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Does A Dream About Money Signify Fortune or Wish Fulfilment?

Does A Dream About Money Signify Fortune or Wish Fulfilment?

Updated on Mar 03, 2023 | Published on Jun 18, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream About Money Dream of Finding Money Dream of Winning Money

Have you ever dreamt of finding a crisp hundred dollar bill on your way to work? We bet the scenario left you pondering over the meaning for days!

We don’t blame you! According to experts, a dream about money is one of the rarest themes. Basically, money dreams are associated with finding, receiving, and discovering. 

Does that mean you will stumble upon wealth soon? Quite possible, but more often than not, they are associated with things substantially more priceless than money!

Go for a deep dive into the article because we have collected some of the most common money dream scenarios and symbols.

Dream About Money – 84 Scenarios & It’s Meanings

Dream About Money – General Interpretation

Money in dreams is associated with finance and assets in real life but not limited to. More frequently, it stands for the abstract and the intangible such as losing or gaining power, self-worth, confidence, and luck, according to the context.

Money in dreams is not always about money but love, time, and energy. According to the context and situations, it could symbolize material gains. Or it may also stand for riches and prosperity in abstract ideas such as love, self-confidence, wisdom, and spirituality.

A dream about money could mean anything from improved financial status to losing authority. Your situation in real life and the dream context decides the interpretation. 

According to some dream books, money dreams symbolizes the capability of a person to give and take.

Against this background, a large amount or heaps of money implies your benevolence. And a meager sum could stand for your greediness and petty behavior. 

Some dream experts associate money in dreams with a calm, relaxed and peaceful life. Another group of interpreters relates the dream with recent changes in your life you shouldn’t worry about.

When interpretations are multiple, you must analyze your current scenario to see which fits in best. 

Below are a few symbols that a dream related to money often represents.

Success and Abundance

Often, dreaming of money is associated with success and abundance. It may be related to material wealth, health, love, relationships, confidence, or anything else, for that matter.


Money in dreams also stands for power. Depending on the dream plot, money dreams may symbolize the power to achieve anything or feelings of powerlessness. 

Self- Worth

Money often represents self-worth and evaluation in a dream. According to the context, it could mean you are at some of your lowest points or vice-versa.

While heaps of money may stand for an abundance of self-worth, lack of money could mean you attached little value to yourself. 


Money dreams are often associated with confidence. If you see yourself coming across lots of money in a dream plot, it may mean you feel confident of your capabilities to succeed in real life.

Likewise, dreaming of having little or no money at all stands for your lack of confidence in yourself, your success, and your stability. 


Sometimes, money dreams may symbolize the debts you have in reality. For instance, money notes or paper money is a reminder of the bills you need to pay off soon. 


Negatively money dreams also represent obstacles, financial crises, and insecurities. Such interpretations are often associated with scenarios wherein you see yourself not having enough money to get something. 


‘I will earn a billion dollars by next year and go on a world tour!’

Is that relatable? Do you often make such claims and plans? And work like crazy to make it happen? If so, give yourself a break.

Probably, you are too focused on the future that you have even forgotten to live in the present.

Dream About Money : 54 Scenarios & Its Meanings

1. Receiving money in a dream

Money in dreams also stands for a person’s intellect, wisdom, and love life. When you dream of receiving money in abundance, it could signify receiving love and support from your people in real life.

Being surrounded by good people who love you will probably leave you happy and content. 

Receiving money in abundance in a dream is also symbolic of your thriving business and love relationships.

According to your dreamscape, all’s well between you and your partner. And you seem to be having the best time of your life with regards to love. 

If you wish to receive money or inheritance from someone in waking life, the dream could even be a manifestation of your wishes. 

Some dream experts relate dreams of receiving money from others to having a child. Or it may sometimes be a reflection of your personality. In that case, the plot means you are generous and help those in need. 

It could also mean you are open to receiving the universe’s gift to you- love, abundance, and knowledge. However, in your waking life, if you detest getting presents and compliments from others, the dream encourages you to do so because you deserve them. 

As in all other dreams, take note of your emotions and the other person involved in the dream. What were your intentions when you received the money?

Did you plan to share it with others, or did you try to use it for an evil deed? Your emotions and intentions could alter the overall interpretation of the dream.

2. Receiving old money bills in a dream

The dream stands for deception. It is a warning to analyze acquaintances and social circles. 

According to the dream, some people around you have put on masks for their benefit.

Since their actions may harm you or put you in difficult spots, you mustn’t hesitate to analyze even your so-called close mates. 

3. Dreaming of collecting money in a hat or hem

The plot symbolizes a life-changing decision you need to make. 

4. Dream of someone giving me money ( dreamer)

Dreaming of someone giving you money may represent your dependence on others. If you rely on others for every trivial matter, the plot urges you to start doing things without depending on anyone.

