When you dream about buying food, it means you are arrogant and self-sufficient. Sometimes it shows that you often ignore your emotions. Often, it also portends that you are burnt out. 

In order to find out what else it means, let’s dig in.

What is the Meaning of Dream about Buying Food?

Dreaming of buying food shows that you believe you’re superior to others and you treat very few as your equals.

Or, you make your own goals rather than striving for things that others expect from you. C’mon, let’s know more here!


It shows that you have an inflated opinion about yourself. You constantly want attention and admiration from others.

You expect other people to do what you want them to do, and you feel that you deserve privileges and special favors. 


This implies that you are self-sufficient. You always make your own decisions, and you do not care about what people say or think about you. 

You don’t let your opinions get clouded by the opinions of those who are around you. Further, you can take care of your own wants, needs, and desires, and you are not afraid to be alone. 


It warns you against being immature. You don’t take accountability for your actions, and resort to blame games.

You’re impulsive, spendthrift, and have no self-awareness. You never learn from your mistakes, even if others constructively criticize you. 

Common Dreams about Buying Food & their Interpretation

In your dream about buying food, it might be canned, cooked, or even apples. All of these details regarding the item sheds light on unique facts. So, let’s know it all here!

Buying canned food

This implies that you have hidden your emotions. You are refraining from being vulnerable to anyone. Possibly, this is because you have grown up without expressing your emotions or felt emotionally safe since childhood. 

But it can lead to a variety of mental health problems. It also takes a toll on your relationships. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but try and be vulnerable with someone close to you. 

Dreams of buying rotten food

You may go through a period of financial instability. This may include losing your job, canceled pension, or ending up broke. 

Plan and lower your monthly budget, save every last penny and don’t go on shopping sprees. Next, find ways in order to increase your income. It will take some time, but ultimately you are going to get out of this well. 

Buying cooked food

This alludes that you are burnt out mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’re demotivated and disillusioned about everything, and you feel like nothing you do makes any difference whatsoever. 

Due to this, your overall productivity has decreased. In order to get out of this burnout, take some time out to relax and do things that you enjoy doing. 

Buying vegetables

You have been wasting a lot of your time on worthless things. Perhaps you are confused about your goals or you have got plans and projects lined up, but you have no motivation to work. 

You are procrastinating on things that you ultimately have to do. We all need to unplug and recharge from time to time, but ignoring your problems can only make them worse.

Buying apples

This symbolizes that you are going to share some rare knowledge. It might be about your partner’s secret affair or some classified information related to work.

Whatever information you have got, remember to use it wisely. 

Buying ice cream

This indicates that you are going to get bored of your current relationship. You feel like you have grown a little too comfortable in your relationship.

The initial spark and excitement are no longer there, which leads to deteriorated attraction. 

Though you love them, thinking about the future of your relationship makes you uneasy. But boredom does not mean that your relationship is going to fail. So, think about ways to ignite the flame back. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of buying food isn’t a symbol of getting the basic needs of life. It tells you ways to deal with your troubles and come out victorious.

So, instead of jumping to conclusions, decode every last detail and make your life better than ever!