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Dream about Going Bald – Interpretations and Scenarios

Dream about Going Bald – Interpretations and Scenarios

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jul 21, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Going Bald - 27 Scenarios and Interpretations

Hair is an essential part of any person’s appearance. An average individual spends a considerable amount monthly on hair care products, haircuts and hair grooming. 

Dream about going bald or losing hair is a very common dream and almost every person in the world has had this dream at least once in their lives.

So, how do we interpret the loss of our crowning glory? 

Dream of Going Bald - 27 Scenarios and Interpretations
Dream of Going Bald – 27 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dream about Going Bald – General Interpretation

Dreaming about going bald can be interpreted as a sign of anxiety and insecurity in a person. It could also mean that the person is insecure about aging and this fact is affecting their self-identity. 

Losing hair is definitely a distressful sign but it has some hidden connotations too. It could be a sign of fear of losing something, which could also be a fear of losing actual hair! 

It is associated with a person’s self-confidence and self-worth. It represents feelings such as fear, anxiety, fear of loss and fear of losing self-control.

So, let’s explore the possible meanings and interpretations of this dream.

1. Fear of aging

This dream is associated with the process of aging. When we grow older, we could be very critical or careful about our appearance and the way we look and the way others perceive us.

This anxiety of growing old can often reflect in our dreams and once can dream of balding. 

2. Low self- esteem

Sometimes, people who suffer from low self-esteem dream about balding and losing hair. Hair symbolizes safety and security and can also symbolize a normal way of living.

Therefore, people with low self-esteem feel that they don’t deserve these things in their lives and hence might dream of something like that.

3. Truly going to lose hair in the future

In some ways, this dream can actually mean that you are truly going to lose hair in the near future.

The dreamer might already be losing hair and is anxious about their appearance and health. 

Hair loss and balding are caused by many health-related conditions and the dreamer may be worried about the same.

However, it is important to note that not every person suffering from hair loss has such a dream.

5. Loss of energy and freedom

This dream can also signify loss of energy or loss of freedom.

The person could feel that any change in their life, such as getting married or having a child or moving to a new locality can restrict their freedom and deplete their energy.

Dream of Going Bald – 27 Scenarios and Interpretations

Dreaming about going bald can be interpreted as losing control over persons or situations.

It could also mean that you fear changes and transformations in your life. They may also signify impending financial losses or health-related issues. 

Let us now discuss some of possible scenarios of dreaming about being or going bald and how it could possibly be interpreted in real life.

1. A male dreaming about being bald

Balding happens more frequently in men than in women. Hence, in males, it represents loss of power on people, things and situations.

In males, a going bald dream also means a loss in virility and lower sexual libido. It could be representative of a strained relationship or a situation in a relationship that could be out of the dreamer’s control. 

The dream is a reflection of the person’s mental framework and that the person is going through a lot emotionally and mentally and is unable to find solutions to their difficulties.

It also depends on the current situation in life. It could be interpreted as missing someone or something very significant in your life. 

The issue of hair loss or baldness is something which requires a proper solution. Hence, the individual with such dreams may also be looking for suitable solutions in their lives.

2. A female dreaming of going bald

For a woman, her hair is her crowning glory. So, when she dreams of hair loss or going bald, it signifies her insecurity about her aging process.

This also means that the person is resisting change and transformation of any sorts in their life. 

If a woman has such a dream, it signifies that she is feeling less attractive, when everyone wants to feel attractive and desired. 

It shows that the person is not able to accept this change in their life and is not ready to move on in life.

The dream is a sign that the person fears getting stuck in awkward and embarrassing situations. If the person accepts and analyses the situation they are stuck in, then they can find an appropriate solution and avoid feeling ashamed and awkward.

3. Dream about a partial bald head

If you dream of a partial bald head, then it could symbolize your disappointment and loss of track in life.

How much ever you try, your opinion seems to always go haywire. Due to this, there are chances of you losing friends.

However, it has another meaning too where it signals improvement in professional life. A better work life and productivity waits for you!

