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Dream About Bubbles: 32 Plots And Their Meanings

Dream About Bubbles: 32 Plots And Their Meanings

Updated on Jan 04, 2023 | Published on Jul 11, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream About Bubbles 32 Plots And Their Meanings

A dream about bubbles may leave you happy and elated upon waking but they are not one of the best dreams one can encounter, despite their vibrancy. 

Though some are a symbol of harmony, bliss, and carefree nature, many scenarios associated with the soap suds hint at aspects of your life that needs to be evaluated. 

Dream about Bubbles – General Meaning

A dream of bubbles symbolizes living in an unreal world entertaining unrealistic goals. It is also associated with happiness and contentment. Bubbles can even mean you feel trapped in an unfamiliar world. 

Bubbles are a delight and super fun to play with. However, despite the happiness, they bring us, especially during our childhood, they usually have a negative connotation in the dream world. 

Since they drift away from us and burst in a few seconds, they represent fleeting happiness and sometimes ideas that wouldn’t withstand the test of time.

Talking about drifting away, they may also stand for your disappointment over someone gradually moving away from you – physically or emotionally. 

Positively, bubbles symbolize hopes and expectations – believing in the delightful aspects of life. 

Apart from the generic reasons mentioned above, some other symbols associated with the dream are –

  • Hope
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Health issues
  • Fakeness
  • Maintaining a distance
  • Isolation
  • Fear, etc. 

Now that we’re done with a general meaning and symbols, let’s take a look at some scenarios. 

Dreaming of Bubbles – 32 Plots & Their Interpretations

Going through some of the most common scenarios related to bubbles may give you clarity on how to proceed with your dream meaning. 

1. To dream of bubbles

Bubbles could mean you entertain an idea for something new despite your intuition telling you that it won’t amount to much.

In spite of your rational mind telling you to stop then and there, the dream says your gut feeling is persisting with the idea to see how far you can go. 

Some experts relate the dream with the need to protect a vulnerable someone or something.  

In other instances, bubbles are also associated with something about you that is quite vulnerable and can be easily damaged. 

2. To dream of bubbling liquid

Bubbling liquid represents unwavering hope, believing that something will work out well in the end. 

Negatively, to dream of the above represents your wishes for something bad to happen to others. 

3. Dreaming of blowing bubbles

The scenario is a reflection of your real-life happiness and contentment. Also, expect positive changes in some areas of your life. 

Blowing bubbles is also associated with reminiscing your stress-free childhood days. 

Some dream interpreters also relate the scenario with childhood fears. Taking that into consideration, blowing bubbles could be your subconscious advising you to overcome your fears as they will likely prevent you from achieving the best version of yourself. 

4. To dream of being inside a bubble

According to the scenario, you feel entrapped in ‘something’ in the waking world – a career you hate, a toxic relationship, or maybe a job you have no passion for.

To make things worse, the dream shows you feel isolated and are struggling hard to blend with the people and the surroundings that have ‘trapped’ you. 

On the other hand, it could be your subconscious warning you to protect yourself from toxic people and bad influences lurking around. 

5. Someone blowing bubbles in a dream

The dream says you need to go out and inject more fun and adventure into your life. 

6. Dreaming of bubbles floating in the air

Often, floating bubbles are your intuition telling you to help someone who is probably counting on you. Sometimes, the bubbles also represent a person who always makes you happy. 

The dream is also linked with unrealistic expectations – like the ones we have as children. 

Many people also dream of floating bubbles when they feel elated after getting liberated from responsibilities.

7. To dream of bubbles ascending up in the sky

According to the dream, your goals are too high, almost to the point of being unrealistic. 

8. Dreaming of a bubble descending and falling flat on the ground

You may be feeling bogged down by responsibilities and burdens in the waking world. 

9. Playing with bubbles in a dream

Playing with bubbles stands for your wishful thinking to slip into fun and adventure amidst a challenging phase of life. 

From another perspective, your dream may be your subconscious mind advising you to take some time off for fun. This applies if you feel overworked and worn down with responsibilities in the real world. 

Negatively, it means you are insensitive to others’ feelings and do things your way often hurting others intentionally or otherwise. 

10. To dream of having fun playing with bubbles

The dream hints at fond memories you often look back to. 

11. Seeing someone playing with bubbles in a dream

You would be able to enjoy a blissful life but you would need to work hard for it though!

If you have been holding back from doing something you really want to for fear of what others would think, your higher self advises you to go ahead and do what your heart desires. 

12. To dream of a bubble bursting

The scenario is symbolic of a person who brings you nothing but endless trouble. Perhaps you even consider that person as a stumbling block to your success and happiness. 

Bursting bubbles may also be interpreted as breaking free from a monotonous lifestyle. 

