A dream about being slapped is far from pleasant. And if dreams reflect reality. If the thoughts, emotions, and feelings repressed deep within you often come into play in dreams what do you think is the significance if you see someone slapping you or another person?  

As these dreams can take any direction depending on the details and real-life circumstances, it’s crucial to analyze the conditions of the dreams for an accurate meaning. 

If that’s what you seek, tag along!

A Dream About Being Slapped  27 Dream Types & Their Meanings
A Dream About Being Slapped 27 Dream Types & Their Meanings

What Does A Dream About Being Slapped Signifies?

A dream about being slapped can stem from unresolved issues that have been kept in the shades of the subconscious mind. Other times, it can be a harbinger of a huge loss. 

Generally, a dream about being slapped is taken in a bad light. And this isn’t surprising as getting slapped in reality is an adverse action. 

Be it by a stranger, friend, colleague, or even a family member, these types of scenarios are almost always followed by disappointment, shame, and rage.

These scenarios also represent a situation reminding you of your lack of appreciation. 

Also, being slapped denotes your sensitivity to a situation that leaves you guilty. Perhaps you feel you have crossed the line regarding something. 

Thus, many times, people see such dreams as a form of punishment. However, there can be good outcomes foretold by such dreams too.

We have listed a range of situations and interpretations for a dream about being slapped. Check them out!

Meanings Of Being Slapped: Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Some of the most commonly experienced scenarios associated with being slapped are-

1. A dream of someone slapping you on the face

If you get slapped in the face by someone, it indicates you are careless. It can also mean you may encounter some setbacks in your life owing to your bad mood. 

At other times, such a dream can be a sign that you will get in the company of bad people.

Alternatively, someone slapping you on the face represents a particular situation where you were not respected or appreciated.

2. A dream of someone slapping you on the cheek

If you dream of being slapped on your cheek, it means you are ashamed of a deed that is, in reality, a noble one. 

It could also mean you will become famous worldwide in the future.

3. A dream of getting slapped by someone you know

If you dream of getting slapped by a person you know, it means you will need to analyze your romantic relationship as things are not going well between the two of you. 

You have to try to fix everything and prevent the relationship from getting more damaged.

4. Dreaming about being slapped by a family member

Dreaming of a family member slapping you suggest the loss of support from your loved ones due to some of your unwise choices. 

Chances are, you went ahead with something after they openly stated they don’t like the way you approach things. 

The scenario reminds you to evaluate everything objectively to improve yourself and your relationships.

5. A dream of being slapped by your father

If your father slaps you, it foretells the loss of a large fortune.

Alternatively, it means your relationship with your father will change – for better or for worse, depending on reality.

6. Dreaming about being slapped by your mother

Being slapped by your mother signals you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally drained.

It can also mean your path is blocked by some people and that makes you angry and dissatisfied. 

Furthermore, the dream adds you tend to either repress these negative emotions or take them out on undeserving people. 

7. A dream of being slapped by your brother

This dream signals the end of problems and issues related to legal documents, signatures, or contracts as they will all be resolved soon.  

8. Being slapped by your sister-in-law in a dream

Dreaming of being slapped by your sister-in-law implies you ignore your duties and responsibilities because you fear them. 

From another point of view, the scenario foretells an event that will transform your life and outlook for good.

9. A dream of being slapped by a good friend

If you dream of a good friend slapping you, then this dream foretells happiness, peace, and prosperity. 

10. A dream of being slapped by your friend

This scenario points out the rocky relationship that you’re experiencing lately. You are not able to understand why it has turned out this way but you should make the first move toward reconciliation else you might lose him or her.

From the professional point of view, the dream symbolizes success and gains.

Alternatively, this dream serves as a reminder that you are very indecisive and anxious when you are under pressure. You should learn to keep a hold on yourself so you make good rational decisions. 

11. A dream of being slapped by your partner

If your partner slaps you, it can be interpreted as a sign that you will need to put in the effort if you want your relationship or marriage to flourish.

12. Dreaming of your ex-lover/ spouse slapping you

Being slapped by your ex-lover or spouse is a sign that you will hear something about him or her in reality. You might even meet them by chance in the coming days.

13. A dream of being slapped by your crush

Being slapped by your crush is a sign that you are stressed and are looking for a way to escape. 

On the other hand, the subconscious warns you to be cautious in any situation or relationship.

14. Being slapped by your professor in a dream

Dreaming about your professor slapping you indicate you don’t agree with the directions and instructions provided by your superiors at work or other elderly relatives.

