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Are you looking for Sex Dream Meaning? Here’s what it means [50+ Types]

Are you looking for Sex Dream Meaning? Here’s what it means [50+ Types]

Updated on Sep 12, 2022 | Published on Apr 01, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Sex Dream Meaning - 50 Types of It & their Interpretations

Are you struggling to find out the meaning of your sex dream? You saw a strange or I’ll rather say a pleasurable dream today but something about the dream was wrong.

Maybe, it was the wrong place, the wrong situation, or the wrong person. Why did you see sex dream? Is there any hidden meaning or message associated with it?

While our conscious mind remains busy with daily chores, our unconscious mind gathers the smallest details of our trapped feelings and untouched desires. Let’s know more about sex dreams and their meanings.

Sex Dream Meaning - 50 Types of It & their Interpretations
Sex Dream Meaning – 50 Types of It & their Interpretations

Sex Dream Meaning – 4 General Interpretations

Sex dreams can be an implication of your emotional state in your waking life. Right from poor performance on bed to control issues, there can be so much sex dreams can maifest.

Our unconscious mind plays a great role in determining the kind of dreams we see. A sex dream usually reflects your deepest desires, repressed feelings, and the circumstances going on in your current life. You can also have flashbacks in the form of nightmares in your dreams.

A dream about sex and having sex can have many interpretations. The interpretations or the hidden meanings of your dreams depend on the type of your dream. Apart from that, the whole experience of having sex dreams have some general interpretations. Almost all of your sex dreams have to deal with one or more of the situations discussed below.

1. Cheating Partner

If you wake up from a dream where your partner was having sex with someone else, it’s an indication that you feel insecure in your relationship.

You have a fear that your partner is cheating you. I want to rest your worries by stating this dream doesn’t put a stamp on your partner’s disloyalty. It just means you are scared they might be indulged with someone else.

It’s also possible that you keep picking small clues that indicate your partner is cheating you, even if they are not. Well, having this dream means the issue is troubling you immensely and it’s okay to have a conversation with your partner.

Have patience and discuss your dream with your partner instead of blaming them without any proof.

2. Control Issues

Dreaming about sex also signifies you are feeling controlled or you are trying to have control over someone. It means someone is trying to dominate you or you are trying to dominate a person in your waking life.

This person can be your partner, family member, or someone from your workplace. Such dreams suggest control issues and the imbalance of a healthy relationship.

As you had this dream, it’s time to have a look at your life and discover the areas in which you are being controlled.

Take yourself into consideration as well and check if you are being extra harsh on someone in your working or personal life and if you are trying to make decisions for them.  

3. Inappropriate relationship with someone

Are you dreaming about having sex with someone who is not supposed to be in your bed? Are you dreaming about having sex with a colleague or their partner? Or you dream of having sex with a best friend or their fiancé? Or you dream about having sex with your teacher?

All these dreams are the direct reflection of what you feel about these people in your real life. Maybe, you haven’t given this desire an attentive thought… but your subconscious mind surely knows what you feel about them.

Another possibility is that you are already having sex with them in your waking life. You are either guilty about it or scared if anyone comes to know about it.

4. Poor Performance in bed

If you dream about delivering a poor performance in bed, it means you are insecure about your sexual capabilities or some other area of your life.

For men, they like to satisfy their partners as much as they can. If they fail to do so, it affects them really badly. Such a dream is the reflection of that trauma.

For women, they tend to have these dreams less than men but it also reflects their confidence.

Apart from that, a dream about performing poorly in bed may also be related to performing poorly in other areas of your life other than sex and losing your confidence as a result.

Sex Dreams – 50 Dream Scenarios & their Meanings

Now that we know the general interpretations of sex dreams, it’s time to know the exact interpretation and hidden meaning of your sex dream. Dreams are considered to be messages and warnings from our unconscious mind and higher self. 

Dreams are also our mind’s way to comprehend the daily activities of our lives. Depending on our types of sex dreams, the meanings of these dreams may vastly vary. So let’s have a look at the different types of sex dreams and their meanings. 

1. Sex dream meaning with “wrong person”

The meaning of these dreams really depends on what you were feeling after waking up from a sex dream with this wrong person. You may be having sex with the noisy boss, sexy gatekeeper, or your best friend.

Were you feeling  – Elated? Shameful? Excited? Disgusting? Or you just shove it off?

If you are not sexually attracted to this person in real life at all, it means you are attracted to an element of that person’s personality. It may be their confidence or the way they handle things.

