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What Does It Mean When Someone Dreams About Breaking Up?

What Does It Mean When Someone Dreams About Breaking Up?

Updated on Aug 08, 2022 | Published on Dec 17, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams about Breaking Up - 32 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

A breakup does not necessarily need to be between you and your lover, a breakup can happen between friends, families, siblings, and between couples. Dream about breaking up can symbolize troubles or issues that you are going to experience in your life in no time.

This dream represents being afraid of things that can happen, you feel insecure or not good enough, having unresolved issues, uncertainty about the future between you two, inspecting him or her of cheating, and lots more.

This is the perfect place to find an answer to such a dream about breaking up.

Dreams about Breaking Up - 32 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dreams about Breaking Up – 32 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Break Up Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dreams about breaking up symbolize uncertainty about the future between you both, being afraid of things that can happen, feeling unsure or insecure, having problems, and suspecting him or her of cheating.

There are so many reasons why you could dream about a breakup and this type of dream can be as a result of your subconscious mind has an influence on your dream or your ideas about people around you and lots more.

You need to know that there are over a thousand reasons why people can have a particular dream and this could be particular to such a person, therefore, it is important to pay attention to your dream to learn more about them.

Here are the various reasons why you could dream about a breakup. Read ahead.

1. Problems

When people break up in a relationship either in friendship, family or in relationship. There is always a solution to a problem that must have accumulated and caused such an event. 

Dreams about breaking up can be a result of a problem that you have with your love and such a person is willing and ready to put an end to your relationship due to this.

This can also be a result of things that have been happening in your relationship for quite a long period of time and you may find it very hard to get a solution to such a problem.

If you have such a dream and do something wrong that pisses your spouse and he or she capitalizes on such an event, there is a possible chance you will break up with your partner.

When you have such a dream, it is important that you look into every problem that you have with your lover and talk to him or her about it, learn about what he or she thinks so as to know the next step.

Have a word with your spouse to let him or her know about such an event happening in your life. 

2. Uncertainty

A breakup can happen through various means and having a bad feeling about the future or not having a clue of what the future holds for you in a relationship can be the cause of the breakup. 

If you are in a relationship and don’t see any positive things about the step you are taking or the path you are trending, this can be a vaise of a breakup. 

Dreams about breaking up dan come up when you are not sure about what the future has in stock for you so you need to be sure and know the date of your relationship that is on you should go on with it or make it to an end in good time.

You should know that you need to understand what the future has in stock for you before you can actually go further in any kind of relationship that you may have with people. 

You need to speak with your spouse and know about his or her plan for the future and see if such a plan fits well for you or if you are willing to blend towards such a plan if need be. 

3. Lack of trust

Trust is regarded as the most important thing in any type of relationship that we find ourselves in.

Every relationship is built on trust and without this, there is a 100% chance that the relationship no matter how good, beautiful and perfect it may seem or look will definitely crumble. 

Trust is the pillar of confidence for everyone that I’m in a relationship with, so you need to understand that. 

If you are the kind of person who doubts the actions of your spouse either as a result of jealousy or not trusting him or her enough. There is a high possibility that you will have such a dream which will be a warning to you. 

You should learn to trust the people around you because without trust nothing can be accomplished.

And you should always learn to know the other person in your life, do things the right way and learn to do things the way it is meant to be so that you will not have any cause to worry. 

Also when you fail to trust people around you this can be the cause of problems that you might not be able to get over within your life in no time. 

4. Abandonment

Obviously, a break-up denotes the end of something. Your dream is attempting to open your consciousness up to the thought of something that needs to end, regardless of how happy or unhappy your relationship is.

In many circumstances, the dream may not even be about a relationship at all, but rather a deeper need for you to break free from certain patterns or behaviors in your life.

Dream interpretation might be difficult at times.

5. Fear

Your fear of abandonment is another significant reason why you might be dreaming of a breakup in any relationship.

If you’re getting dumped in your dream and it turns into a nightmare, it means you need to work on your nervousness and fears in order to form healthy connections in your life.

Furthermore, if you have a dream in which your boyfriend/girlfriend (or even spouse) abandons you for someone else, it’s a strong indication that you are terrified of being alone.

On the other hand, you could be having intimacy issues, and the dream is attempting to tell you that you need to address them.

