We all know that death is inevitable for all of us. There are people who always remain apprehensive about death. Hence, it is common for them to dream about funerals.

So, funerals happen to be an integral part of our lives. Seeing funeral ceremonies in real life is very painful. Similarly, seeing it in dreams also gives an unpleasant experience. 

They make the dreamer spend their whole day feeling upset. Fortunately, funeral dreams rarely have significance in one’s waking life. These dreams tend to reflect the actual state of one’s inner self. 

Read on to know in detail what it means to dream about the funeral, its different types, and their interpretations.

Dream about Funeral - Various Implications on Your Life
Dream about Funeral – Various Implications on Your Life

Dreaming about Funerals Meaning

A dream about a funeral is an acknowledgment that something in your life has come to an end. It refers to the end of a situation or a particular aspect of yourself that you realize you will never see again. It is a symbol of bidding a final goodbye.

A Funeral dream often exposes an individual’s preoccupation with some loss that the person has recently experienced. All those on deathbeds or suffering from serious illness often dream about funerals.

If you are still in mourning for the passing away of someone close to your heart, then there is every possibility that you will often dream about the funeral.

One can even view this painful dream because of attending a funeral recently.

These dreams are indicators of releasing your bad habits. You can even escape from the negative influence of another person.

You could be aware that someone or something is negatively influencing you in your life and, hence you wish to get rid of it quickly.

Dream about Funeral – Symbolic Meaning

Seeing the funeral of our loved ones is devastating and painful. It is probably the hardest thing to digest. It gives us the realization that they will no longer be with us in the journey of our life.

Dreaming about funerals is not an uncommon thing to happen for any person. These dreams often reflect the concerns and apprehensions of people when they think of getting abandoned in this world.

Let us briefly discuss the symbolic meanings of dreaming about funerals for better understanding –

1. Willing to Let Something Go

When you dream about funerals, they usually symbolize that you might be planning to let something go, which is not ideally suited for you. You can also wish to end certain situations in your life.

The dream has a positive connotation suggesting that you have developed the courage to get over your attachments and are ready to accept the good in store for you.

This confidence will ensure your progress and enable you to achieve your goals and objectives. Thus, you can lead a happy and contented life.

2. Accept and Move on With Life

You can dream of someone’s funeral. It indicates that you have accepted the loss in your life. You are all set to move on from the happenings of the past.

The dream has positive implications, indicating that you no longer deny your loss.

You accept the reality and have decided to put the past behind you and focus solely on the present.

You are ready to acknowledge what has happened and look forward to your life’s journey. The vision for the future will be without grieving for the phase that has already passed. 

If you keep looking back, it will only result in suffering and misery. Dreaming about a funeral is a sign of your positive intent and healthy approach towards handling the distressing periods of life.

3. Unable to Accept Loss

Have you seen a dream about the funeral of someone who has already passed away in real life? If you have, this dream reveals that you have not come to terms with the person’s death.

It can even indicate that the grieving process is about to end. You wish to resume life’s daily activities and carry out your responsibilities.

4. Recognition for Some Work

It may sound a little strange, but there are occasions when this dream can also indicate you are getting rewarded for doing some work.

Strange because funeral dream relates to grief and sadness while receiving any kind of reward brings happiness in one’s life.

5. Feeling of Happiness

It is never a good thing to dream about a funeral. The dream relates to your suffering from loss, pain, grief, and other negative emotions.

One of the symbolic meanings of this dream links to happiness, which is a surprise.

This dream can come up in your subconscious mind because you are experiencing some happiness linked with your family.

It can be that there is someone in your family who might have got a promotion in his job or got their marriage fixed.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Funeral? – 51 Different Interpretations

Dream about funeral represents duties and responsibilities that will come your way and will gain the maturity to deal with them.

It can also serve as a reminder that you will develop a strong bond with people close to you.

These dreams are common occurrences. It is due to the fact that every individual has already gone through this kind of experience in their lives or will encounter it sometime in the future.

Overall, we can say that when a funeral arises in your dream, it can have several meanings. Dream interpretation changes as per the type of dream you see and whatever is going on in your current life.

Let us now discuss the several interpretations of different funeral dreams. The important thing is to note that most of them have got nothing to do with death –

1. Dream about being at a funeral

You can have a dream of attending the funeral of someone else. It can indicate the end of a situation or mark the end of a relationship.