2. Sex dream meaning with parents

The agony of this dream is that you can’t even share it with anyone. It’s such a taboo topic that you can’t even think of doing that.

But don’t worry. Having this dream doesn’t mean you are sexually attracted to your parents. It just means that there’s an issue going on between you two. 

Sometimes, parents make an appearance into your sex dreams out of the blue. Other times, it’s just that an issue needs to be solved between you two. 

3. Dreams about sexual violence

First of all, dreams about sexual violence are common for the survivors of sexual assaults. The pain of real-life repeats itself in the unconscious mind as nightmares.

For those who haven’t experienced such a case in real life, it seems weird to have such a dream where you are being assaulted or you are assaulting someone.

Dreams about sexual violence are not related to sex, instead, they are related to anxiety. You are feeling out of control in real life and thus you assault someone else to feel in control (yes, dream symbols are disturbing) or you feel helpless by being assaulted.

4. Dreams about masturbating

These dreams are common for those who are not sex-positive. They were taught from the beginning that sex is sinful and we shouldn’t engage in it.

These people think masturbation is dirty and receiving sexual pleasure from the self is wrong. Thus, their sexual desires and needs find a way to validate themselves in their dreams.

It completely makes sense when a person who frequently masturbates fails to get time to masturbate during the day hence completes their wish in dreams.

5. Sex dream meaning with an animal

Having sex with an animal in a dream doesn’t mean you are sexually attracted to animals in real life. It just means that these animals represent an idea, a place, or a loving time where you were very happy.

Such dreams mean that you want to go back to the time or place or be familiar with the forgotten ideas again.

The animal of your dreams can be the childhood pet that you lost. You spent a great time with the pet and now you want to go back to that blissful time.

6. Dreams about having sex with your boss

Okay, you might be sexually attracted to your boss. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Even if you hate your boss’s guts, this dream signifies that you are ready to take responsibility and a greater position.

So as soon as you are successful at not blushing in front of your boss, take the opportunity to discuss your motive to provide advanced service to the company.

7. Sex dream with a friend meaning

This dream comes as a surprise and a shock when you completely enjoy a platonic relationship with a person and can never think of having sex with them even if given a chance.

This dream just means that you adore some type of talent that your friend possesses and you want to develop it too. You are just attracted to one or more of their qualities.

8. Dreams having sex with your crush

It seems obvious to dream about having sex with your crush. But in general, it is a “wish fulfillment” dream. It is an implication of accomplishing something in your dreams that you really crave in real life. 

But fantasizing about your crush in your dreams also means that you are attracted to their spiritual quality and emotional abilities.

9. Sexual dreams about a celebrity

Sleeping with a celebrity… That sounds like a dream. If it is infact a dream that you had today then I’m happy for you.

Obviously, we drool over these stars all day and all night so it’s obvious to appear in our dreams. Apart from that, such dreams also mean that the star and you share a similar kind of talent or characteristic that made the superstar make a dashing appearance in your mind.

10. Sex dream with my ex meaning

Just when you thought you are finally over your ex they made a nude appearance in your dream… I know it’s disgusting and it hampers your recovery period seriously.

But having Sex dream with my ex is actually a sign that even if you are getting over your ex, you are still holding on to the toxic patterns that you developed with your ex. It’s time that you let these old habits go.

11. Sex dream about your partner cheating

This dream is a direct reflection of your waking life. There are two interpretations of this dream. Firstly, if you feel you are less attractive than other people of your gender, this dream means you are losing your confidence and belief in your own abilities.

Secondly, if your partner is not paying attention to you recently and talks more about a person of their opposite gender, you are troubled by the red flags of their cheating. 

12. Sex dream with a stranger meaning

Depending on your situation, this dream has two interpretations as well. You remember everything about the stranger but you can’t remember their face. The stranger can also be in a mask.

Firstly, this dream means that you want certain qualities in your partner that this stranger possesses. Secondly, it also means that your higher self is asking you to unmask your inner talents and experiment with your capabilities.

13. Sex dream with a family member meaning

If you see this miserable dream, don’t blame yourself by questioning your morals. You don’t want to have sex with this person who can be your sibling, parent, or in-laws.

The hidden meaning of this dream is that you appreciate a certain quality of this person and want to adapt it as well. It’s also possible that there is a feud going on between you two which your unconscious brain is solving in a very creepy way.