If you’re feeling great about your breakup in your dream, it could indicate that you should leave a toxic or unhappy relationship, but it could also indicate that you’re afraid of getting too close to someone and creating a true link with them.

Dreaming of a breakup could indicate that your relationship is going to the next level. So, if you’re in a happy relationship, it merely means you’re letting go of the old (and out-of-date) version of your relationship and growing as a person.

Dreams about Breaking Up – 32 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

There are so many ways that people break up, it could be through calls, messages, and lots more and they usually represent something bad except in special cases. 

Here we are talking about the kind of dreams that you could have about a break and their various interpretations. Do pay attention to interpreting your dreams.

1. Dreams of partner leaving me

A dream about your partner leaving you might be depressing and worrying. Fear is the main emotion in this situation, and it might make you feel uneasy the entire time.

Many people’s dreams might turn into horrible nightmares. They can wake up feeling helpless as if they have no control over anything. If you’ve been left with nothing, you should be concerned.

If you have a dream like this, in which your lover is leaving you, it could be an indication of coming negative developments in your life.

If you’re in a relationship and have the uncomfortable sense that your partner is hiding something or behaving weirdly, you’re right.

Perhaps your partner was involved in anything else without you knowing about it, and there’s a potential they’ll leave you.

But that doesn’t mean the scenario will play out; it’s possible that this dream is a result of your dread; perhaps you’re so afraid of losing that person that the prospect of them leaving you is driving you insane.

2. Dream about boyfriend breaking up with me

One of the most common break-up dreams is dreaming about your lover breaking up with you. When you have a dream about your lover breaking up with you, don’t be concerned; this is actually a good omen. 

In dreams, your partner breaking up with you indicates that your relationship is growing and improving. It demonstrates that you and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Breaking up with your partner in your dream denotes the end of a phase in your relationship. It’s possible that you’re developing a deeper and stronger sense of devotion to your connection, or that you want to move on from it.

Moving on could mean you’re getting married, engaged, or just starting to start a family together.

3. Dream of girlfriend breaking up with me

Breaking up with a girlfriend or wife in a dream is a good indication. The partnership will overcome its difficulties in real life, and both the man and the lady will enjoy a closer and more intimate relationship.

4. Dream of spouse leaving you for someone else

In general, a dream about your spouse leaving you for someone else indicates that your marriage is going through a tough period due to hidden concerns or issues. 

This is the time to spend quality time with your spouse so that you can communicate more honestly and personally and gain a better understanding of each other.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy and happy relationship is communication.

If you are experiencing a lack of appreciation in your waking life, you may have a dream about your partner leaving you for someone else. Your anxieties and negative thoughts about your married life are reflected in this dream. 

On the other hand, this dream indicates that you are sensitive to your partner’s feelings. You might be overlooking some areas of your marriage that need to be handled.

5. Recurring break up dreams

Breaking up with your significant partner in your dream implies that there is something in your life that you need to let go of, no matter how difficult it is.

If you have a dream that your boyfriend or girlfriend is breaking up with you, it means your relationship is progressing. In some ways, it’s the end of something; you’re letting go of the past. 

At the same time, it marks the beginning of something better. It’s crucial to note that a dream like this isn’t a sign that your relationship isn’t going well. A relationship changes as it progresses and grows.

6. Dream about another couple breaking up

A dream about a couple Breaking up signifies a misunderstanding in a relationship. You’re floating through life, unsure of where you’re going. Alternatives to your way of thinking must be considered.

The womb and all things feminine are symbols in your dream. There is nothing to show for all of your hard work on a project or in a relationship.

Sometimes your role in someone else’s decision-making process is a couple breaking up fantasy. You want things done your way, but you may be isolating yourself in the process.

You’re terrified of not knowing what the future holds for you. Your dream is a reflection of how people see you. You must face reality.

7. Dream about someone else breaking up

If you have a dream about someone else breaking up with you, it means you are upset. In your waking life, you are met with challenging and painful experiences.

These situations don’t just apply to relationships; they also apply to other elements of your life, such as your job, school, hobbies, and interests.

Breaking up with someone else in your dreams denotes the need to let go of some things in your life in order to move forward.