It also tends to symbolize the repressing of some emotions. There is a possibility that this dream can signify the release of destructive emotions like resentment or anger. It could be a sign that you are leaving your memories behind.

If you saw a dream of attending a person’s funeral, who is dead in real life, it usually means that you are still in grief over the death of that individual.

In that scenario, alternatively, this dream can indicate that the grieving process is over and you are ready to go ahead in your life.

2. Dream about my own funeral

If I dream about my own funeral, it signifies I am currently doing something in my life that is not good for me. I must give it up before it causes severe problems.

This dream can even indicate the end of any event in my life. It can be anything starting from a particular situation, a stage in my life, or any aspect of my personality.

The dream can also signify that I am suppressing some of my feelings. Apart from these, it means burying some problems rather than addressing them.

Dream of my own funeral may even suggest the release of all burdens and finding some solace. It portrays a situation where I can relax and move ahead in my life.

The trend is, those who are nearing death see this dream.

3. Dream about someone’s funeral

When you dream about someone’s funeral, it can indicate that you have decided to leave the past behind and go ahead with your life.

If the individual whose funeral you had attended in your dream is already no more, that dream signifies that you have still not come to terms with the person’s passing away.

The dream also indicates that the grieving process will soon get over, and you wish to move on with your life.

It also means that a stage in your life has come to an end, and you are ready to start afresh.

4. Dream about a funeral procession

If you have dreamt of a funeral procession or seen yourself taking part in a funeral procession, that dream is a bad sign. It signals a bad phase in your life with loads of hurdles and negative emotions.

The negativity is making you depressed. Often, this dream reveals your level of frustration and hostility towards some individuals around you.

The length of a funeral procession also has some connotations. When you dream of a large funeral procession, it indicates that the bad phase will continue for a long time.

5. Dream about attending a close relative’s funeral

You can dream of attending the funeral of a close relative. If you do so, then it is not a good sign. This dream can signify you will be experiencing difficulties related to your family very soon.

It reminds you to remain in close touch with your family members. That will help you to prevent the occurrence of any untoward incident from taking place in your family.

Staying close to the family will also enable you to strengthen the bond among all the family members and hence deal with any adverse situation in the best possible manner.

6. Dream about attending a funeral of a close friend

Do you dream about being at a close friend’s funeral? This dream can signify the worries you have related to your friend’s behavior.

The worry is because your friend’s behavior is causing problems for your friend. It can help you go up to your friend and tell him that he needs to change his attitude for his good.

You can make him realize the implications that a behavioral change will have in his life and contribute positively towards making him a better individual.

7. Dream about funeral of an unknown individual

If you dream about the funeral of an unknown person, it signifies that you need to abandon situations of the past and the people associated.

The situations and people have already served their purpose in your life. Now, it is time for them to go and make for fresh faces and situations.

You must be ready to let people go who no longer fit into the present scenario. Hence, you must accept new individuals and situations to deal with modern problems.

8. Dream about funeral of a stranger

You can even dream about the funeral of someone you do not know personally. Dreaming of a stranger’s funeral usually signifies that you should let go of all those people or situations that have fulfilled their purpose. 

Once you let go, it will help you make space for a new set of people and experiences. This dream also refers to the problem you have while communicating with those you interact with on a regular basis. 

You are always worried that you might insult someone at home or work. You can even see a stranger’s funeral in your dream if you are going through a difficult phase in your life and expect things to become worse.

9. Dream about being at the funeral of your living parent

It is painful to even think of one losing their parent, but unfortunately, death is a truth that each one of us needs to accept and move on.

Thus, when you dream about attending your parent’s funeral who is still alive in waking life, it reminds you to evaluate the influence your parent has had in your life.

Once you evaluate, you can come across situations where you feel your parent keep everything under their control. They are putting restrictions on you in some way or the other.

It calls for you to become much more independent and completely release yourself from that suffocating environment. You will create an atmosphere where you cannot lead your life freely.

10. Dream about attending a funeral on a rainy day

If you had dreamed of attending a funeral on a rainy day last night, this dream comes as a warning for you. It can signify that something untoward will be happening very soon in your life.

It can be anything from suffering from health problems, financial issues, or anything that will hamper your peace of mind and make you nervous.

Therefore, you must treat this dream with utmost importance and take the necessary precautions to ensure everything remains as they are.

