But does that mean it foretells destruction and negativity? A dream of swimming may keep you thinking about its in-depth meaning for days and weeks. Indeed it might have worried you because it is not a common dream. 

Well, that depends on the particular scenario. As you will come across in the later sections, swimming dreams may signify the best and also the worst. 

All you need to do is recall the exact scenario, and you are all set to decode your mystical dream.

Dream of Swimming - 83 Plots & Their Interpretations
Dream of Swimming – 83 Plots & Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Swimming?

A dream about swimming may occur if you are going through a period of introspection to find out something. According to the scenario, it may also foretell transformations, new beginnings, and life-threatening diseases. 

A dream about swimming could mean you reminisce about your childhood memories. Most swimming dreams are associated with your emotions and feelings. 

Be that as it may, some swimming dream scenarios could evoke fear and insecurity in you. 

According to August J. Cwik, a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, “Nightmares may indicate that one is very much out of harmony with his or her unconscious mind and other aspects of their life. 

But from a positive perspective, your unconscious may be calling you to a closer relationship to the unknown, to exploring a deeper life…one closer to the unconscious and nature — in order to experience all it means to be human.”

“Water dreams or dreams about water may be encouraging the dreamer who is too concrete, rigid, and stuck to become more balanced in his/her consciousness, into dissolving some of that concreteness and rigidity. The swimmer is navigating in the water, flowing,” added Cwik. 

Swimming Dream Meaning: Different Symbols

Some of the most common symbols of swimming dream scenarios are:

1. Emotions

If you dream about swimming, it may be indicating that you are trying to delve deep into your feelings, emotions, and desires to get to the bottom of an existing problem. 

2. Signs of weariness

Many times, swimming dreams are a reflection that you feel worn out in your waking life. 

3. A need for relaxation

Swimming in a dream could also mean you are too occupied with everyday tasks and responsibilities. In this case, the scenario could be urging you to take time off for yourself. 

4. Change

Several dreamers across the globe have seen a close relationship between swimming dreams and changes. So, such a scenario may reflect your longing for changes in your waking life. 

In some cases, it may also be a sign that you are genuinely making efforts to change yourself and your life for the better. 

5. Adaptation and flexibility

Swimming in dreams also reflects your ability to adapt well to unfamiliar situations and people. 

6. Overcoming challenges

Some swimming dreams reflect the struggles you are presently going through as you try to overcome obstacles in your real life. 

7. Introspection

Unless the water is muddy and full of trash, you would see your reflection in it. Considering that, the scenario may have occurred to remind you of the need to introspect about your life and circumstances.

8. New beginnings

In the dream world, water is usually a symbol of rebirth. From that viewpoint, dreaming about swimming in water may mean you seek ways to explore life from a fresh new perspective. 

If your current situation resonates with the interpretation, it is crucial to take note of the exact area where you saw yourself swimming. 

To mention an example, swimming inside a pool may symbolize your desire to explore your spirituality. 

9. A need to have fun

Since swimming is a recreational and fun activity, dreaming of it could mean you need to incorporate more fun into your life. 

Especially if you were enjoying your time wading through the water, it is a sure sign from the universe that your life lacks fun. 

10. An event from the past

In the words of Cwik, “Dream meanings have to take into account the unique conscious attitude of the dreamer. A particular dreamer might associate swimming with childhood trauma or bring up pleasant memories of a vacation…”

Dream Of Swimming: Different Scenarios And Their Meanings

1. Swimming in a dream

If you dream about swimming without the presence of other intricate dream details, it reflects your longings to challenge your capabilities. It may also mean you are trying to explore various unfamiliar things and activities. 

For example, you might be a person who likes to travel in a group. However, considering the hype around solo travel, you could be thinking about taking one such trip to a distant land. 

2. Swimming alone in a dream

Swimming alone in a dream may mean you feel lonely in real life. Without any doubt, you want to reconnect with your friends and family to restore the once stable relationships, but you are not sure how to. 

