Key Takeaways

  • A dream about party shows you wish to expand your social circle.
  • Dreams featuring a party also reveal your emotions, feelings, or concerns about an upcoming event.
  • At other times, it emphasizes the need to strike a healthy balance between fun and work.
  • Negatively, some party dreams are symbolic of detachment and deterioration of a relationship.

A dream about party such as a birthday is quite common. On the surface, this type of dream gives off a good vibe.

However, contrary to the bright set-up and ambiance, some plots associated with parties have an ill omen. For example, a potential break-up and a separation. 

If you are keen to find out more, you should read through the article. Depending on your dream details, the meaning of your dream scenario may either baffle you or instantly put a smile on your face. 

Dream about Party - 103 Dreams And Their Interpretations
Dream about Party – 103 Dreams And Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Partying?

A dream about party symbolizes your positive outlook on life. In certain instances, it may foreshadow an upcoming happy event. Negatively, it shows you need to strike a balance as you are having excessive fun. 

A dream about party can be interpreted differently depending on the details and the emotions experienced in the dream.

But in a general sense, it reflects your social life, your desire to mingle and fit well into your circle or to expand your existing social circle. 

On the flip side, it may be your subconscious reminding you to have a more active social life. To infuse more fun into your life or to improve your social and communication skills. 

Parties also reflect the dreamer’s optimism and cheerfulness. At other times, dreams of such nature stand for an upcoming event worth celebrating. 

According to the Esoteric dream book, a party predicts a promising meeting with a sad end. 

Party Dream Meaning – Dream Symbols

As mentioned above, there can be tens of meanings behind a party dream, some of which are listed below.

You need to have clarity about your situations in the waking world and recall the emotions you experienced in the dream for an accurate meaning of your dream. 

1. Your feelings towards an upcoming event

Depending on the emotions you experience, a party may reflect your fears, tension, or excitement about an approaching event. 

If you have been to a gathering recently, the dream may also be replaying the fun, happiness, or boredom you experienced at that particular event. 

2. Excessive enjoyment

Often, party dreams are a reflection of the party animal within you. Perhaps you are being too laid back and enjoying life to the fullest as if there is no tomorrow. 

But you need to remember that there should be a balance in life. Otherwise, you are inviting trouble towards yourself. 

Sometimes, it can also reflect your frustration over someone who’s going too far with having fun.

For instance, seeing your teenage daughter going out on dates every day when she should be preparing for her finals. 

3. A need to be more social

For introverts and homebodies, a party dream is likely the subconscious encouraging the dreamer to get into society and mingle more with other people. 

Humans are social beings. Of course, some people find comfort in their own company. However, there are times when you cannot rely on yourself. 

4. You need to work on your social skills

Sometimes, a party in a dream is your subconscious urging you to improve your social skills. 

Chances are, you feel insecure amidst other people in your waking life. This is especially true if you dream of feeling nervous or anxious at the gathering.

Dream about Party – 103 Dreams And Their Interpretations

The scenarios listed below will help you understand dreams about parties in much detail. 

1. A dream about having a party

This can indicate something good or bad depending upon the nature of the party and the emotions felt during the event. 

Because while some relate a party with positivity, others believe it is a foreboding of a sorrowful event. 

In ancient times, party in a dream was believed to be an ill omen foretelling a dispute within the family. Till today, several cultures go by this belief.

So, you need to take into account your cultural background and real-life situations on top of the emotions felt within. 

2. Dreaming of a birthday party

Let’s start with a question! Whose party was it? If it was yours, the plot shows the spotlight will be on you shortly. 

Almost always, dreaming of your own birthday party bodes well. It can also happen when you feel content in the waking world. 

3. A dream about surprise birthday party

The entire meaning of the scenario depends on how you react to the dream. 

If you were surprised yet grateful, the dream has a positive connotation. If not, it may be a bad omen warning you about something unpleasant happening soon.

4. Dreaming of blowing out candles at your own birthday party

When you have a dream of blowing out candles at your birthday party, it is a sign that you are most of the time overloaded with creativity and resourcefulness. 

5. Attending someone else’s birthday celebration in a dream

Most likely, you will hear pleasant news about friends and acquaintances if you dream of the above scenario. 

6. A dream about attending the birthday party of a child

Attending the birthday party of a child reflects your desire for change. 

