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A Dream About Drawing : 51 Types & Their Meanings

A Dream About Drawing : 51 Types & Their Meanings

Updated on Jan 03, 2023 | Published on Nov 28, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

A Dream About Drawing 51 Types & Their Meanings

A dream about drawing is not as common as falling or getting lost. Hence, the more reason for you to dig deeper if you experience such a dream. 

Interestingly, drawing a picture will provide you with valuable insights into who you really are. Sometimes, the dream interpretation might even take you by surprise. 

A Dream About Drawing - 51 Types & Their Meanings
A Dream About Drawing – 51 Types & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream About Drawing?

A dream about drawing is a symbol of hope, optimism, and positive energy drawing you closer to your dreams or aspirations. Negatively, it can hint at your lack of experience to accomplish something you want. 

Generally, a dream about drawing shows it’s high time you take charge of your life. Instead of relying on others, use your skills, talents, and expertise to craft your destiny. Draw it away – how you want!

Drawings are also used to express emotions. Considering that, such dreams can also reflect your wishes to release your pent-up emotions and feelings for a particular person/ event. 

In other instances, drawings emphasize the need to change something about your life. This could be habits, personality traits, etc. 

Drawing Dreams: Various Scenarios & Their Meanings

Some of the widely experienced scenarios associated with drawings are. 

1. Dreaming of learning how to draw

If you see yourself learning to draw, it is a sign from the universe that you need a change. Because you have fallen deep into a rut and find no enjoyment in whatever you do. 

Furthermore, the dream encourages you to learn something entirely new or something you had given up on earlier. 

2. Learning to draw still life in a dream

The dream symbolizes your popularity, either in your friend circle, workplace, etc. 

3. Seeing someone else learning how to draw in a dream

First, ask yourself if you are engaged in something that brings you no benefit or comfort, whatsoever. If yes, the scenario implies it’s high time you give that up and invest your time and energy elsewhere. 

4. To dream about teaching yourself how to draw

The higher self urges you to make better use of your talents. Chances are, you tend to depend on others, putting them in charge of your future. 

You may have reasons for doing that, but you need to know that you are talented enough to direct your life course. 

5. To dream of teaching someone how to draw

According to the dream, you are blessed with exquisite qualities and talents. 

So, through the plot, the subconscious reminds you to make the best use of those to improve your as well as others’ lives. 

6. A dream about another person teaching you how to draw

Chances are a business idea that will likely fetch you an unimaginable amount of money will strike you out of nowhere. 

7. A dream about drawing your portrait

Drawing your portrait shows you feel confident in your skin, which is easily noticeable through the positive vibes and energy you radiate. 

Your confidence attracts people, and others enjoy being in your company. 

Alternatively, it can mean you need to delve deep into who and what you are, as there are several things about yourself you aren’t aware of yet. 

8. Drawing a portrait of someone you know in a dream

If there’s anything you are keeping to yourself about someone or a particular situation, the dream encourages you to come clean. 

Don’t let the fear of getting rejected hold you back from confessing your feelings about someone. And if you can’t get yourself to agree with someone’s opinion or behavior, let him or her know what you genuinely feel. 

On the other hand, if you draw a portrait of someone you know, it can also reflect your affection for a certain individual. 

9. To dream of drawing a friend’s portrait

Drawing a friend’s portrait shows you have finally accepted yourself for who and what you are. 

You no longer feel bothered by others’ opinions and have decided to do what matters most to you. According to the dream, you have come to the realization that inner peace and happiness matter more than impressing people who probably care nothing about you. 

10. Drawing your partner’s portrait in a dream

To begin with, there are a few things about your partner that gets on your nerves. 

Before you ask him or her to do something about it, put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Think about how you would feel if your partner tells you to change something about yourself all of a sudden. 

11. Drawing the portrait of your boss in a dream

Chances are someone has intentionally or unintentionally misguided you to resort to unfair practices to surpass your colleagues. So, the dream likely happens to warn you against it. 

You might be able to outdo your colleagues through deception. But real and long-term success will come only to the resilient and the hard-working. 

12. To dream about drawing the portrait of a stranger

Drawing the portrait of a stranger indicates getting into a circle of pleasant people whose perspectives on life will help you change the way perceive people and the world, at large. 

