your ability to outdo your competitors. 

15. A bird flying at you in a dream

Here, the bird might symbolize the imminent threats in your life. But before you settle on this interpretation, you need to analyze your present real-life circumstances. 

Some experts relate birds flying at or towards you with good fortune. As we say over and over again, dream interpretation isn’t science, and there is no definite answer to a dream.

It is the dreamer’s respective life, conditions, and perspectives that will decide the interpretation of a dream. 

16. Dreaming of a bird flying away from you

The creature symbolizes missed opportunities you have failed to notice in your waking life. 

It has another interpretation too. Was your family exceedingly rich earlier? Has the wealth and fortune dwindled after an unfortunate incident? If that is the case, the bird symbolizes the bygone prosperous days. 

17. A bird unable to fly in your dream

Birds are meant to fly and conquer the sky. So, if you dream of a bird that’s unable to fly due to reasons not specified in the dream, expect negativity to happen soon.

You may get into unforeseen trouble. If that does happen, it might impact your overall life and career. To be precise, that particular issue might cripple some aspects of your life. It could also signify the downfall of your enemies.

18. Birds chirping or singing in a dream

You are lucky if you dream of birds chirping. It is an indication that you’ll soon be free of the shackles that weigh you down. Soon, you would be able to enjoy liberation and live life according to your terms. 

Dreaming of hearing the chirping of many birds stands for the opportunities to grow better. But you have to remind yourself to look out for those opportunities because those wouldn’t come knocking on your doors. 

In some cases, it also symbolizes your wishes to get closer and more familiar with someone you like in your waking life. 

19. Dreaming of a bird with a twig on its beak

In the first place, you dreamt of the scenario because you are a philanthropist. You always want to do things for others – uplift them, spread love and happiness. 

However, according to the plot, you haven’t really taken the first step towards it. And the dream of the bird with a twig on its beak is a clear sign that you must start acting on it. It’s never a bad decision to help others.

20. Dreaming of birds swimming 

If you see a vision of birds swimming in your dreams, it is an indication that you are going to get involved in a dangerous situation. 

21. Dreaming of birds fighting

The fighting birds symbolize an impending conflict between you and someone. It could be with your beloved, parents, or siblings. 

The dream advises you to be patient and solve it logically without letting your emotions get the better of you.

22. A bird chasing after you in your dream

If you dream of a bird chasing after you, you have little chance of achieving your goals. The goals here don’t have to be anything big. It could be something like a weekend sleepover at your cousin’s.

23. Dreams about birds attacking you

A bird attacking you in a dream may mean you’re in conflict with someone in your real life. It could also mean you are in conflict with your spiritual sides. 

On the other hand, the bird attacking you may also symbolize the pending responsibilities nagging your subconscious.

Such a dreamscape is also likely if you think your different roles and responsibilities are demanding your attention, overwhelming, and confusing you on which one to prioritize. 

Often, birds attacking you in your dreams also means some aspects of your life don’t seem to be quite right and need to be looked into before others take advantage of your weak points. 

24. Someone you know in real life turning into a bird and attacking you

Someone in your circle or a person who’s familiar to you is blocking your path. He or she is doing everything in his or her power to stop you from progressing further. 

Often, you wouldn’t be able to recall the identity of that person after you wake up from your sleep. But still, take the dream plot as a warning and pay closer attention to the behaviors and activities of others around you. 

25. A bird injuring or hurting you in a dream

The dream signifies dissatisfaction. Are you disappointed with how your life is unfolding? Perhaps you wished for something and are receiving the exact opposite. Do you think the universe is being unfair to you?

26. A bird or birds shredding you into pieces in a dream 

The dreamscape denotes jealousy. There are people around who are green with envy of your achievements. As per the spectacle, they would not hesitate to hurt and drag you to dust if that means your fall. 

27. Hunting for birds in a dream

In your dream, if you hunt for birds, you will suffer financial losses in the foreseeable future. Avoid spending time with people you don’t trust or who seem envious of you.

As indicated in the dream, you might become the victim of some unfortunate situations, and it’s best to stay away from people you cannot rely on. 

Around this time, you might earn some profit from a business deal. Instead of spending it on something commonplace, your higher self advises you to invest it in a noble cause. Because that might come back to you double or triple-fold in good time. 

28. Chasing a bird in a dream

The spectacle of you chasing after a bird in a dream symbolizes your pursuit of goals and ambitions. Unquestionably, you wish to do great things in life.

Where you are presently is far from where you want to reach. The dream indicates that you would be able to accomplish all of your wishes if you stay determined and true to your goals. 

29. Catching a bird in your dream

Dreaming of catching a bird stands for good luck and imminent achievements in the near future. 

Take note of where and how you caught it. If it was inside your house, you’ll likely reignite a friendship with an old friend who had strayed away. If you caught the bird by grabbing its tail, you’ll have a successful career. 

