Key Takeaways

  • Dream about needles are a harbinger of an impending danger, which can hit any aspect of the dreamer’s life – emotionally, financially, socially, etc.
  • The presence of the object in your dream means you need to be extra careful and attentive.
  • They are also related to the pain and suffering we undergo in the waking world.
  • Needles in a dream spectacle also denotes the necessity to stay focused and take the much-needed actions.
  • At times, they are also used to highlight repair and a significant improvement in the dreamer’s life.

Having a dream about needles without any other accompanying details may not leave a lasting impression on you. But extraordinary dreams about the sharp object will most likely keep you up at night for several days. 

For example, swallowing a needle or a mouthful of it is not something your conscious mind can forget right away! And as expected, the interpretations of these plots are messages you shouldn’t take lightly. 

In the words of Sigmund Freud, Dreams are the royal road to the subconscious”. And like every other dream, your subconscious uses the needle to bring your attention to something you are not yet aware of or have completely overlooked. 

Dream about Needles - 98 Different Plots And Their Interpretations
Dream about Needles – 98 Different Plots And Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean To Dream About Needles?

A dream about needles symbolizes the danger, pain, and suffering you will bring upon yourself the moment you go off track and lose focus. Sometimes the object is also a sign that you are overthinking a matter, perhaps making a huge concern over a trivial matter that needs no attention. 

As small as they are, needles can give us great pain if we touch their sharp end accidentally. Considering that, needles in dreams can signify the danger we can get ourselves into the moment we lose focus in life.

Since there are a variety of needles out in the market depending on their functions, there are multiple reasons why they found their way to the sleep state of dreamers. 

For example, acupuncture needles may have something to do with health, sewing needles may be related to a matter of the past, a rusted needle can be a sign that you are stuck somewhere in life and haven’t moved on since then, etc.

Indeed, needles are extremely small objects though they are capable of incurring much pain to the point of bleeding if poked. 

Therefore, from that perspective, a needle can signify the heartaches, pain, and suffering we experience in the waking world. At other times, the object can mean the dreamer is overthinking turning a trivial matter into a huge issue. 

Needle Dream Meaning: Various Dream Symbols

Considering what a needle means in the dream world, there are tens of dream symbols associated with the object. But for convenience’s sake, we have included only those that are most common. 

1. A need to pay closer attention

Usually, we do not consider needles as dangerous. However, as tiny as they are, they have the power to wound us if we are not careful while handling them. 

Therefore, when needles appear in your dream, it can be your subconscious mind advising you to be more careful in your day-to-day life, relationships, work, so on and so forth.

2. A need to take action

Though the function of needles varies from one type to another, the first thing that usually comes to our mind when we think of a needle is thread and sewing.

And the primary function of needles is to sew two different pieces of clothing into one. 

From that perspective, a needle in a dream denotes you need to take action. 

For example, take the dream scenario of a needle poking you. Based on the plot, the sharp object urges you to take care of yourself and your family because you have been neglecting them for too long. 

That’s it! The sharp object showed up prompting you to take a specific action. 

3. Warning

Often, needles are a medium through which the universe warns you of potential danger ahead. At other times, it can mean you are overexerting yourself and are seriously in need of a break from your hectic life. 

4. Changes

In the dream world, needles are also closely related to major transformation. So, dreaming about it can be your psyche letting you know ahead of time that changes are afoot. 

5. Intimacy

Often perceived as a phallic item, dreaming about needles can also be a sign that your bedroom activities do not satisfy you.

At other times, the object can be interpreted as your desire to get intimate with your partner. 

Dream about Needles: 98 Plots And Their Meanings

We have included some of the most common dream scenarios of needles. For a better understanding of what they signify in the dream world, you can go through each of them. 

1. Seeing a needle in a dream

A dream about seeing a needle can be interpreted in various ways. 

First, it can be a warning of an impending dispute on your domestic front. It can be regarding inheritance or any other matter where you and your people failed to see eye to eye. 