13. Someone drawing your portrait in a dream

Likely, the scenario hints at a person who’s been keeping tabs on your life, activities, and whereabouts. 

This can either be a secret admirer or a rival who looks forward to your failure. Your emotional response to the plot play a crucial role in this case. 

If you feel satisfied with the portrait, chances are, you got yourself a huge fan. On the contrary, if you feel disappointed with how the portrait turns out, you need to be on your toes as someone is keeping a close eye on you with evil intentions. 

14. To dream about someone you know drawing your portrait

In one of the upcoming days, someone you know will come to you bearing good news about himself or herself. 

And the scenario indicates your happiness for that person wouldn’t be any lesser than his or her own. 

15. A dream about a stranger drawing your portrait

If you dream of a stranger drawing your portrait, it is a sign that you unnecessarily care too much about how others see and think of you. Sometimes to the point of holding yourself back from doing something you like for fear of criticism. 

But you need to remember that not everyone will like you. However angelic and kind-hearted you are there will always be someone who speaks ill of you. 

16. Posing for a drawing in a dream

You will soon have a new person joining your family

17. A dream about drawing something and stopping

According to the plot, you are caught in a monotonous life cycle. Nothing you are presently engaged in gives you genuine contentment and joy.

Instead, you push yourself into them out of obligations without motivation and no drive to get any better. 

So, the dream probably happens suggesting you bring over a change. That said, if the idea of trying out a hobby or a new skillsets strikes, make sure you don’t let anything or anyone stop you. 

18. To dream that another person stopped you from drawing 

The dream indicates someone you trust and even care for, is trying to drag your name into the mud. 

19. Dreaming that someone else stops drawing

Often, such types of dreams hint at a rival making plans to ruin you. However, do not let the meaning worry you because luck will prove to be on your side this time.

Whoever that person is, he or she won’t be able to do anything to harm you, not this time. 

20. To see someone else drawing in a dream

Seeing someone else drawing something reflects your fear of your plans falling apart. Though you have no solid reason to explain your fear and anxieties, you can’t help but feel disturbed. 

21. To dream about seeing children drawing something

Children drawing something signals a young person in your surroundings needs your time and attention. 

22. To dream about drawing on the walls of your house

Such a scenario denotes you genuinely wish to change some aspects of your personality, behavior, or even life, in general. 

23. Drawing a person in a dream

First, recall who that person was as your drawing can give an insight into your relationship with him or her. 

24. Dreaming about drawing eyebrows

Drawing eyebrows is closely associated with how you identify yourself in your waking hours.

If you can, try to remember the eyebrows’ shape and volume as they will reveal what you think about yourself. 

If it were thin, that indicates low self-esteem and therefore a need to work on yourself. On the other hand, thick eyebrows are a sign of unwavering confidence in the real world.

25. Drawing blood in a dream

If you dream of drawing blood on paper, it is a sign that you are making your life unnecessarily complicated. 

26. Drawing blood from your body in a dream

If you drew blood from your body through a syringe, it is a sign that you are liberating yourself from something negative. 

27. Drawing blood from someone else’s body in a dream

According to the plot, you will soon help someone out of a difficult situation. 

28. A dream about drawing a house

Drawing a house symbolizes your family and friends and how protected they make you feel. 

Having said that, the feeling of ‘security’ and ‘protection’ you associate them with might flip for vulnerability if you drew a dilapidated structure. 

29. A dream about drawing a tree

Drawing a tree is often associated with movement and changes. If you draw a healthy tree laden with fruits/ flowers, expect positive changes. 

On the contrary, a dry/ dying tree symbolizes regression, stagnancy, or negative changes.

30. Drawing the sun in a dream

Often, drawing the sun is the higher self warning you of obstacles, failures, and disappointment. 

31. A dream about drawing a circle

Drawing a circle emphasizes the need to fix a few of your shortcomings to do much better in your wake life. 

32. A dream about drawing a caricature

Just because you are better than someone in something doesn’t mean you can judge and criticize his or her skills. 

At the end of the day, none of us are perfect, and he or she may excel at something you cannot do. 

33. Dreaming of drawing for fun

Since an idle mind is believed to be the devil’s workshop, your subconscious encourages you to keep your mind and body occupied with healthy habits and hobbies. 

