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Dream about Handcuffs – 31 Interpretations and Scenarios

Dream about Handcuffs – 31 Interpretations and Scenarios

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Oct 06, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Handcuffs - 31 Types and Interpretations

Did you dream of handcuffs lately? If yes, it is indeed a curious dream. Dream about handcuffs denotes someone or something is holding you back. It is a sign of restlessness.

Let’s find out what this dream signify and explore the various scenarios and their symbolic meanings.

Dream about Handcuffs- General Interpretation

Dream about handcuffs is a curious dream to have and depicts your restless conscience. It may indicate some mistakes you have made and you feel guilty about the same. It also denotes your need to control someone or something or your need to break free from pressure inducing situations.

Handcuffs are restraint devices and are used for various purposes. They are mostly used by law enforcement agencies to prevent suspected criminals from escaping custody.

On the other hand, couples use handcuffs to spice up their relationship. If you have dreamed about handcuffs, it may indeed seem interesting and you may be curious to know what it actually suggests.

So, what does it mean to dream about handcuffs? Let’s explore the general interpretation to get a better idea about this dream.

1. This dream denotes that someone or something is holding you back from achieving your goals and success. It could also be your own attitude and outlook towards life that may be holding you back.

2. Dream about handcuffs represents your sexual desires and fantasies. You may be looking for some adventure in your private life.

3. This dream suggests that you are restless due to someone or something in your life.

4. Your morality and your conscience are warning you against something that you’re planning to do.

5. This dream hints towards success and wealth. You might receive recognition for something.

6. This dream denotes a lack of freedom in your life and your tendency to depend on someone constantly in order to make decisions.

Dream of Handcuffs – 31 Scenarios and Interpretations

Let us look at the various scenarios of dreams about handcuffs and the ways in which they can be interpreted. Let’s begin with various people involved in the dream of handcuffs.

1. Dream of you getting handcuffed

This dream denotes that someone close to you is constantly reminding you of the mistakes you made in the past. They might be holding a grudge against you.

It also represents your own feelings of guilt and resentment of an act you committed which might have impacted someone negatively.

2. Dream of you handcuffing someone else

The dream of you putting handcuffs on someone else points out that you are being too possessive about that person and not giving them enough space to express their individuality.

You want to assert more power and want to control someone in your life. You are trying to punish someone or are out to seek vengeance for some wrongdoing in the past.

3. Dreaming about a police officer putting handcuffs on you

If you dreamed about a police officer handcuffing you, this dream represents your search for closeness and intimacy.

You are looking for advice and support. You will be successful in overcoming your fears and apprehensions.

4. Dream of a civilian handcuffing you

If you dream of a civilian handcuffing you, it means that someone is constantly trying to remind you of the mistakes you made in the past.

This is hampering your progress and affecting your work quality.

5. Dream of seeing a friend getting handcuffed

This dream suggests that you need to rely on yourself for making any major life decisions. Your friends might not be able to help you out due to unfavorable circumstances.

Someone close to you might not keep their promise and that will land you in trouble.

6. Dream of your partner in handcuffs

Dear reader, your dream hints at a happy event and a celebration. If you see your partner in handcuffs, this dream hints at luxury and opulence.

You will finally let go of something that was bothering you for quite some time now. You will be ready to share an aspect of yourself to others, which you had kept hidden earlier. It may be a creative pursuit or a talent or a skill.

7. Dream of you handcuffing your partner

This dream symbolizes intimacy and romantic relationships. You are perceived as a person who is tough to please. You may be trying to escape from some tricky problems in your life.

You seem to be out of ideas and need to be more creative to achieve targets and goals.

8. Dream of handcuffing a person to a thing

If you dream of handcuffing a person to a certain thing, it suggests that you are very possessive by nature.

You demand a lot of attention and feel neglected most of the time. The people close to you may be showering you with attention, but it may not seem enough for you. This pushes people further away from you.

You need to work on your interpersonal skills and try to empathize with others around you.

9. Dream of freeing yourself from a handcuff

If you dream of finally getting rid of the handcuffs, it means that a concern which was pestering you for a long time has been solved finally.

It means the end of concern and problems. It also suggests personal evolution. You will gain a lot of insight in life and use it to your advantage.

10. Dream of someone else freeing themselves from a handcuff

If you dream of someone else getting rid of the handcuffs, it denotes that this person was being held back by someone close to them and has finally found their voice to end the apathy.

They might have been able to come out of a bad job or a relationship and started afresh.

11. Dream of you taking handcuffs off someone’s hands

This dream can be interpreted as a sign of a restless mind. You might be feeling guilty of doing something bad to someone.