Another approach to the scenario is you need to keep motivating and pushing yourself. It’s easy to slack off and wait for motivation to hit you but you know better that success doesn’t happen that way. 

Alternatively, dream experts believe seeing a needle in a dream is a reflection of the pain and despair you are presently undergoing. 

2. A dream about seeing many needles

In this context, the needles represent fake friends lingering in your circle. Look out for those who are extra nice to you. The dream suggests they act sweetly to conceal their real intentions. 

Through the dream, your subconscious warns you not to fall for their sugar-coated words because their sole objective is to sabotage you. 

Pay heed to your dream and carefully filter out the people who you think approach you with malicious intents. 

3. A needle on your face in a dream

The above scenario is a warning! In the future, especially in the upcoming days, you need to be careful with how you speak, look, appearance, etc. Because as indicated in the plot, a slight mistake may bring you utter despair. 

For example, let’s say you are a business person looking for investors to invest in your project!

Though the primary focus is your business model, your personality and outer appearances are also some of the deciding factors. 

When your entire business rides on the first impression you left on the minds of potential investors, you can’t afford to slip up and lose opportunities, can you?

4. A dream about a needle in your eye

According to the plot, your conscious mind is subtly aware of the fact that one of your friends or acquaintances is concealing his or her genuine self, trying to be someone else. 

5. Dreaming about a needle in your ear

Having the sharp object in your ear denotes haters spreading lies and rumors about you. 

6. Dreaming about needles coming out of your mouth/ A dream pulling pins out of your mouth

Here, the needles represent harsh words. Based on the plot, you have hurt a loved one with your unkind words though it was never intended. 

Whether it was done intentionally or not, the truth is that you did hurt that person. So, the scenario can be your subconscious encouraging you to step up and apologize for what you have done!

7. A dream about seeing needles in someone else’s mouth

To dream of needles in someone else’s mouth means you will be subjected to humiliation and disgrace because of someone else’s sharp words. 

8. Dreaming about needles in your throat

The spectacle reflects your desire to be more independent and self-reliant. 

9. Needles on your hand in a dream

The dream suggests you take care of the pending projects/ tasks and whatever you have been planning asap. 

10. Dreaming about needles on your arms

Needles on arms in a dream reflect your perception of life. 

11. Dreaming that you are in the hospital with needles on your arms

Usually, the dream is closely related to the emotions you are presently undergoing. 

But the interpretation may completely alter if it was used to draw blood from your body. In that case, the dream is a sign that you will successfully overcome the impediments that stand on your path.

12. A dream about a needle pierced into your heart

To dream of a needle pierced into your heart symbolizes heartaches and problems in your personal relationships. 

13. A dream about needles piercing your feet

If needles pierce your feet in a dream, chances are, the environment you are in is not the right fit for you. Either it is toxic or will hamper your progress. 

14. Needles piercing your whole body in a dream/ dreams about needles in your body

The image of thousands of needles piercing you is a sign that you feel overwhelmed by the immense pressure you are experiencing in various aspects of your life.

Without a doubt, you are having a hard time coping with them. 

15. Someone poking you with a needle in a dream

Chances are, someone has either hurt you or is getting on your nerves.

16. Dreaming about pricking yourself with a needle

The scenario points to a serious fight between you and someone.

17. Dreaming about a needle stuck in your body

In a broad sense, the dream signifies you cannot forgive yourself for creating a mess. 

18. Sticking a needle to someone’s body in a dream

As per the plot, you will be the cause of someone’s tainted reputation. 

19. Dreaming about piercing your skin with a needle

If a needle pierces your skin in a dream, it is your subconscious piercing you reminding you about something or someone you have neglected. 

20. A needle underneath your skin in a dream

Assume a similar situation happening to you in the real world. How would you feel if a needle goes beneath your skin?

You’ll feel the pain but the problem won’t be noticeable. Similarly, the plot says you are making attempts concerning a matter in the waking world. However, due to reasons not specified in the plot, nobody can see that you are trying.