13. Seeing yourself bursting bubbles in a dream

Here, the bubbles are symbolic of problems in your waking life. So, dreaming of bursting them means you are trying to get rid of those negativities that pull you down. 

14. To dream of bubbles drifting away from you

The bubbles represent someone or something distancing away from you. This may be translated to a relationship with a friend or a partner falling apart, or a memory fading away. 

Further, the dream goes on to say – if you wish to restore it back to how it was before, you must talk your problems out with the person concerned. 

15. A dream of bubble baths

A bubble bath can be interpreted in two ways. As relaxing as a bubble bath is, the plot says you feel as if you are on cloud nine. Surrounded by wonderful, loving people and everything going your way, you wish for nothing more. 

Alternatively, the dream may mean you are in dire need of relaxation. 

16. Dreaming of having a bubble bath

If you dream of having a bubble bath, it means you are looking for ways to resolve the problems that cause you constant worry. 

Some dream analysts relate the scenario with a comfortable and luxurious life. 

17. To dream of soap bubbles

Generally, soap bubbles stand for a carefree life. 

That said, you still need to recall the emotions you experienced in the dream. If the bubbles make you uneasy, someone or something will likely disappoint you. 

18. Dreaming of bubble wraps

To begin with, the dream symbolizes your fragile nature. For fear of getting judged and criticized, you often try to keep your emotions, thoughts, and opinions under wraps. 

Bubble wraps may also highlight the need to be in control and handle people, events, and situations with care. 

19. Dreaming of a bubble gum

You may dream of bubble gum if you are struggling to get out of a perplexing situation. 

Sometimes, it may also be a sign that you are prioritizing something that will lead you to nothing. 

Bubble gums may also mean you are clinging to a relationship that has gone stale. 

20. Dreaming of chewing a bubble gum

While some relate the scenario to spiritual rebirth, others believe it stands for a lack of confidence and control. 

21. To dream of blowing a big bubble

Blowing a big bubble is a wish-fulfillment dream.

22. To see that the bubble gum you blew bursted

As per the scenario, one of your dreams or wishes will fall apart. 

23. To dream of bubble gum getting stuck on the mouth

Chances are, there are a few things about yourself you absolutely detest if you see the above vision. 

On the other hand, the dream may be a symbol of stagnancy in some areas of your life. 

24. Dreaming of bubble gum on hair

The scenario possibly hints at an ugly outburst of repressed emotions and feelings at the most inappropriate time. 

25. To dream of getting trapped inside a bubble

If you dream of getting trapped inside a bubble it may mean you fear the negative consequences of your deeds.

Depending on the type of person you are in reality, your dream may also be asking you not to get swayed by people’s opinions and to stand up for yourself. 

26. To dream of floating around inside a bubble

Finally, you would be able to resolve a long-term issue and the relief would make you feel as if you are floating on air

27. Seeing someone inside a bubble in a dream

Dreaming of seeing someone inside a bubble shows someone in your circle is trying to keep you at arm’s length – keeping you at a distance, not letting you inside his or her inner circle. 

Another approach to the dream implies he or she lives in an unreal world with unrealistic hopes and expectations. 

28. To dream of a bubble floating away from you with someone inside

Likely, someone around you is living in a fantasy world. You believe the difference between the two of you has created a rift causing that person to drift apart from you. 

29. To dream of bubbles while brushing your teeth

The dream implies you still aren’t sure if a certain something you are currently pursuing will bring you the desired result. 

30. Seeing lots of bubbles while washing clothes in a dream

According to the dream, your reputation is at stake. 

31. To dream of seeing bubbles in dirty water

Bubbles in dirty water hint at possible health issues. 

32. Dreaming of transparent bubbles

The presence of several transparent bubbles reflects your transparency in the waking world. 

Because you trust your people and choose to be honest with them about everything, your people also perceive you as a trustworthy person, further compelling them to be as honest with you as you are with them. 

Psychological Interpretation Of Bubble Dreams

Bubbles are a pretty sight but their impermanence cannot be denied. Taking that into account, a dream of a bubble may mean you are presently engaged in something that won’t last very long. 

Real Examples Of Bubble Dreams

1. A teenager dreamed of seeing a brown bubble burst after it got bigger.

Just when he was beginning to gain popularity, the dreamer developed a rare disease that caused extreme hair loss. 

2. A woman dreamed of being pregnant with a bubble that kept deflating. 

In waking life, the woman’s hopes to get pregnant and give birth kept on failing time and time again. 


A dream about bubbles is therefore not as bubbly as it looks. But behind every negative dream meaning is a warning or a piece of advice to right the wrongs! So, you need to have an open mind and approach the dream objectively for precise meaning.