A dream about buying meat signifies that you are oppressed and lack discipline. Sometimes it shows that you face difficulty while standing up for yourself.

At other times it may also mean that you might have to take up a job that you don’t like. In order to find out what else it means, let’s dig in.

What is the Meaning of Dream about Buying Meat?

The dream indicates the fact that you feel controlled by someone. Or, it shows that you see your plans through till the end. So, let’s see what else it means!


This portends that you are being oppressed in your waking life. Someone is stopping you from making your own decisions and living your life on your own terms. Your parents might force you to opt for a career, or your partner might control your outfits. 

Remember that freedom is one of our basic human rights and that nobody can take your freedom away from you. 


It expresses that you are a highly productive person. You know your goals and always strive to achieve them.

You have complete faith in your own abilities, and you are good at sorting out your priorities. You’re punctual and not a procrastinator. 


On the other hand, it may also mean that you lack discipline in your life. Neither do you have a plan, nor do you have a fixed schedule.

You make goals, but you procrastinate. Rather than focusing on the task at hand, you let your impulses get the better of you. 

Common Dream Scenarios about Buying Meat & Meanings

In your dream about meat, focus on what kind of meat it is. Because those hidden details have multiple messages about your waking life. So, let’s start exploring!

Dream of buying chicken meat

This alludes to the fact that you find it difficult to stand up for yourself. You stutter and find yourself at a loss for words. Because of your meek nature, people tend to take advantage of you, and sometimes they treat you like a doormat. 

Remember that assertiveness is not synonymous with aggression. So, the next time someone bullies you, remind yourself that they are in the wrong and stand your ground.

Buying rotten meat

When something in your life needs your immediate attention, you may have this vision. It can be due to your underlying health issues, a friend in dire need of your help, or overworking and need for self-care. 

So, introspect over every aspect of your life and see if there is a problem anywhere. You can only fix a problem once you know what it is. 

Dream of buying pork

Possibly, you will accept a job you dislike. This will be completely out of desperation for money or your wrong career moves.

Remember that this job is just a part of your journey, it’s not the destination. So, save up some money, join a course, and then get a job that you actually like. 

Buying bloody meat

This implies that you are going to face a lot of hardships in your life. Maybe you will lose your job or go bankrupt. You may also lose some close ones. 

Whatever obstacles life throws at you, you have the power inside you to get rid of all of them. Remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself. 

Buying fried meat

It shows that you get easily influenced by other people. Whether it is a friend, your partner, a colleague, or a stranger, people can easily make you do what they want. 

This is because you always seek other people’s approval and get influenced by their opinions. You tend to lose your individuality when you get too close to someone. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about buying meat shouldn’t be ignored as random cravings. They bring the most intimate messages about your life and warn you against the wrongdoings of others. 

So, don’t ignore this symbol from the higher realm. To get more insight into your life, make sure that you consider every detail of the dream and your life!

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