For example, let’s say you have a crush on your classmate and decide to make a move on that person. You gave numerous clues to show that you like him or her.

But if neither that person nor the others understand your signals, the scenario may surface in your dream.

21. Hurting your body with a needle in a dream

The dream has two different meanings depending on the exact scenario. 

If you hurt yourself accidentally, it symbolizes an improvement in your financial status. Contrarily, hurting yourself with a needle intentionally portends betrayal. 

22. Dreaming about someone chasing you with a needle in hand

Dreaming about someone chasing you with a needle symbolizes restriction. The scenario hints at roadblocks that are preventing you from progressing the way you want. 

23. Dreaming about someone intentionally stabbing you with a needle

To dream of someone intentionally stabbing either your face or body with a needle symbolizes forthcoming danger. 

24. An acupuncturist stabbing you with needles in a dream

Contrary to the above scenario, it is a positive sign if you dream of an acupuncturist stabbing you with needles all over your body.

The dream denotes you will pay attention to your health and eliminate unhealthy habits and routines that pose a risk to your health. 

25. Dreaming about stabbing someone with a needle

According to the plot, you feel threatened by someone who you believe is better than you. You are under the notion that he or she has the potential to overtake and destroy you any day. 

Alternatively, the scenario indicates that a close one is undergoing emotional turmoil and needs to be comforted

26. A dream about stabbing yourself with a needle

The spectacle symbolizes a guilty conscience. Chances are, you made a huge mistake in the past due to a lack of skills and experience. 

And the plot says you cannot forgive yourself for what you have done because regardless of the reason, the fact that you mess it up is starkly clear. 

27. Dreams of being injected with a needle

The scenario implies that you need to be more focused and committed to your goals. 

28. A dream about a fatal injection

According to the scenario, you have decided to put an end to something as it is working out in a way completely different from what you had envisioned. 

29. Dreaming about a needle and a thread

If you see a needle and a thread in a dream, one or a few close ones may be counting on you for help. 

So, if you can afford to put aside your personal matters for some time, your dream encourages you to tend to your loved ones who are waiting for you. 

30. Threading a needle in a dream

Threading a needle can come easy or extremely difficult depending on the person engaged in it.

Usually, young people with excellent eyesight will pull off the task without much difficulty while the elderly may struggle with it for minutes or hours. 

The scenario has nothing to do with age or eyesight. The key point here is the degree of ease or difficulty in accomplishing a goal.

Recall your actions in the dream. Were you able to thread the needle easily? In that case, it is a sign that you will hit your goals blindfolded.

And your goals require some time and hard work if your efforts to thread the needle were mediocre in the dream.

Lastly, if you dream of struggling with the task till you drop it, the dream denotes it will be exhausting to achieve your goals.

Note that the dream happened not to discourage you but to give you an inkling of what’s to come – so that you don’t falter and give up midway. 

Yet another meaning of the scenario is that you feel overwhelmed by tasks and projects that are not originally yours, to begin with. 

Threading a needle can also be a reflection of your fear of independence. Most of the time, when we become independent, we move out of our family homes and earn our own living without depending on our family. 

Since moving out also means forsaking our due duties as a member of the family, to some degree, the dream indicates you are too attached to your family and have no desire to become independent or forsake your responsibilities, to be precise. 

Threading a needle also denotes you are very precise with your goals and have a clear picture of how to achieve them. 

31. Failing to thread a needle in a dream

Failing to thread a needle symbolizes your fear of something not meeting your expectations.

32. A dream about sewing with a needle

To begin with, having a dream about sewing with a needle indicates you have created some mess in the real world. Either you have hurt a loved one with harsh words or have wronged someone with your actions. 

Regardless of who that person is and how you have hurt him or her, the spectacle says you are trying to mend the damage. 

On the other hand, sewing with a needle in a dream symbolizes unpleasant situations at your workplace.

33. Dreaming about sewing clothes with a needle

The dream is associated with unforeseen happenings concerning your marriage and children. 