Overall, catching birds is a good sign, and the more birds you caught in your dream, the better your luck will be. 

In case you caught it with your bare hands, the streak of good luck will last longer than you had expected or wished for. 

30. Catching a bird only to see it escape

According to the plot, you have intentionally let loose one of your negative traits after repressing it for long.

31. Shooting a bird with a pistol in a dream

Due to some miscalculations or faulty transactions, you are experiencing huge financial losses. Instead of letting the situation discourage you, reevaluate where you might have gone wrong to save yourself from maximum damage. 

32. Cutting a bird’s wings in a dream

It is one of the worst dreams anyone can have. Clearly, it reflects your corrupted nature. Birds are meant to fly freely in the sky. When you cut off its wings, you are snatching away the power it has over its own being. 

Likewise, the dream vision is a reflection of you deliberately ruining someone. If the dream is relatable, here’s a piece of advice from your higher self. Don’t let jealousy push you into corruption.

Instead of crippling someone, who has the potential to soar, look for legit means to outdo that person. 

How can you do better? Which areas of your life can be fixed for you to soar high?

33. Dreaming of a bird with a broken wing

The broken wing symbolizes failure to commit to love. It could be either you or your partner breaking the promises to stay committed and loyal to the other party. 

34. A dream of an injured bird

An injured bird could mean you feel helpless due to your present state. Perhaps you are stuck and aren’t progressing however hard you try. That might be making you feel demotivated, with no interest and enthusiasm to carry on. 

The difficulties you are facing might be due to your conflict with a close one. Instead of keeping your emotions repressed, sit down and have a talk with the person concerned. 

If this scenario is relatable, the dream advises you to do it as soon as possible. Because until and unless the problem is resolved you will continue to feel disturbed. 

According to other dream analysts, an injured bird highlights your difficulties in expressing yourself. It may also stand for challenges you would have to face soon. 

35. Dreaming of killing a bird

It is a negative sign. Perhaps you have been mapping out plans to get in the way of someone else’s freedom. It may also be an indication that you are manipulating a fragile and naive thing to show off your power

Sometimes it also means you are being held accountable for things that aren’t your responsibility. In certain cases, the plot may denote your incapability to handle matters.

Killing a bird also symbolizes conflict with a close one.

Such a dream could also mean matters are not working out as you would have liked them to. And because of that, you consider your life to be off track. It might have happened due to your lack of attention and mismanagement. 

36. A dream image of a dying bird

Here, the bird signifies blockages, which means a vision of a dying bird is a good sign. With the obstacles wiped off the scene, you’d finally be able to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

On the flip side, some experts believe any dream vision associated with dying or dead birds represents disappointment.

37. Dead bird in dream

The dream warns you to be strategic with how you approach your plans. As indicated in the dream, you’d face some hurdles.

Though not limited to, you might face losses in the professional sphere but with careful planning, you can get away with minimal damage. 

Dreaming of a dead bird could be an indication that some of your close friends need your help to resolve some issues. However, due to their pride, they may hesitate to talk to you about it. 

What you can do is pay close attention to your friends, their lives, and circumstances without making it too obvious. Identify who might be needing your assistance and help them without making them feel uncomfortable. 

According to some experts, dead birds in dreams mean you must let go of the habits that no longer serve you. 

Dead birds in dreams may also signify a dead end. Have you finally given up the person you love because you see no hopes of you getting together? Have you stopped your hunt for apartments because none fits into your budget?

38. A dead bird in your hands in a dream

As per the dream, your business plans are likely to fail. Without a doubt, times are going to be hard for you. You might feel demotivated and worn out, but the dream wants you to not give up. 

If needed, take a break, go on a vacation but start again, even though it means starting from scratch. 

39. Dreaming of a flock of dead birds

You will soon enter a difficult life phase. Everything would seem chaotic and out of place. But stay strong and hold on to your goals. Just as good times pass in the blink of an eye, so will the bad times too. 

40. A dead bird of prey lying on the ground in a dream

Birds of prey usually signify power, strength, and dominance. To dream of such a mighty bird lying dead on the ground means you have lost all hopes in some aspects of your life.

Perhaps you are in a bad shape in your waking life and see no way out of it. 

41. Dreaming of birds on the window sill

You and your family will experience a streak of good luck.

42. Dreaming of a bird attacking you by the window

Here the bird signifies evil energy. To dream of a bird attacking you by the window means your household is likely to receive one or a few people with negative mindsets. 

In some extreme cases, they could even approach you with an intention to stir your house upside down with evil doings. 

43. Dreaming of birds trying to get inside your house

You are likely to have such dreams if you think some people are blocking your way towards something. 

It’s also possible to dream of the same if you are doubtful of the path you have chosen for yourself. Is that relatable? If so, it’s time to reevaluate thoroughly and see whether the path you are heading towards is the right one for you.