This dream could also mean others trust you and think well of your generosity. However, the scenario warns you not to overdo as people may take advantage of your benevolence.

Other dream experts relate the plot as seeking someone’s advice on a situation. To make your interpretation simpler, ask yourself if you feel stuck in some aspects of your life and need guidance to move forward. 

5. A dream of a dead person giving you money

If you dream of a dead person giving you money, it means you had made some perfect decisions in the past.

Perhaps you left your toxic partner who gives you nothing but anxiety. The renewed sense of freedom might have helped you start afresh and see yourself and your potential in a new light. 

6. Dreaming of a dead person demanding you to return the money you owe them

Are you in debt in your waking life? While asking yourself this question, you must consider not just monetary but moral ones too. Ask yourself if you have taken others’ generosity for granted. Have you been acting ungrateful?

If you have any such debts, your subconscious wants you to pay them off in ways that you can. 

In the same plot, if you feel relieved after paying them, your life will improve significantly.

7. A dead person asking you for money in a dream

According to the scenario, your business or your overall life will face some difficulties. If you didn’t comply with his wishes, the unlawful activities of others would become known to you.

But if you were comfortable giving or lending him/her the money, you have several complications coming your way. The scenario indicates you would need to provide financial support for someone else. 

8. Giving money to a dead person in a dream

Dreaming of giving money to a dead person is an ill omen. If you are lucky, it may symbolize a mere accident or an unpleasant event. But most of the time, such dream plots stand for death. 

Look at the plot this way. It is the same as handing over your soul to the dead. The death could be of the dreamer or someone close to him/her.

9. A dream where money turned into ashes in the hands of a person who recently passed away

The dream scenario symbolizes grave danger, and your subconscious mind is warning you to be cautious. 

10. Dream of getting money and feeling ecstatic over it

The dream warns you to take utmost care of your health as you might get into an accident or serious trouble. 

Positively, it may mean getting rewarded for something you have worked hard on.

11. Dreaming of getting rid of outdated bills 

You will be able to free yourself from some unnecessary burdens.

12. Dream of losing money

Since losing money in a dream scenario has multiple interpretations, you need to be extra cautious and look at it from different perspectives. 

Generally, it stands for a sense of loss, depletion, and hopelessness. Perhaps you have been overexerting yourself and feel drained and low-spirited. 

In some cases, it symbolizes losing a person in real life. Did you lately end things with your partner against your wishes?

Dreaming of losing money also stands for an imbalance. Perhaps there is a lack of balance in your personal or professional lives.

Are you giving too much love, attention, and respect without ever receiving any in return? These types of unbalanced relationships may take shape in a dream as losing money.

Sometimes, a dream where you lost money could also stand for your fear regarding the future. You might have invested a hefty sum in a venture only to realize that it’s a fraud. The incident may have left you fearful of what you may hear the next minute.

13. Losing money on a gamble in a dream

You are wasting your time on something worthless.

14. Dreaming of losing money and finding it later

A dreamscape where you lost money only to find it a bit later in the same plot symbolizes hope. If you are not doing well presently, you may trust your dream for a miracle to happen! 

Perhaps, your partner will come back to you with an apology. Or maybe you still have a chance to top your class despite your low grades. 

15. Dreaming of borrowing money

If you were borrowing money in a dream, it means you are overexerting yourself- either to achieve your goals or to assist others who need your help.

You are probably drained out and therefore feel the need to borrow from others to keep going. 

On the other hand, borrowing money from someone could mean people expect a lot from you. In fact, a lot more than you can deliver or do for them. And your inability to comply with their expectations may have left you feeling low and incompetent. 

16. Handing money to another person in a dream

Do you think your business will boom with some more investments? Perhaps you can give it a try. Even your dream suggests you to. 

17. Lending someone money in a dream

Again, let us remind you that money in dreams means more of the intangible than tangible wealth. Therefore, lending money may mean tending to someone who needs you and your help by giving them your energy and time.

You also need to note how you felt during the dream. If you were comfortable lending the money, it signifies abundance, and you are okay supporting others.

However, if you reluctantly lend the money, it means you are afraid your wealth- material or abstract will dwindle. 

18. Dreaming of lending money with interest

Such a dream plot predicts complications, especially concerning finance.

19. Lending money without interest in a dream

It symbolizes financial abundance. 

20. Transferring money to someone else’s account in a dream

Obstacles await you in the foreseeable future.

21. Dreaming about giving away money

According to your real-life circumstances and the dream context, the scenario may bring positive or negative messages. For an accurate analysis, recall the emotions you felt during the dream spectacle. 

If you were reluctant to give money away in the plot, you are fearful of losing your wealth. 