34. Dreaming about sewing something

Sewing something in a dream is a harbinger of an unpleasant event you will find yourself in. It can either be personal or work-related. Either way, note that it’s not going to be an easy ride. 

Also, your dream tells you not to act impulsively as the probability of going deeper down the pit is more than likely. 

35. Sewing worn-out clothes in a dream

Having a dream about sewing worn-out clothes implies the strengthening of relationships by defeating the odds. 

36. Sewing your clothes with a needle in a dream

Your present circumstances and financial status determine the generic meaning of the dream.

If you are wealthy, expect your income to suffer a steep decline. On the other hand, if you have a hard time making ends meet, expect a dramatic rise in your income. 

37. Dreaming about sewing underwear or baby’s clothing

Having a dream about sewing underwear or a baby’s clothes points to a potential pregnancy.

38. Dreaming about sewing a wedding dress

While the obvious meaning of the scenario is an impending marriage, it can also be a sign that you have finally gathered up the courage to forgive, forget and move on from the unpleasant happenings of the past. 

39. A dream about using a needle to sew someone else’s piece of clothing

According to the dream, you will step up and be the mediator between two conflicting parties. They will listen to your suggestions and take your advice. Ultimately, they will reconcile and come to an understanding, thanks to you!

40. Dreaming about a needle breaking while you sew

The plot says your kind actions will not be looked upon favorably. 

41. Popping a balloon with a needle in a dream

Popping a balloon by pricking it with a needle heralds the end of your misfortune and the beginning of your happy days. 

42. A needle near your pillow in a dream

The plot symbolizes a complicated love relationship. 

Though you and your partner are a perfect fit for each other, the dream says people around you do not approve of your relationship. These people will try every possible means to make you stay away from your partner. 

And in the worst cases, even resort to black art to break your relationship. 

43. A dream about breaking a needle

Having a dream about breaking a needle implies you always put others first before yourself. You don’t mind going above and beyond to fulfill someone’s wishes while pushing your own to the back seat. 

Contrary to your belief, you realize that others do not care for you as much as you do for them. 

According to the dream, you have realized that you have been serving disloyal people all this time.

And now that you are aware of the truth, you have decided to turn over a new leaf and not let others take you for granted anymore. 

44. Dreaming about losing a needle

Having a dream about losing a needle is your subconscious asking you to be careful with your actions and behaviors. Otherwise, they will create a mess and might hamper your progress in the near future. 

And by the time you realized your mistakes, it would be too late to undo the damage. 

Losing a needle in a dream also signifies an impending breakup with your beloved. 

45. A dream about losing a sewing needle

Having a dream about losing a sewing needle symbolizes losing the love and support of an influential person who has been assisting you for a long time. 

46. Looking for a needle in a dream/ A dream about searching for a needle

You are an empathetic person if you dream about looking for a needle. Your personality does not allow you to look past other people’s problems and many times you end up worrying about an issue even more than the concerned person does. 

Also, you often get sensitive over trivial matters. 

Alternatively, the scenario denotes you are trying to change someone against his or her own will. There’s a strong possibility that this individual is a romantic partner.

Though his or her love for you is real, that person refuses to yield to your requests. 

However hard you try, he or she will never give up his or her own beliefs. The above interpretation arose from the belief that looking for a needle is a complete waste of time

47. Someone else looking for a needle in a dream

If you see someone else looking for a needle in a dream, you’ll need to pick one out of two options in the waking world. 

They can be career or relationship, family or a job abroad, marriage or fun-filled singlehood, etc. 

Unquestionably, you will have a hard time coming to a decision as you wouldn’t want to give up any. 

48. Dreaming about searching for a needle and finding one

In case you dream of searching for a needle and finding one, it is a sign that a few interesting people will enter your social circle in the upcoming days. 

49. A dream about finding a needle

Most likely, you will hear a piece of unpleasant news if you dream about finding a needle.

Finding a needle is also related to conflicts in the family. 