44. Birds flying inside your house in a dream

It’s likely for you to encounter some unpleasant situations and losses. And chances are, your friends are behind it. They might have intentionally put you in trouble. Or the issues could be the result of some careless mistakes on their part.

45. Dream of bird in house

According to the dream, you will part ways with some of your friends. That may hurt you, but the dream has something else to say. Those friends do not deserve your friendship and loyalty. Let them go!

Dreams of a bird, trapped inside a house, trying to avoid you or someone else catching them could stand for confusion. Generally, in such cases, the bird often flaps its wings, moving from one corner to the other. 

It may be an indication that you are making hasty decisions without thinking them through and making several mistakes along the way.

You are probably confused and couldn’t tell the right from the wrong. Therefore, what seemed like the perfect solution often ends in deeper trouble. 

46. Dreaming of a singing bird flying into your room

You are going to encounter something big in your life. You’ll likely accomplish something you thought was far from possible. 

47. Dreaming of a bird in a cage

First, try to identify the bird in your dream. Was it a mighty bird like the eagle? In that case, the dream indicates that you feel trapped and suffocated in life. Is anyone holding you back in some way? 

Do you feel that you aren’t enjoying some of your most basic rights as a human? Whatever it is, the dream urges you not to retaliate but to use your intelligence to get back your freedom. 

On the other hand, if it was a pet bird inside the cage in your dream, it means you are at peace in your waking life.

But not all experts agree on those. According to the second group, a caged bird stands for upcoming trouble. It may be in any sphere of your life and is probably going to be a handful. 

The issue may give rise to some changes which you will certainly not be happy with. Experts advise you to stay away from any finance and investment-related deals. Wait for the hard phase to pass by if you want your investments to be beneficial. 

48. Dreaming of a bird flying off from a cage

It means you are making attempts to free yourself from the obstacles that are stopping you from getting into social circles.

49. Dreaming of freeing a singing bird

Here, the bird stands for the opportunities you are letting go of. It might have been unintentional, or you might have underestimated the potential of it. 

Opportunities come only once. Ask yourself if you wouldn’t regret your decision later. Do you think you have done the right thing by letting them slip through?

If you want to change your decision, the dream advises you to act on it immediately else you might not be able to. 

50. A bird building a nest in your dreams

The above spectacle is a positive sign. All of a sudden, your problems and anxieties will fade away.

Those people who bug you and made things hard for you earlier will go their own way. The upcoming period will be one of peace and joyful moments. 

51. A bird’s nest in dreams

The nest in your dreams stands for your self-reliance. You have a trait that is lacking in many people. Use that to your advantage and you’ll reach success soon.

Most of the time, a dream could be interpreted in various ways. Dreaming of a bird’s nest could also symbolize your present residence. In that case, it becomes crucial to probe deeper into your dream.

First, ask yourself. How was the nest? Was it empty, tiny, congested? How did you feel when you saw it? Did you feel a sense of security? 

After you have your answers, figure out how they could be related to your present living conditions. 

52. An empty bird nest in a dream

It symbolizes financial constraints you would face soon. But don’t let that get to you. Because the dream further indicates you will overcome it. 

An empty nest could also mean you tend to overthink and worry about your problems more than you should. 

53. Dreaming of a bird’s nest with eggs in it

A nest with eggs in it stands for wealth that might be on its way towards you. And it is certainly coming to you via the accomplishment of your dreams and aspirations. 

54. Dreaming of destroying a bird’s nest

You are in conflict with your loved one over a matter. If you have some event related to your relationship coming up – say, an engagement or a wedding ceremony, expect it to slow down. 

Negatively, it could even be a sign that you must reconsider the connection. 

55. Dreaming of bird eggs

In a broad sense, bird eggs in dreams stand for your goals and aspirations taking shape. Just as an egg needs warmth, nurturing, and time to hatch, your dreams too will take time to see reality. Therefore, the dream encourages you to be patient with the process and never give up.

Dreaming of bird eggs may also mean you will soon meet some affluent people who will help you attain your life goals.

56. Dreams of birds hatching

It generally symbolizes delayed success. If you’ve been looking forward to an accomplishment, be prepared to wait for it longer than you had initially expected. Perhaps the time is not yet right.

57. Dreaming of newborn birds

Often, newborn birds in your dream symbolize the younger you years back. The dream is a replay of your childhood and memories.

Negatively, they could also stand for past traumatic incidents that still occupy your thoughts every once in a while. 

58. Baby birds in dreams

If you dream of a baby bird, it symbolizes your potential to free yourself from the shackles that bind you. Baby birds also stand for new beginnings. 

If the birds are alone in the dream- hungry and making desperate sounds, it may symbolize your constant worry and concern for a family member. 

59. Dreaming of a bird feeding on bread crumbs

The spectacle of birds feeding on bird feed or crumbs signifies sound health. If it happened in your garden, expect a person you longed to see to turn up at your doorstep out of the blue. 