There are some areas of your waking existence that you must deal with on your own. It’s also a sign that you’ll be dealing with problems, issues, or arguments in the near future.

8. Dream of breaking up with an stranger

Strangers are mirrors of your unknown personality. They show up in your dreams as symbols representing an aspect of your life that you are unaware of. They also represent aspects of yourself that you aren’t aware of in your daily existence.

In dreams, breaking up with a stranger acts as a wake-up call to address unimportant aspects of your life.

You must examine yourself in order to determine which aspects of your personality need to be removed. Allowing yourself to let go of these things will allow you to be happy in your daily life.

9. Dream of breaking up with ex

If you have a dream about breaking up with an ex, it means you are still healing the scars from your real-life break-up.

The awful things that happened in your past may still be hurting you. You have a dream about splitting up with your ex because you are still bitter about your previous relationship.

Another interpretation of your dream about breaking up with your ex is that you still have feelings for him and are wanting to reunite with him. In your waking life, you still feel regret about the end of your romance.

You haven’t forgotten about the relationship you had with your ex back when you were still together.

10. Dream about breaking up with your partner or spouse

If you dreamed about telling your partner or spouse that you want to split up with them, it might mean that you need to give up on something, no matter how difficult it is for you; this could be a bad habit you have or something else you enjoy doing but know is bad for you, such as eating too much.

This dream may reflect your true wish to break up with your lover since you are unhappy with your relationship or no longer love them.

11. Dream about not breaking up with your partner

If you have a dream about still being in a relationship with your ex despite the fact that you have officially broken up, it means you are unwilling to accept the truth that you are no longer together.

If you understand that’s the case, use this dream as a sign from your subconscious to face the reality and accept that your relationship is finished.

This dream doesn’t always signify that you’re refusing to accept that the relationship is finished; instead, it could signal that there are still some unsolved difficulties or unspoken words between you and that you believe the relationship isn’t ended yet.

12. Boyfriend breaking up with you in dream

If you had a dream about your boyfriend breaking up with you, it could be a good omen. It usually denotes a higher level of commitment between you two.

It’s usually an indication that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, whether that means moving in together, getting engaged, or getting married.

This dream could represent the end of a previous phase in your relationship and the beginning of a new one, which does not have to be a bad thing.

This dream might also be a sign of letting go of something in the past to create room for something new. This is frequently an indication of a developing relationship.

13. Dream of your spouse breaking up (divorce) with you

If you have a dream about your spouse telling you that they want to divorce you, it is likely that you will divorce in the real world. It generally exposes certain areas where you and your partner need to improve.

These are most likely some family issues that you and your partner have been putting off and avoiding.

That could indicate that you and your spouse are having problems because of issues with your parents or your spouse’s parents.

14. Dream of feeling sad while breaking up with your partner

If you’ve had a dream about breaking up with your lover and being upset about it, it’s likely that you’ve recently gone through a difficult phase with them.

Probably, you two had a lot of quarrels and conflicts, and the dream was caused by these events.

The fact that you were sad when you broke up with them is a strong factor of your affections for them, and it reveals your want to make things right and resolve all your problems.

Despite your fears that your partnership would end soon, your love and strong feelings are a cause to work through your problems and improve your relationship.

This dream is a message from your subconscious telling you to fight for your relationship and not let minor issues derail it.

15. Dream of feeling happy while breaking up with your partner

If you had a dream about being happy because you broke up with your spouse, it’s likely that your true desire to exit the relationship was revealed.

Because you’ve been thinking about it so much that it’s reflected in your dreams, you’re more than likely to experience the breakup in real life as well.

This dream frequently reflects your unhappiness with the relationship and your spouse, and your subconscious just expressed that dissatisfaction as a breakup dream.

Consider this dream as a reminder from your subconscious to discuss openly with your spouse and tell them how you feel if you identify yourself in this description.

It’s possible that you can mend your relationship and stay together. If not, it is better for both of them to quit the relationship and find peace and happiness with someone else.

This dream does not have to imply that you are fed up with your lover and want them to leave your life. That could indicate that you require some personal space in your relationship.

Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time with your partner and now want to dedicate time to yourself and your interests.

16. Dream of breaking up with a close friend

In other cases, we may have nightmares about ending or breaking up with a close buddy. A dream like this can also show potential problems you’re having with a friend.