On the other hand, it may mean you need some time alone to figure out your true feelings. 

3. Dreaming of swimming when you cannot swim in reality

Sometimes, you will see yourself wading through the water when you absolutely cannot swim in the real world. That is a good dream as it clearly shows you are trying to or have managed to overcome the obstacles that stood in your way. 

4. Swimming with much enjoyment in a dream

In some cases, swimming is associated with dangerous situations. Given that, a dream about swimming with great enjoyment may mean you tend to throw yourself into risky matters without giving much thought about the consequences. 

5. Struggling to swim in a dream

In a dream, if you struggled to wade through the water to keep yourself away from drowning, it means you are battling against something in reality. 

At this point, it would help if you reevaluate your life and figure out the areas you are having trouble in.

Do you have financial troubles and are finding it difficult to make ends meet?

Or are you trying your best to adjust to your new workplace? 

The struggle in your dream may symbolize any area of your life. So, leave no stone unturned and consider each aspect of your life. 

Struggling to swim in a dream also relates to a relationship in your life. It could be with a partner, a family member, a colleague, or even yourself. Perhaps the scenario points to an unresolved issue with someone in your circle. 

At times, the dream may mean you are having difficulty concerning your sexuality. 

6. Getting exhausted while swimming when you are miles away from your destination

According to the above scenario, you are trying to achieve something big in your life. But since you dream of getting exhausted and worn out, it probably means you are tired and are losing focus. 

Perhaps you have tried everything you can to have something you want. But seeing none of those working out, hopelessness could be eating you up.

7. A dream about taking swimming lessons

Dreaming about taking swimming lessons is an auspicious sign. As per the scenario, you’ll succeed in taking control of your life and obstacles that come along the way. 

Taking swimming lessons also shows that you are learning to rely on yourself and your abilities without depending on others. 

Alternatively, the dream may also mean opening up to yourself to find out your genuine self. 

8. Dreaming about teaching others how to swim 

Teaching others how to swim portends conflicts in your personal life. 

9. Dreaming of swimming without effort

Generally, the scenario symbolizes success. If you are presently engaged in any task/ venture, the dream says you will successfully pull it off without much effort. 

10. Swimming with confidence in a dream

Swimming with confidence in a dream plot is a harbinger of success and merry times. 

11. Swimming skilfully in a dream

Dreaming about swimming with skills shows that shortly you will receive the attention you have been seeking.

12. Swimming competitively in a dream

If you saw yourself swimming competitively in a dream, the scenario most likely symbolizes your unrealistic ambitions. In other words, you are too confident about your skills and too ambitious that you have failed to realize what’s achievable and what’s not. 

Unquestionably, the dream is a way of reminding you to set goals that are within your reach to avoid disappointments. 

13. Dreaming about being a good swimmer

If you dream of being a good swimmer, it means you can handle emotional matters efficiently. 

14. A dream about being a professional swimmer

More often than not, being a professional swimmer in a dream is associated with your physical appearance and charisma. Likely, you are confident about how you look and appear to others, especially the opposite sex. 

15. Dreaming about being a swimmer without skills

Seeing yourself as a poor swimmer denotes you need to look at and handle emotional matters positively. 

16. A dream about swimming with the current

Swimming with or along with the current in a dream is a sign that you tend to go by your emotions and feelings – regardless of their positivity or negativity. As per the plot, you speak your mind without letting anything hold you back. 

The dream may also mean you will soon experience an event that will compel you to go with the flow. 

Positively, this could be an affirmation from the universe that you are on the right path and are doing well. 

17. Dreaming about swimming against the current

The dream has several interpretations. 

Generally, it is a difficult task to swim against the current in reality. Considering that the dream may mean you need to do your best to fight against the odds in your life to accomplish your goals. This interpretation applies if you struggled against the current in your dream plot. 

On the flip side, if you see yourself sailing smoothly despite going against the current, it signifies that challenges do not terrify you. In fact, it may mean you embrace challenges as a means to grow through. 