60. Dreaming of birds eating your food

Such a scenario foreshadows illnesses. It may befall you or someone in your circle. In some cases, it also means investing your time and labor into something that is likely to bring no profit. 

61. Birds pooping on you in your dream

The dream spectacle is disgusting, but you’d be happy you dreamt of it when you wake up. For sure, a wonderful piece of news is coming for you.

Such dreamscapes are considered exceedingly good if the bird pooped on your head.

62. Dreaming about bird urine

The dreamscape has several interpretations. Such dreams are usually encountered by highly sociable people. Due to some reasons, you might have withdrawn into a state of isolation. 

If that is relatable the dream advises you to engage with others. You need and long for love, guidance, and support, and since you are a socialist, to begin with, your withdrawn state may do you more harm than good. 

It may also reveal some of your traits. You can be inflexible, unforgiving, and uncooperative at times. Further, the dream also highlights your ambitious and materialistic sides. 

63. A bird landing on your head in your dream

If you dream of a bird landing on your head, it means you have a couple of problems troubling you. 

Through the dream image, your subconscious warns you to be rational and logical while solving the problems.

Don’t let your emotions trick you into taking the wrong decisions. If careless, you might repeat the same mistakes, which you couldn’t probably afford to. 

64. Dreaming of a bird sitting on your head

If you have the Charles Bonnet Syndrome, you are more likely to dream of a bird sitting on your head. However, experts say such visions are more of a hallucination during waking life. 

Some experts relate the dream spectacle of a bird perched on your head with dark energy overpowering you. Note that this meaning implies only when the bird is dark in color. 

65. Dream of bird landing on arm 

If you are having difficulties in some areas of your life, the dreamscape advises you to make decisions to resolve them. In case you have been leading a carefree life up to this point, it’s time you get more serious with your life and responsibilities.  

66. Dreaming of a bird on your hand

A bird perched on your hand in a dream may stand for your soft nurturing side that takes care of birds, animals, people, and responsibilities that befall you.

On the other hand, the dream spectacle may represent several opportunities the universe has given you to grow.

They could be related to either personal or professional lives. But you need to remember that no opportunity will come to you on its own. Also, none will wait for you. 

So, you have to look out for them and be ready to grab them. The meaning is applicable only if the bird remains alive throughout the dream plot.

67. Dreaming of a bird landing on your palm

It is a lucky omen. If you feel stuck in any area of your life, you might find relief soon. Perhaps you will get a chance to leave your toxic workplace or get a hefty amount of sum as an inheritance. 

68. A bird landing on your body in a dream

If a bird lands on your body in a dream, it is a good sign. You have chosen the right path, and you are doing great. 

The bird appeared in your dream to encourage you to work even harder and stay determined. You are sure to meet success. Therefore, the dream advises you not to get wavered whatever comes up along the way. 

69. A bird landing on your feet in a dream

Dreaming of a bird landing at your feet is an ill omen. You and your family might have to go through some misfortunes. 

Avoid business collaborations with people you don’t know much about. Bad luck is in the stars for you, and since anything could happen, you must take each step wisely. 

To be on the safer side, reevaluate business dealings, investments, and other such activities if you are involved in any. They could be guiding you towards the wrong path. 

70. A bird of an unknown species landing near you in a dream

You are likely to experience the toughest of times in your life because someone in your circle will possibly leave this world for the other.

71. A bird landing on the ground close to you

The bird symbolizes finances here. Money from an unexpected source is coming towards you. Needless to say, it will help you solve your finance-related constraints if you have any.

Having said that, the creature landing on the ground may also represent more than just some chunks of money. 

It could also stand for several opportunities lying near you. They could be the key to your dream goals and success. But remember to be vigilant of the goings-on around you. Else, you might overlook or underestimate those opportunities. 

It is crucial to recall the exact location of the spectacle. If the bird landed near you in a field, you would become the subject of gossip. Your subconscious advises you to be cautious anyway!

72. Dreaming of a bird landing on you but flying off for another person

The dream signifies someone in your circle is in deep trouble. Lately, you might have been too busy to pay attention to your loved ones. 

The dream advises you to be more involved in their lives. Moving forward, try to figure out who might be needing your help and do what you can to make up for the times you have neglected him or her. 

In some cases, the dream could mean you are anxious about the terrible state of one of your people. And you feel more stressed and helpless as you couldn’t offer any help to them. 

73. A bird landing on you and bothering you

The plot symbolizes someone avenging you for something that happened earlier. It may also mean some people in your circle are jealous of you and your accomplishments. 

74. Night birds in dreams

If you see nightbirds in your dreams, it means you are likely to face a sudden change in some areas of your life. Despite its abruptness, you will adapt and get used to the new ways pretty soon.

75. Dreaming of a large bird

Dreams of a large bird, especially of one chasing you means you are about to accomplish your goals. 