On the other hand, if you were happy giving away money, it means you feel prosperous in your waking life. Such dreams also stand for support.

Maybe you are helping others realize their life goals. Having said that, your benevolence would be labeled as toxic if you support a person for an evil cause. 

If dreams of giving money away appear in your subconscious state too often, it may be a sign that you feel drained of giving others too much of your time and energy. 

Money also depicts power and authority in a dream. Hence, according to your circumstances, the dream plot may also mean you are letting others take control of you.

22. A dream of not having enough money 

As the plot implies dissatisfaction and unhappiness, you must evaluate some aspects of your life.

Are your life goals too big and far-fetched? Do you have enough means to achieve them? Or are you skeptical? Do a thorough analysis and see if you can fix the minor hurdles before you go on to tackle the big picture. 

Dreaming of not having enough money may stand for lacking something in real life – money, power, strength, confidence, etc. 

23. Spending money in a dream

First things first, what were you buying? If it is something you want, the dream conveys a message of wish fulfillment.

But if you were spending money on something you dislike or do not need, it is an indication that you are wasting time on a person, thing, or an event that isn’t worth your time and energy. 

In a dream, if you were spending money, it is also an indication that you are exploring opportunities and accomplishing goals. 

24. Dreaming of spending a lot of money 

It could be a reflection of your reckless spending in real life. 

25. Spending someone else’s money in a dream

Stay away from bad influences because you might get entangled in fraudulent activities. 

26. Dreaming that you got caught paying for something with fake money

If you have done anything disgraceful or unlawful, the dream foretells karma hitting back on you.

Soon, the shameful deed you committed will come to light. And people will probably start perceiving you as a shady person. It’s only a matter of time! 

27. Dreaming of saving money

Saving money in a dream could have positive or negative interpretations depending on the context. Positively, it may mean the dreamer has an abundance of fortune or feels rich with the love and support he/she is receiving. 

However, the dream has a negative sign if you hoard money without spending even on the essentials.

In that case, the dream scenario encourages you to be more open. Share your wisdom and knowledge with those around you. And if you can, use your extra resources to help people attain a better version of themselves.

Saving money in a dream also means you are always on the receiving end. 

28. A dream of investing money 

It foretells the expansion of your family tree. Perhaps someone will get married, or a baby is on the way.

29. Dreaming of donating money 

The dream reflects your stable and relaxed life. You are content with how life is working out for you. As indicated in the scenario, you could even go on a vacation. 

30. Earning money in a dream

You are going to spend a fortune in the upcoming days. Perhaps you will buy an asset like real estate or an apartment. 

31. Dreaming that someone stole your wallet

It predicts gains and abundance- from monetary wealth to unconditional love.

32. Getting robbed in a dream

When looked at from the financial point of view, getting robbed foretells profits and success. 

In other cases, the dream is a bad omen. If you dream of the scenario just before getting married, the plot warns you of the incompatibility. 

It could also mean others have snatched away your authority and independence. Those incidents might have left you feeling depleted and low on confidence.

33. Dream of stealing money

Ask yourself a few things before decoding the dream. Have you done something wrong? Are you ashamed of your actions, or are you repenting? Or do you think you should do something despite being aware of the harm it will bring?

Interestingly, stealing money in a dream is not as bad as it sounds! Often, it symbolizes your boldness and power to do something despite the disapproval from others. And that means breaking the norms or using someone to your advantage.

Others around you may disapprove of some things you are passionate about. And according to the dream, you will go ahead with your plans, approved or not!

On the flip side, have you pushed your goals to the backseat for fear of getting ridiculed?

In that case, the dream could be encouraging you to ignore others’ opinions for once and go ahead with your heart’s desire. 

You can look at such dreamscapes as encouraging and motivational. If you are presently not on good terms with people who you cannot abandon, for example, your partner, parents, or siblings, the dream encourages you to gather the courage to face the situation boldly. 

In some cases, the dream may symbolize taking back something that is yours. 

Stealing money in a dreamscape may also mean you have gotten into a circle that makes you constantly anxious and tense. 

Whichever way your interpretation leads you, take note of who you steal from. Also, it’s imperative to recall the emotions you felt while or after stealing the money!

It might have left you content, or you might have regretted the act the following minute. 

Emotions play vital roles in dreamscapes, and they can change the interpretation of a dream altogether. 

Stealing money could also mean the dreamer has lost all hopes of acquiring goals and dreams through conventional means. Ultimately, he/she is seeking an unusual way to have what he or she wants in life. 

34. Dreaming of having no money

As money in dreams is closely associated with self-worth, confidence, and esteem, having no money in a dream could mean you are running low on self-confidence. 

Perhaps you feel pathetic when you compare yourself to your successful friends.