The dream may also stand for your worries concerning upcoming events. It could also mean you are presently battling against powerful forces or authorities in real life. 

Interestingly, swimming against the current could also relate to your romantic life. Perhaps the person you are with is not a good match for you. 

18. Swimming upstream in a dream

A dream about swimming upstream denotes that you are going against your will/ personality/ nature to adapt to someone or something. 

19. A dream about swimming backward

If you dream of swimming backward, it may be a sign that you are living in a fantasy world, probably deceiving yourself. 

Are you still hopeful that your lover from ten years ago will come back and stand at your door someday? Or perhaps you believe you are on the verge of accomplishing major life goals when, in truth, you have just started!

Positively, doing a backstroke in a dream plot also symbolizes your unfaltering self-confidence to win against every odds in your life. 

If this interpretation resonates, the dream could be warning you to be more careful in your advances and not let your overconfidence get in the way. 

20. Dreaming about swimming swiftly

According to the dream scenario, you have mapped out your life pretty well. You have a clear idea about your goals and are well on your path towards achieving them. 

And the cherry on top is that if you carry on with how you have always done, you will achieve your goals without fail. 

21. Struggling to swim towards the shore in a dream

Sometimes, you might dream about struggling to get to the shore. 

Don’t be surprised if you failed to make it in the dream. Many people who dream of struggling to reach the shore end up failing. 

Such scenarios often indicate that someone or something is way beyond your reach. Perhaps you have your eyes on someone already married. Or maybe your goals are too far-fetched and unrealistic.  

On the other hand, the dream may mean you are just a tad away from your life goals. 

Struggling to swim across the shore in a dream is also associated with tasks you have ditched midway, never again getting an opportunity to go back to it. Maybe it’s too late now to turn around. 

22. Dreaming about swimming but failing to reach the shore

Failing to reach the shore despite putting efforts into swimming indicates you will come across various obstacles that will hinder your way towards success. 

Nonetheless, it’s not a negative dream because it means you will accomplish your goals, whatever they are. It’s just that there would likely be a slight delay. 

23. Dreaming about swimming and successfully reaching the shore

The above scenario is a positive sign. To dream about successfully swimming to the shore stands for the accomplishment of goals and projects that you are presently working on. 

If you believe they are not doing well, you should be prepared for some sort of miracle-working in your favor. 

24. Swimming towards a destination in a dream

In this scenario, the destination stands for a goal. Therefore, to dream about swimming towards a destination shows you are well on your way to attaining something in your waking life. 

Along the way, anything may happen to hinder your progress. Whatever happens, your higher self encourages you to keep going and not slack off. 

In some instances, it could also mean you are just a tad away from accomplishing your goals. 

25. Swimming and diving in a dream

It is an ill omen to dream about swimming and diving. If you have plans to start a venture or anything new, keep them on hold for some time. 

The scenario occurred in your dream to warn you that anything initiated around this time would end up failing. 

Your actions may even lead you to hazardous, life-threatening situations depending on what you are getting yourself into. 

26. A dream about swimming and floating in the water

Your luck and situations will most probably turn around if you see the above scenario in your dream. Because the plot denotes some or even all of your existing problems will significantly improve. 

27. Dreaming about swimming while struggling to stay afloat

The dream is a premonition of disappointment. All your hopes and expectations would crash through as a project or task you had accomplished recently would collapse, forcing you to start from square one. 

28. Getting drowned while swimming in a dream 

Out of nowhere, unexpected and unforeseen problems will crop up in your life. Unfortunately, you’ll go through a hard time trying to resolve them. It is also possible that you’ll never recover from those problematic situations. 

Whatever those issues are, they will become a barrier in your life. 

29. Dreaming about seeing others swim

To dream about seeing or watching others swim shows that you feel overwhelmed in your waking life. In all likelihood, your responsibilities are robbing you of peace, rest, and leisure times with your loved ones. 

But as per the plot, there seems to be no other way to finish your work on time. 

Now, why do you think the dream happened? 