11. Dream about attending a funeral on a bright and sunny day

Dreaming of attending a funeral on a sunny day is a good omen. It indicates good luck very soon and can help you fulfill your long-awaited wishes.

You can finalize a pending deal, get a promotion, plan a trip, or indulge in a relationship for a lifetime. All these events have the potential to turn things around to make your life even more meaningful.

Therefore, you must take appropriate steps to act with purpose and grab the moments of good luck wholeheartedly.

12. Dream about a funeral in the presence of a few people

If you dream of a funeral where few people are present, that dream is a bad omen. It signifies that you can face several obstacles and misfortune very soon.

The dream is a sign of a great set of challenges that you will face to accomplish your goals. In certain situations, it is a symbol of financial problems.

It also means that you are not capable enough to serve your obligations and carry out all your responsibilities in an ideal manner.

13. Dream about receiving condolences while being at a funeral

You can dream about receiving condolences at a funeral. If you do so, then that dream has a good meaning. It augurs well for meeting new people and making new connections.

The dream can indicate that you will soon attend some gatherings. They will allow you to get in touch with people and exchange pleasantries.

Those new contacts might make or break your life and help you achieve the goals and objectives on time.

14. Dream about a dead person’s funeral

It is possible that you can dream of attending the funeral of a dead person. It signifies that you have not moved on from losing that person.

It is becoming difficult for you to accept the void that has come through from losing the person. You are still in grief and will take some time to get things back to normal.

The dream indicates negative emotions like misery or guilt over the passing away of this individual. It means you are clinging to the memories and not ready to let go.

You cannot accept that death has freed the person from all his sufferings, hence losing him for good.

15. Dream about your child’s funeral

You may dream about attending the funeral of your child. It is painful for any parent to see this devastating incident in their dream. In reality, the exact interpretation of this dream is a different one.

This dream symbolizes a vision that predicts good fortune for your family.

You can receive good news related to your child getting admitted to a college or that of any working member receiving a promotion at their job.

The dream about your child’s funeral has an additional implication. Even though you can have good luck, your close friends could be having severe problems in their lives. 

All those problems will make them struggle a lot. You must check with your friends and lend them your helping hand in their time of need.

16. Dream about someone’s funeral, who is still alive

If you dream about the funeral of a living individual, it means you maintain a strained relationship with this person, and you are thinking about the cracks in your relationship.

The fact that you have dreamt of this person’s funeral means that your subconscious mind wants you to end the conflict.

It is possible you had a big fight with someone, which has put your relationship at stake.

This dream indicates that you are constantly thinking to make amends. In this manner, you can get your relationship with the individual back on track.

17. Dream about singing at a person’s funeral

It is tough to think of someone signing at a funeral because people usually sign when they are happy and filled with joy.

Therefore, if you dream about singing at an individual’s funeral, it can seem quite bizarre and insensitive.

In reality, it is not so. This dream augurs well and has a good omen. It indicates that you will soon have luck by your side, and something good will happen.

The lucky event can be anything. You may win a lottery or get your prized possession after a long time. This event will occur if you sing a happy song in your dream.

18. Dream about funeral of a famous individual

You can even dream about yourself seeing the funeral of a well-known person or a celebrity. On top of this, that famous person stays in your locality.

Then this dream signifies that you will soon come across significant changes in your life.

Due to this reason, you must always be on the lookout to make changes and grab opportunities, which might help improve your life.

It does not matter if you make personal changes or impact the whole community where you live.

19. Dream about grieving at a person’s funeral

If you dream about mourning at a person’s funeral, that dream can come as a warning. It can indicate some danger threatening the life of your partner.

Due to this reason, you must take necessary precautions for your partner and keep them safe from all kinds of harm. The dream helps you to showcase extra love and care for your partner.

This love and care will also help strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Hence, the dream allows your relationship to blossom further.

20. Dream about wearing a black dress at someone’s funeral

Do you dream of wearing a black dress at a person’s funeral? Even though we generally do not associate black with anything good, still this dream is a good sign.

It serves as a precursor or an announcement of a person’s upcoming wedding ceremony. There is a possibility that you will be close to that person.

Moreover, you can even meet new acquaintances while attending the wedding ceremony. Thus, these connections will assist you in leading your life in the best possible manner.