If it scared you in the plot, the scenario denotes some issues that are keeping you occupied most of the time.

Not only that, those issues are negatively affecting your mindset, discouraging you from exploring and experimenting with new things and ideas.  

76. Dreaming of a large-beaked bird

In one careless moment, you might get involved in a nasty scandal. Therefore, the dream warns you to be cautious of your words and actions.

77. A bird without feathers in your dream

A person who is more wealthy and influential than you will dominate you to some degree. 

Some cultures associate a few types of birds with black magic and art. According to such beliefs, a featherless bird often stands for a person putting a curse or spell on you to prevent you from achieving goodness in life. 

78. Dreaming of a bird with a vibrant plumage

Rosy times are ahead for you. You will feel like you are the happiest and the luckiest around the time you dream of this spectacle. Certainly, you wouldn’t lack anything – money, power, love, and happiness. 

79. Taking pictures of birds in a dream

If you are going through unpleasant and tough times, this is a dream to celebrate. Taking pictures of birds is an auspicious sign as it signifies new beginnings. Your present pathetic state will soon make way for happy days and events. 

80. Talking to a bird in a dream

You are likely to undergo an experience. It could be good or bad. Whatever it is, it will change your perspectives and mindset. You would begin to see things from others’ viewpoints as well. 

In a nutshell, the experience will make you more mature, humble, and empathetic of others. 

81. Eating bird meat in your dreams

The dream denotes you have secret desires in your life. 

82. Dreaming of flying like a bird

According to the dream plot, you are running away from problems and responsibilities. At this point, your subconscious reminds you to be courageous and confront the issues.

Even if you ignore them it won’t be long before they surface again. So, it’s better to take care of them before they get more serious. 

83. Dreaming of trying to fly

As per the plot, you work hard to achieve your goals and aspirations. But since you just tried and did not really fly in the dream, it implies something is stopping you from achieving success. It could be a person or a situation that’s pulling you down.

84. Dream of flying with other birds

Shortly, you will achieve something. It could be financial or material gains. Or it could be something priceless such as freedom and independence. 

Bird Dream Meaning: Different Breeds

85. An eagle in your dream

If you dream of the mighty creature you first need to ask yourself where you are dreaming from? If you are an American or are currently in the States, the dream may be indicating that you are in safe hands, considering the eagle is the national bird of America. 

In case you dream of the bird while you’re going through a low-spirited phase, the bird may be encouraging you to muster up your courage. 

It is believed that no other birds can fly as high as the eagle. On that account, eagle dreams also symbolize elevation and success. 

86. Dreaming of a pigeon

In general, pigeons in dreams stand for lies and gossip. Whether the plot includes a single or a flock of flying pigeons, the interpretation remains the same. Someone or a group of people is having fun spreading fake information about you. 

On the flip side, it could also be you that is gossiping about others. If that is the case, the dream warns you to stop hurting others with unfounded lies. Because you might be harming those people more than you imagine. 

87. A swallow in your dream

Often regarded as a symbol of the holy spirit, it is considered good if you see a swallow in your dream. That period would mark the end of your bad days and the beginning of happy ones. 

88. A bluebird in your dream

Bluebirds stand for happiness, contentment, and security.

Perhaps you are in a good phase of life, and nothing negative that comes along could dampen your spirit. It could also mean you feel satisfied with how you’ve stayed true to yourself and others.

On the other hand, such birds may show up in your dreams if you refuse to let negativities get in the way of your happiness and security even if that means disappointing others.  

89. Dreaming of an albatross

An albatross in a dream may reflect a part of your personality that overpowers or overshadows your other aspects.  

90. Dreaming of a crow

Often, a crow in your dream means you need to transform something in your life. Or perhaps a major transformation is already happening in your life.

Initially, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed but note that it is to make you better than what you were earlier.

On the other hand, some people label the bird as filthy. If you are one of those, the bird symbolizes a person or a matter you think is gross. 

91. A dream about a parakeet

If you have a pet parakeet, chances are, it’s your pet communicating with you. 

Sometimes, parakeets also show up in dreams to tell you that warmer days are coming.

92. Dreaming of a parrot

Unlike other birds, parrots can be trained to speak human languages. Against this background, a parrot in dreams may stand for the revelation of a secret. 

93. Dreaming of a blackbird

First, note that a blackbird differs from black-colored birds. This species symbolizes a lack of interest and enthusiasm.

Perhaps you are stuck in a rut and feel demotivated to pursue anything in life. You feel everything is a waste of time and not worth your efforts and energy. 

Blackbirds in a dream scenario also stand for calamitous incidents, death, and mourning. 

94. Dreaming of a blackbird landing on you

We have talked about how the color black in general and blackbirds, in particular, stand for misfortunes. Be that as it may, a blackbird approaching you or landing on you in your dream scenario is a good sign. 