On the other hand, the dream emphasizes that old ways won’t open new doors. Therefore, the plot suggests you think of new ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to tackle your issues. 

The dream may also be a mere reflection of your excitement for the happy events that will soon take place. 

7. A dream about a dinner party

Dinner parties usually stand for your relationship with your family, friends, and others with whom you interact regularly. 

8. A dream about a potluck party

A potluck or a pitch-in party stands for a task or project where each person (or member) contributes something or the other. 

Here, you need to recall if each of the party attendees contributed or not. That will be the deciding factor of the project’s success or failure. In your dream, if all the attendees pitch in, the project will be a huge success. 

If some failed to pitch in their share, you can expect roadblocks along the way. 

9. A dream about an unpleasant upscale party

Dreaming about being at an upscale party where you felt awkward can reflect your fear and anxiety of not being able to be on par with your friends and acquaintances. 

10. Dreaming of a house party

A house party can be interpreted in several different ways. 

Likely you are an introvert or have been keeping a distance from others, shutting yourself inside the four walls of your house for some reason.

In that case, the dream shows you will soon see yourself making an entry into the social setting. 

The dream does not, at all, denote a sudden princess-like appearance that draws the attention of everyone present. No! Nothing like that.

Instead, you will notice yourself making gradual steps to return to the big picture – a hi here, hello there, a cup of tea with someone in the cafe, one step at a time! 

From another point of view, a house party reflects the love, care, loyalty, and commitment of your near ones towards you. 

11. Dreaming about a boring house party

A boring house party denotes gossip. However, the dream says something good will actually come out of it. You have to wait and see!

12. To dream of seeing a house party from a distance but not attending

According to the dream, there’s a high probability that you feel left out in a social situation. 

13. Dreaming of a housewarming party

To dream of a housewarming party shows you have a good support system in your waking life. There are a couple of people who would rush to comfort and assist you at the drop of a hat. 

14. Dreaming about a party in the neighborhood

Dreaming of a neighborhood get-together means you want to get along with your relatives, neighbors, and the likes.

You have no desire to stand out from the crowd. Instead, you wish to fit into their lives and develop good relationships with each of them. 

15. A dream about a family party

Dreaming about a family gathering stands for the strong bonds you share with your people. Based on the plot, no storm is strong enough to uproot the love and commitment you have for your family. 

How you felt during the dream also says a lot about the dream. In case you felt awkward, it may be a reflection of your difficult childhood. 

Alternatively, the dream may stand for the reunion with an old friend or the rekindling of a romance with an ex. 

16. Dreaming about a garden tea party

To begin with, a garden tea party implies you are stressed out in the waking world.

Therefore, the dream may be your subconscious reminding you to go easy on yourself. The dream also urges you not to overthink and seek help, if necessary. 

17. A dream about a swimming pool party

In the dream world, water is closely connected to emotions. Therefore, a pool party may mean some people will come to you for guidance concerning emotions and feelings. 

According to dream analysts, a swimming pool party is a harbinger of a piece of good news regarding a close one. 

18. Dreaming of a beach party

A beach party portends quality time with good friends. Friends that come in this dream are typically persons with whom you share everything spiritually and materially.

19. Dreaming about a school or college party

Usually, your age will determine the overall meaning of your dream. If you dream of the above scenario while still in school or college, your dream has much to do with your friends and your relationships with them. 

On the other hand, if you dream of the plot years after you graduated from school or college, it relates to the events you encountered during your school or college days.

Chances are, you came across someone or something recently that reminds you of your days as a student. 

20. To dream of a graduation party

Graduation parties in general indicate new beginnings. The emotions you experienced in the dream will uncover your attitude towards the upcoming changes. 

21. A dream about attending a graduation party with friends

The plot signifies the loyalty of your friends and relatives. 

22. To dream about attending a graduation party all alone

Dreaming of attending a graduation party alone emphasizes the need to reprocess your learnings and the knowledge you have acquired so far for a better future. 

23. Dreaming about a retirement or farewell party

When you dream of a farewell party, it basically means you are reminiscing about the time when someone helped you during your hardest times. 

24. A dream about a bachelorette or bachelor party

This may indicate monotony in your present life and a desire to spice things up. There’s a possibility that your wish for fun and amusement will compel you to reunite with ex-lovers. 

If you are married, you need to understand that your desire for mirth may tempt you to cheat on your partner.