Positively, the scenario can be interpreted as a new person entering your social circle. This particular individual will eventually become a close friend you can’t do without. 

50. A dream about finding a needle at an unexpected place

Having a dream about finding a needle at an unexpected place signifies you will soon come up with an unconventional or out-of-the-box solution to resolve your problems. 

51. Dreaming of taking a needle

If you dream of taking a needle, you will soon help someone resolve a complicated matter. The act of kindness will make you feel content and proud of yourself. 

52. Dreaming about selling a needle

Someone in your circle will deceive you if you dream about selling a needle or needles. Even if it’s not as bad as deception, the dream says that person will disappoint you to some degree.

Likely, it would come from a person you least expect would let you down. And the incident will compel you into thinking that literally, nobody is worthy of your loyalty. 

However, through the dream, your subconscious advises you not to let that one incident negatively affect your other relationships.

Each of us is unique and just because one person betrayed you don’t mean, the rest will follow in his or her footsteps. 

Alternatively, selling a needle suggests a dispute with your child on account of his or her food habits. 

53. Dreaming about a shop selling golden needles

A shop selling golden needles is your subconscious encouraging you to keep on working as you have always done. Chances are, you are not too far from your desired destination.

54. A shop selling bent needles in a dream

A shop selling bent needles has a negative connotation in the dream world. According to the plot, you have failed to focus and stay committed to your goals.

As the saying goes, ‘The ending is as important as the beginning’! Since you slack off and failed to stay true to your mission, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

Ultimately the time and effort you invested to realize your dreams will be in vain. 

55. Dreaming about choosing needles

If you dream of choosing needles, it means you have none but yourself to protect your image and reputation from getting slandered.

56. Buying a needle in a dream

You may undergo a change and set new goals if you dream of yourself buying a needle.

Other experts relate the scenario to losses. 

57. A dream about using a needle to cast a spell

Dreaming about using the pointed object to cast a spell on someone or something emphasizes the need to reevaluate your life goals and earnestly work towards achieving them. 

Here, we would like to add another point. When deciding on your goals, do not brush anything away as impossible. Because the plot says you have the potential to pull off anything in life if you set your mind to it! 

Don’t you think that’s the reason why you dream of the spectacle in the first place? If your higher self doubts your potential, the plot would not have turned up in your sleep state!

58. Dreaming about eating needles

The plot symbolizes conflicts with some people in your waking life. 

Negatively, eating needles denotes you have spilled the darkest of your secrets to the wrong person. He or she will use your secret to his or her advantage someday. 

59. To swallow a needle in a dream

The dream calls for a major transformation. According to the plot, you have gotten too comfortable in your bubble that the mere thought of a slight change terrifies you.

Eventually, that fear has been holding you back from progressing any further. 

You keep yourself confined between the four walls. And yet blame the universe and your destiny for being unfair. 

Through the dream, your higher self wants you to note that it’s not the universe but yourself that is being unfair. Unless you start working on yourself and your goals, nothing will work out!

Therefore, take the scenario as a cue. Breakaway from the shackles and limiting beliefs that have been binding you. Do your part, give your best and the universe will make sure you receive what you deserve. 

60. A dream about spitting out needles

Spitting out needles in a dream emphasizes that you need to pave your path towards success. Honestly, it won’t be easy and you’ll be on pins and needles constantly. 

Likely, many of the problems that arise along the way will be related to someone you care for. And his or her immaturity and lack of understanding will hurt you. 

61. A dream about walking on needles

Having a dream about walking on needles means you fear problems and potential downfall.

62. Dreaming about pins and needles

Most of the time, pins and needles dreams occur when you have been sleeping in an improper position for a while, reducing blood flow thereby inducing numbness or the inability to feel a part of your body. 

Though that is one of the most common reasons behind such a dream, the scenario can also be interpreted from other aspects too. 

From the spiritual perspective, dreams of such nature occur when you feel suddenly disconnected from your past.

