Winter is not the only thing ending with the arrival of summer. It also marks the end of old relationships.

The springtime and early summer months are the beginning of the uncuffing season, i.e., a time when most immature relationships that can’t test the hardships of time come to an end.

The cold months of the year are known to be the cuffing season when single people who are not ready for long-term relationships settle for a committed relationship that lasts only for the season.

The uncuffing season is exactly the opposite of the cuffing season, when people are ready to be single again and search for new love.

The team of ThePleasantDream found a study highlighting interesting findings surrounding a rise in breakup dreams during the uncuffing season.

To understand the search behavior of people during the uncuffing season, The team analyzed the Google Trends and Glimpse Data that revealed a staggering increase in the search query of ‘breakup dreams‘ and ‘breakup dream meaning.’

Google witnessed a worldwide hike of 317% for the search query of ‘breakup dreams’ in May 2023

The above-given graph shows the worldwide search volume for the query ‘breakup dreams’ for the past 12 months.

It’s clear from the graph that the search volume for ‘breakup dreams’ saw a sudden exponential rise in May 2023. The Google Trends and Glimpse data also reveals that searches for ‘breakup dreams’ rose 317% higher than that of April 2023.

This exponential rise can be the result of people going out more in summer and getting attracted to new people. As people get more active and social during warmer days, they might be thinking about letting go of their old flings.

112% rise in searches for ‘Breakup dream meaning’

Besides a 317% rise in ‘Breakup dreams,’ the team also witnessed a rise of 112% for the search query, ‘Breakup dream meaning.’ In the above graph, a sudden spike in searches for ‘Breakup dream meaning’ can be observed in May 2023.

The spike in the two search queries falls during the uncuffing season when most people think about getting rid of their old relationships formed during the cuffing season, i.e., the cold months.

Expert’s Opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, commented that dreams reflect one’s thoughts, emotions, actions, and significant events in one’s life.

The rise in the searches for ‘Breakup dreams and ‘Breakup dream meaning’ clearly indicates that people are thinking about breaking up or are worried about the future of their current relationships.

Breakup dreams are not unusual during the uncuffing season, i.e., the summer months when people have a mindset of rebirth and want to try something new.

Besides the contemplation of ending their relationships, breakup dreams are also common when people are faced with uncertainties and are unsure about things.

For instance, someone entering uncharted territory (like shifting to a new city) in their life can get such dreams. Furthermore, suffering from low self-esteem issues can also be one reason why people experience dreams about breakups.