You may feel compelled to break your friendship because you are unhappy with the quality of your friendship or how your friend has treated you.

If you discover you’re thinking about quitting the friendship in real life, it’s a good idea to tell your friend your honest feelings and try to save the friendship.

17. Dream of breaking up with someone you fought with

If you’ve had a dream about breaking up with someone close with whom you’ve recently had a major disagreement, your desire to make things right with this person is usually revealed in this dream.

18. Dream of breaking up you recently start dating 

If you’ve had a dream about breaking up with someone you’ve only recently started dating, it’s likely that you’re feeling insecure about the relationship’s future.

Maybe things aren’t going as planned between you and your relationship, and you’re thinking of breaking up or worried that your partner may break up with you.

19. Dreaming about get to the lover who broke up with you

This dream indicates the symbolism that you are the person who is self-sufficient and works on things in their own time and place followed by their own rules. 

20. Dream about boyfriend offering to break up

If you see this dream then it means maybe your feelings are not strong enough and sincere.

In addition, if a lover offers to break up in a dream then it comes from the subconscious fear that does not match him according to various criteria. 

If you had a dream like this in which your spouse is just indicating that you two are not getting along and that you should consider splitting up, this dream is actually a sign that you are not really clicking with the other person; this might be a friendship, not necessarily a partnership.

You’re simply not intended to have a stronger or longer relationship with that individual, but you refuse to accept it, resulting in new issues such as overthinking, anxiety, unnecessary tension, and so on.

All of this might be prevented if you just faced reality and stopped making excuses for what you don’t want.

That person, whether it’s a lover or a friend, isn’t perfect for you right now. Maybe they will be later in life, or maybe you’ll learn through time that they were never meant to be a permanent part of your life.

21. Dream about your lover leaves you for another women 

This dream is a symbol of personal insecurity and low self-esteem in a relationship.

If the boyfriend wants to leave you in a dream then it’s a sign that it’s time for you to express your own opinion and not to be led by others. 

22. Dream of boyfriend leaving you without any reason

If you see the dream of your partner leaving you without any reason, then it means that some event will happen that will be so unexpected to literally knock the ground from your feet. 

If you see the dream of your partner leaving you for a serious reason, then this dream symbolizes big changes in your love life.

But it’s not necessary that they will be in your personal life. If you tried to leave not your boyfriend then it means you will face a lot of difficulties very soon in your life.

This happens even if you believe it doesn’t, and even if you believe someone owes you an explanation for their decision.

If you had a dream like this, where your partner is breaking up with you for no apparent reason and is simply trying to end it as soon as possible, then this type of scenario is actually a sign that you will be faced with a situation that will turn your life upside down.

So possibly something will happen or someone will enter your life unexpectedly; if you accept it, it will be a wonderful experience for you.

If you’re afraid of change, this dream is a warning that you need to get ready for upcoming challenges and opportunities.

23. Pregnant women dream of breaking up

A romantic adventure is indicated by such a dream. A pregnant woman’s dream of being separated from her beloved partner foretells the birth of a healthy child; a young woman’s dream of breaking up with a childhood friend foretells intimate relations with a childhood friend.

24. Breaking up with a girl because she wants to marry another man in dream

Breaking up with a girl in a dream and discovering she wants to marry another man is a warning that family relations are failing.

Such a dream, according to the English dream book, suggests career advancement. Separation from a loved one in a dream, according to the French dream book, foretells a good offer from the competition.

25. Partner forcing you not to breakup in dream

If you dream that you are pressuring someone not to leave you or to finish something related to you, you should consider your personal relationships in your life and whether you are humiliated and function poorly and mediocre. 

If you dream that you are pressuring someone not to leave you or to finish something related to you, the opposite is true, and it implies that you are a person who knows exactly what “you want” and that you do not let anyone stop you or limit you, and that you are primarily dedicated to work and success.

26. Dreaming about breaking up with your ill wishers

If you had a dream about ‘breaking up’ with all your ill-wishers, it’s a sign that you’ll be successful in your future endeavors.

27. Dreaming about past breakup

Dreams about previous breakups may indicate your present emotional healing process. They assist you in coming to terms with the events of the past.