Before you let things get out of control, try to figure out if you can restore your relationship with your partner. See if the two of you can work to bring back the once vibrant days. 

25. To dream of an engagement party

An engagement party can be a sign of upcoming positive events. 

From the romantic point of view, there’s an indication that someone will begin to look at you from a completely different perspective. For instance, your best friend may suddenly come and confess his or her feelings for you.

26. To dream about a close one’s wedding party

Seeing or attending a close one’s wedding party is a wish-fulfillment dream. 

27. Dreaming of your wedding party

Seeing your own wedding party in a dream vision hints at significant changes that may happen soon. 

28. Attending someone else’s wedding party in a dream

To attend someone else’s wedding in a dream hints at the presence of fake friends in your circle. 

29. To dream of attending your own wedding party

To see yourself attending your marriage party indicates a new beginning. 

30. Dreaming of a wild wedding party

A wild wedding party stands for problems in your household. 

31. Dreaming of a Christmas party

The dream is undoubtedly your subconscious telling you to revel in festivities. Keep aside your work, responsibilities, worries, and anxieties, if you have any, and take a break. Spend time with your near ones and enjoy every minute of it. 

Others believe a Christmas party indicates a new romance is brewing.

32. A dream about a New Year’s party

A New Year’s party shows you are eagerly looking forward to an event. The countdown has begun and you are passing each day in anticipation of the D-day. 

It may be the launch of a new project, a commemoration of an important event, or anything of that nature.

Regardless of what it is, your life will be transformed to a certain degree after whatever you are anticipating comes alive, hence the New Year’s party. 

You must, at all costs, try to remember all the people present in your dream as they will be instrumental in your growth. 

33. Dreaming of a costume party

Attending a costume party means you are putting on a facade and not being honest with your friends and near ones. 

Another approach to the dream shows you need to improve your communication and other social skills.

34. To dream of attending a costume party in ordinary clothes

If you dream of attending a costume party where everyone puts on a costume except you, the plot hints at the presence of fake people in your surroundings. 

35. A dream about a Halloween party

A Halloween party means you are unsure of who’s what. Chances are, someone you consider nice turned out to be extremely evil and vice-versa. 

Based on the plot, you are skeptical and distrustful of everyone in your circle. 

36. To dream of a work party

A work party shows you understand and empathize with the problems your near ones are struggling with.

37. Dreaming about a formal party

A formal gathering in a dream suggests the necessity to take things easy. The appearance of the scenario indicates you are being too strict on yourself and others as well.

And according to the plot, your meticulous and inflexible personality often affects your relationships negatively. 

A formal party also indicates trouble at the workplace if you were not happy during the event. On the contrary, a merry formal party portends a promotion. 

38. To dream of a party attended by lots of people

A party full of people means you are trying to expand your social circle. It can be through social media, attending events, or one on one meetups. 

39. A dream about party with old friends

Partying with old friends means something important that is worth celebrating happened to you recently. 

40. To dream of a small party with close friends

Possibly, a small party with just a few close friends suggests you need to live in the moment. 

Life is uncertain. None of us can predict what will happen the next minute. Preparing ahead for what may or may not happen later is a wise move.

Nonetheless, you must not compromise your present in its entirety for a better future. 

Learn to take breaks and enjoy the gift of the present!

41. Dreaming about feeling awkward at a party attended by close friends

Here, your awkwardness alludes to your lack of confidence in social settings. 

42. Planning a party in a dream

In this case, the party represents your life. That is to say, you are being too structured and meticulous about your life. 

Therefore, the dream may be your subconscious asking you to loosen up a bit. Be spontaneous and let your experience go with the flow. 

Negatively, the dream may reflect your anxiety about all the things that can go wrong. 

43. Organizing a party in a dream

The dream reflects your social skills. You love connecting with and hanging out with people. 

44. A dream about renting a banquet room for a party

Renting a banquet room to hold a party is a harbinger of a pleasant event. 

45. To dream of sending out invitations for a party

Sending out party invitations stands for your wishes to expand your social circle. 

Also, you need to recall exactly who you invited to the party. If it is someone you have lost touch with, a childhood friend, for example, the plot says you miss that individual and hope to reunite with him or her. 

46. Dreaming of hosting a party

Hosting a party is often a sign of your generosity towards others. 