14. Sex dreams involving BDSM

It’s completely natural to have this dream if you indulge in BDSM. But if you aren’t a fan of it and it appears in your dreams, it means you have a habit of receiving pleasure from being dominated or dominating.

Adults who had an excessively dominating parent as a child are reported to have this dream more than the others. It also implies that you like to achieve pleasure especially when others take the initiative.

15. Sex dreams that involve oral sex

A lot of people consider oral sex as disgusting and unwanted. But their inner thoughts beg to differ. On the inside, they want to try oral sex and this is the reason why they involve in oral sex in their dreams.

If you had this dream, you should discuss it with your partner and also solve the issues that are stopping you from having this pleasure.

16. Sex dream with a student/teacher meaning

If your sex dream involved a student/teacher, it means you want to receive love from an authority figure. This dream doesn’t mean you are building sexual desires for a teacher. (In case, you don’t have a crush on them.)

This is one of the common sex dreams that people who had a narcissistic father or mother experience. As they didn’t receive love and attention from them, deep beneath they still want to be loved wholly and intensely by them.

17. Dreams about having sex in the bathtub

It’s possible that you have always been fantasized about having sex in the bathtub. If you never thought about this brilliant idea ever before, then it means you crave experimentation in your sexual life.

The dream also suggests that you are turned on by the visual representation of some inanimate objects as it reminds you of sensual body parts. For instance, the spout may remind some people of the penis. 

18. Sex dreams about having dirty talk

The sexual content of this dream signifies that you are concerned or rather unhappy by the way people perceive you. For this reason, you don’t feel confident enough to open up.

The dream suggests that you need to come out of your closet. It asks you to accept yourself as you are and show the world the unique side that you keep hiding in the fear of judgment.

19. Dream Meaning sex in front of others (Public)

It takes some tough daring to have sex in public. If you had such a dream, then it means you are feeling self-conscious and vulnerable in your waking life.

If you thought the hidden meaning of this dream was being daring, you were wrong. Actually, you have a fear of being exposed in front of others which also means that you don’t think your real self is worthy of appreciation or acceptable.

20. Aggressive Sex Dream Meaning

It’s more than disturbing to have a dream where you were sexually abused in a dream.

If you have been sexually abused in your waking life, the dream becomes more disturbing as it freshens the past trauma. I advise you to seek support in such cases. 

Such a dream is also common for survivors as in their unconscious state, they get a chance to change the events that took place in their actual abuse and have things under their control.

21. Mind-Blowing Sex Dream Meaning

If you wake up from a dream and recollect that your dream involved mind-blowing sex which was able to give you sleep orgasms, it’s time to take a deeper look at your wet dreams.

This great sex dream suggests you are sex-positive and that you want to feel the same level of ecstasy in your waking life as well. You can reach the level of ecstasy by talking to your partner and experimenting with new sex positions.

22. Dream about sex with multiple people at once

This dream is a result of anxiety. If you are feeling anxiety before you sleep, this can cause you to have such dreams.

The hidden meaning of this dream is that you are not able to focus on the waking life. A lot is going on in your life and you can’t have everything at once on your plate. Try to concentrate on one thing at a time.

23. Sex dream with someone you hate

Your dream content highly depends on the verbal puns you use in daily life. Remember, your subconscious mind doesn’t know how to differentiate between truth and puns. It takes everything you say seriously and serves you as your dream content.

Thus, if you are angry at your enemy and aggressively say “F**k you”, you literally do it in your dreams. Though, it happens rarely.

24. Men dream of getting pregnant

If you are a man who is expecting a baby soon, it’s common for you to have such a dream. It just shows your care and concern for the baby and its mother. You feel very emphatic for the mother and it shows in your dreams.

Other than that, the dream also means that you are starting a new project or business plan and it is very important for you.

25. Sex dream with a super-rich person

Dreams are the reflection of not only our needs but also our desires. Having sex with a super-rich person in a dream suggests you have a desire to be rich.

Sex is all about desire and satisfaction. Currently, wealth is the only most desirable thing for you after or before sex. And if I’m right, you are already aware of it.

26. Sex dream with someone who works for you

As we spend most of our time at our jobs, the people who work there are the people whom we see the most. This makes it pretty obvious for you to dream about them.

But if you are having sex with someone who works for you, then notice their position. How do they help you in your work? Maybe, the area of work that they make easier for you needs reconstruction.