Think about it! 

Why do you feel pressed for time? 

What have you been doing earlier? 

Have you been wasting time on unworthy events? 

Probably your dream is trying to point out one of your mistakes here. Reevaluate your life and time, and figure out what went wrong.

30. A dream about a swimming competition

The scenario has several interpretations, and the most widely accepted being the reflection of your personality. Swimming competition in a dream indicates that you are a social person and love being amidst people.

Instead of being aloof, you always yearn to belong somewhere, to be a part of a whole. Without human interaction, love, and encouragement from your circle, you tend to feel withdrawn.

On the other hand, the scenario may signify a lack of confidence. 

Yet another interpretation of a swimming competition dream is that you are afraid of losing your partner, which could be anything from a romantic to a business companion. 

Dreaming about a swimming competition could also mean you often refrain from speaking your mind for fear of hurting others’ feelings. You tend to keep their happiness before yours, which is unfortunately overlooked by them. 

The plot also relates to your not-so-ideal relationships, especially with family members. And chances are, an unresolved issue will resurface, further deteriorating your relationships with them.

31. Dreaming of swimming in clear blue water

You are going through an auspicious period of your life if you see yourself swimming in clear blue water. 

According to the plot, you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in your life. Furthermore, the dream shows you are on the right track and are in complete control of your life and emotions. 

Looking at the scenario from another perspective, it also symbolizes sound health and success in your professional life. 

In all likelihood, the dream happened to encourage you. Most of the time, you’ll see the scenario when you are doing well in your life. 

However, if the dream occurred while you are at your worst, your subconscious wants to remind you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

From another perspective, swimming in clear water in a dream indicates a spiritual cleansing. 

32. A dream about swimming in dark blue water

The dark water in your dream probably stands for overwhelming emotions and feelings. If you were scared to go into the water, it means you are still not sure how to deal with them. 

33. A dream about swimming in dirty water

The state of the water also plays a crucial role in decoding swimming dreams. If you see yourself in murky water, it may mean your present situation is not as good as you would want it to be. 

Nonetheless, it can be taken as a good dream as your plot shows you are trying to find ways to resolve the issues that are bogging you down. 

Negatively, the dream may also stand for depression. 

Others relate dirty, unclear water to the worst of interpretations. According to them, the dream signifies obstacles that will eventually lead to breaks, divorce, depression, anxiety, and even serious illnesses (if the dirty water got into your mouth). 

The unclear state of the water may also be hinting at a rather vague situation in your life. 

34. A dream about swimming in cold water

According to sleep experts, swimming in cold water in your dream may mean a soul is trying to reconnect with you. Positively, it could be a sign that your life or your anxiety is getting better. 

Nevertheless, you may sometimes dream of wading through cold water if your body temperature is low in real life.

35. Dreaming about meeting an accident while swimming

Meeting an accident or getting injured while swimming in a dream scenario foretells an unfortunate encounter with a toxic person. In all likelihood, you would soon come across one of the most dishonest and manipulative people who would talk and act the sweetest to coax you. 

Clearly, the scenario is a sign that you must not fall prey to his or her tricks if you don’t want to be taken advantage of. 

36. Reaching out for the towel after swimming in a dream

If you dream about swimming and reaching out for the towel, it is a sign that you are looking for comfort in real life.  

Dream Of Swimming: Different Locations

It is vital to recall where you saw yourself swimming in the dream. The location plays an important role, and accordingly, the interpretations may be poles apart. 

“While a backyard pool might refer to a place of containment, the ocean might reference the wider realm of the collective unconscious, a grander symbolism of depth and breadth as well as the watery aspect of the soul.”

“Perhaps the dreamer is having a difficult time with the unconscious, and the dream is acting as compensatory, balancing a one-sided attitude in navigating the currents of life,” stated Cwik. 

37. A dream of swimming pool

Generally, seeing a swimming pool in a dream spectacle reflects your innermost emotions, thoughts, and feelings. 