For example, let’s say you had a breakup recently. The turn of events will compel you not to think of the past. Ultimately, the breach will make you feel somehow lost and unable to navigate your direction. 

On the other hand, a dream of pins and needles may also occur if you are too precise for your own good.

Be it regarding your goals, decisions, or actions – you are crystal clear about what you want and the specific methods through which you want to attain your goals. 

63. Dreaming about seeing needles on a table

To dream of seeing needles on a table symbolizes conflicts and possible disputes in your family. 

64. A needle fixed to a cushion in a dream

The dream warns you to be wary of ill-wishers who claim to be your friends. 

65. Using a thimble to avoid getting poked by a needle

The spectacle portends changes in your personal as well as professional life. 

66. A dream about scattering needles on the floor

If you have ever scattered needles on the floor, you possibly understand that it’s not an easy task to pick them up. 

Your dream scenario denotes a similar case. One or a few of your mistakes will land you in a series of troubles, one after the other.

And just like the needles, your problems will be quite a handful. Not that they would be too complicated, but they sure will be a hassle.

67. Dreaming about seeing needles in a factory

It seems you are overwhelmed by the amount of work laden on your shoulder. 

68. Dreaming about receiving needles as a gift

The spectacle symbolizes a quarrel. Though a person in a dream may represent another completely different individual, it would be worthwhile to recall the particular person who shows up in your dream. 

Then evaluate the relationship between the two of you. Figure out if you have been on bad terms recently. If yes, there’s a possibility that there will be a major conflict between the two of you. 

69. Dreaming about seeing a doctor or a nurse with a needle

If you see a doctor or a nurse with a needle in a dream, there’s a possibility that you feel offended about something someone said to you. However, you need to know that he or she meant no harm. 

On the other hand, such a dream may also happen if you believe an authoritative person is trying to control you. 

70. A small child playing with a needle in a dream

Let’s start with a question!

Are you sure you are genuinely passionate about the profession you are presently in? 

Because according to the plot, whatever you are in will bore you to death once the initial excitement wears off just as a child does not hold on to a particular toy for long. 

71. Darning with a needle in a dream

The dream signifies improvements in several aspects of your life. 

Needle In Dreams: Different Types

72. A dream of sewing needles

Sewing needles in a dream is clearly a warning. According to the plot, you are a competent person and your confidence greatly annoys someone around you. 

Out of irritation, he or she is looking for an opportunity to bring you down. And the dream indicates you do not have an inkling of what’s happening in your back. 

Through the dream, your subconscious warns you to be wary of those who you believe can stab you in the back anytime.

A dream about sewing needles is also connected to the past. You might have committed some grave mistake earlier that led to a massive blunder.

If that resonates, the image of the sewing needle in your dream is a sign that you want to go back and repair the damage you have caused. 

On the other hand, the French dream book relates the scenario with a couple of trivial issues bothering you in your waking life. 

73. Dreaming about a sewing needle with a long thread attached to it

The plot symbolizes unpleasant life changes. Likely, a toxic person will come to power and instill his or her negative thoughts on everyone. 

74. A sewing needle miraculously turning into a medical needle in a dream

Having a dream about a sewing needle turning into a medical needle all of a sudden stands for an unpleasant event that will coerce you to lose respect for your colleagues you had deep regard for. 

75. Dream knitting needles

Knitting needles are likely to appear in your dream if you have hurt a person who plays a key role in your life. 

From another perspective, the dream can be taken as a warning not to hang out with gossip mongers. Steer clear of those people whose sole objective is to churn lies and rumors about anyone and everyone. 

Additionally, you must refrain from getting involved in arguments and conflicts that do not directly concern you. 

You are also likely to be humiliated if you see knitting needles in your dream. 

76. Dreaming about acupuncture needles

Generally, acupuncture needles in dreams are associated with your health. Lately, you may have been too busy to take better care of your health. 

If you find the above interpretation relatable, your dream wants to remind you that work is important. But so is health!

