A dream about being slapped is far from pleasant. 

It can stem from unresolved issues that have been kept in the shades of the subconscious mind. Other times, it can be a harbinger of a huge loss. 

However, if you are seeking a comprehensive interpretation, tag along!

A Dream About Being Slapped - Dream Types & Their Meanings
A Dream About Being Slapped – Dream Types & Their Meanings

What Does A Dream About Being Slapped Signifies?

Generally, a dream about being slapped is taken in a bad light. And this isn’t surprising as getting slapped in reality is an adverse action. 

  • Be it by a stranger, friend, colleague, or even a family member, these types of scenarios are almost always followed by disappointment, shame, and rage.
  • These scenarios also represent a situation reminding you of your lack of appreciation. 
  • Also, it denotes your sensitivity to a situation that leaves you guilty. Perhaps you feel you have crossed the line regarding something. Thus, many times, people see such dreams as a form of punishment

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream About Being Slapped 

From a spiritual perspective, being slapped signifies you feel anxious and fearful about an upcoming event as you aren’t well prepared. 

Alternatively, your dream can also mean your home affairs are doing well and you are motivated to do better by the people around you. 

Being Slapped: Various Dream Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Some of the most commonly experienced scenarios associated with being slapped are-

A dream of being slapped on the face

If you get slapped in the face by someone, it indicates you are careless. It can also mean you may encounter some setbacks in your life owing to your bad mood. 

At other times, such a dream can be a sign that you will get in the company of bad people. Alternatively, it represents a particular situation where you were not respected or appreciated.

Being slapped by someone on the cheek

It means you are ashamed of a deed that is, in reality, a noble one. It could also mean you will become famous worldwide in the future.

Getting slapped by someone you know

It means you will need to analyze your romantic relationship as things are not going well between the two of you. 

Being slapped by a family member

It suggests the loss of support from your loved ones due to some of your unwise choices. The scenario reminds you to evaluate everything objectively to improve yourself and your relationships.

Being slapped by your father

It foretells the loss of a large fortune. Alternatively, it means your relationship with your father will change – for better or for worse, depending on reality.

Being slapped by your mother

It signals you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally drained.

It can also mean your path is blocked by some people and that makes you angry and dissatisfied.

Furthermore, the dream adds you tend to either repress these negative emotions or take them out on undeserving people. 

Being slapped by your friend

This scenario points out the rocky relationship that you’re experiencing lately. From the professional point of view, the dream symbolizes success and gains.

Alternatively, this dream serves as a reminder that you are very indecisive and anxious when you are under pressure. 

Being slapped by your partner

If your partner slaps you, it can be interpreted as a sign that you will need to put in the effort if you want your relationship or marriage to flourish.

Being slapped by your ex-lover/ spouse 

It is a sign that you will hear something about him or her in reality. You might even meet them by chance in the coming days.

Being slapped by a stranger in a dream

It signifies your lack of confidence hindering your growth despite having ample skills, experience, and knowledge. It may also mean you tend to bottle up your emotions and feelings, most of the time. 

Being slapped by a dead person

It is a warning sign that you are being bothered and dragged around by negativity. Alternatively, it suggests you might find yourself in an awkward situation.

Watching someone being slapped

According to the scenario you are presently caught in an awkward situation.

Also, the dream says you are tired of walking on eggshells and being cautious about your relationship with both lest one resents you for siding with the other. 

Someone stopping you from being slapped

You treat everyone equally without discriminating and hope to be treated back in the same way. 

Also, the dream shows you never let unfair treatment slide by if someone mistreats you. At those times, you ensure you give them a taste of their own medicine. 

Psychological Meaning Of Being Slapped 

Psychologically, a dream about being slapped refers to a lack of social skills and being too rigid. 

You always follow a routine and are too moody to make the right decisions at the right time. Thus, there is a clash between your persona and the external world.

It can also hint at a situation that angers, frustrates, and upsets you. 


To wrap up, a dream about being slapped is a message from the subconscious drawing your attention to your repressed feelings.

However, as these dreams have multiple interpretations, you must consider each aspect of the dream and your reality as well for an accurate meaning.

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