You might get opportunities to get closer with your family and friends who have drifted away from you. The scenario may also stand for growth and development in your career.

95. White doves in dreams

White doves in dreamscapes signify innocence, purity, peace, tranquility, loyalty, simplicity, and harmony.

Since it plays the role of a messenger in the Bible, dreaming of the creature may also mean the divine spirit is sending out messages to you. 

If you have hatred and ill feelings towards someone in your waking life, the dream may be indicating you to let go of the negativities. Flush out all of it and make peace with that person and with yourself too. 

96. Dreaming of white doves mating

It symbolizes a happy and fulfilling domestic environment. 

97. Owls in dreams

In dreams, owls symbolize bad luck, stagnation, misfortune, and even death.

98. Dream of a canary

You are at absolute peace and contentment with how your life and situations are working out. 

It may also mean you are being inconsiderate of others. Are you talking about your money, wealth, and success around someone who has hit rock bottom in life? Or are you bragging about how healthy and good you feel to someone who’s terminally ill?

If you dream of a dead canary, it symbolizes ruined happiness. 

99. A raven in your dreams

In your dream, if a raven calls out to you, it is definitely trying to have your attention. It implies that you have missed out or overlooked something in life.

It might even visit you in your dreamscape if you have unintentionally ignored a piece of important advice in your waking life. 

100. A raven attacking you in your dream

You are walking down the wrong path. The word ‘wrong’ here doesn’t mean you are doing something immoral or illegal. It means the route you are taking will not lead to your desired destination. 

101. Dreaming of a raven approaching or landing on you

Things will change for the better.

102. Dreaming of a bluejay

A bluejay in your dreams may highlight an aspect of yourself that always wins the spotlight. It could be either positive or negative. 

103. A chickadee in your dream

If you dream of a chickadee, the plot is warning you that something in your life requires close attention. Perhaps some people in your life should be reevaluated before you trust them completely. 

If you dream of the bird walking, it signifies that you would get to be a part of an event that will help you progress in life. 

104. Dreaming of a budgie

This is interesting. A budgie in a dream means you or someone else has figured out that a person who’s exhibiting himself or herself as an expert in something is actually not. 

For instance, a woman once dreamt of a budgie. In waking life, she saw her husband who’s about to lose his job-seeking advice on how to prevent it from happening. But she thinks he was wasting time as he was approaching people unqualified to give such advice.  

105. A hummingbird in your dream

Hummingbirds usually bring positive messages. It could mean you have accomplished great things despite your insignificant past. Recall your emotions during the dream.

If you felt wonderful, seeing the bird in your dreamscape, great! Happiness is stored for you.

106. Waterbirds in dreams

If you saw a water bird in your dream, it means you are well in control of your emotions. You don’t let them get in the way of your decisions.

The interpretation holds the same if you see birds near a water body in your dreams. 

107. A dream of migratory birds

The dream plot highlights the need for you to explore things beyond your comfort zone. It further encourages you to take that first step because that is all you need. After that, everything will fall in its own place. 

108. Singing birds in dreams

In the foreseeable future, you may receive a piece of good news. It will open up your path to more fortunate events and happenings. Things you had earlier perceived as impossible would happen one after the other. 

In short, it is an auspicious phase for you. Do appreciate the goodness of life and also remind yourself to be grateful. 

109. Dreaming of birds of prey

You are likely to face unforeseen troubles because of some negative-minded people. It is a good omen if you manage to kill the birds.

Killing them implies you will overcome the difficulties those people put you through, though with great effort on your part. 

The direction in which the birds fly in your dream also plays a role in the interpretation. It is a good sign if they were flying from left to right. However, if the directions change, you have bad luck coming towards you. 

110. Dreaming of an exotic bird

Are you impatiently looking forward to a foreign trip? Then, this might be what you have been waiting for? The dream indicates you would soon pack your bags for a pleasant vacation to a distant land. 

Exotic birds are also related to transformation. There might be some changes coming up in your life. They will certainly push you out of your comfort zone.

Adapting to new ways will be challenging at first but what you need to remember is that at the end of the day, those changes will flip your overall life for the better. 

The more bright and colorful the bird in your dream was, the more positive and rewarding the changes will be. 

111. An ugly bird in your dream

Dreaming of birds that are considered detested because of their unappealing appearance may mean you will receive bad news concerning a matter or a person. In some worst cases, you may even go through a mourning period. 

Dreaming of Birds: Different Colors

112. Blue bird in dream 

Blue generally stands for wisdom. So, to dream of a blue bird is a good sign. It means you are choosing positivity over negatives. Such a mindset will help you attain peace, love, and harmony with your people and surroundings. 

Dreaming of bluebirds may also mean you would be able to commit to the tasks at your hand. 

Sometimes it also stands for your power to get over the hurdles blocking you from success. It also means you will undergo a change shortly, and your life will transform for the better.