You can achieve optimal results only when there is a perfect balance between your work and life, health to be precise. 

77. Weaving needles in a dream

Based on the plot, you are navigating through your life to adopt a few ways for a better tomorrow.

However, the dream tells that you are still unsure of how to proceed and keep going back and forth in your decisions. 

78. Crochet needle in dreams

Someone around you criticizes you behind your back. 

79. Dreaming about a syringe

Syringe in dreams symbolizes victory. You may or may not be having problems at present. Even if you do, your subconscious wants you to know that everything will be resolved soon. 

Negatively, the scenario denotes someone is using your weak points to take advantage of you. 

80. A dream about seeing a syringe on the ground

Syringe on the ground in a dream can also stand for your worries about heading in the wrong direction. For instance, you might still be in doubt whether you have picked the right career choice or not!

81. Pine needles in dreams

Having a dream about pine needles implies you are full of regret. In the past, it seems you have invested your time and effort into something only to see it come to nothing.

82. Dreaming of lush green pine needles

Lush green pine needles in a dream mark the beginning of an exciting phase of life. Perhaps you are about to realize a goal you have envisioned for a long time. 

83. Dreaming about picking up pine needles from the ground

To dream about picking up pine needles scattered on the ground symbolizes trivial matters that can be overcome with a little bit of attention.

84. A dream about trying to sweep a ground full of fallen pine needles

Based on the plot, you have taken up more work than you can handle and now you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to complete. 

Pine needles in a dream are also related to the festivities of Christmas. Recall your emotions when you saw the pine needles in your dream scenario. 

If you were annoyed, it means you are not too fond of the festival. On the flip side, if you were excited in the dream, it means Christmas is one of your favorite times of the year. 

84. Seeing a large needle in a dream

If you see a large needle in a dream, it can be a sign that you need to give your upcoming actions and decisions a second thought. 

85. Seeing a gigantic needle in a dream

Dreaming about seeing a gigantic needle represents your greatest fears, which can be unpredictability, having no control over a matter, etc.

86. Dreaming about a needle smaller than a nail

Having a dream about a needle much smaller in size than a nail denotes you are going overboard regarding a matter.

According to the dream, you are troubling your nerves over a matter that needs very little thinking, creating a mountain out of a molehill. 

87. Dreaming about broken needles

In the dream world, broken needles stand for unresolved issues that are hampering your progress. Another approach to the dream hints at your loneliness after cutting off ties with a close friend.

88. Dreaming about a damaged needle

If you see a damaged needle in a dream, the plot implies emotional pain and mental turmoil caused by lies. 

89. A rusted needle in a dream

Dreaming of a rusted needle signifies a painful past, something you haven’t moved on from.

Since there’s no point in dwelling on the events that cannot ever be undone, your subconscious wants you to let them go once and for all. 

On the other hand, rusted needles in dreams say you may become a subject of gossip mongers in the near future. Chances are, your haters and illwishers are behind the whole drama. 

Whatever they say, you must turn your back to them and pay no attention because the truth will come out in the open soon. 

90. Dreaming about a bloody needle

A bloody needle in a dream symbolizes problems awaiting to befall you and the dream advises you to act with caution. 

Otherwise, you might put yourself into deeper trouble. 

91. A dream about seeing a needle with traces of fresh blood on it

The dream urges you to be wary of everyone around you including blood-related relatives. Despite the closeness, some of them might be plotting for your downfall. 

Needle Dream Meaning: Different Dreamers

92. A young woman dreaming about a needle

If a needle appears in the dream of a young woman, she will fall madly in love with someone. 

93. A single person having a dream about needles

If the object appears in the dreams of a single person, the scenario symbolizes success and glory on both the personal and professional fronts. 

94. Engaged people having dreams about needles

If you are engaged or have been in a relationship for a long time, the needle brings for you the message that marriage is not a far-off thing. 

Freud’s Interpretation Of Needle Dreams

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, a needle in the dream world symbolizes the male sexual organ. 