It may also stand for your powerlessness over a situation. Have you given away your authority? Do you feel controlled by others even in matters that concern you?

35. Dreaming of lots of money 

Having a lot of money in a dream means you yearn for knowledge and success in reality.

36. A dream of money scattered everywhere

Do not let any opportunities slip through your fingers. Explore and experiment with each one of them and accordingly go for the one you think will serve you the best in the long run. 

37. Holding money in a dream

The dream indicates a decision you need to make concerning your personal or professional lives. According to the scenario, you seem to be at a fix!

Though you know that the decision awaits your final call to proceed, you are still unsure of which path to take. 

Holding money in a dream also means you are very close to fulfilling some life goals. The upcoming days and months will be good for you.

38. Seeing another person holding a wad of money in a dream

You have a crucial decision to make.

39. Dreaming of your wallet full of coins

According to dream interpreters, a wallet full of coins symbolizes a fault in your behavior and attitude toward others.

Since it could cause misunderstandings between you and those you deal with, the dream suggests you correct some of your ways.

40. Withdrawing money in a dream

There are different ways to interpret this dream. The first case is when you walk up to a bank or an ATM booth to withdraw.

Here, the act of willfully walking up for withdrawal stands for your power and means to do whatever you want. 

Again, did you withdraw enough money to cover your expenses? If yes, your life is stable. But if the money you draw out isn’t enough to cover the cost of essentials, it points to insecurities and complications in your real life. 

In the second instance, if a masked or unknown person dragged you up to the booth to withdraw money, the plot symbolizes your powerlessness, loss of control, and authority in some areas of your life.

41. Dream about counting money

Dreaming of counting money stands for evaluating your power and worth. 

Some experts relate this plot with unexpected wealth and bonuses. 

If you count money in a dream and realize that you have less than you thought you did, it symbolizes uncertainty and jealousy. It also represents your present financial difficulties. Are you going through hard times?

Do you struggle to pay off your bills for the most fundamental essentials? Perhaps you would like to cut off some expenses! It may also mean you need to evaluate your skills and strengthen the weak areas.

Usually, we count money to ensure we have the right amount. Such dreams could also mean others have overlooked your skills and potential.

Perhaps you were not even nominated for promotion. Such plots often imply you are analyzing whether you receive what you deserve. 

42. Swallowing money in a dream

Swallowing money in a dream scenario symbolizes greed. 

43. A dream of eating money 

The dream foretells a serious ailment.

44. Dreaming that you tried to eat torn money

Trying to eat torn money has a similar interpretation to swallowing money. It symbolizes your excessive greed. 

45. Dreaming of searching for money 

Did you dream of creating a ruckus in your room in search of a money bill? Was the hunt successful, or did you get worn out in the process?

If the second spectacle happened in your dream, your goals and missions would never come into being. 

It implies that you will get bogged down by hurdles along the way. And ultimately, you will find yourself giving up. 

46. Burning paper money in a dream

Burning paper money in a dream stands for huge losses.

47. Sorting out money and collecting them in a dream

The dream hints at your low concentration power and lack of organizational skills.

48. Drowning in a pool of money in a dream

At first, it may look promising with a pool full of money. But the message the dream relays has almost nothing to do with money and wealth.

Have you been investing all of your time and energy into your business? Are money, profit, and success occupying a large part of your mind and life? As per the dream plot, a large portion of your concerns revolves around money.

Apparently, that is not a good sign. Money is essential, but as mentioned in the Bible, it should never make you stray away from family, love, spirituality, and God. 

49. Dreaming of corrupted people having money

Corrupted people having money in a dream signifies complications and difficulties in your waking life. It may also point to your loss of control over some bad habits.

50. A young girl claiming ownership to money in a dream

It foretells complications in business dealings. The inclusion of the girl in your vision may mean a female in your circle has something to do with your problems. 

51. Dreaming of seeing others exchanging money

Do you feel ignored and left out by your near ones? Perhaps you aren’t getting enough love and attention, and you crave for them.

On the other hand, it may also mean you observe others do things they are skilled at to learn and apply the same yourself in your own life.

52. Exchanging torn notes with new ones in a dream

You will soon have a new source of income. 

53. Dreaming of loan sharks harassing you 

Are you deep in debt in your waking life? If yes, the dream reflects the mental turmoil you are presently facing, according to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, author of Dream of It, Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life”.

If the above situation is irrelevant to your reality, you will need to dig deeper. Does your subconscious mind often nag you concerning something?

Perhaps an unfinished business you need to take care of as soon as possible. It could also be another person repeatedly getting on your nerves regarding something.

54. Dreaming of returning the money you borrowed

According to the dream book of Medea, if you are a man, you should refrain from recklessly spending money.