38. A dream about swimming in a swimming pool

Swimming in a swimming pool in a dream vision is usually associated with limitations and a lack of freedom. 

Analyze each aspect of your life and figure out if anything is restricting you. It could be a person, any situation hindering your progress, or even your own limiting beliefs. 

However, you need to note that your dream could signify a different thing depending on the condition of the water. 

If you were swimming smoothly along with the current of the water, it probably foretells pleasant experiences. 

Contrarily, dreaming against the current in a swimming pool shows that you feel apprehensive about the future. In that case, your dream is a sign that you need to let go of emotions that hurt you. 

Furthermore, a swimming pool with muddy water symbolizes forthcoming problems. This interpretation also applies if the pool in your dream looked shabby and dirty. 

Sometimes, your dream could stand for your dilemma to choose one between two options. 

39. Dreaming about swimming in a swimming pool with rubbish around

Soon, a close friend will do something that will annoy you. 

40. Dreaming about swimming in a swamp

To begin with, the occurrence of the scenario in your dream shows you find your present life and circumstances monotonous. So, seeing yourself swimming in a swamp in a dream reflects your frustration as you struggle to keep up with your boring life. 

Negatively, the scenario could have happened to warn you that you may lose the trust and loyalty of others due to a mistake on your part. You must not let others lose their faith in you whatever happens because the events will lead you to feel depressed and unwanted.

41. A dream about seeing others swimming in a swamp

According to the dream books of Miller, to dream about someone swimming in a swampy area is a premonition of a sickness befalling one of your loved ones. 

42. A dream of swimming in a lake with clear water

It is a positive sign if you see yourself swimming in clear blue water in a dream. According to the plot, you will encounter good people and will be able to develop promising relationships with them. 

43. Swimming in a lake in a dream

This could be what you have been pining to hear! In a dream, if you see yourself swimming in a lake, it means you will successfully overcome your existing problems that have been slowing down your growth. 

Additionally, the scenario also signifies accomplishing goals. 

44. A dream about swimming in a lake of clear water that suddenly turns into a swamp

Since you saw yourself swimming in a lake with sparkling clean water, it may mean your life situation is going pretty well presently. However, there is a possibility that your fate will suddenly turn upside down and change for the worse as you see the lake turn into a swamp. 

In any case, the dream is a sign from your subconscious mind that you must prepare yourself for anything that will wreak havoc on your life and mental peace. 

45. A dream about swimming in a river

In the dream world, the river stands for transition and renewal. From that point of view, the dream could stand for your ability to adapt to situations and people. 

The dream also stands for the need to go through an emotional cleansing. Do you think you harbor negative emotions and feelings against anyone? 

You may also see the scenario if you are already going through emotional healing and starting life and relationships anew. 

Interestingly, some dream experts relate the plot to you being so much in love, even to the point that you have discarded responsibilities you definitely shouldn’t. In that case, the dream probably happened to pull you back from your fantasy world. 

For instance, let’s imagine you met someone in your sophomore year of college. That person could be sweet, down-to-earth, and caring, and let’s say you love him or her more than you do yourself. 

Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean you can neglect your basic responsibilities as a student and as a human for the sake of your love. You have got your studies, yourself and your family to think of. 

However great and boundless your love is, there must be a balance. Only then will you be able to become a better human. 

If you think swimming in a river is all about love and priorities you might want to check out the next point.

46. A dream of swimming in a murky river

Take the dream vision as a warning. If you do not act soon, you might develop a serious illness. 

47. Dreaming about swimming in flood

The flood in your dream symbolizes negative emotions you would need to deal with in the upcoming future. 

Undeniably, the plot happened to prepare you for the troublesome times that are approaching you. You must, at all costs, learn to adopt a positive mindset to incur the least damage on yourself. 

48. Swimming in a sea in a dream

It is a positive sign to dream about swimming in the sea. Usually, it indicates accomplishing long-term goals. There’s also a strong possibility that your financial situation will significantly improve if you see yourself swimming in the sea in a dream. 

