A blue jacket dream meaning can allude to intimacy with your loved ones. It can also mean that you’re someone who is creative. Sometimes, it highlights that you are protected from something or that you are persuasive.

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What Are the General Meanings of a Blue Jacket Dream?

Dreaming about a blue jacket can be a sign of loneliness and future distress. Alternatively, it can also mean that you are introverted. Let’s find out what else it means. 


Your relationship with someone is filled with acceptance, honesty, and compassion for each other.

You can be your deepest, truest self with them. You two have no secrets. 

They feel like home to you, and you can share your vulnerabilities with each other without any hesitation. You two show up for each other in unspoken ways. 


This means that you are an out-of-the-box thinker. You’re imaginative and not afraid of novelty. You have the originality to come up with new ideas, and the spontaneity to work on them.

Don’t let your creative energy go to waste. Take out all your colors and brushes and start painting. 


It shows that you prefer solitude. Your focus is more on your inner feelings and emotions rather than on the external environment.

You prefer sitting and being alone or with one or two very close friends rather than in a group of people. 

You’re not an enthusiastic talker. People would rather find you sitting in your room with a book in hand rather than dancing at a loud party

Sadness and grief

It means that you are grieving. Sometimes it gets messy and out of hand. The five stages of grief are hitting your life randomly. 

Sometimes you take two steps forward and one step back in life. Give yourself the time to process your grief, and don’t ever blame yourself for it.


You feel isolated and alone in the world. You crave human contact, but you find it difficult to make genuine connections. Further, you feel lonely despite being in a crowd of people. 

Loneliness, since it is a state of mind, can also be a sign of depression.

However lonely you feel, you should always remember that you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you. So, reach out if it gets too tough.

Difficult time

This means that you are about to go through a difficult period in your life. Your life will go haywire, and you’ll feel out of control. 

Recognize the things that you can control and change them. Connect with people on whom you can depend, and fill your life with positivity.  

Common Dream Scenarios of Blue Jacket & its Interpretations

Whether you dream about wearing a blue jacket or selling one, every scenario holds a unique message. So, let’s explore those here!

Dream of old blue jacket

This is a symbol of peace. If your life has been topsy-turvy lately, don’t worry, a period of peace awaits you.

It means that all your toil and inner turmoil will soon come to an end. 

In this period of peace and contentment, you’ll be mindful of your emotions and be in touch with what they are telling you.

New blue jacket

This is a sign of healing. Old wounds are going to heal with time, whether they are physical or emotional. 

But, healing takes time, so pause and uproot those deep-seated traumas which are the cause of all your fears.

It’s important to start the process, taking it one step at a time. Once you heal fully, you’ll be unstoppable.

Dreams about wearing a blue jacket

It means that you are protected and sheltered from any physical or emotional harm. Something or someone is looking out for you, noticing your every step and making sure that you don’t fall.

This might be a close friend, a family member, or a lover. 

Stealing a blue jacket

This means that you have some hidden enemies, people who don’t want you to succeed, people who are waiting for you to fall. These people can be your competitors at work. 

It might also mean that someone who is close to you has some hidden motives and agendas that they want to fulfill.

It can be a sign of disloyalty and deceit. Make sure to have your guard up at all times. 

Buying a blue jacket

You’re trustworthy and reliable. You never falter, and you’re always there for them. You’re there to help when any of your friends or family members are in need.

People can trust you with their most embarrassing secrets.

Selling a blue jacket

This shows that you are persuasive. You know exactly what to say in an argument. You know what strings you have to pull in order to get people on your side. 

You’re sincere in all your arguments, and you speak with honesty. Because of your persuasion, you tend to make followers out of the people that surround you.

It makes you a great leader and a greater politician. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of blue jackets play an important part in your life. They highlight different parts of your personality or warn you about troubles. 

So, make your life more worthwhile by recollecting the vision details and paying attention to every message!