And if you are a woman, you should be more careful with your expenses. If your expenditure gets out of hand, you would probably get into trouble with your partner due to your spending habits. 

Dream of Finding Money – General Interpretation

Finding a sack full of money in a dream would probably make you ecstatic. But dreaming of finding money does not always stand for acquiring wealth and improvement of finance. More than material gains, finding money in a dream scenario represents the abundance or lack of the intangible- love, confidence, courage, power, etc.

Money in dreams unquestionably symbolizes wealth, and most of the time, it has more to do with abstract than material wealth.

Finding money stands for the feelings of confidence, success, and worthiness you feel around that time. In a nutshell, the dreamscape signifies the value you feel entitled to. 

Have you finally landed your dream job after years of struggle? Or has your superior complimented you for your skills?

Perhaps your five-year-old crush finally reciprocated your feelings? From another viewpoint, finding money in dreams means wish fulfillment!

Nonetheless, every dream of finding money is auspicious. Some could bring the worst news possible. For instance, you must brace yourself to undergo dark days if you dream of finding torn, soiled banknotes or plated coins.


A dream associated with money often symbolizes opportunities. The symbolism is especially true if the plot includes the amount.

While money in abundance in a dream scenario stands for several possibilities to grow and expand, a meager amount may mean luck does not favor you much around that time. 

Unexpected Gift

Expect to receive a gift out of the blue. When we say ‘gift’, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bundle of cash for your birthday or a diamond ring from your partner.

It could also mean something unexpected from the universe. Perhaps a job offer or an opportunity to prove yourself worthy to people who take you for granted. 

Dream of Finding Money : 20 Scenarios & Its Meanings

55. Dreaming of finding money bills

Before you start interpreting, recall the state of the bills you found in your dream. If the notes were soiled or crumpled, it could mean you find your life and present circumstances monotonous and boring. It may also mean you need to see things from new perspectives.

However, if the bills were clean and crisp, you have nothing to fear. As per the plot, either you are already a huge success or very close to it. 

56. Finding torn money bills in a dream

You are under the delusion that you are happy and your life is going smoothly. Take a thorough look around, and if possible, go deep into the minds of the people in your circle.

And you are bound to be disappointed! Because your so-called friends are not what they seem at face value.

57. Finding a trail of money in a dream

The dream suggests you should stick to your current path, at least for the present.

58. Finding coins in a dream

If you find coins in a dream, it reflects your happy and contented state. Everything might have worked out according to your plan. As per the dream, all you can see ahead of you is growth and success. 

It is also possible to dream of finding coins before the accomplishment of your goals. Should that be the case, it mirrors your optimism and confidence in your capabilities. 

According to the plot, everything looks promising, and you are happy with the choices and the path you took. The number or quantity of coins is also crucial to the interpretation. The more coins you dream of finding, the more happy and confident you are in your waking life. 

59. Finding money and losing it afterward in a dream

According to the dream, some aspects of your life lack balance and are getting out of control.

60. Dreaming of finding money after a hunt

Have you ever dreamt of a spectacle where you had to climb a tall tree to lay your hands on a bag of dollar bills?

Such scenarios generally point to complications in your waking life. In this case, the tree symbolizes the barrier between you and your goals. 

The dream encourages you to identify the obstacles. Only after you crush the barriers will you be able to reach your desired destination.

61. Dreaming of finding money that isn’t yours

The dream is representative of the credits you are getting for something you feel you do not deserve.

62. Finding a wallet full of money in a dream

According to this dream, situations will work out in your favor. A wallet full of money stands for good luck and opportunities.

Out of the blue, you will come up with exceptional ideas that have the potential to turn your mediocre business into a hotshot. 

In terms of the domestic sphere, you will experience some of the most harmonious days with your near ones.

63. Dream of finding money in my wallet (dreamer)

That is a good dream. It is representative of a shift in perspectives. You are now able to appreciate and value aspects of you that you had taken for granted earlier.

64. Dreaming of finding money in old clothes

On the surface, it isn’t a good dream. It symbolizes business failures and catastrophes due to mismanagement.

The situation might push you into deeper troubles, such as losing your source of income. Before you start fretting about your impending failure, listen to what dream experts and interpreters say about dreams.

“Dream is the capacity to see clearer pictures of your life in God’s word”, – Benjamin Suulola.

The objectives of dreams are not to scare you but to make you reflect on your mistakes, so you learn from them.

65. Dream of finding hidden money

It is a tricky dream, and you might misinterpret, if not cautious. Generally, dream experts relate the plot to two different interpretations.

Either you will be fortunate due to some events, or a few trivial matters will disappoint you.

So, how should you move forward with the interpretation? Analyze your reality and present situations meticulously, and see how the picture of encountering hidden money fits in. There lies the meaning to your dream.