95. Seeing many needles in a dream

Based on the plot, you strive to engage in sexual entertainment.

96. Dreaming about sticking a needle into something

When it comes to sex, you tend to be rather aggressive. 

97. Sewing in a dream

Freud relates such types of dreams with a desire to get involved in sexual activities with multiple people. 

98. Dreaming of a broken needle

A broken needle symbolizes sexual dysfunction, according to Freud. 

Needle Dream Meaning: Dream Examples

1. It rained dried pine needles in the dreams of a woman.

In waking life, the woman was suspicious of her husband cheating on her. On the other hand, she saw house chores, which are her responsibility, stack up to one above the other right before her eyes. 

The dried pine needles are a reflection of her situation. Though she finds her responsibilities overwhelming and her husband’s behavior tormenting, she couldn’t do anything about it.

Though she longed to speak up her mind, she was afraid that it would lead to nothing but arguments with no solution.

Possible Reasons Why Needles Appeared In Your Dream

As mentioned above there are various types of needles depending upon the purposes. Therefore, there are thousands of possible reasons why the sharp object found its way to your dream. 

As you are probably aware, dreams are not random but happen for a specific reason. So, what can be the meaning behind your needle dream? Let us look at some of the possible reasons in the list below. 

  1. You have a career or pursue a hobby directly or indirectly related to needles, for example, a designer, a tailor, an acupuncturist, a nurse, etc. In that case, the dream is probably a reflection of your everyday life and needs no deep analysis. 
  2. Needle dreams also symbolize forthcoming transformations. 
  3. You are going through hard times in your waking life. 
  4. Some people in your surrounding area are plotting against you. 
  5. You want to be independent.
  6. A person or a problem is getting on your nerves.
  7. In some cases, a needle in a dream warns you about a problem or a task that has been pending for quite a long time. 
  8. You are trying your best to repair the damage you have created in the past. 
  9. Very soon, you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation. 
  10. You are not sure if you are on the right track or not. 
  11. Your loved ones do not approve of your love relationship. 
  12. You are a born overthinker and often create a mountain out of a molehill. 

How To Interpret Your Dream About Needle

As you see, a dream featuring a needle or needles can be interpreted in hundreds of ways. And that is when interpreting a dream gets exhaustive and overwhelming. 

To help understand your dream better we have come up with a few questions. Not only will these help you get closer to the answer but the questions will also make the interpretation much faster.

As you go through the questions, note down the answers to each question. And most importantly be honest with yourself. The meaning of your dream rides on your answers!

  1. How do you perceive a needle in the waking world? Do you see it as a creative instrument or as a threatening object?
  2. Where and how did you see the needle? Was it on your body or someone else’s or was it fixed on a piece of clothing? Note down exactly as it appeared in the dream.
  3. Which type of needle was it – a sewing needle, pine needle, syringe, acupuncture needles, etc.?
  4. What was the condition of the needle-bent, rusted, etc.?
  5. Was anyone else present in the dream?
  6. Which other objects did you see in the scenario?
  7. Are you on bad terms with anyone in waking life?
  8. Have you lost friends recently? Does that make you feel lonely and miserable?
  9. Have you unintentionally ignored your near ones?
  10. Do you believe someone is trying to take control of your life?
  11. Does your subconscious sense some transformation coming along soon? 
  12. How did you feel within the dream – scared, annoyed, or indifferent? 

For sure, the answers will not give you a definite answer. As the dreamer, it is your responsibility to find the common ground and see how the answers are interconnected. After which, you must figure out which aspects of your life fits into the picture laid out by your dream. 


That wraps up our article on dreams about needles. If you read the post carefully, you might by now be able to point at a handful of happenings that could have led to the dream.

Once again, let us remind you that dreams happen not to scare or discourage you but to make you aware or warn you of matters your conscious overlooked or has not noticed yet. 

Be that as it may, the message conveyed by dreams will be completed only after the dreamer takes a step forward, decodes the message unique to him or her, and takes the necessary action.