47. To dream of hosting a party at your house for strangers

Chances are, you have kept yourself enclosed by barriers. Your own principles and limiting beliefs have prevented you from going out and meeting up with new people. 

So, the dream says it’s time you push yourself to the other side – be social and open up to others. 

48. Dreaming about watching a wild party at your house from the outside

The dream foreshadows an unhappy event such as a funeral or a death ceremony. 

49. To dream of asking guests to leave a party

According to the plot, you always let others get into your circle. You also let them know your different sides and personalities.

But you always draw a line. And do not allow anyone to encroach into your life beyond that boundary. 

You never let others take you for granted. The moment you realize they are taking advantage of your friendliness or generosity, you let them have a taste of their own medicine. 

50. To dream about your own party growing wild 

If you dream of your party growing wild, chaotic, and getting out of hand, you may get humiliated in the foreseeable future. 

51. To dream of someone ruining your party

Someone ruining your party symbolizes a roadblock on your path to success. 

52. Dreaming about ruining a party

You can interpret the plot as a warning from your subconscious. 

In the first place, the appearance of the scenario implies you talk and behave recklessly in the waking world.

And the dream urges you to grow up and act your age because most likely, your behavior and attitude will force your loved ones to leave your side one after the other. 

53. Dreaming that no one came to the party you organize

The plot reflects your fear and anxiety if you were disappointed in the dream. As per the plot you are afraid that your close friends and relatives will ditch you for someone better. 

Here, your subconscious wants to tell you that you are fretting over nothing. If you genuinely love your people and are as loyal to them as you can be, rest assured.

Those who love you for who you are will stay with you through thick and thin. 

54. A dream about someone else’s party

Someone else’s party signifies a celebratory event for someone in your circle. It can be an engagement party, wedding, or news about pregnancy. 

55. Dreaming of a party invitation

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, a party invitation usually means you have problems letting other people into your life. 

Dreams of such nature tend to appear when you are distrustful of other people. 

For instance, let’s assume that you recently got scammed by a shop owner. The incident will compel you to be suspicious and distrustful of everyone, going forward. 

56. Dreaming about someone inviting you to a party

Receiving an invitation to a party is a harbinger of a celebratory event in the near future. It can either be related to you or a close one. 

Regardless of whose party that would be, the plot indicates happy times ahead. 

From another approach, someone inviting you to a party means you are loved and appreciated by people around you. 

57. Getting invited to a work party in a dream

Getting an invitation to a work-related party is directly associated with progress. It can come in any form – a pay raise, a promotion, or recognition by an authoritative figure at your workplace. 

58. To dream of not being invited to a party

Dreaming about not being invited to a party is a reflection of your real-life anxieties.

59. A dream about missing a party

Missing a party means you are in need of spiritual guidance. 

60. Getting ready to attend a party in a dream

Getting ready for a party means you are socializing with a lot of people who you believe would be helpful in achieving your goals.

61. To dream of going to a party with excitement

According to the scenario, you will soon get into a serious relationship.

62. Attending a gender-specific party in a dream

Dreaming about attending an only men party (for male dreamers) or only girl/ women party ( for female dreamers) reflects your desire to fit into your circle. You absolutely do not want to stand out from the crowd. 

63. Attending someone else’s party in a dream

This dream is partially good and partially bad. There’s a possibility that you will run into some sort of trouble in the coming days. 

But fortunately, it wouldn’t be much of a problem as a couple of your loved ones will come to your rescue. 

64. A dream about being at a party and feeling uncomfortable because of your clothes/ appearance

Clearly, the plot signifies your lack of confidence and self-esteem. 

65. Dreaming of attending a party naked

Attending a party naked means you need to be a little more creative while communicating with others. 

66. Dreaming about not knowing anyone at a party

Attending a party and seeing only faces that are unfamiliar to you emphasizes the need to make new friends. 

67. A dream about meeting a special person at a party

The meaning of the dream entirely depends on the identity of that special person.

If it was someone you consider a potential lover, the dream denotes your desire to fall in love – not a one-night stand or casual fling but genuine love. 

On the other hand, if the special person is a friend, acquaintance, or a relative you lost touch with, the dream is a sign that you wish to reunite with that person once again. 

68. A dream of being at a party with strangers

The plot hints at possible damage from your enemies. If you believe you have ill-wishers who are always on the lookout for mistakes on your end, this is a sign that you cannot let your guards down, at all costs. 