12. Dream of someone taking handcuffs off your hands

If you dream of someone taking off your handcuffs, it means that they might confide in you and tell you a big secret. This may make them feel relieved.

Dreams about actions involving Handcuffs

Let’s explore some scenarios involving actions with handcuffs.

13. Dream of buying handcuffs

This dream expresses your desire to control someone. You may feel that your partner is not the same person anymore, as they were at the beginning of the relationship.

14. Dream of selling handcuffs

If you dream of selling handcuffs, it means you will be asked to judge two parties during an argument and you will end up taking the wrong person’s side. You will later regret this mistake of yours.

15. Dream of gifting handcuffs to someone

This dream focuses on the lack of adventure and enjoyment in your life. You might be seeking a more adventurous life.

16. Dream of receiving handcuffs as a gift

If you dream of receiving handcuffs as a gift, this can be seen as a sign of optimism. You will discover a hidden talent within yourself and use it to the fullest.

17. Dream of stealing handcuffs

This dream indicates that you will defeat your enemies using their own weapons. You will use your intelligence to achieve this. You will use their weaknesses against them.

18. Dream of someone else stealing your handcuffs

This dream means that you are not able to beat your competition. You look at someone as a threat to your job.

Instead of proving your mettle, you are wasting your time and effort in playing mind games with this person.

Your tactics will not work on them. You need to focus more on your work quality than others better than you.

19. Dream of losing handcuffs

This dream suggests that you are trying to hide your mistakes but in vain. You might lose credibility because of the same.

20. Dream of searching for lost handcuffs

This dream means that you are trying to push the blame of your mistakes on other people. Truth will reveal itself eventually and you need to be more careful.

21. Dream of finding handcuffs

If you dream of finding handcuffs, it suggests that even though it was possible to take advantage of someone for your own benefit, you will choose not to do it.

You will take the high road and work towards your goals on your own merit.

22. Dream of throwing handcuffs away

This dream indicates that you will part ways with a toxic partner or a friend and feel relieved.

You will ease up your burdens and let go of a bad job.

23. Dream of other people throwing handcuffs away

This dream foretells you that you will support important decisions of people close to you. Your advice and guidance will mean a lot to them.

24. Dream of hiding handcuffs

If you dream of hiding handcuffs, it means that you are feeling jealous of someone but are having a hard time accepting it.

You are unable to trust people and are feeling insecure.

25. Dream about other people hiding handcuffs

This dream denotes that you will accidentally spill the beans about someone close to you and reveal their secrets.

This may lead to a strained relation with them, but you will try and improve the situation as much as possible. 

Miscellaneous dreams involving handcuffs

Here are some miscellaneous scenarios when you dream about handcuffs.

26. Dream of seeing a pair of handcuffs

If you see a pair of handcuffs in your dream, it depicts that someone is trying to hold you back in your waking life.

It also suggests that your conscience is restless.

27. Dream of seeing multiple pairs of handcuffs

This dream suggests that you have quite a few people around you, who don’t wish you well.

Their intentions are not good and you need to be aware of such people.

28. Dream of wearing handcuffs

If you dream of wearing handcuffs, it is a positive dream and suggests that you will receive success soon. It means that you are in for good fortune and if you are a student, you will do well in exams.

29. Dream of being in shackles

This dream warns you of jealous and envious people around you. They might say nasty and unpleasant things about you.

30. Dream of putting shackles on someone

If you dream of putting shackles on someone, it means you are trying to keep this person by your side. You have a feeling that they may leave you and distance themselves from you.

You are looking to spend more quality time with them.

31. Dream of handcuffs out of nowhere

This dream warns you of illnesses and ailments that might arise in the future. You need to be careful of your health and take good care of yourself.

Your abilities will be restricted and this will create a huge impact on your life.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams of Handcuffs

Dream about handcuffs symbolizes that we have been restrained by someone and that your conscience is restless by some wrongdoing of yours.

It may also mean that you are being forced to do something which you didn’t want to do.

Spiritual Meaning of Handcuff Dreams

The spiritual meaning of the dream about handcuffs is that your own conscience is hindering your growth. You have many doubts and worries in your mind that are not allowing you to progress.

Psychological Meaning of Dreaming about Handcuffs

This dream can be interpreted as being restricted by someone else’s opinion about you. It is an indicator of upcoming sickness or dangers.

Wrapping Up

To dream about handcuffs is a reflection of your own waking life and thoughts. As mentioned earlier, it signifies restraint and possessive nature or the need to break free from problem areas in life.

These interpretations and symbolisms are there to provide you with an insight to understand your dreams  better and to give you some clarity.

It is up to you how to use these interpretations in  a positive way and guide your life accordingly.

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