A dream about broken ring alludes to a loss of status and a lack of security. Sometimes it means that nobody scares you.

At other times, it portends that the minimalist lifestyle keeps you at peace. In order to find out what else it means, let’s dig in. 

What is the Meaning of Dream about Broken Ring?

When you dream about a broken ring it shows that you are a free spirit and love spontaneity. Or, your secrets might be revealed soon. Dive in to get the full gist. 


This dream alludes to a loss of status in your waking life. It might be because of a lost job, lost social standing. As a result, you also lost your self-esteem. 

Well, linking your self-esteem to external things can only do you more harm than good. So, remember that this is not the end. You can always gain your status back. 


This indicates that you have a lack of security in your life and that you are vulnerable to harm. If you overshared your personal life with a stranger, they’ll use it to control you. It might also imply the rising crimes in your neighborhood

Don’t hesitate to seek help and protection if you feel scared!


You feel worthless and insignificant most of the time. Your productivity has worsened, and nothing motivates you since you feel that all of your efforts will only go to waste. 

A loss of self-worth could be the symptom of a larger problem like childhood trauma, or some kind of mental health condition.

Remember that your worth does not depend on your past and that your failures don’t define you. And, seek out a therapist ASAP!


Your secrets might get exposed. Someone is talking behind your back, gossiping about you, and broadcasting all your secrets in public. 

It might be a friend that holds grudges against you. Or if you are a public figure, it might be a journalist. Make sure that none of it gets out, your reputation is on the line. 

Free spirit

It portends that you are fiercely independent and you value your freedom more than anything. You follow your own gut when you have to make an opinion about someone. You don’t shy away from fighting for the things that are important to you. 

Further, you are spontaneous and you always like to keep your options open. Long-term relationships are not really your thing. 

Common Scenarios of Dream about Broken Ring & Meanings

Each dream of a broken ring indicates something different about your life. So, if you remember more details, hit the list!

Broken gold ring

It denotes that you are not afraid of authority figures like your boss, politicians, or religious heads. You always stand strong with your opinions.

You always speak truth to power and you are not afraid to call out injustices when you need to. 

Further, you don’t like rules and you seldom follow them. You believe that everyone is free to do everything as long as they are not hurting anyone. Coercion and pressure can never affect you. 

Broken silver ring

This portends that you are minimalistic and non-materialistic, and value experiences and people more than material possessions. You feel stressed out when your room is messy, or when you are surrounded by a lot of things. 

Alternatively, it says that rather than having a huge number of friends, you have a very close-knit group of people who you are very close to. You seek depth in your relationships more than anything else.

Dream of a broken copper ring

It shows that you are a good and reliable friend. No matter how close you are with your friends, you always respect their boundaries. You are not afraid to be there when they are at their lowest. 

You accept them with all their imperfections and deficiencies. Further, you easily forgive their wrongs, and you never hold grudges against them. Your friends confide in you and trust you with their secrets. 

Broken diamond ring

This dream is a cue for you to let go of the toxic relationship that you are still holding on to.

Your needs are not met, and your desires are not respected. This person tries to demean and control you at every chance they get. 

Let go of this relationship, or else it can be detrimental to both your mental and physical health. 

Broken wedding ring in dreams

It predicts your partner’s betrayal of infidelity. This might be due to insecurity in the relationship and doubt about your feelings.

Broken engagement ring

This implies you will face serious problems and fights in your romantic relationship or marriage. 

Breaking a wedding ring by yourself

It is an ill omen about your spouse’s ailments.

Wearing a broken ring on a chain for your wedding presented by your spouse

This highlights that despite the setbacks of life, you are always optimistic about your future.

Broken ring bought at a sale

You will have problems and clash of opinions with your friends and coworkers.

Keeping a broken ring as memory of the giver

It warns you against clinging to memories as it doesn’t let you move on to a better future.

Wearing a ring which you broke on purpose

Be careful about your surroundings as someone wants to hurt you. They’re pretending to be your friend.

Dreams about finding a broken ring

You’ll be the target of gossip soon.

Losing a broken ring

You need to reduce your burdensome responsibilities. Otherwise, you will get burnt out.

Melting a broken gold ring

It tells you that you will let go of your regrets and grudges easily. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of broken rings tells you about the possible dangers or your attitude towards life. It can help you protect yourself or might simply be appreciated for your noble beliefs by the dream realm. 

But you can’t tell for sure until you try to unravel the meanings step by step. So, recollect all details about the dream and your life circumstances. And reach the right message dedicated to you!