If you’re having trouble focusing on what’s going on in your life that could be related to a previous breakup, try focusing on what’s going on in your life right now.

28. Dream about your boyfriend or girlfriend not wanting to breakup with you

If you had a dream like this, in which your lover refuses to break up with you or asks you not to break up with them, this type of dream could indicate that you will experience difficulties in the near future.

Perhaps your poor judgment and bad actions are to blame for your problems.

You’re having trouble deciding what to do since you’re everywhere and want to do everything at the same time, but that’s not possible (actually, it is), and the only thing you’ll get out of it is a mess.

The problem is that you desire something just to avoid losing it, which is not a good reason to have it.

29. Dream about your partner demanding to breakup 

If you’ve ever had a dream in which your partner asks for a divorce or a breakup, it’s likely that you’re suffering from low self-esteem.

People love it when you sell yourself short because they can take advantage of you at any time. Your confidence is way too low, so you’re selling yourself short.

So don’t let them, this dream is a message for you to be more aware of your own potential and your strengths.

If you are in a relationship then this type of dream appears because you feel like your significant other is using you in a certain way.

Perhaps you feel like they are manipulating you into getting what they want from you, perhaps they are the reason for your low self-esteem.

Do not let anyone make you feel like you are not good enough for something or that you are stupid.

30. Dream of breakup up or end of deal

In the professional world, a breakup can also occur. Leaving a job, quitting your job – any of these events might be accompanied by feelings of rejection and expressing themselves in a dream in a different manner.

Always be patient: every breakup and farewell takes time to process. The following text should assist you in better understanding your own emotional life as well as the meaning of separation dreams.

31. Dream of engagement breaking up

The term breaking refers to the end of a romantic relationship. You’ve discovered your own sense of independence and are learning to stand on your own two feet.

You need to start putting money aside right now! Restraint is the meaning of the dream. You will be paid handsomely.

Engagement breaking is a sign that your future initiatives will go slowly and successfully. You need to be more strategic in your approach to a situation.

You’re making progress on your own strength and determination. This dream is a reminder to be grateful for what you have. And you’ve entered the unknown emotional ground.

32. Single person dream of breakup up

This dream indicates that she or he will soon find the love of her life. 

Why did you dream about breaking up?

There are a number of reasons why you could dream about a breakup. It’s sometimes necessary to analyze the details of a dream in order to fully understand what it’s trying to say. 

If you have a passive reaction to the breakup in your dream, it could mean that something or someone is causing you constant stress, and you need to let it go.

It doesn’t have to be your partner. It might be a family member, a friend, or a coworker. Let’s deep dive into it. 

1. Insecurities

Because of your growing insecurities about your partner, you may have a dream that your lover is leaving you for someone else if you have a tendency to overthink things.

Such dreams frequently occur as a result of you thinking about what your spouse thinks of you. 

You begin to question whether your better half’s affections for you are genuine. Even when your spouse genuinely loves you and has the deepest feelings for you, you find it difficult to trust them as your insecurities take over your head. You’re simply unable to comprehend or interpret your spouse’s feelings for you.

Share your feelings about your relationship with them to help you overcome your concerns and insecurities. Things will fall into place if you are honest.

2. New beginnings

When you dream that your life partner is abandoning you, it could indicate a desire for more independence in your daily life.

In your waking life, the urge to become a more ego and independent person is most likely lurking in your mind.

You may also feel trapped while living with your partner because of the limitations they place on you. Perhaps you’ve grown too reliant on your spouse and now wish to live a life free of restrictions. These emotions may show themselves in your dreams.

Another cause could be that you and your partner have lost the spark that was once present in your love connection.

Your subconscious mind may be aroused by your desire to relive those wonderful memories from the past, causing you to dream about your partner leaving you.

3. Feeling jealous

If your partner is dishonest, the idea of them leaving you for someone else may be heavy on your mind.

This third party could be a friend, colleague, or even a family member who gets in the way of you and your spouse and becomes close to them, making you feel insecure and envious.

Jealousy is nothing more than a mix of trust and the fear of being abandoned. Unresolved conflicts, jealousy, and insecurities about your relationship may cause such a disturbing dream in your subconscious mind.

The solution is to have a long chat with your partner in order to receive assurance and peace of mind from him or her.