It can also mean you oppose the perspective of someone respected by many. 

The difference in opinions might lead to an argument between you and them. However, it might work out against you, unfortunately. 

15. A dream of being slapped by your teacher

You are a hard-core overthinker if you dream about a teacher slapping you.

You tend to think through and get anxious even regarding things that need no attention.

Moreover, the dream expresses you don’t give yourself peace of mind even when everything is working out smoothly. 

Therefore, the dream reminds you to take things easy, worry less and develop an optimistic attitude. 

16. Dreaming of your colleague slapping you

In all likelihood, a colleague wants to take over your responsibilities or projects if he or she slapped you. 

To make that happen, he or she might even try to tarnish your reputation. So, keep that in mind and be careful at your workplace. 

17. Being slapped by a stranger in a dream

If a stranger slaps you, it signifies your lack of confidence hindering your growth despite having ample skills, experience, and knowledge. You should believe in yourself and your potential. 

If you don’t trust yourself, who else will?

Being slapped by a stranger may also mean you tend to bottle up your emotions and feelings, most of the time. If fear of criticism is what’s stopping you, understand that there will always be someone who talks ill about you, however good you are. 

18. A dream of being slapped by an old man

Dreaming of an old man slapping you is a sign that you are focusing too much on the outer appearances in a relationship or situation while ignoring the important aspects like core values, shared ideals, insights, and chemistry. 

19. Dreaming of being slapped by a priest

If you are slapped by a priest in a dream, it means you need to praise and encourage people for their achievements and their contribution to society. 

20. A dream of being slapped by a child

To begin with, you will be subjected to injustice and unfair treatment if you experience the above.

And the dream expresses your regretful feelings of being overly nice to people who do not deserve such treatment. 

Perhaps you believe we should live by the saying, ‘An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth’.

However, the dream reminds you not to stoop low just because someone else did. Because your treatment of others is expressive of you. Ignore the negatives and focus on the good ones to be the best version of yourself.   

21. Being slapped by a dead person in a dream

If a dead person slaps you in your dream, it is a warning sign that you are being bothered and dragged around by negativity. 

Alternatively, it suggests you might find yourself in an awkward situation.

22. A dream of slapping yourself

This is a good sign and means that you will get through the current difficult situations through your effort and will. 

You will learn to correct your mistakes and this will give you newfound happiness.

23. To dream of someone stopping you from being slapped

You treat everyone equally without discriminating and hope to be treated back in the same way. 

Though you don’t provoke others first, the dream shows you never let unfair treatment slide by if someone mistreats you. At those times, you ensure you give them a taste of their own medicine. 

24. A dream of being slapped on the ass

If you’re slapped on the ass in your dream, it indicates that you strongly believe honest unfiltered feedback is necessary for you to improve. 

You may not take criticisms and suggestions well but you are fixated on hearing some constructive criticism. 

25. To dream about watching someone being slapped

According to the scenario you are presently caught in an awkward situation.

Two different people, at your home, workplace, or friend circle, can’t stand the sight of each other. 

You can neither take this side nor that. The dream says you are tired of walking on eggshells and being cautious about your relationship with both lest one resents you for siding with the other. 

26. A woman dreaming about slapping her cheeks

If you are a woman who dreams about slapping your own cheeks, it is a sign that you will conceive at an older age.

27. A student preparing for an examination dreaming of getting slapped

If you are a student preparing for an exam and dream about getting slapped, it means you will achieve good academic results.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream About Being Slapped 

From a spiritual perspective, being slapped signifies you feel anxious and fearful about an upcoming event as you aren’t well prepared. 

Alternatively, your dream can also mean your home affairs are doing well and you are motivated to do better by the people around you. 

Biblical Meaning Of Being Slapped

From a Biblical point of view, being slapped can signify God calling out to you. It can also represent your negative feelings such as hatred. Such dreams also hint at a situation that made you feel disrespected. 

Lastly, this dream suggests feelings of guilt and remorse for having done something wrong to someone. 

Psychological Meaning Of A Dream About Being Slapped 

Psychologically, a dream about being slapped refers to a lack of social skills and being too rigid. You always follow a routine and are too moody to make the right decisions at the right time. Thus, there is a clash between your persona and the external world.

It can also hint at a situation that angers, frustrates, and upsets you. 


To wrap up, a dream about being slapped is a message from the subconscious drawing your attention to your repressed feelings.

However, as these dreams have multiple interpretations, you must consider each aspect of the dream and your reality as well for an accurate meaning. 

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