A dream of wig is the reflection of emotions like deception, change, confusion, and sometimes hair loss in waking life.

Negatively it signifies either being deceived or the fear that your lie will be revealed. Positively it shows being respectable, knowing the truth, rising from pretension, and accepting one’s true self.

Wig Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dream of wig is usually uncommon. This makes it easier to remember. Besides, it has different meanings and interpretations.

You can understand it better in context with your life situations. Here are some core emotions related to it –


Generally, wigs are associated with deception – be it for self or others. Wig dreams symbolize deception. This means you are trying to convince others that you are doing better than you are actually doing. 


The wig is a significant change in one’s life. It might also be possible that you are seeing wig dreams because you are craving for a change in your personal or professional life.

Maybe, you are hoping that this change will be easy as you are not ready to put much effort to see the difference.


Wig often leaves a stance of indecision about reality. It distracts from the true picture. So, it might be giving expression to your uncertainty and bewilderment.

Besides, wearing a wig in a dream means you are confused about important matters in your real life.

Real-life Hair Loss

Wearing wigs in your dream can also mean that you are worried about your hair loss in real life. Perhaps, you are trying hard to cover your fake hair by wearing a wig in your dream.

Wig Dream Meaning – Common Scenarios & Their Meanings

Wearing a wig in a dream means you are intending to monitor how people in your surrounding see or judge you.

You don’t want to portray your thoughts and worries in front of others because you fear how people might see you. 

On the contrary, this dream can also mean you are a respectable person. You are wearing your wig in your dream because you have achieved all that you have in your life on your own. 

Since it has various meanings, here are some common wig dreams with specific interpretations for you. Let’s explore –

Dream Meaning of Wearing a Wig

It is a sign of lies and gossip. It means that sooner or later, they will get to know your true self.

If you dream about wearing a wig, it might mean you will not be able to influence a situation no matter how hard you try. 

Wearing a wig in your dreams might mean you are a private person and worry that something you want to keep as a secret could be revealed. 

Wig’s dreams also symbolize incompetence and falsehood. It indicates that now it’s time to start thinking about yourself. Besides, it can also mean that you are someone whose trust is difficult to gain.

Dream of Wig Falling Off

Dreams hold different meanings for different people. If you dream about your wig falling off, it means you need to react quickly. You have no one with whom you can talk, and you are unable to handle a specific situation. 

Dreaming about a wig falling off also denotes a rash decision you are making in your life.

Besides that, it might mean that you are experiencing obstructions towards facing the goals in your life. You need to stop and rethink the circumstances in your life. 

Dream of falling off a wig can also means you are trying to unveil the layers of your personality to find out what is truly underneath. Besides, it might mean you are trying to make amends for your past mistakes. 

Dream Meaning of Blonde Wig

Wearing a blonde wig in a dream means you act more naive than you are. Perhaps, you want to hide your talent from others because you feel you possess something powerful.

It can also be that you feel threatened because others are manipulating you.

A woman with a blond wig in a dream denotes you need affection in your real life. But if you see a man wearing a blonde wig in a dream, it means you will soon fall for someone attractive.

Dream of Taking a Wig Off

When you take off your wig in your dream, it denotes you are honest and have the power to say anything in front of someone’s face. This means you are not afraid of speaking the truth and talking without thinking about the consequences. 

Perhaps, you might fear that the person will cut you out of their life, but you will risk it to show them their true self.

On the contrary, taking off a wig can also mean you want to become stronger than you are.

Dream about Buying a New Wig

It means you fear some issues. You might feel the need to distance yourself from others.

Perhaps, you think that people in your surrounding are making you unhappy and are always being too pessimistic. 

Besides, you do not feel good after talking to them and have the urge to cut them out of your life to improve your well-being. Contrarily, it might mean you will lose something in the future. 

Stealing a Wig

When you find yourself stealing a wig in your dream, it means you will make a rash decision in your real life that will adversely affect your future. This indicates that you should take guidance from someone if required. 

On the other hand, if you see someone else stealing your wig, it means someone from your surrounding will attempt to ruin your reputation.

That person might know some secret and will publicly expose you. So be a bit careful.

Dream of Combing Your Wig

It means you are not sure about the decisions you are making in your life. Maybe, you’re overthinking. Or, it can be your real fears floating up in your mind. 

In any case, it is a sign for you to stop thinking and start taking action. Calm down and believe in yourself. 