49. Dream of swimming in a serene sea

While some interpreters associate the scenario with wish fulfillment, others believe it stands for one of your relationships getting bitter. 

Around the time you dream of the scenario, try to avoid any misunderstanding and feud with your close ones, especially family members. Otherwise, things will get awkward between you and the other person in question. 

50. Dreaming about swimming in a tumultuous sea with raging waves and strong wind

Here, the scenario perfectly reflects your overdramatic and disordered life. 

51. Dream of swimming in ocean

To have a dream about swimming in the ocean is a sign that you feel overwhelmed by conflicting emotions. 

For instance, you may be in a situation where you feel compelled to reach out for help when you are someone who likes taking care of your own matters. 

52. Swimming in a calm ocean in a dream

Dreaming of swimming in a calm ocean is a positive sign. Likely, you will be successful in whatever you initiate around this time. 

53. A dream about swimming in a stormy ocean

If you dream of swimming in a stormy ocean with waves raging, you are likely to face major challenges in the foreseeable future. 

54. A dream about swimming underwater in an ocean

Swimming underwater in an ocean means you have unexplored emotions and feelings within you, and most probably, you are not yet aware of them.

To mention an example, you may be in love with your best friend without even realizing it yourself. 

55. A dream about swimming underwater

Dreaming about swimming underwater may mean you feel uncertain in some aspects of your life. Perhaps you are in a fix and unsure about how to proceed in a certain situation. 

On the other hand, other dream experts relate the scenario to something good happening shortly. However, this period of happiness will come only after a series of hardships. 

To dream of swimming underwater may also mean you are hiding from your roles and responsibilities. 

56. Swimming in fluids in a dream

Dreams are indeed weird. Sometimes you will see yourself swimming in fluids other than water. 

To decode the dream, you first need to recall what it was. If you were swimming in a pool of blood, your subconscious warns you to be on your toes because someone has cast an evil eye on you. 

57. Dreaming about swimming through money

As you might have guessed, a dream about swimming through cash is closely related to your finances. To decode the dream, it is crucial to recall your emotions within the dream. 

If you were confident or enjoyed the process, it reflects your hopes about recent investments. Or it may signify you are looking for ways to improve your finances. 

Contrarily, if you struggled through cash in the dream, it means you are finding it hard to make ends meet. In that case, the scenario could be encouraging you to look for newer ways to generate income.

58. Swimming in a boat with someone else in a dream

In a dream, if you see yourself swimming alongside a person in a boat, there’s a high possibility that the two of you will share a life. It could be a romantic relationship or friendship. 

59. Dreaming of swimming with the current with someone in a boat

The above scenario reflects your lack of inactivity and enthusiasm to tackle challenges that come along the way. 

60. Dreaming about swimming in a ship

If you dream about swimming in a ship, it may signify major changes coming soon. They could be either positive or negative. 

For example, you may get engaged soon if you are an unmarried person, or you may soon get pregnant if you are still without a child. 

61. A dream about swimming on dry land

Such a dream plot is neither wholly good nor bad. In all likelihood, the dream is associated with your tasks and ventures at hand. 

According to the dream, you would be able to accomplish them. However, the completion would come with a price. And you would need to invest a great amount of time, effort, and even money in the process. 

62. A dream about swimming in the air

Dreaming about wading through the air symbolizes your wisdom and intellectuality. Speaking about emotions, swimming in the air also means you feel emotionally unstable. 

However, another group of experts relates the scenario to your free will and power to do whatever you desire in your life. 

63. Dreaming about swimming naked

Dreaming about swimming naked symbolizes your confidence in yourself. Likely, you do not doubt your ability to tackle whatever troubles that crop up. 

In some cases, it may also mean you will soon earn the respect and trust of others. 

There’s yet another interpretation of the scenario. It may also mean you have managed to free yourself from a toxic person or issue. 

Nonetheless, for women dreamers, the scenario may indicate something completely different. (Check out the later sections)

64. Swimming with pants on in a dream

Based on the plot, you feel inhibited in your sexual life. 