66. Dreaming of finding stolen money

The dream is warning you against making wrong decisions and getting into bad habits. Interpretation of such plots is terrible if the money belongs to a person who conflicts with you presently, in real life. 

The spectacle can also pop up in your dream if you feel repentant or skeptical of something you have done lately.

67. Dreaming of finding buried money

Dreaming of finding buried money is symbolic of the time and efforts you have invested in seeking the solution to a problem.

On the other hand, such a dream spectacle may mean something you had been yearning to find out will become known to you soon. 

68. Dreaming of finding money on the roadside

One or a few of your wishes will soon turn to reality!

69. Dream meaning of finding money on the ground

According to the dream, you are on the right path. Each of your plans is close to success, and you have every reason to feel elated. 

70. Finding money underwater in a dream

It stands for a lack of balance in some relationships. According to other experts, it symbolizes a person lingering around to put your life at risk.

71. Finding a bundle of money in a dream

According to the plot, you are on the route to success. At present, you may have a few obstacles that make you skeptical.

But, in good time, the tables will turn, and you will ultimately see yourself on the winning end. Along the way, you may receive guidance and assistance to help you nail your problems. 

72. Finding a suitcase full of money in a dream

The dream foretells success in business ventures.

73. Giving the money you found to the poor in a dream

The dream plot is symbolic of good luck coming towards you.

74. Finding torn banknotes at your house premises in a dream

Torn banknotes symbolize disappointment and bankruptcy. If you dream of finding such notes at your home, there will be bad news concerning your family.

Dream of Winning Money – General Interpretation 

Winning money in dreams stands for things working out in your favor – in terms of finance, love, and fame. But it could also mean you might fall for a scam and get ripped off if you let your guards down. 

If you dream of winning money, you have all the reasons in the world to be happy. If you are not convinced yet, ask yourself the meaning of the word ‘Winning’! Yes, things are finally going to work out in your favor.

It’s not all about money but it does play a huge role here. Say, you can expect your overall life and living style to change as the financial constraints you are presently facing are likely to vanish for good shortly. 

However, as we have been saying, again and again, money is not all about material possessions. It’s also likely to dream of winning money when you feel good in certain areas of your life.

Here’s what an expert said about winning in dreams. “This is when you have the power to attract what you really want in life. It may not literally mean a lottery payout, but rather you can expect to attract more positive energy and winning opportunities your way,” said Anna Karin Bjorklund, author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire.

Nevertheless, before you get too ecstatic, analyze the dreams from all angles because they may also mean losses and going bankrupt. 

According to Sigmund Freud, money in a dream is often associated with sexual energy. As per his perception, a dream of winning money stands for a lack of love and sex.

Below are some symbols of winning money in dreams.

Power to Attain Goals

When you dream of money, it is often an indication that you have the power and potential to achieve goals. Here, goals mean more than just your life goals.

It could even be psychological and emotional wants. In short, you have the power to think, feel and do as you wish. 

Good Luck

Your luck just changed and it favors you. Perhaps the person you have been wooing since childhood asks you to hang out with him/her for coffee.


Though the spectacle of winning money looks favorable, let us remind you once again that All that glitters is not gold.

The dream could be warning you of a scam. If you dream of winning heaps of money, refrain from shady activities that give you a bad feeling. Again, the context and the variants in it decide your dream interpretation. 


According to the dream interpretation of Vanditsa Vangi, winning money in dreams means you are winning people, or to be specific, people’s love and trust.

Not only do they trust you but they support your opinions and thoughts.

Dream of Winning Money : 10 Scenarios & Its Meanings

75. Dream of winning money

Wins ahead! But it possibly will be much different from what you were anticipating. Usually, dreaming about winning money has little to do with monetary gains. Instead, it symbolizes wishes coming true in other aspects of life. 

76. Dreams of winning lots of cash prize in a lottery

As per the interpretation by dream experts, you are likely to receive an inheritance. If not, a fortune would come to you from some source.

The plot implies the value would be more than you can ever imagine. If you are in a business, expect it to skyrocket. 

77. A dream of winning money at gambling

According to the dream plot, it symbolizes success. The spectacle of winning it through gambling means you are going to achieve it through risky means.

78. Winning money at slot machines in a dream

Keep your behavior and attitude in check. Do not let your haughtiness and arrogance get in the way. Otherwise, they will ultimately cost you valuable relationships.

79. A dream of winning money at slot machines but not receiving the money

When dealing with others, especially business partners, do not always believe what they tell you. If the need arises, ask them for proof because there is an indication of dishonesty.

80. Winning money on a scratch card in a dream

Scratch Card! Considering what a scratch card is and how it works, a dream of winning money on such a card is often related to a secret you have kept hidden for a long time.