In the same scenario, if you managed to leave the party, it means their plans will fail and you will ultimately have the last laugh. 

69. Dreaming about getting intimate with a stranger at a party

Clearly, the plot shows you are living a boring life. Okay! It may not seem so bad to others but without a doubt, the life you are living is not the one you had envisioned. 

Based on the plot, you yearn for adventure, excitement, and fun. It reflects your wishes to break free from your monotonous life.

From the romantic point of view, the dream portends an exciting chance encounter with a new face. 

70. Attending a party all alone in a dream

It’s possible that you feel alone and kind of lost if you dream of attending a party all alone. 

Usually, these types of dreams are encountered by people who just got separated from their friends and close ones. 

71. To dream that you were alone at a party

Being all alone at a party shows that you feel like an outsider to your near ones, surroundings, etc. 

Take the plot as an opportunity to figure out if you genuinely feel that way! And if you do, try to find out the reason while you are at it. 

72. Dreaming about losing a shoe at a party

Losing a shoe or a pair of shoes at a party, it means your hyperactive social life has begun to wreak havoc on your personal life and relationships. 

For instance, your desire to connect and network with people from several walks of life might have led you to neglect your family. 

Or your extreme partying might have led to the end of your relationship with your partner. 

73. Dreaming of a party full of jovial people

That is an extremely good spectacle to dream of. Based on the plot, you would be able to overcome each of your obstacles. 

74. A dream about being comfortable with everyone present at a party

To dream of the above shows, you have finally come out of your bubble. Chances are, you were an introvert before, someone who prefers your own company. 

However, since you dream of getting along and being comfortable with everyone present, it shows that you have gotten past your social inhibitions. 

75. Dreaming about attending a party and having fun

In all likelihood, the appearance of the scenario implies you wish to take a break from the tough times you are presently caught in.

76. Dreaming about attending a party but not having fun

Attending a party but not being able to enjoy the moment shows you are a worrywart in the real world. You tend to overthink and fret over anything and everything possible. 

77. Having fun at a party in a dream

The dream reflects your social behavior. You love connecting with and hanging out with different types of people. 

78. Dreaming of dancing at a party

Seeing yourself dancing at a party stands for freedom and positivity. 

79. To dream about your partner dancing at a party 

Seeing your partner dancing at a party indicates the possibility of your partner flirting with others at your back. 

80. To dream of other people forcing you to do something against your will at a party

When you see someone or a group of people trying to make you do something against your wishes, say, to chug down a glass of beer or kiss a random person, there’s a possibility that someone is trying to control your actions and decisions in the waking world. 

81. Dreaming of others ridiculing and laughing at you at a party

According to the scenario, it’s as clear as day that you fear others judging you. 

82. Feeling sick at a party in a dream

The plot reflects your insecurity due to your lack of communication and other social skills. 

If you felt uncomfortable even when a close one was present or next to you at the party, the plot warns you of the deteriorating relationship between you and that person. 

83. Dreaming that you need to throw up at a party

Feeling the urge to throw up at a party shows you have had enough of something and can’t take it anymore. 

It may be someone’s nonsense, an authoritative figure abusing you, etc.

84. Dreaming of animals attacking you at a party

If you dream about an animal attacking you at a party, the plot is associated with your concern regarding someone or something.

For an in-depth meaning, you need to recall the exact animal presented in the dream. 

Getting attacked by a spider shows you are worried about someone betraying you. Getting bitten by a mouse reflects your anxiety over pending tasks and projects. 

A cat attacking you reflects your concerns about what your enemy would do to destroy you. 

On the other hand, a snake attacking you at a party in front of others shows you are worried one of your secrets would be revealed. 

85. Dreaming of encountering someone you don’t like at a party

Seeing a person you don’t like at a party implies you are not without fake friends. 

On that note, the dream may be your subconscious warning you to be careful of people around you. Based on the plot, some wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to see your downfall.

86. Dreaming that you were drunk at a party

Getting drunk at a party signifies your recklessness. The dream might have happened to warn you of the potential harm you will bring to yourself because of your reckless actions. 

87. Dreaming of a party full of drunk people

A party full of drunken people hints at an underlying health issue. Perhaps the dream is an implication that you need to make an appointment with your doctor asap. 

88. Dreaming about being at a party where a fight broke out suddenly

The above scenario is a negative sign hinting at the deteriorating health of a close one. 