65. Swimming with a shirt on in a dream

To have a dream about swimming with just a shirt on indicates you feel emotionally detached from someone in your waking life. 

It could be a person you were once really close to, or it may signify you don’t feel as close to your partner as you once did. 

66. Dreaming about swimming with clothes (fully clothed)

To begin with, if you saw yourself swimming, clothed from head to toe, it means you are presently facing difficulties in reality. Therefore, your higher self encourages you to reach out to others and seek help instead of wrecking your nerves trying to resolve it alone. 

Swimming With Others In A Dream

67. A dream about swimming in a pool with someone

Dreaming about swimming with another person in a swimming pool implies a special relationship developing between the two of you. 

It may be a person you know well in real life or otherwise. Either way, if you had a good time with that person, the dream means well. 

However, if you were competing against or showed any negative emotions against that person, the interpretation flips. 

68. Dreaming about swimming in the river with someone

To have a dream about swimming with someone else in a river shows you will nurture your relationship with nature and the environment. Most likely, it would happen after you got inspired by someone who is already a hardcore nature lover or a gardener. 

The interpretation applies whether you recognize the person present in your dream or not. 

69. A dream about swimming with friends

If you dream about swimming amongst your friends, the scenario signifies the love and support they have for you. 

Based on the plot, you can count on them for anything because they will never turn their backs on you, especially when you need them. 

70. Swimming with your lover or partner in a dream

It is an ill omen to dream about swimming alongside your romantic partner. Likely, the scenario points to a separation in the foreseeable future. 

A break-up may or may not happen, depending on you, your partner, and the state of your relationship. But as per the plot, it’s safe to say that the two of you do not share a healthy relationship. 

Likely, there’s a lack of understanding and mistrust between the two of you. In the worst case, it may mean either you or your person is cheating. 

71. Swimming with your crush in a dream

Swimming alongside your crush in a dream scenario likely stands for your repressed sexual desires. 

72. A dream about swimming with a stranger

In this scenario, the stranger could stand for your hidden self or personality – something which is non-existent to others. 

73. Swimming towards someone in a dream vision

To see yourself dreaming towards someone shows there are a few goals you would like to accomplish in your waking life. 

You can also decode this plot from a romantic point of view. If you see yourself swimming towards a person, your dream could symbolize the sexual attraction you feel towards that particular person. 

74. A dream about swimming away from someone

Here, the person probably stands for an unpleasant event or situation you are trying to escape from. 

75. Swimming with fish in a dream

To dream of yourself swimming with fishes symbolizes pleasant happenings. 

76. A dream of swimming with a dolphin

Most likely, the dolphin in your dream symbolizes a loyal person who would stick with you through thick and thin. This meaning applies if you were swimming alongside a playful dolphin. 

The plot may also mean you will be influenced by a leader who would likely contribute to your development. 

On the flip side, if the dolphin in your dream resists your commands, the dream possibly foretells obstacles that would crop up on your path towards success. 

77. A dream about swimming with a whale

Likely, swimming with a whale in a dream warns you to prepare for major changes ahead. 

78. Dreams about swimming with primates 

It is an evil omen to see yourself swimming with a group of primates in a swimming pool. Here, the primates stand for toxic people who only care about uplifting themselves by striking others down. 

Dreaming Of Swimming In Water: Different Dreamers

79. A single person dreaming about a swimming competition

Based on your real-life circumstances and the plot, you have little to no confidence when it comes to relationships. Afraid of rejection, you shy away from taking the first step of approaching others, despite your admiration for them. 

80. A female having a dream about swimming beside another female 

Most likely, a female dreaming about swimming with a female friend shows that she has a pleasing character and personality. That will, in many instances, save her the trouble of others having issues with her. 

81. A woman dreaming about swimming naked

If you are a woman and saw the above scenario, the dream could be warning you to be watchful of your actions. 