21. Dream about a funeral and wedding

You can even dream about a funeral and a wedding simultaneously. It signifies attaining peace of mind in personal and professional lives. You have satisfaction at home and feel fully accomplished at your workplace.

The dream signifies that you have a perfect balance in both worlds. You are feeling good about it. If, in case, you dream of a wedding as a funeral, it means you have problems in your lifestyle. 

It is possible that you might be feeling exhausted at your job and even feel stressed out at home.

This dream is proof that you are not satisfied with how you are leading your life. Dreaming about a wedding as a funeral can also indicate your emotional instability. 

It can even signify strong adverse emotions like hostility or anger towards a particular situation. It means you will soon reach the peak of your anger, agitation, and strong feelings will erupt very soon. 

Dreaming about a funeral and weeding together can also act as a symbol of radiant energy. You are developing a fresh perspective and feeling free to take an active role in navigating your life.

22. Dream about funeral while being in a relationship

When you dream about a funeral while staying in a relationship, it does not augur well for you and your partner. It signifies a piece of bad news lurking around the corner for both of you.

This dream can predict that the kind of life the two of you have been planning for quite some time will never materialize.

The whole plan can go haywire because of some unfortunate state of affairs, which can even result in your break-up.

23. Dream about an animal’s funeral

Do you dream about the funeral of an animal? Now, what does this mean? When you see an animal’s funeral in your dream, it means you had a hard time battling against addiction in real life.

You had the belief that you would overcome this problem. Unfortunately, after a few months, the addiction had once again returned to your life.

24. Dream about making preparations for a funeral

You can even dream about preparing for a funeral. In waking life, it means you are going through a phase where you have the money, contacts, and everything else to make you rich and powerful.

Due to this reason, now you do not pay heed to others’ feelings and emotions. You do not show respect to others and only do what you think is right.

Pride has taken over your whole personality, and hence you do not bother about anything else in this life.

You can even see various other dreams connected with a funeral. Let us now briefly discuss those to see what they imply –

25. Dream about joining funeral prayers

When you dream about joining for prayers at the funeral, it means promoting brotherhood with people while walking on God’s path.

It signifies you are there to support people in their time of need and will do whatever is the need of the hour.

26. Dream about laying in a coffin

You can see a dream where you lay inside a coffin, even though no one is carrying it. This dream means you have committed some crime, for which you can get into serious trouble.

You see this because the guilt is killing you from inside. Hence, the subconscious mind is reminding you of the same.

27. Dream about a group of people carrying your coffin

You can see a dream where a group of people carries your casket. It has a positive interpretation. It means you will offer your support and serve a powerful individual.

As a result of your support and service, you will collect a financial reward. Therefore, you will build a reputation for yourself and also accumulate wealth.

28. Dream about following a funeral procession involuntarily

You can see a dream wherein you are following a funeral procession in an involuntary manner. It means you are reluctant to be a part of the procession.

When one dreams of a funeral procession, it signifies that the individual is offering his services to an authoritative person who is non-religious.

29. Dream about himself getting placed in a coffin

You can even dream about seeing yourself getting lifted and placed inside a coffin. It’s a painful dream to see, but it has a different connotation altogether.

When you see this dream, it means people see you as a leader. Due to this reason, they will appoint you to a leadership position.

30. Dream about floating above than remaining in a coffin

The dream of seeing yourself floating in the air instead of being inside the coffin carries a positive message.

You can dream of staying afloat and watching your funeral ceremony. It symbolizes victory. You have overcome a tight situation.

Now, you are relishing the victory you have attained over your sufferings and battles by staying afloat in the sky. When you dream about yourself getting buried, it has different connotations.

It signifies that you wish to be free. You are in such a state that enables you to experience similar kinds of things time and again.

That is the reason why your subconscious mind is also feeling suffocated and trapped.

You wish to experience liberation and freedom. It is only a matter of time before that happens in your life.

31. Dream about yourself getting buried while you are still alive

You can dream about someone forcing you inside the coffin while still alive. It is something that happens against your wish. Despite this, you had no option but to succumb to it.

It haunts and disturbs your frame of mind, hence releasing negative emotions. This particular dream signifies that you feel suffocated and trapped, with nowhere to go. Overall, it paints a grim picture.

You are involved in a stressful relationship in real life. There is also a possibility of you being in such a tough job, with no growth prospect and hence making you feel as if you are stuck.