4. Dreaming of baldness in the middle of your head

When you see baldness in the middle of your head it foreshadows your feelings. This dream may also direct towards your poor mental well-being.

However, it indicates you accept the situation and move on in life. If you fail to do so, there are chances of you falling into depression.

5. Dreaming of being bald despite having hair 

This dream scenario occurs to a person who is caught in the midst of a distressing situation.

Besides, it highlights your fear of growing old and with hair loss in dreams, it may signal towards your worsening health condition. 

Also, there are chances of you catching a disease, which will attack your body badly. 

6. Dreaming of being surrounded with bald people

If you dream that you are surrounded by all bald people, it may be a sign of lack of self-confidence in confronting other people during meetings, presentations or in any other daily chores and activities. 

You might feel that other people are better than you in areas of life and you may be struggling with your own worth. 

It is a sign that you need to be kind to yourself and not engage in self-doubt and try to give it your best efforts in order to succeed.

Instead, it’s best to accept yourself the way you are and not dive further into the differences with other people.

On a positive note, being surrounded by bald people may mean that a business deal you are looking to crack is going to be yours or the promotion you are aiming for, might be yours soon. It could also signify results and fruits of your hard work.

7. Dreaming of going bald by pulling your hair out

Pulling out hair in waking life can cause intense pain and agony and not to mention the physical effects on the scalp! 

If pulling out hair physically means dealing with physical pain, pulling out hair in the dream means that you are under a lot of stress in your life. It could be stress at your workplace or stress at your personal level. 

It means that you need to take a step back from work overload and try to find ways and means to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

8. Dream of going bald due to stress

This dream scenario directs towards your panicky attitude. When you enter this phase, you are unable to listen to people’s advice who are indeed giving you positive suggestions.

9. Dreaming of going bald because of a disease

This plot indicates you should take care of your mental health. You lack inner peace and it is time to find a solution to direct towards fulfillment. 

Dreaming about known or unknown people going bald

When you dream about someone else going bald, it could represent your own dissatisfaction with life. 

It could mean that you find the other person’s life (the person you dreamed of) more interesting and exciting than your own life. 

You find your current setup mundane and boring and you feel that it lacks adventure and excitement.

10. Dreaming of a known person being bald

If you dream about someone else going bald— be it a partner, friend or a relative, it is a sign that they might get stuck in a difficult situation in the future and might look to you for help. 

You may be the only person who could get them out of the tricky situation that they are stuck in. 

It may mean that the person you dreamed of going bald may get into these delicate situations due to their own clumsiness or fault and need to be forewarned about the impending difficulties. 

11. Dreaming about an unknown person being bald

Dreaming about someone else going bald could also mean that your plans or goals will be affected due to other people.

Your ideas could not go well with other people and they may oppose all your ideas and therefore, your ability to succeed at any given task. 

12. Dreaming about a bald woman

If you see a bald woman in your dream, it could be a symbol of fights and quarrels in the family and a sign that a relationship will end due to external factors. 

If you are a male and you dream of a bald woman, it might mean that your current partner is not happy with the things that are going on in their life.

They may also be unhappy in the relationship. The relationship may be needing a tending to or an intervention.

13. Dreaming about a bald man

If you dream of a bald man, then it means that your partner is moving along in the relationship by their own self-interest and their feelings towards you might not be genuine. 

If you are a woman and see a bald man in the dream then it signifies you to rely on your own talent and not depend on any other person for their happiness or finances.

14. Dreaming of a bald monk

If you dream of a bald monk, it means that you are ready to make any sacrifice to become a better person in order to serve others. It means that you might be finding the purpose of your life and your being.

15. Dream about an ex being bald

This shows that the person is not over the breakup and is finding ways and means of getting back with their ex.

They might also be trying to justify why the breakup was not a good idea. It could also symbolize revengeful thoughts towards the ex and some unresolved issues.

16. Dreaming about a bald baby

On the bright side, dreaming about a bald baby represents a content family life and being in a happy and long-term relationship.

It indicates that the person already has a good relationship with their children or will have a good relationship with their kids in the future.