89. A dream about leaving a party

Sometimes, you may dream of attending a party and leaving it during peak hours for some reason. 

That may be a sign of abandoning your present social circle because you feel you are not a good fit. Perhaps you failed to see eye to eye with your peers. 

90. A dream about a lively party

A lively party with lots of people stands for an approaching period of bliss. That said, you need to take into account the emotions you experience in the dream. 

For you to mingle with others and feel good has a positive connotation while the dream is an ill omen if you feel bored and left out at the party. 

91. To dream of a boring party

The dream implies you are not making proper use of your social skills. 

92. Dreaming about a wild party

Looking at the scenario from a broad perspective, it has much to do with your health condition.

If you were one of the people getting drunk, losing control, and acting wild, your dream shows your reckless habits and way of living are jeopardizing your health. 

93. A dream about unwanted party

While some relate the scenario to your unfaltering commitment toward your goals, others believe it is symbolic of success. 

Negatively, it shows that you feel left out and disconnected from your people – physically, emotionally as well as mentally.

94. Dreaming of a massive party

Generally, the dream is associated with celebratory events in your waking life. However, to interpret the dream accurately you need to recall exactly how you feel at the gathering.

If you experience positive emotions, that means you get along with almost all of your peers. 

And if you were left out or uncomfortable during the dream, that is a sign that there’s a difference of opinions between you and your acquaintances. 

95. A dream about a strange party

Having a dream about a party that you find eccentric in any way may be a sign from your subconscious that you need to take time off for relaxation. 

96. A dream about surprise parties

Surprise parties indicate the possibility of benefitting from getting acknowledgment.

Negatively, the appearance of surprise parties reflects your belief that others have overlooked you and your abilities. 

97. To dream of a room decorated for a party

A room furnished with ribbons, balloons, and other decorative items in a dream portends a merry event in the foreseeable future.

For instance, an engagement party or one of your close ones giving birth. 

98. Dreaming about party food

Anything related to party food denotes you are so engrossed in your own life that you have forgotten to check into your close ones. 

The interpretation holds if you dream of feasting on the food, despite the exciting goings-on around you.

99. Dreaming about a party cake

Generally, a cake at a party is symbolic of happiness. Shortly, there’d probably be an event worth celebrating. 

100. To dream of either cutting or cutting and eating a party cake

The scenario is associated with problems in your domestic environment. 

101. Dreaming of a party that includes violence

A party that is quite violent in nature denotes you are battling against several struggles in the real world. 

102. Dreaming about death at a party

Death at a party hints at the end of something and eventually, the beginning of a new one. 

103. A man dreaming of being at an only men party

For a man to dream of being present at an only-man party suggests you are questioning your potential. 

The dream says you are low-key worried about not being on par with your peers and ultimately of being unrecognized. 

On the other hand, the dream may be your subconscious playing out your real-life desires to fit perfectly into your circle. 

Examples Of Dream About Party

1. A young man dreamed about trying to get away from a party

Turns out, the young man was trying his best to keep a distance from a friend who he believed was too outgoing for his liking. 

2. A woman dreamed about a party at her home

The dream happened after she slept with her new guy for the first time. 

Party Dream Meaning: A Psychological Interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream reflects your isolation and reclusive state.

Perhaps something traumatic happened in the past after which, you withdraw entirely from society.  

Party Dreams According to Sigmund Freud

According to Freud, a party invitation implies difficulties in approaching other people.

Why Did You Dream Of A Party?

In case you are wondering why you dream of a party, the following section may give you the answer to your questions. 

  1. You are an introvert.
  2. For people with a hyperactive social life, the dream is probably an encouragement to unwind and take a break. 
  3. Party also reflects your desire to widen your social circle. 
  4. You lack communication and other social skills. 
  5. An event – happy or sorrowful – is on the horizon. 
  6. You secretly fear getting abandoned by your loved ones. 
  7. You think you are stuck in the wrong social circle.
  8. Party dreams show you need to make new friends. 

If you have been to a party recently or are longing to attend one, your dream is most likely a mere reflection of your real-life desires. 


Summing up, a dream about a party speaks of your social circle, an upcoming event, your desire to expand your network, etc. 

Nonetheless, the scenario that looks relatively bright on the surface may flip to the negative depending on the dream details.