27. Getting interrupted in a sex dream 

In this dream, you find yourself enjoying sex with a partner and an intruder intrudes on you in the middle of the process. The strange thing about this dream is that you find yourself talking to the intruder even in such a condition.

This dream signifies that someone from the outside is affecting your happiness in waking life. If it was your boss who interrupted you in your sexual activity, then your work is coming between you and your personal life. If it were your parents, they may have a problem with your current partner.

28. Sex dream with an acquaintance

If an acquaintance you met months ago appears in your erotic dreams, it means you are not attracted to them physically but you are in love with their personality traits.

Now, either you want your partner to have these personality traits or you want to master these personality traits yourself. Though, the situation differs if you had a past with the acquaintance.

29. Sex dream with someone you don’t think is hot

If your sex dreams of someone you aren’t even attracted to, then there is no need to question your sanity. This type of sex dream means you like a factor about this person’s behavior or their life.

For instance, they may have a happy family for which you crave for. They may be a good parent for their children and you want to see these qualities in your partner or your parents.

30. Sex dream with a Politician

If the sexual partner in your dreams is a politician, then you desire to handle your life’s decisions and affairs in a better way. The dream symbol of politicians is “governance” and “solving problems”.

Secondly, the dream suggests that you are a fan of the ideas they share with the public and you want to implement those ideas in your life.

31. Same sex dreams meaning

If you are sexually attracted to people of same-sex, then this dream shouldn’t shock you. But if you are someone who doesn’t share this sexual orientation, then let me tell you the hidden meaning of this dream.

If you are having same-sex dreams, then take a look at the person you are having sex with. What are the qualities this person possesses? Are they powerful, caring, kind, nurturing? Do you find these qualities in yourself too? If yes, then love them and if not, you want to nurture these qualities as well.

32. Dream about having sex at your childhood home

Our childhood home is the common location for most of our dreams and not just sex dreams. This dream isn’t about our sexual fantasies and experimenting with our sex life at our childhood home.

Instead, it reflects what you were when you lived in this place and how you felt here. Is there a feeling, vibe, or trauma that you are holding onto this place? Or is there affection and longing for the kind of person you were when you lived there?  

33. Dreams about having a mind-blowing orgasm

So, are you craving sex in real life? This dream just puts a stamp on your sexual desires. I don’t know why it comes as a surprise to men when they hear women dream of sex too… Come on, they have their needs too!

With age, orgasm dreams increase for women and decrease for men. The non-sexual meaning of this dream suggests the end of something pleasurable.

34. Dreams about mass orgy

Dreaming about mass orgy in a dream suggests that your sexual drive has suffered. You are not feeling as excited as you used to be before and you can’t perform well in bed.

Other than that, the meaning of this dream also suggests that you are not evolving and becoming better with passing time. Instead, you are remaining the same.

35. Dreams about porn film

To dream about a porn film in your dream represents your need and desire for sexual satisfaction and fun in life. You are seeking adventure in your sexual life and it’s being reflected in your dreams.

It’s also important to ask these questions to yourself – “Aren’t you satisfied with your partner?”, “Do you feel the need to have sex with more than one person?”.

36. Dreams about an erect penis

Having the dream of an erect penis is a good sign. It represents a satisfying sexual life, fertility, control over oneself and others, and the required sexual drive.

If you dream of someone looking at your penis, it means you are facing problems from other people in waking life. If the penis looks very small, it means people are grateful for your help. Though, it also indicates you are conscious of yourself.

37. Dreams about being raped

None of the nightmares can compare to rape dreams when it comes to choosing the worst nightmares ever. If you are being raped or witnessing a rape in a dream, it counts for your loss of control in waking life.

Here, I’m not talking about the strong survivors as trauma repeats itself in their case. For others, this dream means they are feeling helpless. They also feel a lack of control in a relationship or a job.

38. Dreams about having sex in a romantic city

Do you find yourself having sex in a romantic city? If yes, then there is nothing wrong with this dream. Instead, this dream is a result of nostalgia or hopes of an amazing future.

The location of the place plays a significant role in deciding the meaning of your dream. It may be the place where –

  • Spent your honeymoon.
  • You had your best kiss.
  • You made love for the first time with the love of your life.
  • The romantic city of Paris.

Having sex in such romantic places in your dreams suggests your fulfilled and unfulfilled desires.

39. Dreams about having sex in a weird place

If sex dreams were not weird enough, you had a dream of having sex in a weird place. Well, let’s focus on the meaning of the dream and promise me that you will work oncrus it.