34. A dream about throwing a drawing away

More often than not, a dream about throwing away a drawing emphasizes the need to flush out your old thinking patterns. 

Because your perspective is entirely distorted, and you have been going about your goals wrongly. 

35. Burning a drawing in a dream

Through the dream, the higher self reminds you that loyalty will never go unnoticed. When the time is ripe, everything will pay off. 

36. Dreaming that you lost your drawing

A drawing is a visual expression of your thoughts and perceptions. They aren’t any lesser than words. 

Therefore, losing your drawing is closely associated with losing your individuality. Perhaps your preferences, dislikes, and who you genuinely are, are gradually fading away as you try to fit into your environment. 

37. To dream about receiving a drawing as a gift

In this context, the gift may represent success and fame. That is to say, the universe could be preparing you to reward you with a reputation for some of your good deeds. 

38. A dream about a vivid or colorful drawing

Usually, colorful drawings are a sign that your aspirations will come true. The least you can expect is drastic improvements that will take you miles closer to the finishing point. 

39. To dream of drawing with a pencil

Holding a drawing pencil or working with it to draw a picture indicates optimism. 

Needless to say, your efforts and devoted time to accomplish something will be fruitful.

40. A dream about drawing with ink

Drawing with ink symbolizes your inferiority complex and limiting beliefs holding you back from growing. 

You don’t have confidence in your abilities and often hide in the shadow of others because you believe you got nothing on them. 

If that chimes, time to work on your self-esteem, if you care for growth and success. 

41. To dream of drawing with crayons

The presence of the crayons shows you are still a child at heart. Your friends and family might find that side of you cute and adorable. 

However, the dream urges you to act your age in formal settings such as your workplace. Else, your childlike behavior might work against you. 

42. Drawing with chalk in a dream

If you are confused or feel lost concerning a matter, reach out to an experienced person instead of trying to do it yourself. 

There’s a good chance that your lack of experience or knowledge will put you in deeper trouble. 

43. To dream about seeing yourself or someone drawing with a charcoal

According to the plot, you need to adopt a more optimistic attitude toward life. 

44. A dream about seeing several drawings

Several drawings are a sign of trivial matters that will bring you immense joy. 

45. To dream about drawing tools

Drawing tools are a sign of growth, development, and success. 

46. A dream about drawing with blood

Likely, you are involved in shady, unethical, or even immoral businesses if you drew with blood. 

47. Dreaming about an incomplete drawing

An incomplete drawing signifies you are, by nature, a cautious being. The moment you sense danger, you do your best to keep yourselves and your close ones away from the object of threat. 

48. To dream of seeing your drawing published by an established publication

The dream is a sign of progress, especially in the professional realm. 

49. A single person dreaming of drawing a portrait

If you are presently single and dream about drawing a portrait, expect your situation to change drastically in the days to come. This can be either positive or negative depending on your current situation. 

50. A young person dreaming of a kid drawing

Let’s say you are a young person though mature enough to have a child. 

Regardless of gender, if the vision of a kid drawing appears in your dream, it is a sign that you are beginning to think about having a child in the real world as your parental instincts are kicking in. 

51. An aged person seeing a kid drawing something in a dream

If you see a kid drawing something when you are past the age of giving birth, the dream symbolizes your regret over missed opportunities.  

Spiritual Dream Meaning Of Drawing

Spiritually, drawing is interpreted as the need to discover your life path and the reason behind your existence. 

A Dream About Drawing: A Biblical Interpretation

From the Biblical point of view, a dream about drawing, especially of seeing yourself teaching someone the art, is the subconscious encouraging you to take advantage of your talents. 

Because your skills and expertise can possibly turn others’ lives around – for the better. 

Psychological Meaning Of Drawing 

Drawing reveals much about how you perceive others. For instance, a beautiful drawing shows you tend to see the good in others first. While an ugly picture reflects your twisted way of thinking. 

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up, a dream about drawing can have either good or bad messages depending on the particular scenario.

Even if it brings forth a negative message, understand that there’s always a solution to it. Which is why the dream happened in the first place. To give you a heads up so you don’t get dragged into trouble and misfortune. 

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