Birds that are blue in color also mean you’ll soon receive a gift from the universe. Most probably it will come to you in the form of new knowledge. 

In the dream vision, if you were flying in the sky amidst such birds, it indicates that you are not staying idle but are giving your best to accomplish your desires.

Soon, you’ll see your dream goals and aspirations taking shape. And you have yourself and your relentless efforts to thank for your success. 

113. Dreaming of green birds

You will come across a fortune. Instead of wasting it on insignificant things, make the best use of it. Because chances are, it is your bridge to success. 

114. Red bird in dream

If you dream of a red bird, it means you are well aware of the negativities and danger brewing around you. This dream can also be a warning.

Are you perhaps doing something despite knowing the harm it incurs on others? It could be a situation wherein you are trying to achieve something that is rightfully yours by hurting others. 

Maybe you are trying to defeat your competitors through deceit. 

According to dream experts, it is possible to have a red bird dream if you think your surroundings are corrupted.

A red bird also symbolizes a new love. 

115. Yellow birds in dreams

Yellow birds in dreams symbolize the strong relationship between you and your friends. According to the plot, they can do everything for you just as you are willing to give your all for them. 

Such dreams also mean you will be lucky in love and business-related deals. 

116. Dreaming of a yellow bird landing on you

Though yellow symbolizes warmth and stable financial conditions in reality, it stands for the contrary in the dream world.

The bird landing on you warns you of difficulties you might face soon. It could be financial, emotional, or problems at your workplace. 

117. White bird in dream

White birds stand for spiritual evolution. Around this time, you will face peaceful moments. If you are presently dealing with negativity and tough times, the white bird is the sign you have been waiting for.

Soon, you will be able to abandon the people and matters that give you negative vibes. 

White birds also stand for purity, power, peace with God, and spiritual connection. 

118. Dreaming of a white bird landing on your shoulder

It is an extremely good sign if you dream of a white bird landing on your shoulder. The spectacle symbolizes the strong spiritual connection between you and the divine spirit.

Having said that, the bird species play a crucial role in the interpretation. So, recall the exact breed you dream of for a correct meaning. 

119. Black bird in dream

Black birds in dreams is a red flag. It stands for bad luck, development of devilish habits, disagreeable changes, misfortunes, depression, loss, and sometimes even death. 

Black-colored birds in dreams also represent messengers. You may receive bad news and don’t be surprised if someone you dislike in real life brings a piece of unpleasant news.

Nevertheless, don’t let the interpretation dampen your mood. If luck is on your side, you might even hear one of the best things you could possibly hear in your lifetime. 

120. A dream of brightly colored birds

In general, birds of bright color are a positive sign. Sometimes it stands for sexuality and fertility. Analyze if your present situation fits in the interpretation. If not, you need to probe further. 

121. Colorful birds in dreams

Beautiful, colorful birds signify celebrations, happiness, harmony, and peace. It foretells pleasant events happening to you and your family. 

Some experts believe that if you dream of such a bird, you will lead a happy, contented life with your love. And if you have been waiting for a baby to lighten up your home environment, you will hear happy news shortly. 

122. Dreaming of dark-colored birds

In dreams, dark-colored birds usually signify negative and bad energies. As for the interpretation, if they fly away, the dream denotes the clearing or fading of bad vibes and happenings. 

On the other hand, if it was flying towards you, expect unfortunate happenings anytime soon. 

Dreams About Birds: Different Dreamers

123. A woman dreaming of a bird

For women dreamers, scenarios associated with birds are a positive sign. The image reflects your happy harmonious relationship with your partner. If you are single presently, expect to meet your mate anytime soon. 

124. Birds in the dream of a rich person

If these creatures appear in the dreamscape of a filthy rich person, it denotes loss and unfortunate happenings.

Brace yourself to face some of the worst events. However, the problems will not persist, according to experts. So, you don’t have much to worry about. 

On the flip side, dreaming of birds when you are not doing well in life is a good sign. Unexpectedly, there’s going to be a shift. And your life will miraculously improve.

Spiritual Meaning Of Birds In Dreams

From the spiritual perspective, dreaming of a bird could stand for clearing blocks, development, and growth. Whatever holds you back once, no longer do, and you are free to explore your potential. 

Biblical Meaning Of Birds In Dreams

According to the species, birds are portrayed as positive as well as negative in the Bible. The dove is prominently featured in the Holy Book as a harbinger of hope, peace, and new beginnings. 

During the great flood, it was none other creature but a dove that checked whether the water had receded or not.  

“He (Noah) also sent out from himself a dove, to see if the waters had receded from the face of the ground”. – Genesis 8:8

“But the dove found no resting place for the sole of her foot, and she returned into the ark to him, for the waters were on the face of the whole earth. So he put out his hand and took her, and drew her into the ark to himself”. – Genesis 8:9

After seven days, he sent the bird out again from the ark. “Then the dove came to him in the evening, and behold, a freshly plucked olive leaf was in her mouth, and Noah knew that the waters had receded from the earth.” – Genesis 8:11

The great flood happened to eradicate the sins of humans. Since it was a dove that brought the message that the water has abated, it may also be considered a symbol of rebirth, opportunities, and moral rejuvenation. 