Apart from this, there are some miscellaneous dreams related to baldness. Let’s explore them.

17. To dream about baldness at the back of your head

This particular dream scenario foretells poverty and you may soon face financial complications. Furthermore, it will affect your health and you will be forced to find a solution.

18. To dream about baldness at the front part of your head

Seeing a bald spot at the front of your head signals about someone mocking you. You treated the person as a friend and confided all secrets but eventually you will find out that they have misused your trust. 

19. Dream about only a bald head and not a full face

If you don’t see any person as such in your dream, rather only the bald head, it might mean that there is an impending doom in your life and that you could face health or financial problems.

20. Dreaming of bald spots 

This particular dream scenario has both positive as well as negative connotations.

Positive meaning: It could signify a happy and prosperous family life in the future.

Negative meaning: It could mean failure and loss in business. It could also represent useless conflicts and conflicts with friends and family. 

21. Dream of your own head shaved

In this case, you don’t dream of a bald patch or a bald head, but of a head that is deliberately shaved. 

This means that you have some fears of your future or you are not happy about the way things are going on right now in life.

It also means that you are not the one who will easily give up in difficult times and you are the one to hang on and face all the challenges head on. 

22. Dream of your someone else’s head shaved

This means that you could be facing issues with a jealous colleague at the workplace or you may be in for financial losses. But these issues can be resolved with the help of spiritual intervention.

23. Dreaming of hair falling off

Dreaming of hair falling off may mean that the person is not feeling attractive or sensual anymore. 

The person is struggling to accept the changes happening to their body, either during pregnancy or after childbirth or due to aging or due to any major surgery.

On the other hand, in your dream, if you feel lighter and relieved after losing the hair, you might be ready for a major transformation in your life. 

It means that you will achieve what you had set your mind for— your goals for work, study or family.

24. Dreaming of bald head patches

This could mean that you are feeling insecure about some element in your life. It symbolizes vanity and lack of self-esteem.

25. Dreaming of covering a bald head with a wig

This dream signifies that you are a very cautious person and you don’t let anyone near you easily or you take a lot of time to open up to someone.

26. Dreaming of being bald and hair transplantation

If you dream that you are getting a hair transplant on your bald head, it signifies that you are a person who doesn’t give up very easily in life.

You are full of self-confidence and are ready to face any challenge that life throws at you.

27. Dreaming of a bald cat

This dream means that you are satisfied by the way your life is going or are content with what you are or have. You don’t see the need to change anything in your life or about yourself.

Dreaming about going bald – Biblical Meaning

Dreaming of being bald is associated with the lack of acceptance with regards to the process of aging. 

This may lead the person to deviate from their path in life. A person might be overthinking about becoming old and this might be giving them an inferiority complex. .

Dream of going bald – Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning is to accept the changes in life gracefully and to not worry about something which is meant to be a part of your life.

Once you accept yourself the way you are, you will not be worried about proving your self-worth and you will not suffer from self-esteem issues.

Psychological Meaning of Bald Dreams

According to psychology, dreaming of going bald or being bald is associated with how you see your self-worth.

It expresses an unconscious fear about losing your virility, growing old, becoming unattractive or being deprived of qualities such as youth, beauty, ability and power.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret dreams about going bald

Bald dreams can trigger your innermost fears and worries. You can try and prove your mind by asking the following questions to interpret your dream better.

  • What has changed in my life recently and how does it make me feel?
  • Am I under a lot of stress lately? Be it work-related or in personal life.
  • Am I feeling insecure about something in my life?
  • Has any situation triggered my feelings for my ex-partner?
  • Am I looking for solutions for a certain problem in life and unable to find it?
  • What am I doing to manage all the stress and pressure? What can I do to deal with pressure situations?

Wrapping up

Dreaming about hair loss or going bald is very common and not very unusual. Though it has several negative connotations, there is no need to panic and accept the situation as it comes. 

Besides, many interpretations have a positive side too where it is foretelling you to realize your goals and stay content with family and children.