32. Dream about seeing people perform funeral prayers and crying

You can see people performing prayers and crying over the passing away of the deceased in a dream. It means that the concluding part of his life will be highly commendable.

On the other hand, you can see a dream where people do not cry or express any sorrow for his demise but criticize him. It signifies that the later phase of his life will be deplorable.

33. Dream about a flying coffin

If you see a coffin flying in your dream, it signifies that a highly knowledgeable individual will pass away in that town. Surprisingly, people will not get to know about it.

This dream also means that a person known to you will either die at a foreign place, on his way to, or while coming back from visiting a pilgrimage site.

34. Dream about a large number of scattered coffins

You can see a dream of several coffins lying all over the place in a particular locality. It has got negative connotations linked with people.

The dream means people of that locality will indulge in adultery, violence, and all kinds of evil deeds, thereby causing harm to society.

35. Dream about paying tribute to a funeral

In a dream, if you see yourself paying tribute to a funeral, it means you are either bidding farewell or paying your respect to a friend who is traveling.

On the other hand, the dream about paying tribute to a funeral procession passing by carries a different meaning. It represents the concern that an individual has for his own comfort.

36. A woman dreaming about her own funeral

Can you guess what can be the implication of a woman dreaming of her own funeral? You will be surprised to know the dream means that she will get married.

Interestingly, if a married woman sees this dream, it has a slightly negative connotation. In that situation, this dream means she has to pay off her debts.

37. Dream about a deceased person at the coffin pointing at you.

There is a chance that you can dream of the deceased person inside the coffin and pointing a finger towards you. It means you will conduct his funeral.

When the dreamer carries out this noble service, he will receive a reward. The reward can either help boost your financial condition or somehow improve your health.

38. Dream about serving a funeral until the burial

You can dream of offering your service at the funeral of an individual. You will serve until the burial and closure of the grave. Seeing this dream means it will help you earn double the reward.

It will come through from your dedication towards a noble service. The Almighty will know the value of your reward.

39. Dream about receiving the news of a funeral

You can dream about getting the news of someone’s funeral or hear people cry at the funeral. Either of these dreams indicates that you will receive good news.

This good news will relate to the marriage of someone. It is also possible that you can hear about the birth of a baby.

40. Sick people dreaming about funeral

Are you sick and dreaming about the funeral? You may look at it as a terrifying thing. The reality is not so. 

As a patient, when you see this dream, it indicates he will recover soon. On top of this, it also means that the dreamer will become healthier than ever before. Due to this reason, he will not get sick very often.

41. Student dreams about funeral

Death is a certainty that can happen to anyone and at any time. Therefore, its fear goes into the subconscious mind of even a student.

Fortunately, when a student dreams about the funeral, it comes as a good omen.

This dream means that the academic performance of that student will get better. Hence, he can push harder to achieve excellence and gain others’ recognition.

42. Pregnant woman dreams about funeral

Do you wonder what happens when a pregnant woman dreams about the funeral? It means that the dreamer will soon give birth to the baby.

Moreover, the whole process of giving birth will happen in a safe and sound manner. The pregnant woman will not come across any complications.

43. Businessman dreams about funeral

When a business owner dreams about a funeral, it augurs well for his business. The dream signifies that his venture is flourishing. He is accumulating immense wealth.

It also means the businessman will make a lot of money very soon and thus improve his lifestyle.

44. Employee dreams about funeral

An employee can also dream about his funeral. When that happens, it indicates there is a chance of his promotion.

Promotion will help propel his wealth. It will depend on the employee’s abilities and connections to carry out his responsibilities successfully.

Dream about Funeral based on Objects

One can even dream about different objects related to a funeral ceremony.

Let us see what do those dreams imply –

45. Dream about funeral flowers

You can dream about the flowers used in a funeral. It can occur in different forms. You might see people coming with flowers to offer their condolences, or you can see flowers in one’s coffin.

No matter in what form you see funeral flowers, it points towards good memories. Memories that you have shared with someone in the past.

46. Dream about funeral pyre burning

If you dream about a burning funeral pyre, it forecasts a new relationship and hope in your life. They will emerge out of all your previous failures.

Now, you will respect whatever understanding and lessons you have learned out of all those failures.

You may undergo an extreme level of pain and suffering. Still, you must keep trying and entertain new dreams.

47. Dream about hearing a funeral bell

When you dream about hearing a funeral bell, it is a sign of tragic and heartbreaking news coming your way. It can be something related to your relative who is all set to lose their job or nearing death.