4. Family problems

As already said, our subconscious mind frequently confused our closeness to one person with that of another.

If you have a dream about your wife leaving you, it could be a sign that you have an issue with your mother.

If you dream that your husband is leaving you, it could mean that you have a difficult connection with your father or that he is dealing with a serious problem that he is unable to communicate with you.

This interpretation can be applied to your siblings and other close relatives as well as your parents.

Open the lines of communication with these crucial persons in your life and resolve any remaining conflicts.

Psychological meaning of dreams about breaking up 

In the psychological interpretation, the breakup in the dream is not interpreted as a true breakup in the watch world.

Rather, this dream image will reveal that the dreamer has had little luck with his relationships.

In other situations, it might also serve as a reminder to the dreamer to be more amiable with his partner in order to avoid divergence.

This dream image is interpreted by dream researchers as an encouragement to the dreamer to learn to communicate his feelings and express himself. Only then would he be able to keep his holistic view.

As a result, the dreaming in the watch world should have his life concept altered or substantially renewed.

Previous coping mechanisms should be given special consideration, as they are frequently outdated and can block or even stop dreaming from developing.

In spiritual interpretations of dreams, the breakup is seen as an issue for the dreamer, who is unable to understand the loss of his personality’s integrity.

Spiritual meaning of dreams of breaking up 

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend could be a sign that the universe wants you to be together.

Now, I realize this sounds strange, but there’s something you need to know if you want to see crystal clear indicators like this (and remove all questions about what measures you need to take in your life).

You have a strong spiritual connection to the date and time of your birth. This is known as your life path number in numerology.

And it’s not something that will change or be transformed as a result of your life’s events (not like how astrology works).

It’s permanent, dating back to the day you were born, and it contains all the knowledge you’ll ever need about your personality, life purpose, and even how the world interacts with you (like showing you your ex in your dreams!).

Dreams about breaking up – The ugly and the good

Dream of breaking up can have both good and bad meanings.

Some of the good meanings of this dream are:

  • New relationship
  • Success
  • Loving partner
  • Growth in relationship
  • Happiness
  • Achievements
  • Reunion
  • Good luck

Some of the bad meanings of this dream are:

  • Cheating
  • Failure
  • Failed relationship
  • Losing someone
  • Getting hate
  • Being alone
  • Loneliness
  • Hate

Questions to ask yourself for analyzing dreams about breaking up 

Every dream needs to be understood from the perspective of what it means for that particular individual. This is actually great news because you’re the expert on your psyche and relationship. 

So, when you read about the possible interpretation of a breakup dream, consider it in regard to what’s been going on in your life. 

Some of these questions are:

1. How do you feel about every aspect of your relationship?

2. Is there something you are truly unhappy about?

3. Do you feel the urge to move on?

4. Are you afraid that your partner can move one?

5. Why did the breakup in the dream occur?

6. Do you feel tired of the relationship?

7. How is your relationship going right now?

8. Are you looking for the right partner for yourself?

9. Do you admire other couples around you? 

10. How were you feeling while dreaming? How were your emotions?

11. How often do you see the dream? 

Feelings during and after dreaming about breaking up 

You may experience some sort of feeling while dreaming about breaking up. These after and during feelings help to interpret dream meanings in different ways. 

1. Feeling joy, curiosity, or content.

2. Feeling afraid, fearful, and scared.

3. Feeling uneasy, unsure, or normal.

4. Feelings entertained, inspired, or jealous.

The wrapping up

A breakup is always a psychological burden because no one wants to leave in the first place.

These uneasy feelings can also appear in dreams, and occasionally they are worsened by experiences from the watch world. This could be the end of a relationship or friendship, for example.

However, there could be other reasons why this sign occurs in the dreaming’s sleep.

The current state of the dreamer should be referenced for an accurate and precise interpretation of dreams, especially in this dream image. The symbol “be left” might therefore be interpreted in a variety of ways.

Well, having dreams about a breakup is upsetting and confusing, especially if you’re in a happy relationship.

But don’t get too caught up in the dream’s literal and obvious elements. Remember all we’ve said about dreams and how complex they are. As a result, utilize your dream to reflect on yourself and your relationship.

Explore your psyche and have fun learning about yourself!