Putting on Different Wigs in a Dream 

It suggests that you are trying to deceive or con someone. Wanderer’s dream book suggests that you should apologize to the person you have offended lately.

Putting on different wigs might also mean your efforts in order to get in the same picture with others.

Lately, you might be trying to pretend like others to be a part of them. You might just need to embrace your real self. 

Publicly Falling Wig Dream

A dream of a wig falling in public fills oneself with embarrassment and often humiliation. It shows that your secret is going to be disclosed soon.

Maybe things are going on your wrong side and you are subconsciously feeling the chances of being exposed. 

Besides, it can be a positive sign sometimes. Maybe, something would happen that would prompt you to embrace your real self.  

Someone Taking Your Wig Off in a Dream

Have you dreamt about someone taking your wig off? The dream suggests that your secret is going to be disclosed soon.

Maybe, you are lying about something. Or, you are pretending to be someone else. The dream shows that someone is going to make your secret public. 

Itchy Wig Dream

A dream about itchy wigs is a sign of frustrating situations in life. It shows that you are going through a lot of hassles and complications.

Forced to Wear a Wig

Have you dreamt of being forced to wear a dream? It shows that you are forced to pretend. Maybe situations are forcing you to hide your identity.

Or, you have to pretend and hide your true self because of certain situations.  

Cleaning or Washing a Wig

Dreamt about cleaning or washing a wig? It shows that you are draining your time and energy into things and people that are not true to you. 

Besides, it could show your eagerness or enthusiasm for perfection. It might be taking too much of your time, resources, and energy. So you need to be careful about choosing your priorities. 

Dream about Wig of Different Hair & Colors

Straight Hair Wig Dream Meaning

Wearing a straight hair wig in a dream shows that you are going through a lot of chaos in your life that you are trying to calm down.

If a wig in the dream looks artificially straightened, or like unnaturally done hair, it shows that you are pretending to be calm and organized.

Curly Hair Wig

Have you dreamt about a wavy or completely curly hair wig? It shows your desire to have fun and explore new things in life. Wavy or curly hair wigs usually indicate taking paths different from the straight one.

Sometimes, it’s a sign of creativity. Perhaps, you want to portray yourself as a unique person.

Frizzy Hair Wig

A dream of a frizzy hair wig shows clutter and confusion. Maybe, you are lacking clarity in life. Or, you are forcing yourself to do something that is making things chaotic for you.

Sometimes, it shows a lack of care and warmth in your life. Especially if your natural hair is not frizzy. 

Wig with Unique Hairstyle

Dreaming about a wig with a quirky or unconventional hairstyle shows that you are trying to act unique or sophisticated. You are not seeking social acceptance. Instead, you want to break the box to make your presence prominent. This can be about your thought process, professional, or social life. 

Stylish Wig

Wearing a stylish wig in a dream shows that you are trying to show off – be it your wealth, looks, or intellect. It can be because you need to influence others. 

Tangled Hair Wig

A wig made of tangled hair shows forcing messed-up situations onto yourself. Maybe, you made wrong choices and these are making things difficult for you. 

Matted Hair Wig Dream Meaning

A wig made of matted hair in the dream mostly shows one’s low mental health and financial situation.

White Wig/Grey Hair Wig

Have you dreamt of wearing a white wig? Generally, it’s a sign of empathy to your elders. Maybe, something is putting you in your parents’ shoes.

Wearing a Black Wig

When you see yourself wearing a black wig in your dream, it means you are very stubborn. This can be either because you lack experience or have profound personality traits.

Dream of Wearing a Red Wig

It means you consider yourself pretty and intelligent. You believe that others are inferior to you. Although you try to repress your ego, you can’t stop thinking highly of yourself. 

Wearing a Brown Wig

This signifies you need an opportunity to go out and do something good for yourself. It means you must get out of your retreat and do something worthwhile. 

Golden Hair Wig

If you see a golden wig in your dream, it’s a sign of being gaudy. Maybe, you’re surrounded by an outlandish situation.

Or too many showy people are around you. If you’re wearing it, it shows your pretension of being sophisticated. 

Final Words

The meaning of wig dreams can vary from person to person.

Still, at its core, these are giving you a chance to think about yourself. Try to take it as a positive opportunity for growth.

But it doesn’t mean you have to take your dreams too seriously. However, don’t overlook it as well.