A coma dream meaning often tells you to not quit your goals and keep pushing. You must fight against any unfair situation and not accept defeat.  It also predicts poor health or chronic and new diseases.

But it has many more messages behind it. So, let’s get started!

What do Dreams of Coma Signify?

Dreaming about a coma is often a sign of something being wrong in your real life. Or, it asks you to focus on some urgent matter and take action immediately. So, c’mon, let’s know what else these say…

  • You want to get away from reality.
  • You’re having trouble understanding something.
  • You can’t communicate and feel helpless because of a judgmental society. You must fight this situation.
  • This highlights your helpless and clingy feelings.
  • You are unaware of your surroundings due to one traumatizing situation.
  • You are emotionally hurt and aren’t ready to start a new romantic relationship.
  • You must work harder if you want to improve your boss’s opinion about you.

Common Dreams about Coma & Meanings

Depending on the person being in a comatose condition and other details of your dream, they have a lot to share. So, let’s take a dive!

Yourself being in a coma in dreams

It shows your health is declining or you feel hopeless. You feel as though you cut connections from the entire world, especially if you feel nobody listens to you. 

Alternatively, it implies that you are frustrated because of a lack of control over your life. You’re restless in your waking life.

Being in a coma but nobody else cares about you

This shows that you cannot express your thoughts and ideas to others and pity yourself for it. In reality, everyone around you perfectly expresses their thoughts. So, you feel that you’re far less than them,

Someone else in a coma dream meaning

This implies that someone in your waking life can’t understand or follow your words. They make you upset with whatever they do.

However, it asks you to be more understanding and patient. They probably faced something traumatizing and acted this way as a coping mechanism.

Taking care of someone in a coma at home or hospital

It shows that you want to get close to a difficult person and are currently feeling out of contact with them. You feel responsible for taking care of them because they can’t do it themselves.

However, they are not ready to communicate openly or your bond lacks a deeper level of communication.

Waking up from coma

It shows that you will gain control over unmanageable parts of your life. You don’t want to seek help to solve your problems or don’t get affected by distractions any longer. Instead, you are ready to focus and take charge.

Being in coma after an accident

It denotes that you faced an intensely traumatic situation and your mind is at its limit. You want to give up your power and authority. You believe you’re too weak to handle everything. However, you are pretty capable and can improve yourself with a bit more effort!

Being in a medically induced coma

This is a warning from your subconscious mind. You must take a break from work and your personal responsibilities. Take time to heal your physical and emotional wounds and listen to your body’s needs.

Don’t sacrifice yourself for others. Take care of your health and only then can you support others.

Seeing your relative in a coma

This is symbolic of your relative’s regrets. They feel sorry about treating someone harshly. It signifies you must support that relative to make up with the other person.

Seeing a friend in a coma

If you have plenty of loved ones around you, this tells you that everyone will support you during hard times.

However, if you feel disconnected from close ones, this predicts you may get anxious about relationships. You may isolate yourself from every future connection. You must connect with your loved ones and spend time with them.

Dreaming of a dead person in a coma

It is a bad omen about your business or professional situation. You may soon face unexpected setbacks in projects that were supposed to work out smoothly. This suggests not taking on new projects for a while and double-checking your current projects for no mistakes.

Your mother in a coma

Commonly, it implies you will face major difficulties in life. You must use your wisdom at its peak to prevent a mishap.

But if you’re a woman, this is a prediction about troubles at work, family conflict, and sicknesses.

Other Coma Dreams

A ward with coma patient

It implies that you’re confused in your waking life. You have difficulty understanding the current situation in life. This is a wake-up call to snap out of the confusion and make aware decisions.

Being conscious yet still in a coma

This shows that you feel paralyzed in reality. You know the situation around you but you just can’t communicate or take charge. Moreover, you feel that nobody else pays attention to you.

A man seeing his girlfriend in a coma

This is a bad omen about setbacks and sickness in the coming days.

A man seeing his girlfriend waking from a coma

The coming phase in your life will be prosperous and favorable.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Remember to not shrug off the interpretation of your coma dreams. They mostly share urgent issues about your waking life. Bring the necessary change and you’ll stop getting these dreams.

But if it’s a positive message, rejoice and don’t worry even if it’s a recurring dream.

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