Before the dove, Noah first sent off a raven to check the waters, which never returned. “Then he sent out a raven, which kept going to and fro until the waters had dried up from the earth”. – Genesis 8:7

Here, the action of the raven flying to and fro is presumed as the bird preying on dead beings, instead of doing the task it was sent out for. Considering this, the bird stands for rebellion, laziness and disobedience, and betrayal. 

When John the Baptist baptized Jesus, the clouds parted and from it descended the spirit of God in the form of a dove. The bird rested on Jesus and a voice from above said, 

“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” – Matthew 3:17

From this perspective, dreaming of a bird may mean the Holy Spirit of God is with you, guiding and encouraging you by instilling hope, peace, love, and mercy. 

Bird Dream Symbolism in Hinduism

In the Hindu culture, winged creatures are associated with sensual longings. 

“Her seductive eyelashes 

Playing like a pair of mating birds

Caressing each others’ bills.” – Caurapancasika, an 11th-century poem by Bilhana. 

“In classical Sanskrit literature, especially the drama and poetry of Kalidasa and Bilhana there exists the accepted tradition for lovelorn heroines to beseech the birds for news of their beloved.”– Purnima Mehta Bhatt, a scholar at Hood College.

Similarly, in the play Vikramorvasiyam by Kalidasa, King Pururavas implored birds ( a goose, cuckoo, duck, and others) for the whereabouts of his lost beloved. 

Bird Dream Meaning: Dream Examples

Dreams are tricky, and often they can be hard to interpret. That is because the dream interpretation would differ from person to person.

Your personality and mindset play a crucial role in decoding dreams. For reference, take a look at how the following dreams are interpreted, and you will have a better idea of how to do yours. 

1. A man saw a white bird in his dreams

In real life, the man was at rock bottom. He had no hopes and no desire to carry forward when he underwent a spiritual experience. It was so powerful that he regained his strength and confidence to tackle each of his obstacles. 

2. A woman saw some black birds on a tree in her dream

In reality, she was deeply annoyed with her granddaughter’s choice as she wouldn’t break up with the man she (the woman) disapproves of. 

3. A man saw two blue colored birds in his dream, and he desired to take them home with him

In reality, he was struggling to keep his business afloat. Out of nowhere, he came up with two good ideas that would help him solve the problems that had been hampering his work progress. 

4. A woman once dreamed of walking into her kitchen to find a cage with the doors open. But interestingly, the bird stayed inside the cage.

In waking life, the woman came from a communist country, and she was finding it difficult to adjust to the freedom and independence the American government offers. 

5. A man once dreamt that he was afraid to feed the birds

In waking life, the man had just separated from his wife. The wife started moving on and seeing other guys. 

The dream reflects his fear. He believed that he did wrong by letting his wife live an independent life without him. He was skeptical that if that goes on, it would be too late for them to get back together.

Why Do You Dream About Birds?

If you are troubling your mind over why you see the creature in your dreams, these are some of the possible reasons. 

  1. Presently, you are facing some issues in your personal and professional lives and do not want to deal with them.
  2. You feel stuck in some areas of your life and are not sure of how to proceed.
  3. Dreams about birds are also possible if you went to the zoo lately or watched a documentary on birds before you went to bed? In such cases, your dream most probably has no deep symbolic meaning, and no interpretation is necessary.

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself If You Dream Of Birds!

Ask these questions to yourself before interpreting to get to the bottom of the dream quickly. 

  1. What is your totem animal?
  2. If you dreamt of a bird flying high, how did you feel? Were you at peace? Did you wish you could be as free as it is? Or were you filled with hatred seeing it rule the sky in all its victory? This question is very important and will reflect a part of your personality trait?
  3. Was it in a peaceful state, or was it attacking you, something or someone?
  4. If the bird flew towards you, did it bring anything for you? Perhaps a small piece of something, a message, or even a word?
  5. Do you have big goals and aspirations and are perhaps impatient to get started?
  6. Which species was it? How big or small was the creature? Was it alone? If not, how many of them were present in the plot? 
  7. Who or what else was present in the dream other than the bird?

Wrapping Up

Birds are indeed symbolic creatures, especially if they surface in dreams. Since they are the creature closest to the creator, any bird-related spectacles must be interpreted minutely, considering all the possibilities. Dream interpretation of an eagle is different from that of a parrot. 

Likewise different species have their respective dream meaning. So, next time you find yourself dreaming of birds, make sure you get all the specific elements correct because one minor mistake may cause a blunder. 

If you get dreams stork then check its meaning here.