You can also see a dream that you are making noise with this bell. Then this dream symbolizes misfortune in your own life.

You can suffer from serious health ailments for a very long time or even undergo a phase of hardships.

48. Dream about funeral notice

You can dream of a funeral notice or any letter. The dream signals that something is about to come to an end.

An individual can end a relationship with you and set new restrictions. It will ensure that you do not attempt to contact the person again.

Dream about Funeral based on Locations of Service

You can often dream about different funeral service locations. Each location has its specific interpretation. They even make an impact on the day-to-day activities of your life.

Following are some of the dreams about funeral service locations –

49. Dream about a funeral hearse

When you dream about a funeral car or hearse carrying the coffin, it comes up as a prior warning for on-road accidents. This dream allows you to practice caution while driving.

You must remain careful when you drive on local roads or on the freeway. Else, you can either face a severe accident or witness one on the road.

50. Dream about funeral inside your house

Even though it is quite unnatural, but you can still dream about a funeral service taking place inside your house. It comes as a reminder for you to stay close to your family.

You should realize that you will lose your family members someday. Therefore, you need to spend the maximum possible time with all of them.

51. Dream about a funeral at a graveyard

You can dream about your presence in a funeral service at a cemetery or graveyard. It signifies the expenses linked with losses. Hence the dream points at a negative aspect.

You will associate with all those people who have failed and paid the heavy price. Do keep a watch on the fees you need to pay for availing of bankruptcy services.

You cannot exit out of this situation without clearing your dues.

Dream about Funeral – Psychological Perspective

There is a psychological angle to everything that happens in our life. The same applies to dreaming about a funeral as well. In psychology, a dream about a funeral refers to an ideal time to implement a plan.

It also warns against shifting from the current situation. You need to stick to it and execute your plans to perfection.

From the viewpoint of psychology, a dream about a funeral is a reverse symbol that precedes prosperity and health.

This dream also signifies that you are sad for a specific reason. In your subconscious mind, you have sadness for a person who has passed away. 

Now, only if you experience this grieving phase, it prompts you to forget about the same and move ahead for the future.

Dream about Funeral – Biblical Meaning

When you dream about somebody else’s funeral, it means that you will get a new job. It also means you will hear good news linked with your personal goals and objectives.

Now, when we consider the biblical meaning of a dream about the funeral, it implies that you will face difficulties related to your career, your love life, and your family very soon in your waking life. 

It also means that dead people are standing by with great interest to see that you carry out your study or work on a topic till the last moment.

Dream about Funeral – Spiritual Interpretations

Usually, at a burial site, the committal service takes place in the presence of loved ones. It includes readings, prayers, and you are ready to bid goodbye to the deceased person. 

Then the priest lowers the casket into the ground. One can either put flowers into the grave or scatter soil on the coffin.

The spiritual meaning of a dream about a funeral signifies the advent of a new dawn. 

You will come across changes in your life that would have connections with all those individuals who are close to you.

The changes occur from events you had to go through all over again. It means that the brief will leave very soon.

Why do you dream about your funeral?

When you dream about your funeral and analyze it psychologically, this dream implies that a specific part of your personality has collapsed.

It can be that you no longer develop feelings and emotions even after seeing people suffer.

If you see this dream, it also means that you need to bring forth drastic changes in your life. The closure is the need of the hour. The stressful occurrences inside your body result in your moods and reactions.

Our brain can process brand new information that you stuff inside it. In addition to this, the dream about your funeral calls for you to contemplate.

It assists you in analyzing the specific problem in your life that requires attention from your end.

Due to this reason, you can carry out a thorough analysis of your dreams and make an entry into a completely new world that is ready with its answers.

The video link given below will help you get more clarity and understanding of different perspectives of funeral dreams.

Closing Thoughts

We have analyzed numerous dreams related to funerals and discussed their interpretations and meanings. Dream about funeral predicts that there is good luck ahead for the dreamer.

It signifies that you can leave the past behind, relax and move ahead to build your future. The dream also notes that certain destructive feelings like resentment or anger no longer control you.

Your dream comes as a message from the Almighty. He is telling you to permanently close down a chapter in your life that causes grief and makes you sad.

Therefore, it is now time to get rid of the grieving process, make progress in your life and attain recognition for the work you do.