A slight mistake in your relationships and affairs may earn you the label of an adulterer. You must, at all costs, try to avoid it because the consequences will be too hard for you to take. 

82. An unmarried woman dreaming about swimming with dolphins

If you are unmarried, the scenario likely foretells that you would get into a promising love relationship with someone. 

Having said that, do consider the above general interpretation of swimming with the creature too. As we repeat, again and again, leave no stone unturned while decoding dreams.

83. A pregnant woman having swimming dreams

If you saw yourself swimming in a dream while being pregnant, it is a sign that you are trying to connect with the baby inside your womb. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Swimming In A Dream

According to ancient dream books, water is a metaphor for emotions. 

From that perspective, swimming dreams reflect the feelings and emotions you are going through. And the deeper the water body, the more intense your emotions are. 

Biblical Meaning Of Swimming In A Dream

According to Christian beliefs, a dream about swimming in a tranquil ocean foretells peace and success. On the flip side, the scenario denotes you are worried about the future if you see yourself swimming in a stormy waterbody. 

Swimming Dream Meaning: 4 Dream Examples

1. A woman dreamt of swimming

In real life, she decided to avenge her boyfriend for lying by breaking up with him for some days or weeks. The act of swimming here may stand for the upcoming days without her partner. 

2. A woman dreamt about taking swimming lessons

In waking life, the woman was recuperating from an injury that had hurt her hands badly. 

3. A woman dreamt of swimming in a swimming pool

In waking life, the woman here had a huge crush on a guy and was unsure if the guy would like her back or not. 

Despite the uncertainty, the act of swimming inside the pool shows that she is not yet ready to give up on the guy though the hopes of getting together are bleak. 

4. A man saw himself swimming in a pool with a shark

Here, the shark stands for a serious illness that was claimed to be life-threatening. 

After health professionals had claimed the severity of the illness, which might take his life at any point, he was, through his means, keeping the much-dreaded disease well under his control. 

Who Often Dreams Of Swimming?

Though swimming-associated dreams can appear in the sleep state of literally any breathing soul, they happen mostly in-

  1. People who are undergoing therapy for various reasons. 
  2. Those who are on a quest to figure out their calling. 
  3. People who are trying to seek insights into their problems.
  4. You may also dream of swimming if you are currently dealing with an illness or are recovering from one. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Swimming

  1. Despite getting involved in a new relationship, you are still unsure about how you feel about him or her. 
  2. You feel worn out in your waking life. 
  3. It may mean you are introspecting your life, emotions, and feelings to resolve a matter. 
  4. Such scenarios are also common if you lack fun and relaxation in your real life. 
  5. Swimming dreams are also a sign that you are adaptable.
  6. You could be battling against something in reality. 
  7. It may happen if you are attempting to make a few changes in your life. 
  8. Conflicts and complications are other common reasons why you dreamt of swimming.  

Ask Yourself These Few Questions To Have a Clear Idea of Your Swimming Dream

  1. Where did you see yourself swimming in the dream? Was it in a river, pool,…ocean?
  2. How did you swim? 
  3. Was it along with the current or against it?
  4. What was the condition of the water? How deep was the water body in case it was one, and which color was it?
  5. Was the water hot or cold?
  6. Was anyone else with you, or were you alone?
  7. Did you have fun swimming, or were you scared the whole time? 
  8. Do you enjoy swimming in real life, or does the mere thought of getting into the water scare you?
  9. What is your overall take on the dream? 
  10. How did you feel when you snapped back to reality?

These are some of the most generic questions. If you can recall any other symbols or instances that are unique or are not listed anywhere in the post, jot them down in a journal and delve into what they might mean for you. 


With that, we conclude our article on the dream of swimming. If you read the post thoroughly, you might have noticed that the article focuses on your life, emotions, feelings, and relationships and the areas that need to be fixed. 

We recommend you take notes as you walk through the article. Dreams are weird, tricky, and confusing. As a slight mistake will mess up the whole interpretation, we suggest you be very attentive and do not hesitate to come back again if you feel the need to.

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