Perhaps, it is something you don’t take pride in because there is an indication that you are trying to hide it and start anew on a clean note.

81. Winning money through a fight in a dream

Have you ever dreamt of fighting an opponent in front of everyone and being declared the winner? If yes, here is what it stands for!

The money symbolizes success, fame, or recognition and the fight is representative of struggles. 

The spectacle of winning means you will find what you seek in life. But just as you beat your opponent and get beaten in return means the journey is not going to be an easy one.

Expect obstacles here and there to wear you out. But if you stick to your goals and do not give up, victory will be yours. 

82. A dream of winning, receiving, and counting money and planning to spend it all

It represents a loss.

83. Winning money in a dream and not liking it

You will achieve something in your real life. However, instead of feeling happy, you would be worried about the adverse effects it may cause. 

84. Dreaming of someone winning money

First, how did you feel in the dream when that person won money? There are two interpretations depending on your emotions. 

If you were genuinely happy for that person, you have a stable life. You have enough for yourself and your family and are not envious of anyone. 

Alternatively, if you did not feel good about the matter in the dream plot, it reflects dissatisfaction in real life. It could happen because you are not doing so well and often get jealous of others’ success and achievements. 

Recurring dreams of winning money

You are likely to have recurring dreams of winning money if you have recently hit a slump regarding finance.

If that is the case, the dream reflects your subconscious mind pining for a luxurious lifestyle without financial constraints.

Also, these plots may surface frequently if you have overexerted yourself and are running low on energy and confidence. Here, the dream represents your desire to have a stress-free life. 

Money Dream Meaning: Different Types

85. Paper money in dreams

The Lunar dream book relates seeing paper money in dreams with hearing some news soon, which could be good or bad. 

If you dream of paper money, do not forget to consider your cultural background and how it perceives money.

To state an example, Muslims believe that paper money represents material well-being. But the same may not be said of other cultures!

86. Dreaming of a foreign money bill

In the upcoming days, you will probably face some challenging tasks due to the intervention of your rivals. 

87. Dreaming of a plated coin

It stands for lies and deceit.

88. Counterfeit money in a dream

You might think you are the best judge of characters. Do you think you are aware of everything going on around you? Well, according to the dream, nothing else can be farther from reality than your perception.

The dream plot warns you to be on your guard. Not everyone wishes you well just because they talk sweet to you. All that glitters is not gold- that is what the dream is trying to tell you. 

89. Dreaming of silver coins

As indicated by the dream, your life is an adventure in itself- with random trips, adventurous tours, and risks.

90. Antique coins in a dream

You are going to receive a present soon. According to the plot, it won’t be an object found commonplace.

Perhaps someone would give you a handmade scarf or mittens, knitted with love and care. The genuine affection that goes behind the thought would impress you so much that you wouldn’t care how much it would amount to. 

91. Money torn into pieces in a dream

To see torn money in a dream is an ill omen. Be cautious as you and your family might get robbed shortly. If the unfortunate incident happens, you will be reduced to bankruptcy.

Torn banknotes also symbolize disappointment in yourself and your failure to accomplish your dreams, to fulfill the wishes, and live by the expectations of your family and friends. You could also dream of the scenario if you are disappointed in other people.

92. Dreaming of money with bloodstains on it

It is a negative dream. Perhaps you are ripping people off and indulging in dirty ways of earning money. You are making heaps while risking other people others’ livelihood and lives.

On the other hand, the dream may also represent guilty feelings. You may have committed something undesirable and are repenting every bit of it.

Money in Dreams: Different Places

93. Dreaming of money in water

If you see lots of money in water, it symbolizes your thirst for knowledge.

94. A dream of money falling in the water

Now is the ideal time to launch new businesses or embark on any journey. Whatever you invest your effort in around this time will work out well.

Initially, you may encounter a few obstacles, but those wouldn’t amount to much trouble, and you will be able to hit your targets. 

95. Dreaming of picking money off the ground

There are several interpretations of this dream. For an accurate meaning, you need to be truthful to yourself! Are you happy in your present state of affairs? Do you think you are doing pretty well? If yes, stick to your current path, whatever happens. 

Alternatively, if you think you are not in a good position, the dream suggests some changes. A change in residence or career, to mention a few. 

Some dream experts interpret this dreamscape differently. According to them, you lack feelings of groundedness in life. They relate the act of bending down to the need to be more secure and grounded.  

If you dream of picking up coins or small amounts, the dream plot predicts a few minor losses. It could signify anything- from material loss to loss of morale.

96. Money in the air

Ever heard of the saying, “Old ways won’t open new doors”? That is what the spectacle of money in the air is trying to tell you.