The dream meaning suggests that you need to make some amazing adjustments to your sex life. You need to experiment and shake things as much as you can to satisfy that inner desire of yours.

40. Dreams about being pregnant

We discussed men being pregnant in their dreams. Now, it’s time to discuss women being pregnant in their dreams. The dream symbol of pregnancy is “new beginnings”, “nurturing” and “creativity”.

According to this dream, you are experiencing your inner child or the vulnerable part of yourself again. It also means that you are going to experience new beginnings, a new future, and a new business. To our joy, this new phase of your life will be full of happiness and excitement.

41. Sex dreams that lead to sleep sex

People walk in their sleep, talk in their sleep, and some unique situations also involve people having sex in their sleep. This is a result of R.E.M stage sleep disorder.

Due to this disorder, people start acting on their dreams in real life while being asleep. This can cause disturbance and complications in a relationship. The sleep disorder may result in consent issues and other complicated health problems. It’s firmly advised to seek professional support in such cases. 

42. Embarrassing sex dreams

There can be some steamy sex dreams and there can be some sex dreams that are going to leave you embarrassed. You will wake up from the dream and be horrified at the idea of what you just did as it all seemed extremely real.

Calm yourself and be totally assured that this dream doesn’t mean you wanted to have such a sexual interaction in reality. The reason behind the dreams was the verbal puns that you use in real life and relate it to the situation in which you were in your dream.

43. Sexual Assault dreams after PTSD

Let me get it straight – sexual assault dreams are not sex dreams. Instead, they are nightmares. Survivors complain of having these horrific nightmares just after the assault is done. Some survivors also report having these nightmares even after years. 

Dear reader, these nightmares are a sign that your body and mind is trying to process something. The trauma is too much for your mind. Hence, it takes time to recollect and fully understand what happened. Sometimes, it also revisits the trauma to change the outcome and final events to deal with the pain.

44. Dream meaning anal sex

Dreaming about having anal sex is not a good sign. Dreams mean negative energy is going to harm you. There is a possibility of being betrayed by someone close to you.

The dream is a warning that you should be prepared to deal with hard times. The dream reflects your unconscious mind gathering the details of the wrong choices you are making and the useless motives you are focusing on.

45. Sex dream with boyfriend meaning

Having sex with your boyfriend in a dream signifies your love and loyalty to him. As we have no control over our dreams, our unconscious mind can place anyone besides us in our bed when we are asleep.

Even then, if you see yourself making love to your boyfriend, then it means you are truly happy with him. Everything is great about your relationship and both of you are eager to solve the obstacles that come your way.

46. Sex dream with girlfriend meaning

Having sex with your girlfriend in a dream stands for your contentment and your happiest days. This dream brings positivity and good luck.

It strikes a direct relation with your waking life. It signifies you are happy with a situation. Further, it also represents being happy with your job, using your skills to their fullest potential, or undiscovering a special talent about yourself. It also shows your true love for your girl.

47. Sex Trafficking dream meaning

The dream is as awful as it can get. Sadly, the hidden meanings are not relieving either.

The dream indicates that you crave love and attention in waking life as you feel ignored and unloved. If you were the one you were being sold to in the dream, then you are going to face huge problems in waking life that doesn’t have to do anything with this dream.

48. Sex dream with platonic friends

The sex dream with platonic friends doesn’t have to do anything with wanting to have sex with this friend. The dream means that you trust your friend completely and there’s a deep bond between the both of you.

Well… if you are sexually attracted to this friend in real life then take your time to properly analyze things and note down if it’s love or mere attraction. If it’s not love, then how being intimate with them can affect your friendship in real life.

49. Dreams about sex problems

Dreaming about sex problems is a sign that you are not feeling happy and content in your sexual life. In waking life, you find yourself sexually unattractive or constantly failing to satisfy your partner.

If you are already having sex problems in real life, it’s making an appearance in your dreams and making you uncomfortable there as well. Such a dream also represents that you consider yourself a loser when it comes to achieving your goals.

50. Sex Dreams about Weird Fetishes or Fantasies

Weird fetishes and fantasies in your sex dreams give an idea of your desire to experiment in waking life. You want to spice up your sex life and try these fetishes for real.

Fantasies may also represent your wild idea about achieving unbelievable success. You may find it difficult to accomplish them now, but keep believing and soon you will reach there.