To accomplish your life goals, you need to think of new strategies. Because chances are your old ways are outdated and lack effectiveness.

97. Dreaming of the wind blowing off money bills

People around you will soon get lucky.

98. A lot of money falling from the sky in a dream

You might undergo some changes in your life. Though uncertain, the changes may be negative.

Alternatively, other dream experts relate the dream plot with unexpected profits and success. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dream About Money

Centuries back, it was believed that metals were given as gifts to humankind by Gods. When the metals were minted into coins, people believed the luck got transferred from the coins to the person who owns them. 

Accordingly, money in dreams symbolizes abstract gains such as luck or unforeseen generosity from a person. 

Biblical Meaning of Money in Dreams

The Holy Bible portrays money as amoral, incapable of neither goodness nor evil on its own. However, it is portrayed as a tool, which can turn a person into a generous or a greedy fellow. 

“Money is not the root of all evil. But the love of money is the root of all evil” – (1 Tim. 6:10).

Over 2000 biblical scriptures talk about money. But the key is that – Money may come to rule a person’s life. As long as it is treated as an essential, money will not harm anyone.

However, the trouble begins the moment the person starts idolizing money. It is not in the will of God that people worship money and forsake love, friendship, and humanity. 

“From the seduction of success to the lure of lust, many things in this world will vie for your affection and devotion. But the most significant idol you will face is money” – (Matt. 6:24).

Money Dreams Interpretation in Hinduism

In the Hindu beliefs, if you dream of money, it stands for your enthusiasm and earnestness to succeed in life. 

Chinese Interpretation of Money Dreams

In Chinese culture, dreaming of money is a good sign. From their perspective, if you dream of encountering or picking notes of high value, your life will change significantly, for the better. However, not every money dream looks bright in their culture. 

According to their beliefs, if you share money with your partner, it predicts a breakup or a divorce. 

Money Dreams Interpretation in Islam

The Muslims have their own way of interpreting money dreams. In their culture, money in a dream plot usually stands for knowledge and guidance.

They believe that a person dreams of receiving money if someone has trusted him or her with something important. 

On the other hand, giving away money bills or coins stands for removing difficulties and obstacles from the dreamers’ life. 

Money Dream Examples

  1. A woman once dreamt of her ex-lover giving her money. 

In real life, that same ex was earnestly trying to win back her love and affection, awaiting a ‘yes’ from her to rekindle their relationship. The money given to her reflects the power she has over the issue.

  1. A man dreamt of having no money.

In reality, he was envious of his more successful friends.

  1. A man found a coin in a dream. 

In his real life, he discovered a solution to one of his problems.

 4. In his dream, a man was informed that he won money.

In real life, his father died leaving all of his fortunes to him (son).

 5. A woman dreamt of winning money in a lottery.

She lands her dream job shortly after having that dream.

Why Did You See Money in a Dream?

As stated earlier, money dreams are rare. It’s not a theme that surfaces easily on anyone’s dream vision. Then, why did you see this rare spectacle? Here are a few possible reasons why you dreamt of money.

  1. You lost your partner or a close one recently. It might be a breakup or even death.
  2. You are uncertain of the path you have chosen or where your life is heading.
  3. You feel powerless or less skillful than you were once. Such interpretations may be applicable if you dream of counting money. 
  4. Money in a dream could mean you have found or achieved what you have been pursuing for a long time. 

On the other hand, it may stand for the opposite. Perhaps you need to run an investigation on a matter. 

Money Dream Meaning: A Point To Note 

You must be particular about the quantity or the amount of money in the dreamscape. Not because it specifies the value of material inheritance you would soon receive. 

The amount and the number of coins/bills have little to do with material or financial value and more to do with the abstract.

They usually stand for your abilities, potential, and power to achieve your missions and goals. 

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself

As you decode your dream, you would need to ask yourself a few questions. The answers to these are crucial as they often decide whether your interpretation turns out right or goes completely wrong.

  1. How do you perceive money in reality? Do you think humans need it to have a decent life? Or do you consider it as bait to make people selfish, greedy, and hate one another?
  1. How did you get hold of the money, and what did you do with it? Did you spend it, or did you save it up? Perhaps you lent it to someone, or did it get stolen? 
  1. How did you feel during the dreamscape? Were you happy, joyful, or anxious about what would happen the next minute?

Closing Thoughts:

If you brush off a dream just by analyzing the surface meaning, it will remain a mere dream, and the same plot may haunt your sleep again and again.

As we always say, look into the spectacle, the context, the people present in the plot, and the emotions involved, for the most accurate interpretation.

Dig deeper, consider each of the minute aspects, and you will find the key to your solution. 

Because as Carl Jung says, “Those who look outside, dream. Those who look inside, awaken”.

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