Sex Dreams – Spiritual Meaning

Dreams come from an imaginative state where our unconscious mind matches broken fragments of our waking life to create moving images. The creativity of our dreams is commendable. If you see yourself having sex in a dream, then pay attention to the person with whom you are indulging in the process.

Dreams are a direct reflection of what we are creating in our life, the only difference being that there are no limitations in your dream world. Hence, the person with whom you are creating this limitless world is also responsible in a tiny or apparent way in the realms of your waking life.

Pay attention to this person and notice how they are adding or subtracting to your purpose.

Sex Dreams – Biblical Meaning

You may feel like you have committed a sin by indulging in a sex dream with someone else rather than your partner. The situation worsens when the dream looks and feels extremely real. Don’t blame yourself for your dreams… even the Bible says so.

We read in the first scripture of the Bible –

The idols speak deceitfully, diviners see visions that lie; they tell dreams that are false, they give comfort in vain”.

Thus, the Bible says that some of our dreams are false and some visions lie to us. Piper points to Deuteronomy and shows us that God uses dreams to check the faithfulness of humans. Dreams are full of symbols, signs and are used to test our faithfulness. Hence, we should not act on our dreams and get carried away by lust. Instead, we should be focused on being victorious in our tests.

What Causes Sex Dream?

Every time we go to sleep, we spend at least 2 hours having dreams. Apart from lucid dreaming where you realize you are dreaming, you have absolutely no control over what you are going to experience in a dream and how you are going to handle it.

So, if you are having sex dreams, stop blaming yourself. Instead, have a look at these 4 reasons which cause sex dreams. 

1. Significant changes taking place in waking life

Our dreams are a reflection of the events taking place in our waking life and the emotions attached to them. Our unconscious mind takes all these events and emotions and tries to comprehend them in our dreams. But the way our mind comprehends and replays these events is weird.

The most common example is sex dreams. If you are facing significant changes in waking life, the most obvious feelings attached to them are excitement, nervousness, fulfillment, and happiness. As we experience all these emotions while having sex, we see ourselves having sex in our dreams.

2. Your aspiration to be more creative

Sex and Creativity are interlinked with each other. Human beings start to show their creativity from their early stages of life itself. But discovering and experimenting with the magic of sex gives them wings.

If you are having sex dreams and feeling the irresistible urge to create something, understand that the hidden cause of your sex dreams is your blossoming creativity. You want to experiment and break the barriers of your limits by being more creative than ever before.

3. The need of your body to have sex

We are so busy in our daily lives that we keep ignoring our relevant and irrelevant needs and desires. One of the most important needs for human bodies is their sexual needs.

The factors that cause sex dreams involve your body’s desire and want to experience physical pleasure. Your body wants sex and your mind knows it. Thus, it gives you an indirect message via dreams about your desire to release the stored sexual energy.

4. Your sexual attraction to a person

Human beings are not only social beings, but they are also very sexual. They need their physical demands to be fulfilled but they are picky about choosing a sexual partner. We all have crushes and partners who give us an adrenaline rush.

If your dreams at night include you sleeping with a person to whom you are sexually attracted, then obviously your desire for them is the reason for having sex dreams. You are attracted to this person as it comes as no shock if it lets you experience a sex dream.

Sex Dreams examples

  1. “I had a weird dream where I was having sex with my best friend! I’ve never been attracted to her and it was very creepy.”
  2. “I was sweating profusely when I woke up from my dream. That was when I realized I was having sex with my boss on the office table while our colleagues were looking at us through the transparent glass windows. I felt so horrible!

Questions to ask yourself to figure out what your sex dreams mean?

There are several interpretations of a single sex dream. If you want to find the most accurate interpretation for your case, try to remember your dreams and ask yourself these questions –

What were you feeling after waking up from the dream? Were you happy and escalated? Or were you disgusted and horrified?

  1. Did you see porn before going to bed?
  2. Did you indulge in sexting before going to bed?
  3. Is someone sending you unsolicited nude pictures?
  4. Do you feel trapped and dominated in some area of your waking life?
  5. How your sex partner treated you in the dream? Were they caring and kind or dominative and monstrous?

If you see your partner cheating, ask if you consider yourself unworthy of your partner is really showing the red flags.

If you saw yourself sharing the bed with someone else, ask yourself if you are unsatisfied in your sexual life with your partner.

Remember, dreams don’t always have a literal meaning – they have a hidden meaning to…

…which you will be able to interpret only if you ask the right questions!

If you get dreams about cheating then check its meaning here.

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